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  • The main reasons why guys do not call and do not write
  • What if the guy had disappeared from sight

How many times in your life do you expect to be in awe favorite guy, but the phone was silent as enchanted? As long time friends with a loved one, want to believe that this relationship is never interrupted, and you'll always be together. But then the guy just disappears from view and you no longer understand what is happening. Pride dictates that he simply lost interest in you, and you should not suffer in vain, but a little voice whispers of hope that he can be a good reason for this silence. What's a girl to do, if you guys do not call, do not write - to try to restore the relationship, or forget about a failed romance?

First of all, it should be said that the causes of such behavior on the part of Man may be different. Perhaps he would be happy to call, but the circumstances do not allow to contact you and ask for a meeting. But it may be true that the guy really does not want to communicate with you, because something and stopped making phone calls and writing sms. In order to understand how to act in such a situation, you need to figure out two things:

  • What is the real reason for your silence, a young man;
  • Do you need this guy, and whether you are going to fight for my feelings.

If the last item you answer yes, then you need to immediately find out the cause of his sudden disappearance from your life. We present to your attention some of the most common reasons for which guys do not call and do not write their girlfriends.

 if a guy does not write and does not call

The main reasons why guys do not call and do not write

  1. The guy has serious problems

    This is quite comforting version which is able to save the girl self-esteem. Indeed, it can happen anything: he could fall ill, go to an urgent business trip, go to the funeral of great-aunt, finally. Not all men disquiet in order to prevent a sudden loss of his girls, especially if not too much in love. They may and can not think of the idea that someone is going through and waiting for a call. But if a man loves, regardless of the importance of the reasons he finds a couple of minutes to call his girlfriend and warn that he could not get in touch for several days.

  2. The guy lost your phone number

    This happens especially in the beginning of the relationship. If you do not have a common circle of friends, where you can re-establish contact with each other, such a reason is very real. The guy could be accidentally erased in a mobile address book, to lose or break your phone itself. But if he is seriously interested in you, you will certainly find a way to communicate.

  3. Man - amorist

    It is possible that your boyfriend met with you in order to add to the list of their sexual victories. You might be fun and interesting to each other, he could "show" their feelings and show sincere interest. But all this was done in order to persuade you to intimacy.

    No matter what you have met many times - usually "eight meeting," after which she may agree to have sex, no one has repealed. What if these eight visits ended, and you have not crossed the line? Then the guy might decide that "catch" you had nothing, and go further in the quest for their "victims". In this case, you should sincerely thank him for the fact that he stopped calling and writing.

  4. Man had no passion and courtesy

    Sometimes it happens that the guys are afraid to offend the girl continued to meet her, but have little interest. You could spend free time together, relax with friends and going to the movies, but for him it would mean nothing. In such situations, the guys are young women purely in a friendly and do not feel responsible for their feelings.

  5. The guy you hurt and does not want to show signs of attention

    Although, to be honest, the word "offense" is not suitable for determining the internal condition of the men. Here it would be correct to say "angry" because this is how guys react to important events of their lives. The reason can be your own behavior, his jealousy, or somebody's negative words about you. In any case, it blows and punishing you with its silence. What can I say? If his feelings are strong, it always called to dot all the i.

  6. The guy just lost interest in you

    Unfortunately, this is the most common cause of sudden silence of young people. Perhaps at first he was with you interesting and he was going to build a serious relationship, but then something went wrong. If you have not managed to "catch" him really, he might get bored attitude. Boys - a resolute people can easily change their minds to meet you without any serious reason. Because the lack of desire to see you every day - is the main reason for the separation.

  7. The guy there was another girl

    It is likely that you have a rival, that your boyfriend is ready to devote all his spare time. And while you're waiting for a melancholy look at the mobile phone, it enjoys a very different society girl, completely forgetting about you and your feelings. Not the most pleasant reason, but ruled it is not worth it: so if married men tend to go "left", the young boys and do not feel obliged to be faithful. Especially if you do not like the girl entire body and soul.

The reasons why guys do not call or write, can be much greater. But all of them in one way or another fall into two categories: When hope for the restoration of relations is, and when it is not. You can spend hours wondering what happened to your boyfriend, and you can ask him about it directly. However, in this case, you have to first give him a call, and it does not always work in favor of women. So what to do if the guy suddenly disappeared from your life, sit back, and wait for the call to continue or begin to act to clarify the situation?

 if a guy does not call does not write

What if the guy had disappeared from sight

If a guy does not get in touch with you just a couple of days, give yourself time to just wait. During this short time, you can not worry about what his feelings are withered, or that he found another girl. Worry is when he does not call for a week, although the day before and could not live without communicating with you. Now you should find out the reason why he was suddenly silent, but to do so is not easy. So, how can a woman do in this situation?

  • The simplest solution - to find out the cause of him personally

    Although simple, this method only looks from the side. Not all men welcome women who themselves take the initiative in the relationship. You are lucky if the reason for his silence in some unavoidable circumstances, then he will gladly accept your decision to call or write to him first. But if you fall out of love, I found another girlfriend or you thought unworthy of his society, then your call will turn into a real torture.

    On one side of the scale - a sense of embarrassment and shame, on the other - the ability to put an end to uncertainty and clarify the relationship to end. And if you wait for news from him is unbearable, it is best to discard the false shame and call him first.

  • You can learn from mutual friends that have happened to your boyfriend troubles

    When friends see him in good health, the cause of an accident or serious illness swept aside automatically. Another opportunity to find out if anything had happened wrong with your boyfriend - trace its appearance in social networks. Sometimes, the status below the photo to say about it to you against more than a thousand words. "In the free search", "I am looking for a new love" - ​​is one thing, "busy working", "will soon be back in the city" - is quite another.

  • If in spite of everything to find out the reason for his silence was not possible, you should not send him angry sms-ki and insulting words by e-mail

    If the reason that he does not call, respectful, then build further trust relationship will be much more difficult (if not impossible). If he really stopped loving you or something like that, your nerve messages and not make you honor. It simply concludes that the right decision, having parted with you, and the pangs of conscience it is unlikely to visit.

  • A very good way to make contact - send him her short message: "You do not call for a long time, I'm worried about you"

    These words can be regarded as anything - from the manifestation of strong feelings, to a mere friendly participation. In any case, the guy will be touched by your attention and will answer to your sms.

  • Do not get ready for a quarrel, waiting for his call for a Man

    Like, just call me, I'll arrange for you is the silence! Perhaps nothing wrong in your relationship did not happen, and be aggressive at all to anything.

Do not forget that a man is psychologically arranged a little differently than we women. Sometimes they do not call and do not write for a few days is absolutely no reason at all. To them can be quite normal if, absent a few days in the city, they will not be notified favorite. According to their logic, if he had gone on a business trip and behaves well while not altering its second half, and then talk about his departure does not make sense. Why, after all, and so normal? And only we, the poor woman does not find a place of experiences, advance reasons for considering "the coming separation."

Find the strength to respond calmly at a time when a man still be released on bond. Do not start a conversation with shouts and accusations, it is better to hear the cause of a protracted silence. If you are satisfied with his explanation, try to convey to him a simple idea: for a woman unknown - is the lack of reinforcement purposes. As much as any man was sure of your feelings, it should be understood that the concern for the integrity of the relationships in the blood of each woman. So, what you have suffered and worried about his absence in your life should no longer recur.

If the guy decided to break up with you, you just let him go in peace. You know, fate - a very tricky thing, it is with extreme precision distributes the roles of different people in our lives. And the fact that the young man went away from you - maybe just a gift of fate. Because it gives you the chance to find their true happiness and true love.

 What if a guy does not call or write

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