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  • Basic rules of conduct for women
  • Different situations - different approach

Probably every woman in her lifetime at least once wondered how to deal with a man. The unequivocal answer to it is not, because each person is unique and it requires a certain approach. Councils on this subject is given a lot, and many of them can be considered good. We have experienced those days, when the man himself had to conquer the lady of his heart, to do romantic things.

The woman, in turn, sees this as a tribute, and it did not reflect the correct way to behave, she did not need it. After all, if the gentleman wooed, then they played the wedding, and everyone was happy. A marriage in the old days consisted of a lifetime. But those ladies who have been deprived of male attention, just reconciled to his fate.

And how must do modern young lady? Obviously, a woman must first understand yourself. Because of her temperament and temperament depends on what kind of man she will do. I agree that docile woman who is ready to sacrifice his own opinion, it will be easier to get along with a man obstinate temper and domineering woman and stubborn of such a partner, if not kill, you will drive on the first week of life together. But it is much easier to be still those of us who try to understand her man, and found him fit.

Therefore, we try to figure out how to behave with a man to do as little as possible errors in the communication with their friends, fathers, husbands, loved ones ...

 how to behave with a man

Basic rules of conduct for women

Keep your distance

From the beginning and throughout the further development of relations must be respected and not to cross the boundaries of personal space man - this is probably the most important rule of all. Every woman confidently confirm that the beginning of a relationship - it is the most memorable period in the life of lovers. When a man and woman to each other is still poorly known, if they unread book for everyone. I would like to learn a lot about a man who like all the meetings for them - timid and exciting. Before them there is a goal to get closer to each other and eventually become one.

Basically, many couples do not achieve their goals and diverge at this stage. When you open to a person who you like, you want to understand and maintain, and it would accordingly expect the same. But some quality partner may frighten or alienate, is all a matter of how and when they appeared. Further - more, because of the insecurity, or in a relationship a woman may try to bind to a man.

It appears as endless interest - "where and who was it? '' Why did not respond immediately to the call? "" You do not care about me? "And other endless questions and complaints. This could ruffle even the owner of the strongest nerves. And if this goes on all the time, sooner or later a man will want to escape far away from a girlfriend. After all, the distrust of strong relationships can not be built!

Do not try to keep a loved one on a short leash and constantly monitor; this tired, both. We must be able to trust, and even if you have to be so distrustful makes the painful experience of betrayal in the past, this does not mean that this man wants to make a fool of you, having fun with the other girls behind your back. But confidence. you will feel and be in relation to his beloved, will help to build deep and lasting relationships.

It is also important not to overreact and begin to manipulate each other. It is fairly common factor in the already existing relations. If a woman does not get what you want, it begins to act up, to present ultimatums and offense. The relationship gradually begins to lose mutual respect, and talk in a raised voice become the norm. Yes, you need to throw out the accumulated negative, but even if it will not happen often, and in the correct form.

To support a touch of freshness in relationships, it is necessary to prevent the presence of some secret from everyone, so that everyone in the pair was not revealed until the end. And do not be afraid that it will lead to alienation. Stepping over their fears, a woman can be sure that her relationship will be strong and durable. And the man who loves her, too, will not infringe on the freedom of her personality. A touch of mystery at all times painted woman teasing a man and causing him even more interest to the lady with the "highlight".

The importance of personal space

Agree, it is necessary for everyone. Naturally, in the beginning of the relationship, both inhale and each other can not, every second counts, held together. And I want to make it never ends. But this can not continue indefinitely, otherwise you fed up with each other, and the man who until recently was the most wonderful and necessary, you will eventually get bored. You will feel entangled, bound hand and foot, and you want to break free. The same thing will feel and your partner. Therefore it is very important to prevent this excessive "ingrown" into each other.

Well, if you have common friends, interests, hobbies, if you lead a life together and even joined its budget; but you need to be able to feel the boundaries that you should not cross. You should have little secrets from each other. The individual interests of which you can enthusiastically talk to each other. Not necessarily you to attend the meetings with friends, and it is not so you have to be aware of all the events in the lives of your friends. Not every man likes to listen to the arguments for women, for example, on the topic of the cost of newly purchased cosmetics, and it does not necessarily know exactly how much you spent this money!

Women should have their own circle of interests, so as not to be completely tied to his handpicked successor. You must retain its autonomy as it was prior to the relationship. Your man will only respect you for it. You must accordingly relate to the personal space of his men and try not to invade each time as soon as your wish.

Take care of each other

Never, under any circumstances, you should not try to touch the man's sick. Do you know about your companion enough, you have a long time together, and you're already well aware of all his weaknesses. And even during the strongest argument, when would you like in whatever was to go out a winner, do not be tempted to touch a painful her man. If such a desire is too great, then imagine yourself in his shoes, what would you feel in this situation? If you trust a man if you opened up all the most vulnerable corners of your soul, then you need to respect this; used against him by his trust in you at least tactless.

You must learn to care for each other sincerely and selflessly, with full dedication, not only out of a sense of duty. Remove your ego and try to learn not only demand, but also to give. Then the warmth and caring response is not long in coming. You can not live only for themselves, because the desire to do things their own way too often turns into loneliness.

Communicate with each other

The relationship is also very important to be able to communicate with each other. And it's not only the discussion of television news and movies, not gossip and stories about work. There is a question of informal conversation that helps build relationships. You must be able to talk about their feelings and fears about what excites you now. If you are worried about something, worried, annoyed or not satisfied, then we should talk about it, discuss with your loved one, to seek a way out of this situation. If you just gloss over the problem, save them in yourself, then pick up once the accumulated negative critical mass and there will be an "explosion".

If a woman is something offended, she should be able to say about it so as not to cause guilt in his own half. Then the man will be able to adequately explain their point of view. Do not be afraid to talk about jealousy, anxiety and fear. At first it will be difficult, but then it will be easier and you will see the result. After all, you are each other's best psychologists!

 how to behave with men

Different situations - different approach

We have considered the general advice on the behavior of men. But as has been said - men are unique, and everyone needs to find its own approach. Let's look at a few situations:

If the older man

Typically, an adult male is more experienced in terms of relationships, and cause it to reorganize under you is almost impossible. It is not scattered words and will do everything to make his beloved happy. He likes to take care of her. Often with adult men link their fate younger girls. It is mainly these men are serious, lightheadedness youths alien to them.

If a woman has achieved this position men, she can be sure he will love it really. If you are serious about the relationship with an adult man, then be prepared for the fact that your freedom is somewhat limited. After all, they, because of their age, more jealous, so you will want to try their behavior dispel all his doubts and fears.

If a man has a solid capital

Such men are more picky, and this is not surprising. For many girls, when they find out that they are dealing with a rich man, a blind eye to his advanced age, character flaws and lack of visual appeal and are actively trying to win its location. Usually a fan of a lot of these men. To attract the attention of such a man, you have to be a match for him. But the main thing here is not to overdo it.

Too many beautiful, but as a blueprint created by the girls stick to the rich wealthy men. You have to interest him in his personality. We should be able to choose a unique and sophisticated style of dress, makeup and even select a certain demeanor. Before be decided on a relationship with a rich man, think about the following situations in which you might be:

  • The most common case - such a man is married

There is nothing left to do but to settle for the role of a mistress. Ate you satisfied with this option, the most you can do is to make your home warm and cozy, to elect after the meetings you could relax and unwind. But your meeting will take place only in such secluded places, and all kinds of events with a rich man you will not be attending, this role is played by his wife.

  • Most wealthy men - stingy

And if you're counting on his fat wallet, it is unlikely that he will throw at you to spend all your hard earned. With a rich man is not to be held! The only way out - it's just stop to count on his support, but if you kept near him only hope for financial assistance, then the relationship should be discontinued.

In conclusion we can say that it is not necessary to adjust itself under certain stereotypes, because every woman is as unique as each man. In all there is the highlight of which will be able to conquer it. Simply, it is important to be myself, do not invent itself ideal and then customize themselves under a certain pattern. Try to behave a little reserved, but at the same time open, not "closing" of a man, if he is interested in you. Try to show their best qualities.

Do not forget about the sense of humor, because no one will be interesting to spend time with dull surly. Try to be versatile, develop an interest in different things. After all, the more diverse your life is, the more interesting you are the elect. She should radiate optimism and instill in his favorite. Because now you know how to behave with a man, and it will be easier to avoid possible errors.

 How to behave with a man in today's society

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