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For centuries, the strong half of humanity haunt washed about what the women want. Our mysterious female logic repeatedly shattered the logical chain of reasoning men. Why are there men, we ourselves sometimes do not fully understand what we want from this life. Especially mysterious and incredible women in choosing a companion of his life. Why all round positive kid looking at you adoring gaze, does not cause any reciprocal feelings, but from a neighboring yard bully makes the heart beat faster? What men like women and what we base your choice?

 that women like in men

What women like in men

Being very young girls, the main priority when choosing a boyfriend, we believe its appearance. He should be tall, handsome, sexy, desirable and well muscled. Becoming a little older, we change their opinion about what should be the ideal man. Visual appeal along with the relief of the body become a pleasant addition to the way that we draw in his head. Now the important thing when choosing a man of your dreams - this is his personal qualities, which must conform to our idea of ​​the perfect husband. Now, we like not only his charm and charisma (although it is still important), but also something more important. So, what we value in the stronger sex in the first place?

Integrity and honesty

These qualities often placed on the first step of the podium any woman wishing to meet her man. The man who never let you deceive and betray, will support in a difficult situation - who among us does not dream of such a life partner? Even if it is a couple of extra times honestly say that it's time to lose weight or you do not go to these sandals, you have it easy, because in all other matters he will be extremely honest with you. This means that your relationship will never be the lies and betrayals. What we like about the honest and decent men? Yes, the fact that they are not worth waiting for the impact on the sly, and you can safely enjoy a normal, sincere attitude.

This defender

At all times, a woman looking in the face of male defenders, and today this premise has not changed. We want to be sure that in case of danger, the man did not falter and will be able to protect us from all enemies. In an age of emancipation, when women become stronger and braver men want to rely on a truly strong man's shoulder and be sure that at the right time you will save, protect, help. And it's not the men in physical strength, or rather, not only in her. It is very important to the life of the satellite was strong spirit and are not afraid to expose themselves to danger for the sake of the woman he loved.

Get up and go

We love it when a man does not stop on the achieved results and move on, constantly evolving. No matter what - in building a career in the achievement of sporting success or creative development - most importantly, that it is not standing still. There is nothing sadder picture when a bored husband spends every day watching TV from the same bottle of beer in his hand, without seeking something new and constructive. We women, men cease to appreciate as the individuals at the moment when they become bored slackers who do not want to raise the ass off the couch and start acting.

The belief in our strength

For each of us it is important that the man believed in our strength and support in all endeavors. Do we want a complete change of direction in his career, to open a new business or simply to learn to cook soup in Ukrainian - it does not matter, as long as it has supported us morally and physically. There is nothing worse than men laughed at her desire to develop women, to leave the beaten track and create something new, unusual for themselves. Support and faith gives you the opportunity to believe in themselves and go to a new step in the development of their own qualities.


A man with a good heart never hurt or betray. He will love the children, care for pets and help their relatives and friends. In our age of aggressive we are often surrounded by angry, bile people who have suppressed their negative energy. And so you want an island of peace, confidence and happiness in your own home! That is why we are looking for men with a good heart, who will become a reliable partner in life, which can always be relied upon.

Sense of humor

Surprisingly, but for many of us a sense of humor - perhaps the most important quality in a man. The man who makes us smile and go through life easy and fun, never go unnoticed. Well, tell me, whom do you pay attention to a large company: a guy who always makes jokes and the surrounding rolling on the floor laughing, or the man who is always completely serious and not able to smile, even the most successful joke? "I love him for what he can make me laugh," - so a lot of girls talk about their guys have an enviable sense of humor.

 that women like in men

What men do not like women

Now let's talk about male qualities that women hid. Sometimes it is a nice guy can cause a woman's persistent hostility just because of his terrible untidiness or inability to behave in society. But if these "evils" if you wish, you can fight, then there are qualities that dismiss the possibility of a woman to look at the man as a possible mate.


Chronic lack of confidence - that's what makes women turn away from men with similar traits. We expect great things of his companions, feats, support and protection. What to expect from a man who does not trust enough in themselves, that is not able to ensure that it is not his woman a dignified life, but, on the contrary, in all dependent on the opinions of others and unable to solve even the most trifling problem yourself. We do not like weaklings, and that's it!


Some of the men may accuse us of commercialism, but the fact remains that we can not tolerate greedy guys. Who likes it when men tell us how much money is spent on your date, when, instead of birthday gifts give only "a loved one," when resent each of your waste and calculate how much money is "wasted." And it's not in the commercialism - and we are ready to spend money and to bestow beloved - but only if you feel that this desire is mutual. A male hog trying to get round.


Maybe two hundred years ago no respectable woman and not have thought to complain about her husband, who behaves as the last tyrant. A man with a bloated ego, which does not give women the right to their own opinion, who runs her every action, every breath. Times have changed and now modern women do not tolerate the totalitarian control of their thoughts and feelings. Of course, we like it when a man has a strong character and knows what she wants out of life, but as soon as he begins to turn into a tyrant, forcing a woman to live according to his orders, she runs away without looking back.


Any woman knows that life is a man-egoist - is torture. There will come a lady from work - tired, exhausted - and begin to bring order in the house. Man selfish all the time is to lie on the couch, and he would never be of any help, because it does not relate to other people's problems. He does not care about the state of health of his wife, on whether there is a family money on the products and whether or not to withdraw their children from school. The main purpose of the existence of such a person - to meet their own needs, even to the detriment of the quality of life of others.

We talked about the good and the bad qualities of our men. But if you review all of the above, then you realize that lost the most important thing, the most important quality for a man. This ability to love. Be gentle, affectionate, loyal, faithful, and we need to be willing to see next to him at every moment, every second. I want to have children together, to be together in sorrow and in joy and die in one day. Without these desires everything else is meaningless. If men are still scratching their heads over the question of what women want from them, we will finally unveil the curtain "secrets" and to be honest: we want them to love. That's how the woman that it has this need - to love and be loved for the sake of these feelings she may go to great lengths, including one hundred and forgive the shortcomings of his chosen.

 What men like women

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 how to make a guy you fell in love


  • Step One: convergence
  • Step Two: Hold
  • Step Three: control shot

When you meet the man of her dreams, it seems that life begins to shine with new colors. Not every girl manages to meet the very person with whom you want to spend all my life, without a trace. And you're lucky, and you pulled the lucky ticket. Yes, the thing, the object of your love and does not know that he is your soul mate. He treats you like a friend and not see your loving eyes. What to do: suffer from unrequited love or think about how to make you fall in love?

And is it possible, you ask? Like, Lawless Heart, and if a guy does not like you, then nothing can be done about it. If you argue in this way, then we may miss the happiness. A situation where the man and woman fall in love at the same time - a rare thing. Usually, one person begins to experience feelings and makes an effort to win the heart of the object of his love. And the first time aware of their feelings is you, and you have to fight for their happiness, causing a guy in love with you.

Step One: convergence

There's an old saying: "If the water is not flowing for you, then go for it." It's the same with men. Sometimes you have to take the first step to ensuring that you have noticed it. However, it should be done very carefully: it is important that your favorite was sure that he chose you among all the other girls. And for him to finally pay attention to you and wanted a closer dialogue is necessary to observe a few simple rules. Carefully review the list of actions that will help you bring your loved one.

Your appearance

Like it or not, and still meet on clothes. If you have a dirty, greasy hair, pimples all over his face and dressed you are old, ripped jeans, then make an impression on the young person will be difficult. Yes there difficult, almost impossible! Appearance - is the first thing you pay attention guys. And even if you have a very rich inner world, wide horizons and great sense of humor, all of these details to the case can not reach. How could he get to know you better if he simply did not wish to appear to be next to you? A man needs to be the girl was attractive - then do not be ashamed to introduce to her friends, and later - and the parents. So if you have a problem with the way you look, immediately take their decision.

Masks for hair care, a new haircut, a different hair color - try to create the image that will attract your favorite. Extra weight can be removed with the help of hiking in the gym, and you can clean the skin in the beauty salon or at home. Do not forget to learn how beautiful and stylish dress. This does not mean that the clothes should be very expensive - just pick up things that are ideally suited to your type of figure. As soon as you bring yourself in order, your self-esteem will rise immediately, and you will be much easier to start capturing the hearts of her boyfriend.

The main thing that your appearance was quite natural. Tons of makeup on her face, even very expensive, make your way pretentious and false. If a guy and "mistimed" to the vulgar girl dressed with war paint on his face, then only in order to make short-term affair. Even if you manage to get his attention and gain the status of "his girls" do not try to dress too sexy. Despite the love of men in revealing outfits, their terribly annoying when other guys stare at too open body of his girlfriend. If you very much want to please his sexy clothes, it'll save it for individual cases, when you're alone with him.

How to communicate with him

Guys love it when someone highlights their individual qualities, and admires their actions. This does not mean that you need to flatter and recklessly throwing his compliments. This behavior is more likely put you in an awkward situation. It should be fine and well to pay attention to all the good things he does, praise for every little thing. For men, it is important to feel the support of women in all their endeavors. If, by your words, he will feel special - the most powerful, intelligent and good - then look for another girl to him and would never.

Try to share his interests. If your guy is a hobby, you just have to understand it. Nobody forces you to thoroughly study the characteristics of fishing or the principles of the game of football. Suffice it to skillfully keep the conversation to the topic that interests him, not silly to clap eyelashes during a heated discussion of the subject of his interest. Do not try to always play along and take his side in any dispute. The girl has their own opinion, is much more respect.

Never discuss Man stories about the former. Otherwise, the guy decides that you are not ready to finish the old relationship, either permanently compare it with a former boyfriend. A man can not stand when they are with someone compare: because they are the only ones the best and most unique. Similarly, he did not inquire about the details of his past novels. Man may decide that you are too curious or jealous. Set aside such talk for intimate gatherings with her friends, where they - same place.

 how to make a guy you fell in love

Step Two: Hold

So, he finally paid attention to you and asked for a date. Now you sometimes meet, but still do not feel with his hand passionate feelings. What should be done to consolidate the achieved results and any errors should be afraid?

Hide their complexes and fears

We all are not perfect, but at times the number of fears and complexes girl exceeds all possible standards. She thinks she's ugly, fat, stupid. And it does not just believe, but also tries to instill the idea partner. Even if the guy was happy with everything in his girlfriend, but she persistently complains to his shortcomings, then he is required to change opinion about it. Like, once you think you're not good enough for me, then I would agree with that.

And let the word about these complexes - a desire to hear from the guy back, get a compliment and I am confident in its irresistible - all the same, we should not omit itself in the eyes of men. Defeat your fears and turn disadvantages into advantages. Do you overweight? So you pyshechka appetizing. Sparse hair - but obedient and do not stick out, red freckles - sun kisses that make you unique. You can continue for long. Until then, until you yourself do not like, it is unlikely you will make a love someone else. Guys like confident women who know his worth.

Be sexy

Be sexy - not to hurry to drag a guy to his bed. Of course, there are cases when it is happy marriages begin with sex on the first date, but it happens rarely. Not the fact that you are so lucky. Be sexy - so be desired and interesting for the partner. Sometimes a glance or a gesture to the guy just looked at you and wanted to translate ordinary friendships in a very different direction.

Love your body and feel daring, uninhibited. It is not necessary to have external data, like Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie to make a man want you. Sometimes the most ordinary girl with good looks make men fight for the right to be there. How do they do it? Just besides the natural charisma they love life and know how to show it. Learn to look into the eyes of a man, be a little mysterious and inaccessible. Then your guy probably will have a desire to solve all your secrets and to seize not only the body but the soul.

Share your weakness

Yes, ladies and strong women, so. Men by nature - the conquerors, they need to feel protectors of women and not vice versa. And if you're a hundred times smarter than him, stronger and more resolute, the guy will run away from you, do not look back. Just because your background, he feels slighted and flawed. Do not just tell him that you are above him on the ladder that your income is greater, and the case - much more successful. If you manage to fall in love with a man weaker than yourself, you do not need to flaunt their benefits.

This does not mean that you have to cry the blues and look silly to deserve his approval. Smart woman will never show that in some way superior to her man, otherwise she would lose. Ask him for advice in difficult situations, be afraid of mice and spiders, look at him trusting, adoring eyes - all this will allow you to feel like a guy Superman, your protector. And if he is the defender - then you need it, you know? And is not it nice to feel like a gentle flower, which preserves a strong, beautiful man?

 how to make you fall in love

Step Three: control shot

You already feel that your boyfriend has become attached to your heart, but you want to fix the result? Then try to resort to the following trick:

Learn all about his mother

As you know, most men are looking for companions women like their mothers. Therefore, it is not superfluous to collect as much information about his mother. Of course, we should not be declared to visit her family and to consider an album with photographs of beloved children, even when he and his girl you did not consider. Such an act will frighten him to death and force you to run away from the other end of the world. Suffice it through mutual friends and acquaintances to know more about her character, habits, hobbies.

It is not necessary to try on her image completely - it will only hurt to be natural and genuine with your loved one. It will be sufficient to show a guy that you and his mother a similar moral values ​​that you are equally well able to keep the house clean, and even able to cook his favorite dishes. Realizing that you are "is somewhat similar to his mother," Look closely to be sure the guy you want better and closer communication.

The sudden disappearance

In the early stages of communication you need to try as much as possible to spend more time with his favorite guy. The more you Think and communicate, the greater the chance that he will get used to you and does not want to let go. The only request - do not confuse the desire to always be with him with the usual nuisances, otherwise you will quickly bored man and he will cease to associate with you.

Once you feel that he was hooked and began to experience real feelings to you, try to disappear for a while. Do not come to the meeting, citing urgent business or travel to a short vacation. As hard as you may be to decide on such an action - moving off briefly check his senses. Accustomed to seeing you next day, during the separation of young people will understand how much you are needed. Do not abuse this method, but sometimes it just so you can push a man to the right decision. The sudden disappearance of the girl at the right time to help the boy understand that he is in love, and not for a moment did not want to part with my girlfriend.

I fall in love with a guy can be, and for this good purpose is not a sin to use feminine wiles. But to do that is only if you are 100% sure that this is your man. And reaching the result, do not stop. Above relationships always have to work, giving warmth and affection every day. And if your love story will be happy, and in fact this is what every girl dreams of. Right?

 How to make a guy you fell in love with: practical advice

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