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  • Why ignore the man: causes and scenarios
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You have come to the conclusion that the meeting with the man of your life dream has finally happened - you met a guy whose personality just fits perfectly in your ideas about what should be your choice. Everything went so miraculous that even the fact that the number of his car ends up on number five, you guess fateful signs. After all, one of the digits of your date of birth is also five - the same can not be just a coincidence?

At this very moment, when you are mentally ready to soar to the top of the bliss of the feeling of complete intimacy and unalloyed happiness, something unexpected happens. A person who takes up so much of your thoughts, your horizon disappears completely, or simply cease to notice you in the face. You do not understand what is happening. The woman, as an emotional being immediately surrounded by a swarm of thoughts, the main among them is this: what happens? Indeed, what if the guy ignores the girl?

Before you do something and take, you should make an effort to pull himself together and calm down. After all, very few people panic helps to think sensibly and in a temper, and all of these can be mangled wood that will then awkwardly recall. Of course, as any interested person to remain completely indifferent to what is happening, you can not. But the calm will help to understand the reasons why the man started to ignore you and start to behave in mysterious ways; You will be easier to draw the appropriate conclusions, and only then proceed to action. On the most probable and the possible reasons why a man ignores the Woman, will be discussed in this article.

We missed only the most unusual and rare ones: premature death (all know what can also happen, sadly), abduction by aliens from a hostile galaxy, or the work of a man in top-secret agencies, which made it disappear from your life for duty. Of course, entirely negate the potential for such a development should not be, but you should pay attention to things that are happening more often in our lives.

 if a guy ignores Woman

Why ignore the man: causes and scenarios

What are the real reasons may make a man forget - temporarily or permanently - of your existence?

  • His heart is already taken

Despite this the majority of the female opinion that "each man only one thing on his mind," and they are all as one change their partners, it is not quite true. There are rare instances that are willing and able to remain faithful to his ladylove. Perhaps you took it quite usual for communication between acquaintances tokens for display more tender feelings? As a decent man, he decided to change his behavior and began to act in such a way that you have no illusions that there is nothing between you, besides the usual dating.

Dont be upset. Find out for the beginning of his marital status, and act on the basis of the information received. If this assumption be true, well ... the world is full of free men, and you should pay attention to them this minute. Look forward for myself that you were lucky to avoid an unfree man and thanked him (mind would be enough), because he did not use your interest in evil purposes.

  • Lone wolf or a free wanderer

You are a wonderful creation and can bring happiness to your life by the presence of any prince, but the fact is that his happiness - it's freedom, including the relationship. He understands perfectly, looking into your eyes, that the optional bonds are not for you, but offer more for it is not possible. Fool your head, he did not, preferring to simply ignore you, not really bothering with any explanations about it.

Another reason to say "thank you" to his lucky star that has kept you from the pangs of unrequited love. Is not it wonderful? Jump to conclusions not worth it, just watch for his subsequent behavior, listen, what reputation he has around him, and even then it will be possible to sum up. If the cause of his behavior is explained by the fact that the status of a free Man suits him much more than the happiness of mutual love, then get upset about such a loss does not make sense. You just are not on the way with this man: you have different goals and values.

  • Coward hare gray ...

He is afraid and too unsure of himself. Men, despite the status of strong and decisive personality, too, can experience fear. In relationships it concerns the fear of getting turned down from concerned his girlfriend. Agree, very few people retain composure if the situation will develop in this way. This behavior can be justified if the guy had been refused by the fair sex, if he survived the bad experience of love relationships; Yes, in fact, anything could call it uncertainty. After all, we can not look into his past to find out exactly why he began to behave in a similar way with you.

It should sort out what exactly made him hand over the position without a fight. If this is the last bad experience or refusal of another girl - this one, it is quite treatable, most importantly, to be understanding and make it clear to the guy that you - the other girl, and your relationship will be very different, even compared with the past to nothing. The person for whom the uncertainty - the norm, it is quite another matter. Think about whether or not to try to regain his interest, even if at the very beginning of your acquaintance, when the surging emotions cause people to lose their heads and do brave deeds, he folded and disappeared from your life?

  • The smaller girl we love, the less we ... love it, it's simple

Take a reason for any girl would not be very nice, but that this also happens. Unfortunately, the formula of love has not been able to decipher any scientist, and it is possible that it is never one will be able to do. Attraction to you, at the very, magic level, it did not happen. It's not in you, not in your charming and attractive, or lack thereof, or the nature of humor. This is nature, pure nature and instincts. Well, did not happen, not slipped that same spark of magic! You can be just good friends, that's all.

You can sprinkle ashes on his head, blaming fate of cruelty and injustice, immerse yourself in the sad thoughts and sad thoughts. Believe me, that time can be spent more wisely if you stay positive and happy life. In your life must appear a man who loses his head is up to you - the smell of your hair, the voices, laughter, movement. Should the risk of a chance to meet the guy, grieved at not happen? It would probably be better to re-radiate good mood and kindness!

  • Production itself is catching Hunter

In the event that the initiative for the transition from the hands of the guy in the girl's hands, be prepared for the fact that he would lose interest in you. When a guy pays attention to you, and you feel that you have hooked him, do not start to rush. Let him know that you noticed his interest, flirting with, but do not deprive him of the pleasure you win more, because it is so appreciated by men.

Even if you made a mistake, because of the man who now ignores you, to experience early, because all is not lost. Get involved in this game! Do not ostentatiously pretending that he is indifferent to you, or to go to the expression, "And it does not hurt much and wanted! "Or" fool ". Try to return the distance that was between you closer to keep neutral-friendly style of communication and behave the way you behave perfectly with all friends or acquaintances. To nothing to press it to the wall in an attempt to find out what happens if his interest in you suddenly began to fade; but politely say hello, smile and defile past a must. If the reason for his aloof behavior belongs to this category, then you both will break like time to think what to do further - to develop a relationship or not.

  • So do not behave!

I do not want to think about it, but that it may well be that the reason for his refusal to communicate with you was something in your manners, behavior and character. Guess what he could to push, can be very problematic, especially in the early stages of dating. For example, non-smoking person may be intolerant to a girl with such a habit, although it may be quite loyal to it.

First answer yourself the question, are you prepared to give up something in order to please another person. Change and improve for the better for its own sake, for the joy and benefit of a loved one - this one. This behavior is justified and is considered the norm. Becoming as someone else who you really are not, to break itself and its character radically change something in appearance only because of the whims of another person - whether it is correct with respect to itself?

  • Tactics and strategy of conquest of females

Men think cryptic us women, but in our eyes themselves are very difficult to understand the object. Maybe it occurred to you that kindled him even more love, if it is after the rapprochement itself apart from you? He began to act on this strange idea, but soon again make every effort to return your attention. Perhaps he feels that such maneuvers will add him to the attractiveness in your eyes? This man is clearly trying to be mysterious for you!

There should be collected will in a fist and call for help all his restraint. If his tactics and strategy in relation to the fairer sex resembles a pendulum, then, it will soon begin the opposite effect, which after cooling imaginary return to you in the arms of the object of your desires. Be patient, do not make any rash actions, just wait for it. The main thing is not to take an example from himself, because you can imagine how painful to be ignored, especially without any apparent reason.

 what to do if a man ignores

Life goes on

Whatever the reason is ultimately neither was the most suitable for your situation, ladies, Promna about one simple thing: life is beautiful and amazing. Beautiful for its unpredictability, diversity and always available alternatives, she offers us. We can grieve over the fact that we liked the man started to ignore us, we can remain calm and take it philosophically, we can try to find out from him what was the matter. The choice is always ours. Learn how to properly use them, and then the situations in which you will be sad, will be less, and the moments when you are happy and calm - more.

As you know, happy women have a very special, giving rise to his aura of the opposite sex. Therefore, even in a situation where one of the guys decided that your society is a plus for him, you will always be able to attract the attention of other fans - his positive attitude towards life and people around. We wish you, that this time it was a man, who will be able to appreciate all the charm of your feminine charm. Believe in yourself, in its appeal (which is not always just the outside), and be happy!

 What if the guy ignores Woman