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  • Errors in the behavior of
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Girls often wonder how to deal with guys like to do so to please them, and what actions it is better not to do so as not to cause laughter or irritation. Relationship as a whole sympathy may arise out of nothing, if two people are destined to be together; And if not? How to fall in love with the coveted Man, get his attention, "ensnare"? How is it to behave like a man who, in order not to seem ridiculous?

Errors in the behavior of

Of course, appearance plays an important role, but still far from being the case in her hair or dress. You probably have not once thought about why some women have such a huge success with the opposite sex, what they like and attract them? The secret is that there is a certain type of behavior that men notice and can not pass. No, it's not frivolous actions cheeky ladies, it does not hurt actions unhappy woman is something else. And then the question arises: how to behave like a girl with a guy? How to become thereby attracting magnet? What exactly should I do?

First of all, remember that you need to make sure that the guys do try to be interesting for you. This behavior can be called "the behavior of the prize." So you - the coveted prize, as he tries his best to win you. At our first meeting with the person we are starting to talk to him, to communicate, there comes a moment when we realize that he is sympathetic to us. Then there is the desire to please a guy.

Now she wants him to pay more attention to it, and tries to please him in everything. And here's the first mistake is allowed! The man quickly learns that he is interested in a lady, and ceases to appreciate her attention. So you're for it is no longer the "prize." He did not have to try to win your sympathy. Now a man begins to take only what you do for him. Anyway, his interest gradually cools, and a relationship begins to "Winter". Is that correct? Is this a tactic to attract attention of men? Of course not!

Many times you have heard that the man - a conqueror, not a trophy, so the behavior of the type of "servility" or "hunting" does not help you, "ohmurit" Man. Here it is necessary to do very well to consider every step that he did not think that you're at it "put an eye." Then how to deal with a guy that you like? The answer is simple: it is necessary to draw attention not to him, but to himself. There are a few "magic" tips that will help you to easily achieve the desired result. About them today and we'll talk.

 how to behave with a guy

The correct course of action

Correct installation

You always have to think that you are doing in order to please a guy to get his attention. Ask yourself is sometimes a question: "What can I do to please a man, that he wanted me to fight? ". Perhaps you do not know the answer, but think it should be. This is the correct installation of the subconscious, which eventually begins to affect your real actions. And soon you will notice that the guys started to pay more attention to you.

Communication must be earned

Turning to the practical part of the solution to the question of how to behave with a guy to like him, I would like to remind you that pride and superiority over others can give a completely opposite results, and you can simply call zaznaykoy. Therefore, all should be in moderation. You have to show him that the communication with you - it is a gift that deserve your attention and the location is not so simple, that you men - "Die Hard." But this should be done very tactfully and gently.

You should not be rude to the man, as it is not necessary to agree with everything he says to you: be a little bit mysterious and inaccessible. If a guy invites you to take a walk, you can reply with a smile: "Maybe. We'll see how you behave". It is important to "shine" eyes and seductive smile. If you will pronounce these words to himself with a tone of "leave me alone", it is unlikely that a man will ever again seek you.

Create competition

How banal sounds, but still men somehow perfectly valid phrases like "I love it when I give flowers ...." This phrase is not alluding to the fact that he owes you now bring a huge bouquet of flowers (though agree it would be nice). These words can be understood that the flowers you give a lot of men, that is, he will have competition, if he decides to fight for your heart.

You can tell a man by chance, you now come to work earlier than other employees because you drove one. Then add that with it you do not really like to ride. Maybe if the guy wants to prove that he is better than other drives. The spirit of competition is present in males since birth. Therefore, to make him the desired emotions, and you can use this trick.

Throw a man calling

Men like the girl, they love to win those who win is not easy, almost equal to their opponents. Those guys who like weak women, often have much complexes, they are not sure of themselves, so this is hardly a man you need. Be strong - and to reach for you strong. But here, it should not go too far because you can just flush out the man; or he will conclude that you are - a fanatical feminist man-hater.

You can make a call by saying in his presence that the men you'll never fall in love. As you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet. You definitely want to make sure that you are wrong. But just before it is required to be ready for the debate, to argue their right word.

Women's weakness

To get closer to unraveling the mystery of how to deal with a guy that you like, how to build a relationship with him, do not need to always be stronger. Learn how to become a sometimes weak, but its drawbacks woman should show the correct rarely. Sometimes it does not hurt to show a weakness, especially in the "fight". Nothing to do - men like women to notice mistakes in order to feel themselves as defenders and saviors. But they never imagined could be that these "weaknesses" can be created artificially. So sometimes clever ladies let their gentlemen to be stronger. But any praise or criticism should be seen the same way (remember the behavior of the prize). Emotions had better be in a relationship.

Not to recognize his sympathy

You probably noticed that as long as you yourself are not admitted sympathy for the man, your behavior was much more adequately, and then you no longer control the senses and your heart? So it is: the longer you from yourself chase this idea, the longer you feel calm and relaxed, you have time to deal with themselves and their lives. Once you cross that line, starting with an overnight stay in an embrace cell phone waiting for a call, the excitement at the meeting, and you start to do an insane amount of nonsense in his presence. All this is what you do not know how to deal with a guy like that.

The main thing here is not to start to perceive it as their property, and still mentally making plans, in which the dress you stand before the altar. This is a big mistake, and if he feels he will definitely uliznet from you.

Do not be afraid to say "no"

When she feels great sympathy and falls in love, then it is very difficult to refuse lover. She begins to agree on any date, putting all his affairs until later to devote himself to desirable man. This is another mistake: if this, then even winning it, you have your own time will be adjusted to his whims.

If the guy did not think in advance about how to take you out on a date, it is better to refuse it. Especially that received an invitation for a couple of hours before the bye, you may be the only fallback restaurant booked, and another lady refused to come. In any case, no matter how you liked the guy no better let him know that a date must be earned, and you - not a "plug" for the space in the schedule.

Stop constantly smiling

Probably each of us noticed that in the presence of a guy who like, or whom you love is very difficult to wipe the smile from his face. And it does not depend on what he says or does. He may even talk about their problems at work or the death of relatives in the last year, and this smile in such a situation completely useless. Try to throw the warm thoughts and "emotion", then focus on the conversation, ask meaningful questions podiskutiruyte, but do not argue.

 how to behave with a guy

Why it happens?

Have you noticed that sometimes women attract the same type of men? It is always a ladies' glued 'ladies' man, the other - strong and courageous person, a third - those who need to complain and so on. The types of men have quite a lot. It's all about behavior: the behavior of the woman of the man she attracts. It seems, and not beautiful and clever, and all the cavaliers, as the selection - smart, strong, "podarkosposobnye" and most importantly - their own. Yes, such is not easy, then you need to know how to present yourself. So some young ladies know how to deal with a guy like him win the sympathy? So, you should remember that these men are "uhlestyvat" only for the woman who appreciates and respects himself, who knows a lot, not only in love, but in a properly aligned relationship.

Lovers do not choose - that is true; but much of the power of a woman who believes in himself and knows how to choose the arrow to wound a man's heart. Universal way to conquest love men, but if you follow certain guidelines, the sympathy of the stronger sex is provided to you.

 8 tips on how to deal with a guy that you like

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