how to get rid of acne scars


  • Homemade ways to get rid of acne scars
  • Professional methods of getting rid of scars

At a young age, almost all faced with acne - a strong eruption of comedones and blackheads on the face and body. Of course, with age, this troublesome problem is gradually taking place, but in its place comes another - scars left after acne. In this article we'll show you how to get rid of acne scars quickly and painlessly, and advise, which means a better use for this purpose.

But before you start to direct this discussion, let's reveal the essence of the problem and determine why and in what way is the formation of unpleasant traces of acne on the face and body.

As soon as there is an inflammatory process, our body immediately begins to deal with it. This is manifested in the active growth of granulation tissue in particular eel because eels always means the emergence and occurrence of inflammation. What is it for? Thus there is a reduction in the volume of the wound and in the region of inflammation appears more fibers of collagen and elastin. By itself, the process of replacement of epidermal cells occurs very slowly, and that the skin came in perfect condition, you need a lot of time.

To know how you can get rid of scars, you have to distinguish their basic kinds:

  1. Atrophic scars resembling a small hole in the form of a rectangle or an oval. Color atrophic scars are usually solid. There may also occur rounded or rectangular cleaved scars;
  2. Physiological scars are barely noticeable on the face, quickly heal;
  3. Contrary physiological scars - keloids, causing severe itching and other discomfort. On the face are formed rarely, but get rid of them is difficult. In form they are convex;
  4. The latter type, hypertrophic - a dense convex formation of pink color. Their appearance on the skin caused by excessive amounts of scar tissue.

To deal with all of the above types of scars today, there are various means. Your task - to choose the method that suits you completely. This can be either a salon treatment or the same care in the home. And it may have to combine these methods. But first things first!

 how to get rid of acne scars

Homemade ways to get rid of acne scars

Of course, the preference is always given to home treatments. Typically, such a technique is softer to the skin and are more useful than the cabin. In addition, you can save time and money. Especially that home-lots:

  • The first effective means to get rid of scars - a simple lemon juice. Periodically wipe the juice of a lemon skin, but it is only the affected areas. By itself, the juice is very effective, because with him to behave cautiously. This is not just an effective means antirubtsovoe, but also a good method of cleaning facial at home.
  • A freshly prepared tomato juice bring skin no less good than the lemon. It should also be applied to areas where there are scars. Tomato juice is designed to help the skin to perform its core functions, while gently cleansing it.
  • Of course, do not forget about cucumbers - vegetables, which are known for their good bleaching, cleansing and toning properties. Grate cucumber, apply gruel on face and wait 15 minutes and then just rinse with water. It should be noted that this technique will help even when getting rid of dark spots, forget about the existence of which the most difficult.
  • Almond oil can be used for light massage that allows you to quickly get rid of acne marks.
  • It is useful in this case and a banana. Cook mashed banana and apply the mixture to the skin. This mask is to keep no more than ten minutes, and then - to wash off.
  • Sandalwood - a very effective tool. Soak sandalwood powder in water overnight. Then apply the resulting paste on the skin that are most damaged by 10 minutes paste dries quickly. Once you have washed off the mask, rinse the skin with cold water. Even more useful would be if you cook pasta on the basis of milk or rose water.
  • Fenugreek (seeds). This tool is known not only for its medicinal properties, but also because you can effectively get rid of acne and traces left behind by them. In water (750 mL), add the seeds of plants and put on fire for five minutes. Now let the broth cool down time. Wash his face with morning and evening, and very soon you will begin to notice how your skin improves.
  • Mask based on clay is always famous for their excellent cleaning properties. For their preparation, take a little bit of clay (just a tablespoon) and dissolve it in water, warm enough. It is advisable to add here a little rosemary oil. Mix and apply to the skin. The duration of the treatment was three months.
  • Simple parsley can also help in the treatment of traces and scars from acne. To do this, cut the parsley, then pour boiling water. Let the mixture for about 30 minutes to brew and pour into special molds for ice. Broth can wash several times a day.
  • Apple vinegar. Dilute tablespoon of vinegar to three tablespoons of water and pour the mixture into molds for ice. Wipe face cubes in the morning and evening.

Continuing with the problem of getting rid of acne scars, it is impossible not to remember and about the essential oils. Well proved themselves to be the oil of cloves and rosemary, tea tree. Of course, in pure form or one essential oil can be used. It is better to add a variety of masks, and blend in moisturizers. Here's one simple recipe: take a little kaolin, adding warm water to dilute the slurry homogenous. In this mass, add 1-2 drops of each of these oils and mix thoroughly. This mask is applied to the face with a thick, dense layer. Keep on the face as long as the mask is completely cool. You do not just clean the skin, but also get rid of redness, skin bleach.

Everyone knows that it is very effective for cleansing the skin have always been grass. For example, Echinacea. It can be used both internally in the form of droplets or pellets, or applied to the skin. Also effective and grape root. Tea tree oil you can use, mix it with a moisturizer. In the same way used oregano and basil oil.

 how to get rid of scars on his face after acne

Professional methods of getting rid of scars

Now let's talk about the professional cosmetology and medicine, which is shown to people who have some serious problems: deep scars permanently inflamed skin. At home, these problems are not solved.

  • Laser treatment

It is a complete removal of a microscopic layer of the epidermis, thereby forming a new skin, but without scars. But it is worth considering the fact that those whose skin is dark, can get new problems. Thus, the newly formed skin areas more likely to be light, and your skin will look unnatural. But today, cosmetologists continue to improve this method to maximally adapt it to all people.

  • The mechanical polishing, or dermabrasion

The procedure, which was first tried in Egypt. Then it was used of hard sandpaper. Terrifying, is not it? Now dermabrasion carried in the cabin environment with the use of special tools, mounted on wheels, which also removes all the damaged skin. Get rid of scars by using dermabrasion procedure, you have to accept the fact that the skin is covered with a crust, which is quite natural. Then the crust falls away, and the skin will be slightly red. But after a few weeks, all the side effects disappear.

  • Augmentation

A more serious procedure when injected under the scar collagen or fat, is generated by your body. The scar gradually becomes equal to the surface, and the skin will look perfect. This will require about six months. Augmentation is prescribed, usually at very deep, severe scarring.

  • Subsiziya

During this procedure, the doctor separates the scar from deeper layers of tissue. Then formed a place filled with blood. This is necessary in order to form the connective tissue, which will help to level the scar from the skin layer. Usually this procedure is used along with dermabrasion or laser therapy.

  • Exfoliate skin with fruit acids

It is considered equally effective manner. It was he who today is very popular. Fruit acids exfoliate and gradually renew the skin with all the scars, inflammation and scarring. This method is characterized by the absence of any contraindications, it can be safely administered to humans of any age.

All of the above treatments, of course, are very effective. You can use as a salon treatment, and supplement their household, to enhance the effect. But remember that the condition of the skin - is an indicator of your health. If you are constantly faced with acne and comedones, acne or rash, it is possible that the thing is wrong, poor nutrition, or problems with internal organs. It is necessary first of all to deal with this.

But on the scars must be said that the therapies and treatments must appoint a highly skilled, knowledgeable in the intricacies of modern techniques and features of the skin. Because we get rid of the scars only competently!

Your goal - to find a really professional dermatologist and cosmetologist, which will recommend the most effective way of getting rid of acne scars. And after that, how to get rid of scars, try to keep the skin in good condition - all elementary!

Your health, youth and krasota- are gifts from nature that should be protected. Eat right, pay due attention to the sport and care for themselves, and then in the mirror you will only please!

 How to get rid of acne scars: tips and tricks