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  • Given: M Age equal to or slightly greater than the age of the F
  • Given: M over F
  • Given: F over M
  • Mathematics life: the pros and cons of different ages Relations
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Pushkin's words that love for all ages, said back in the nineteenth century, still has not lost its relevance in terms of interest in couples where there is a significant age difference between the partners. If you delve into the history and look closely to the customs of the past, we find that at all times were the norm Union, where a man older than his lady for many years. Just love it often was. In most cases, marriages of convenience: the young ladies did not ask about whether they feel the slightest affection for his wife adult. Marriage united family, political interests, the state, that is quite earthly and material goods is not very relevant to trepidation. Same story gives examples where young gentlemen put their passionate hearts at the feet of mature women, not paying attention to their flocks of the same age or younger generation virgins.

But all changes while at the same time unchanged. What's new in the institution of marriage we are seeing now, in our time? What is the attitude of the loved ones more distant environment, society, you encounter when talking about a couple in which the partners age difference of 10 years and over? What looks kind of relationship from the perspective of professionals related to the field of family and marital relations - psychologists, sexologists? Is a figure indicating the difference in years between the two of influences on the fortress relations? Does the families a happy and harmonious, where women and men are the same age or have a small difference in age? Let's find out as soon as possible, and more.

Given: M Age equal to or slightly greater than the age of the F

The most familiar in the eyes of the public considered to couples where the difference in percentage between the two of approximately ten to fifteen percent. On the margin of the male side. That marriage was awarded the title ravnovozrastnyh. Why is this happened? Because there is a perception that the social development of girls slightly ahead of boys. For example, puberty in girls starts about three to four years earlier than boys. From the physiology is not quite logical explanation, since partners are not the same age. Biologically man is more mature than a girl. But a woman and a man with a difference in this time period are to each other, in fact, the psycho-social equal.

Couples in which one side of the age is greater than the other, forty percent called mixed ages. Drinking these families found most ambiguous. It depends on the specific figures, expressing the difference in years the lovers, and many other factors. For example, a family where a man older than his second half, did not cause a clear interest and discussion, unless the age it is not enough to be his granddaughter. Couples where the partner is older than his companion, even for several years, is much more pronounced interest in the case of a significant difference - even explicit denial and condemnation.

Let's look at how you can more carefully than can be justified by such a controversial opinion brew more than usual for all age difference. In both embodiments. Perhaps discovering something new in this article, you will be able to make conclusions for themselves, to look at their relationships or relationships of other couples from a different perspective. Although the question of love, which for all ages, does not give us rest from the times much earlier than we said about this classic.

 the age difference of 10 years between husband and wife

Given: M over F

When a man strikes up a relationship with a young virgin, among the male half of the population of such a situation occurs almost unanimous approval, understanding, and even considered prestigious. Especially if the difference is not more than ten years. After all, a girl of twenty and thirty men often look very harmoniously. If the difference is much higher than this figure, it is surrounded by often can hear dismissive of gray in his beard and in the gazebo pardavimas.Kainos edge. Moreover, it is usually voiced by women, while men look at each other knowingly. Still, look at him, twisted romance with a young special, then still listed as the bridegroom in the marriage market.

Psychologists explain this male behavior as a means to assert themselves. And the most desirable goal for this young creature could act, which would look at her experienced companion, keeping admiring eyes and catching every word. Here man does not need any effort to prove themselves or to society, or even someone else, he is uniquely significant figure. In such pairs priori man is the head of the family. And for the Knights without fear and reproach, but with low self-esteem, a partnership with the woman held as a person the same age will become an eternal rivalry. It is possible that this experience has had a place to be, and call it a positive unlikely. After all, the family - not a way to solve internal psychological problems due to their partner's interests by fighting.

Here is the uneven relationship from the perspective of a strong half of mankind. What about everything happening think ladies? What is the reason that prompted a woman to have an affair with a man who is much older than her, and sometimes the same age as her parents? If your partner has a substantial material benefits (which, in fact, it is a natural phenomenon), the gossips and ruthless, they are unanimous in their verdict. Of course, women's greed and selfishness have influenced the choice of a loved one, no other choice! The same sounds, if a man is famous and known. It is believed that she sells herself in exchange for his overage due protege.

Psychology illuminates our feminine behavior from the following parties. The first reveals to us the Electra complex in which each girl tend to compare his chosen with their parents, which is the epitome of the ideal for her. It features its own dads looking for in a man, and, finding them, she falls in love with him. Symptoms may be completely different: one of nine picks visual similarity, for example, my father was a brunette, blond, and she was not impressed. Someone important similar psychological type of men: for example, my father was a powerful man, and she is not carried away by timid and shy man. But what makes any parent for their child? He protects him, preserves, teaches, he takes on the responsibility because of their age and life experience.

If a girl infantile, inexperienced, immature, she gladly agreed to share his fate and life with a much more mature in age and life experience obtained partner. When the girl grew up in a family where parental care hung over her, not allowing to develop yourself, trying to get rid of it and at the same time fearing the prospects remain defenseless, she finds a replacement here. It will produce the replacement of the parent's, if I may say so, a surrogate. This is not only girls who grew up in two-parent families. Maturing girls from broken families who did not receive the required dose of fatherly love and affection, too, are in the category of beautiful women who may prefer an older gentleman to his peers.

Such marriages are very stable, so if a woman remains a slave, dependent and in need of a teacher, and her sexuality is aligned to the temperament of her elderly loved one. If a girl starts to grow up psychologically, to defend their interests, in other words, to turn into a woman in the family can begin misunderstandings. This helps avoid the appearance of a baby in a family where both parents with a head immersed in the care of the new family member. Despite the fact that women girls, this will be an unfamiliar role, but for a man-dad has a real chance to take care of two children already in the family instead of just one - his wife.

Given: F over M

Again, going back to the beginning of this article, we are reminded that the various age marriage will not be considered one in which ten to fifteen percent of men by age exceeds his lady. It turns out that any marriage where his older companion chosen, even if just for one year, can already be counted among the various age marriages? It would be logical to assume that this is so. For men, with some exceptions, developing and mature later than women. From the point of view of physiology, say even more precisely - the reproductive function, such relationships are unnatural. After all, a woman's biological clock is closer to forty ticking quieter, and the young thirty-year partner does not see himself as a father. A man can be a father and seventy years. Such cases are known and far from rare. But in the history of the very few episodes in which women became pregnant and gave birth safely, exchanging the fifth or sixth decade.

What, according to psychologists, a man guided by choosing such a relationship? Often, young people deprived of an intimate experience, or having it in small quantities, want to get him in the arms of a more experienced woman. Also, it may be a young man with a childhood deprived of maternal affection and care. Or, on the contrary, it may be the son of such a dominant and domineering mother, which limited his communication with the same age, which led to the fact that they do not cause him interest. In the face of his adult women, he finds a new mother, parent, giving him together with the protection and affection sexual satisfaction.

How can you not remember the clever Freud with his theory on the Oedipus complex? Man subconsciously looking for among all the beauties of the earth, which will be similar to a woman who gave birth and raised him. It is not always reflected in the fact that you cook jelly as in-law, or know three languages, as his dearest mother. But almost always you have to be a little more than his partner, a little wiser than he is, a little more mature, intelligent, strong and often leading to a relationship.

Leadership is rightly assigned to the woman in these pairs, in fact, she experienced her young gentleman, as a rule, in all senses. She unconsciously acquires the status of mentor that unwittingly helped many women with unfulfilled maternal instinct partially or even completely satisfy him. Development partner under the strict influence of his skilful and experienced ladies can actually be quite positive for a guy to have a very positive side.

Sexuality of couples in the age range of twenty to forty is almost ideal conditions for both women and men. Compared Union, where a man older than his lady, sex in these pairs is painted in brighter colors. A young man, therefore, hotter, and the peak of female sexuality usually comes to thirty years. Bedding, especially the first time, literally boiling with passion spouses. Such a rich sex life is very positive impact on the harmonious relationship in any family, created between a young man and a woman older than him.

But time passes, and the boy is becoming a man, like a chrysalis into a butterfly. This is not only in the intimate side of things. He had tried his hand at becoming a head of the family is not nominally, but literally: to make a decision, take responsibility. If this behavior for a woman becoming a surprise and she is not ready for the changes taking place in the wife, she is not ready to change, sharing power with his second half, the conflict will be very difficult to avoid.

The most important thing that can hinder you to enjoy relationships much more than anything else - it is, as you and your partner feel about them. If a woman used to think that her prince to be older (stronger, higher, more intelligent), it, too, such a union will last long if the second half is not ready for this. Look at it another way, from the point of view of your partner. Your family - is what builds your joint efforts. To get something, you must not be afraid, but just trust your loved one and myself, and do what the heart dictates.

 the age difference of 10 years between the wife and husband

Mathematics life: the pros and cons of different ages Relations

What are the pros and cons of such a relationship?

  • Sex

Supporters of the marriage tie among peers say that mutual weakening of sexual desire in both partners will lead to disastrous consequences for their relations. If the woman was old quickly cease to attract his young partner, he immediately goes to a young man konkurentke.Libo, odryahlev long before his young wife, will have to decorate their gray hair the spreading horns. The truth is that the lack of adultery can not be guaranteed by anyone or anything. Each in his own marriage is in the danger zone if the spouses do not have a true spiritual closeness.

Sexual desire between the partners may be weakened not only matured objective reasons, such as onset of old age of one, while the other is still in the stage of adulthood or maturity. Misunderstanding and lack of love between partners are much more likely causes of sexual and cooling is the cause of separation, dissolution of the Union than the stereotype. Moreover, many peers are unhappy with their sex lives just because of different temperaments. Age here do not play any significant role. Just family ties were tied people with radically different desires and approaches to sex.

  • Old age

Many supporters ravnovozrastnyh marriages are of the opinion that the joint aging in the same age is not conducive to mutual cooling, but rather unites husband and wife are having problems or a loved one character. For example, the approach of old age marked by the appearance of the same disease in both spouses. And symptoms of old age: the appearance of wrinkles, loss of fresh appearance, attractiveness, vitality. Ostensibly, looking at beginning to suffer shortness of breath husband, young wife did not want him to be a nurse. And making out crow's feet on his face, clearly risible, but such a "stale" in comparison with the young maidens wife, a young husband go to a nightclub, leaving your other half at home.

This point of view deserves only one thing - a skeptical attitude. Selfishness and consumer attitude toward the partner disintegrated the considerable number of marriages where the spouses were the same age. May be ill at any age, each of the spouses, to form a family with a person with a small age difference. At the same date of birth hardly call anyone to account better than it can make love, mutual respect and the right foundations have invested in education. Loving people tend to take care of their loved one, not because he is the same age, but because otherwise it is impossible to imagine. It is the natural state of every family.

With regard to the visual appeal, it has long been noted that women, being in a relationship with a young fans look much younger than his contemporaries. Moreover, not always with different complementary manipulations. If the difference is large enough, it is quite modern medicine allows intervention in the natural course of natural events. You can if you do not back the clock, then neutralize some traces of its influence.

  • Progeny

Opponents of different age marriages are suspicious of him because of the fact that they see no future for these families and, therefore, does not see them as a natural cause for marriage - the appearance of offspring. It is in vain. In such families at least the advantages that contribute to the appearance of children, as in ravnovozrastnom Union. Men often have a desire to become Pope much later in comparison with a woman. For women, it is generally a matter of fact a natural and normal desire from the age of majority. Therefore, in a family where a man of thirty or forty years, and a woman is already eighteen, the couple has a chance to become happy parents. Especially that age to such a man, as a rule, reaches many professional achievements and becomes able to provide for his family in full. Even with the increase of its planned.