how to give a man to understand that you like him


  • Unobtrusive flirting
  • "Innocent" friendship
  • Request for help
  • Sincere laughter
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In our society, it is assumed that a man should first attend to the lady he liked, using a variety of methods from the banal compliments and flirting before staging any unusual situations. Women also rely more passive role, which suggests favorable or not acceptance of courtesies from this or that man.

Recently, however, due to the increasing spread of the world's idea of ​​equality or even of radical feminism, women were more likely to be self-sympathy for the man who they really like. There is nothing unusual in a similar effort to the beautiful ladies there, but by no means all of them know how beautiful and elegant to make it clear to the man that they liked it. This can be done in different ways, that we take a closer look.

Unobtrusive flirting

A win-win way to show to any man, that he'll really enjoy is discreet flirtation. However, use of this method is dosed accurately and not to look in the eyes you are interested in the stronger sex funny or ridiculous. Excessive obsession as to anything good will not, so that should flirt subtly and gracefully.

Many young girls at least once in a lifetime guy made it clear that he was sympathetic to them, with eye seductive outfits, "shooting" eyes, and similar techniques. Despite the apparent effectiveness of such action, the men often perceive they are not very positive. The fact that the girl or woman who tries to hint at some kind of man that she likes him, through a variety of bright attributes of its external image and explicit flirtatious action often seems too willfully, that, on the contrary, only pushes away from it all men .

In order for you not to get into such an unpleasant situation, you should behave during flirtation most naturally and do not try to seem that what you really are not. It is not so easy as it seems at first glance, because women often subconsciously want to look better for a man who they like.

A great way to keep track of their natural behavior is filming his own person. It is best to ask friends or relatives for some time to take pictures of you, or, better yet, install a hidden camera so that you do not know what's going on shooting. Then carefully examine all records and try to fix as if in his mind is how are you behaving normally. Such reactions and should be at you while flirting on different replicas of a man who you like. However, this does not mean that you can not embellish his speech a little, just do not need to replay and try to do things that in ordinary life do not tend to.

Do not forget about the non-verbal signals, which are considered among the most effective for flirting. The simplest expression of interest by the so-called body language - it is the turn of the trunk in the direction of a man who you like. With the same success can be turned toward him than the entire body, but only socks or shoes one foot if you're sitting in a pose of "foot to foot." During a call, you can casually touch the hand you are interested in men, and thus at a subconscious level to make it clear that you like him.

You can also try "otzerkalivat" his gestures, repeating the slight tilt of the head, hand position, and the like. These actions contribute to the emergence of location for you and your companion more casual conversation flow. Only it is important not to overdo it, not to look ridiculous. Even the most simple smile can help you show your interest without words, and open look "eye to eye" will make it clear that you are completely absorbed by the man who sits in front.

If you are very shy and think that flirting in any form you categorically do not fit, you know: the majority of women thought the same way, until you are interested in this or that man enough to show him that he is very much like them. Even if you robeesh to those you care about, still try to bring himself a little and show even the most minimal signs of attention. As soon as you feel at least some response from the male, then to show your interest you will be much easier.

 understand how to give the man what he likes

"Innocent" friendship

If you want to understand not just this or that man, that you like him, but also guaranteed to provoke sympathy from him, then it would be best simply to make friends with him. Such friendship is best built on the basis of some common interests, such as hobbies dogs, visiting various sports clubs, etc. If such an intersection is not observed, then you should start a lively interest in what interested you lovely man. Believe me, even if it seems to you that it is impossible to find common ground, is simply to show a little ingenuity and feminine wiles to find out from friends interest you Man or he himself all his passions and hobbies and then start to build on the basis of their friendship.

Over time, this "innocent" friendship at first sight is easy enough to translate into a romantic relationship. Men like it when a woman sincerely interested in their hobbies, and they very quickly become attached to their girlfriends. However, it is important to give time to understand the man, you do not want to be just a friend to him that he has not blown and tossed his attention to another lady, do not hesitate to show him your interest.

Friendship with the guy that you like, you can also tie casually, constantly communicating in the same company. To do this, you must first make friends with a girl from his circle of friends, she was introduced to you in their company; This will allow you to immediately become at least a little, "his own man." Another option - to attract interest you young man in the company with the help of a brother or a guy your friend. This strategy used a little bit dangerous, because the guy that you like so much, it may be of interest and any other girl of your company or your friend, which is fraught with the development of serious competition, or even hostility. To avoid this, you should immediately make it clear to your friends that you have certain types of this particular man.

Request for help

Most men love to feel a sort of all-powerful protector of the weak half of humanity, and, if necessary, you can use this to your advantage. So, if you ask a man who is interested in you, to repair the valve, change a wheel in a car, or do any other work of a man, it is only play into the hands of you. The woman sought help from the man, as it were, automatically makes it clear that she likes him because of all the stronger sex is she now chose it. Besides, the man in this situation, pay close attention to the woman and often finds it very attractive to continue the acquaintance in a more relaxed atmosphere, and then, perhaps, to tie her romantic relationship.

Of course, it would be better if to ask for help of some kind you will have at least a little familiar with the guy that you like, because it increases the chances of further development of relations. However, if desired, and unfamiliar men can express their sympathy in the form of a particular request, the implementation of which can only handle it.

When any request for help should try to understand the man, what are you specifically chose it because we consider it the most powerful, clever and resourceful. In addition, you allegedly repeatedly told beforehand that he just knows how to repair the crane genius in the kitchen, in the car to change the wheel, to reinstall some software on your computer, etc. Men love when the value of their abilities, and they, in turn, are beginning to appreciate the girl who is able to notice their uniqueness.

Sincere laughter

Most men love hohotushek who genuinely laugh at their jokes, even if the rest of them do not seem quite so funny and. Every man thinks that he has a consummate sense of humor, and the woman who is to be constantly reaffirm its open natural laugh, would be for him the personification of the ideal life partner. Of course, using only one laughing completely captivate man in his network will be rather difficult, however, to understand that you feel sympathy for him, it is possible.

If you decide to stick with this strategy and laugh at all the jokes of a man who is interesting to you, it is important to follow it to the end and do not show what is actually sometimes you are not so funny. For a man, there is nothing worse humiliated pride and insincere admiration for his sense of humor, he is well accept. However, if you manage to get off the man long relationship, over time you can start a little cooler relate to his jokes; but at first have some time conform to the image of light and carefree flirtatious.

 how to give a man to understand that you like him tips


The most risky way to understand this or that man, it is interesting to you - is to tell him about it directly. The result of such a frank admission is often completely unpredictable, and not every woman will dare to do so. The reaction of the man in many respects depends on it like you or not. So, if a man feels to you a clear sympathy or love with you, then this admission, he is likely to accept very positive. At the same time, even if it seemingly try to stay calm, then the individual gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice to any woman is not difficult to understand that the entire current situation it is actually very pleasant.

If a man does not feel any sense to you, then its reaction to such recognition is entirely dependent on its level of culture and moral principles. Intelligent young man is likely to thank you for such flattering attitude and did their best to tactfully explain gently that there was no relationship between you can not be. But the man that all women are perceived more as sex objects, certainly try to play back the interest to achieve from your intimacy, or just once offer to spend the evening alone. Agree or not such a proposal, it depends only on your own views and beliefs, but in any case it is necessary to understand that most of them are no good short-term relationships do not end there.

You can also use a milder variant of recognition, a man trying to hint about his interest in it, but it should be noted that few of the guys understand these hints. However, if the man himself had long secretly dreams to spin you a novel, it can adequately interpret your hint. If you're for it is of no interest, then most likely, he will simply not understand, or did not understand the way you want.

Whichever way of expressing his sympathy for certain man you choose, you should know that the main thing - is to act, because, as the saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." If you will wait a long time, the man that you like, he will pay attention to you, then you can not wait for anything. However, if you are not afraid to show their interest, then it can tie a beautiful relationship, which will eventually grow into a strong family unit.

If you're still in doubt, then pay attention to the history of dating many "star" couples in which it played a critical woman who overcame his shyness and made it clear to the man that he is not indifferent to her. This beginning of a relationship made them even stronger and more trusting, and his brave beloved husbands, usually throughout life with pride and not extinct over the years of living together genuine delight recall how their wife first showed an interest.

 How to understand the man that you like him, so that he became interested in you,

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