how to behave on a first date with a guy


  • Missing: whether to force yourself to wait?
  • First Look: how was it?
  • The main thing - the right course of action

It is said that the first ten minutes are decisive dates for the entire meeting, a kind of critical point that may determine how to build and even whether to build relationships in the future. Is it enough to actually ten minutes to understand your man or not yours, you approach each other or not? How to behave on a first date at all? After all, it decides whether a second date, or all of the first will be last. For a first date, regardless of the age and sex also has its own rules of conduct.

Rendezvous - is not just a meeting of a romantic nature, communication with interesting person, it is something more - a step towards building a real relationship and a chance for love itself. Every young girl or adult woman had already taken place can make mistakes on the first date. Therefore it is very important to know how to behave on a first date with a man. Many girls are much worried before the meeting, especially in front of such an important, but if everything else is added, and the frantic desire to make a good impression, then, as we know, the opposite happens - a lot of mistakes, rush, boring conversations, and so on. Therefore, several points need to be prepared in advance so as not to spoil the first impression.

Missing: whether to force yourself to wait?

Of course, the first date may develop into a long novel can end a marriage, and can stay only a simple meeting of a lot in life. How to dictate standards, the girl is allowed to miss the first date for 5-10 minutes, maximum - 15. But in any case it is not necessary to test his patience long as unlikely to elect appreciate it; late for half an hour, you just show itself immediately as a non-punctual and serious person, especially if the man in the girl appreciates the ability to be on time. In our hectic life this skill is very important, so that in any case the joy in his eyes you will not see - is cleared.

If another fifteen minutes he waited and worried whether you come, by this time he could only work out aggression to how you do not know how to manage their time, and perhaps in the future, is already in his own time. Also late is not worth much if you know about the hot nature of her partner, or if you are not sure whether it will wait for you even those 15 minutes. Only later, when he was imbued with sympathy to you, you can play a game of "women's late" at the meeting.

 how to behave with a guy on the first date

First Look: how was it?

That is how strong the interest you as the guy in the future and beloved partner in life, may depend on many factors. Here plays the role of what happened before, what was dating and chat, because first impressions have already been received. Therefore, to understand how to deal with the guy on the first date, you need to think of all that preceded it.

So, first of all - where did you meet? It was a shop, a nightclub, and you - the employees at work, former classmates or acquaintances? Today, very often young people learn in nightclubs, discos. It often happens that a guy might at first acquaintance to be a bit "tipsy", but if you have to take into account that women come in "combat coloration", then we should expect very different reactions on the first date. It may be such that the guy you saw in the daylight, not even know that girl, who are familiar with a few days ago at a nightclub. It may be quite the contrary - you will feel again the pleasant feeling of novelty and delight when I first exchanged phone numbers, cute, smiling with each other. Since that date have to be ready for anything.

But if you have some uncertainty, remember, no hopeless situations. If you are afraid not like the guy in daylight or even any doubts torment you, the date can be assigned again in a dark restaurant or cafe, "dressed" in a striking way. Though, probably, this modern girls do not need to learn, because we know that our Lady garbage endure, hobbling heels and the arrow on the eyes. In this way women show that they are free for the stronger sex, and fully prepared to meet new people. That's not for nothing that "Rublev", married women in public "shastayut" store in casual clothes, thus showing that in their personal lives they are fine. But at the same time they always have on hand some expensive jewelry or accessory that their status no doubt.

How should dress?

When you are going on a date, then, of course, you want to look your best. But it is better in this case, if you want to be on top and at the same time emphasize their naturalness, take care of the stylish and neat clothes, which cleverly hides figure flaws and highlight its advantages profitable. What's coming on a first date with a guy - a significant issue, and important enough.

In any case, in the first few minutes, until the conversation has not ensued, the man will be judged girl on her appearance; so pay special attention to their own image. Make it so that you would like him to see it. The way she behaves on a first date, largely depends on its internal balance and order in this plays an important role. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify and understand like that guy. But the best advice that you can give - to be myself.

It plays an important role on the first date and where the meeting will take place. If the man you are invited to the cafe, the excessive glamor will look ridiculous. Give preference to the best-neutral options, such as classical or romantic dress that emphasizes the color of your eyes. It should not be too fussy. To make the image of the original, it is best to add some beautiful accessories.

But in heels can be does not deny - they look elegant and highlight the length of women's feet. If you go on a date with a man in the cold season, the top can be put on a coat, trench, or even an elegant black coat, adding your image interesting chiffon scarf or voluminous scarf. On the date in the theater you do not need to be dressed in jeans and a shirt, knows that every girl; it is best to put on a classic dress, but not too challenging.

In order to behave at the first meeting with a guy, it's important to feel comfortable and confident, so the choice of attire plays such an important role. You do not have to feel the awkwardness and embarrassment, it is not necessary to take the image of "vamp" or "passionate seductress", if you are not, it will only spoil your whole mood and the man feels disharmony. If you're going with a guy for a walk or a picnic, then dress warmly and comfortably, as cold hands and blue with a nose not uvyazhutsya with a seductive neckline and short shorts. In this case it is better to pay attention to the game of shades and colors. The best choice would be a sports version of the stylish clothes or colored t-shirt, sweater, raglan jeans unusual colors. You can throw the original bright sports jacket.

 how to behave on a first date with a man

The main thing - the right course of action


The expression "ogle" every woman can understand in their own way. Due to the fact that the man pays much attention to the woman's eyes, her facial expressions and manners, do not miss the moment to show their best side on the first date, properly using your favorite female seduction tricks.

This can be a tender glance from beneath her lashes with iskrinkoy and interest, glance of a twist. Representatives of the stronger sex to catch such views instinctively, without even realizing it, but the feeling that she was attracted. Remember that it was on a first date and a woman and a man attaches great importance to the unconscious, and only all subsequent dates are starting to know each other better. Therefore, they say that the impression obtained at the first meeting, it is practically impossible to fix.

Only show never try to be superior to man, or a man, as this may cause a negative attitude towards you. If you do not know how to behave for the first time with a guy, remember that it is important not to cause a person to dislike yourself, do not push him. Excellence should not be any words or in demeanor. Otherwise, you risk becoming a stimulus rather than an object of desire.

Women who become rivals emotional men did not attract them in intimate terms. And to evoke a sense of interest in itself, you can take advantage of a good moment to bend over to the man, it is easy to touch his hand, while looking him straight in the eye.

Do not be a spendthrift

If the guy on the first date has invited you to a cafe or a restaurant, you should not order a huge number of the most expensive meals and drinks. After all, a girl who values ​​himself, never do. And even more, you do not come to quench their hunger, and to communicate, and you need to take a closer look with the man, not his wallet. Offer to pay a very good manners, especially if the guy will get the opportunity to show his infinite generosity and solvency, paying for everything yourself. So take the opportunity and let it shine!

Positive Energy

Imagine if you were talking to someone who knows for a long time and with whom you communicate easily, and then the conversation goes like clockwork. Subject necessarily there, if you listen, not just try to talk about what new blouse you've seen on sale. Always delve into what the man says, but if the topic is not interesting to you, it is not necessary to play along, or hear about how last year he did not have time to submit the report, you will have for a long time. Just a few minutes shut up, then gently turn the conversation in another direction.

If you talk about yourself, you will never say long monologues, better use clear and short phrases to create a dialogue, a dialogue. In this case, the guy will like to comment on your words and stories. If you disagree with a man, your boyfriend, you should not resent sharply, moving to higher tones. You can just calmly ask, "Do you really think so? "- And then take a small pause. To argue and prove his innocence and is not good for a first date, you can simply express their opinion, adding a bit of humor, but sarcasm. However, you never have to methodically assent to all that he has to say. Experts say that such a ladies man very quickly lose interest or find them insincere.

All of these tips can be very useful to you, that first meeting did not last, because everything depends on you. If a man is interested in you, if you want to build a relationship with him, the first meeting - the first and most important step on the path to success in your personal life. Just a few hours determine all the events between you and the young man are waiting for you to come.

But never forget that only personal experience is an invaluable tool in dealing with men. Learn to express their interest sincerely, truly, you will be able to win the trust and tunes with someone on the same wavelength, and thus faster to get close. Cavalier, your interlocutor, an interesting man for you - it's like a mirror, which reflects not only all your advantages, but also disadvantages. Reflect their best qualities that you value yourself and a partner who can appreciate you!

 How to behave on a first date with a guy, right?