the behavior of a man in love


  • Signs of love for men
  • How to recognize a cold heart

At some point in the relationship every woman like to know whether it was chosen in the "network," or have not yet time for a more confident offensive. But this, alas, is not easy. Each representative of the fairer sex, sooner or later wondering how it behaves in love with a man, there are some signs of love in general - whether it is possible somehow to understand?

To be very careful, it can be read in his eyes, to assess the actions of or spoken words. Although loving man can behave very unusual, after all, he is an individual person with their feelings and views on the relationship. In any case, all the lovers of men can be divided into those who love and those who try to hide their feelings for a woman.

 the behavior of the man in love

Signs of love for men

  1. Pay attention to his behavior, and you will notice some awkwardness and confusion. Of course, the man had not yet had time to get used to the first manifestations of feelings raging inside him, so he lost. All the men are proud to be able to deal with them and hide their emotions, and here everything goes vice versa. Only a strong man can admit his feelings. Over time, he will do it, but first he will begin to make excuses, that is blinded by your charm and elegance gleam in his eye, and it is hard to think of being with a beautiful woman. Anyway, the behavior will give it anyway, and you do can not miss, if you really interesting.
  2. Sometimes your partner may seem rather arrogant and even narcissistic, and its behavior is similar to that of thick-skinned rhinoceros. But rest assured, this behavior is quite logical, because in your presence, it does not leave the uncertainty and bouts of shyness. But such a "mask" - it is just an attempt to hide from your true feelings. A man trying to act casually as possible, to show that he had completely free and confident. He is unable to do anything, this is the nature of men.
  3. Another important sign of love in a man can be considered excessive persistence. He begins to pay much attention to your person. And this happens because he instinctively have a desire to win you. Perseverance can be expressed in different ways: it can be an invitation to a restaurant or cafe, for a walk or to the cinema with friends to a party. You can be sure that each such surprise "hidden" subtle and profound strategy planning, and most importantly - the fear of being rejected. If you really want to be with this man, and try to build a real relationship with him, you can safely take his perseverance.
  4. Men who are accustomed to hide their feelings, perseverance may be in the form of aggression, that is, his behavior would wear sometimes aggressive tone. The reason - the inability to cope with their emotions, so struggles he will try to show you that you are unworthy of what he is experiencing. Sometimes there are cases where the address can be loved "dusted" caustic jokes and "jokes". But do not get them as something to react angrily - you are interested in it very deeply and seriously.
  5. Why is he always around and you feel his eyes on her? He accompanies you everywhere, interrogated, when and where you went, interested in your plans? Yes, you are to the full conquest of his heart! And do not ignore the fact that he is always at the same time insists that your person is not interested in him at all - it's just a way of protection.
  6. Signs include men love and self-presentation. He always says a lot about himself, talks about the "heroic deeds" committed in their professional and personal lives, their achievements in sport, work and so on. For it is essential, what you think about it. And he wants it to be the best view. He dreams in your eyes to be "cool character" and "Superman."
  7. Very nice display of love by a man is anxiety, the desire to help you. It says a lot about him as a person, his values ​​and concepts of life. He will try to be helpful, make a lot of effort just to make a nice "fit" into any of your problems and solve them. For him it is a matter of honor. And even if it relates to the type of men who try to hide their emotions, he will still be there and will help you only with irony in his actions.
  8. To understand the behavior of the loving man enough to pay attention to it is not indifferent to you, that is beginning to emerge jealousy. Where a man in love without jealousy ?! He does not tolerate rivals, who circled around the lady of his heart. A manifest zeal in assertiveness and aggression. Jealousy destructive, if it eats the soul within, so the guy can even while you avoid. He does this in order to reduce their anxiety and feelings. There are men who skillfully concealed jealousy, being near, but behind your back waiting for the collapse of rivals. And the most interesting thing is that you do not even notice. Remember that jealousy in men is a reflection of its weakness and vulnerability, so a clever man would not show it.
  9. It is also important that the guy always love you and are interested in your thoughts, so please catch every word, even the fact that you have not given much importance. He's trying to get to know you better determine what brings you joy, but from what you are upset. It can sometimes be quite stupid to ask questions, but in his mind he had already built the whole structure of how you win, and what to do.
  10. A man in love, no matter how behaved lady of his heart, always looking at her deeds with admiration, it takes its flaws, moved by gaffes and awkwardness. This means that he appreciates all aspects of his chosen.
  11. If you are madly in love to the man, he tries to make the first steps on the road to intimacy is intimacy. It will not be any hints that matter - in any case. He will try to discreetly touch you, feel your scent. And if you give him a kiss, it would be his pleasure. Man initiates this kind of tenderness.
  12. And finally, to answer the question of how to behave in love with the guy, just listen to it, the words that he utters, pay attention to the tone of the voice. And sooner or later you're bound to hear a confession of love. It may sound even in the most unusual way, to be a bit shocking, but always treat it calmly, it is so nice to be loved, cherished. Besides, the guy very difficult given the move. The sincere declaration of love - it's a big step for a man, because men love slightly different from women's. Let him express it as best he can, and if you feel the same, you'll love a man without problems. Do not break it, and do not laugh, just be yourself and then it will wear you in my arms.

 the behavior of the loving man

How to recognize a cold heart?

How many wonderful feelings we can see every day, people fall in love and enjoy the emotions, feelings, but there are people with different views on life. A man can doubt his feelings, but worse, if there is no feelings, and he knows it. Then the woman should be very careful, it is necessary to recognize the falsity.

  1. Between lovers should not be secrets or secrets, but if a person is trying to hide something, you should think twice, what's the problem. It is not without exceptions, of course, but in most cases this way. After all, they are based on the mysteries of ancient sins that a man can hide for years. Undoubtedly, there are the hidden people, but if they love, then sooner or later to be known to both. This advice should always be used carefully, it is not necessary immediately after the confession and interrogate your favorite rub.
  2. Love "next steps" not only trust and care, but also with zeal, if not pure relations with the manifestation of jealousy, though sometimes it can be said that there is no love. This can be explained simply: if all the women who surround the man, he does not care that he does not care about them, and not jealous.
  3. Harsh criticism of his chosen and sometimes tyranny, give a man a cold indifference. Here, of course, there is no sense. A man may even disregard refers to the lady to her wishes. All major decisions - only for him, and her words will mean nothing. She can act as a handy toy, but not a favorite. And also to remember that criticism, witty and sharp as a wasp sting - a sign not only a cold heart, but also a liar actor.
  4. Excess compliments to the truth have nothing to do - it's just a "blurring" of the ears. An experienced seducer knows that women love with their ears, so his weapon - this is his flattering words. We must be very careful with such persons, which are already on the first date scattered in compliments and cry that fell like malchishka.Ob sincere feelings speak at once, but only if they keep quiet about no more strength!
 How does the man in love with a lady of his heart?

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