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The men and women there are different tests, and one of them - a passion for one of the partners of the other person. Most often faced with the temptation to just men. What is the reason for this behavior - the nature or the desire to assert itself - is not known. Forgive her man, and try to improve relations or completely delete it from your life - you decide. If you're willing to fight for his beloved, we are happy to share with you tips on how to get rid of rivals and improve relationships.

The first thing you have to remember, if you decide to bring back a man - do not discuss what is happening with family and friends, especially his plan to get rid of a rival. Keep all in itself, of course, difficult, and soul to facilitate in any case it is necessary, but do not run immediately to her friends, sisters or mother or falls on them all this information. Share your experiences and doubts about the situation with people outside the usual your circle of friends - it can be a communication on the forum, or a psychologist.

The fact is that the passion for your man may be temporary, and it specially holds everything in secret, because he did not want to ruin your relationship. He just wanted new experiences and emotions, and he decided to have an affair at the time. Of course, this behavior is selfish, but these are the men - they have a different logic. And if you choose to, despite his passion for another woman, to save the relationship, try not to talk about it with family and mutual friends.

And do not tell her lover that you know about his novel, try to listen more to it, make it clear that you love him, you love it. Do not bend the stick here - do not be humiliated in front of him. Get rid of the desire to please him in everything. You are independent and strong personality - remember this. How to act in this situation, we advise you.

Getting rid of a rival

For any woman the appearance of a rival is a severe stress and swipes on self-assessment. Because of this, many immediately begin to look for the cause of the incident in itself, and as a result there is a terrible sense of guilt, which is just "eats" you from the inside. If a man is carried away by another woman, it does not mean that you are worse than rivals or no he did not come. Such thoughts should be immediately thrown out of his head as soon as they appear there. Not your fault that the man pulled on bright emotions and experiences.

So forget about the pain and the tears - nothing good is you will not. Start loving yourself - do for myself something nice, as long dreamed of, start to implement the plans, which had not had the time. All of these actions will be very useful for you, some kind of therapy or rehabilitation course, which aims to develop respect and love for his own person. Only after his return the self-esteem, feel more confident, forget about the tears and anguish, can move to eliminate a rival. Our tips will help you get rid of it forever.

 how to get rid of all rivals

Play on contrasts

The essence of this method is to provoke the men began to compare your actions to the actions of your opponent. Such opposition can give you a lot more advantages in comparison with the clear and active conquest. This is for the reason that in relation to you a man less than expected, than in relation to your opponent. If you subtract his expectations of what you give your loved one and your opponent, then at this point you will become the clear leader.

And to even further strengthen its leadership position, you should give her lover more than he can give the opponent. For example, to be more caring, more attentive, more interesting conversationalist. To do this, proceed as if the man has become yours, has made a choice in your favor. But be careful with the expression of care and attention - try to find a time when your care and attention will be most appropriate.

It is desirable that your behavior towards the man was filled with love. Become more generous to the warm look, sincere compliments, smile, souvenirs about, and sometimes for no reason. Your boyfriend has to get it all from you more than from rivals.

In addition, often let him show his best male qualities. For instance, never give up, when he offers to bring heavy bags, I take your hand when you leave the car, you can ask him to even drive a nail. But do not overdo it with requests for help - the man should not feel free labor and benefactor.

If you decide to get rid of rivals to take advantage of this method, try to still remain in the bounds of decency, and not "hung up" on her lover's neck. Do not hold out of all this apparent competition with his hated rival and do a race - you such an approach is not beneficial. The fact that you want to return your lover or to attract his attention, must not guess neither he nor she.

If at this stage to compete with the rival is very difficult, it is difficult to achieve an explicit contrast in your favor, as she copes with everything, you may have to wait a little longer. Wait until it is "relax" and the man begins to feel the lack of care and attention, and then we begin to act - your efforts will be met with more than favorably.

Get rid of a rival slowly but surely. In order to achieve the desired contrast, try to analyze the nature of its action and, if possible, and give the man what she can not give or do not want, and perhaps does not know that he needs it. Another option - to determine what it is on the "over the top", and behave just the opposite. This strategy will help you beat even the most-most attentive and caring opponent. Take your time, choose the strategy - and success will be much closer.

When you give a man more love, attention, care and understanding than it is your opponent, then thereby putting it into confusion, forcing you to compare with it. And it works is not the principle of "bigger is better", and the simple logic of things - the woman, which is now found your lover should give him all the best, and in greater numbers than anyone. That's it, we can say the duty, as his girl. But since you are in this respect surpass it, then it is not their duty to consult. The man is necessarily notice and will make appropriate conclusions - it will reflect who is actually more expensive.

Re-Engage favorite

Re-lover like difficult, but possible. Once you are interested in it something means, and may be interested again. Try to pay attention to his demeanor, appearance, hobbies, and begin to truly love yourself, because if you did not like myself, then no one is known to love you will not.

Become independent and more independent, because such women to men is much more interesting than the helpless and to devote himself to the beloved. Despite the fact that men are trying to make us submissive and accommodating, they actually prefer a girl who is held personality, and not a mere shadow of a loved one. If at this point you do not have an interesting job, which will bring you more than money and satisfaction, but now maybe it's time to change that. So you will not only financially independent, but also will get an excellent opportunity for self-realization.

However, in the pursuit of financial independence is important to remember one important rule: you should from time to time to show the man that need it, it still consider it a smart, reliable and powerful. Such behavior on your part will enhance his self-esteem and the desire to cause you to patronize.

To win back a man, you can try to use his possessiveness - let him know that he was not the only man in the world. He leads a merry life, meets up with friends? So why do you have to sit at home and wait for him to finally turn their attention to you? Go with friends to a party, arrange a bachelorette party with her friends, meet with friends, take a trip, and the like. A man must see that in your life there is something else besides him, in particular, and the other men. You can go on a date with a nice guy - so you not only have fun, but also increase their self-esteem.

Always remember that you are a unique person with his personality, so do not limit their own interests alone, taking care of the beloved. Men do not appreciate - they do not understand sacrificial love. New interesting hobby will lift your mood and your position in the eyes of men.

Radiate positive, because look at the happy smiling woman very nice men. While grieving, depressed and sad girl is nothing but pity they did not cause - and love and compassion have nothing in common. Learn to be happy regardless of external circumstances and people around you. This will not only help attract the attention of men, but also very useful to you in life.

 get rid of a rival

Surprise lover

Your beloved man wanted new bright feelings and he decided to find them on the side? Your task - to show him that he is mistaken, and what he looks for another woman, he can get to you. Of course, you will need to make changes in your lifestyle and your relationship.

To launch a review of your wardrobe, including homemade clothing. What do you wear at home? Robe, knitted dress, which is not a pity, sportswear? You can be sure that the opponent walks in front of your loved ones in a completely different form - sexy underwear, silk and lace robe, tight-fitting dress. She thinks she has got rid of you, but she was mistaken - you too can not look worse. Throw out all the things that do not emphasize the advantages of your figure and Get a new, more feminine and sexy clothing.

The following correct their behavior - men appreciate women caress. Be affectionate cat, who looks at him a loving look, and is able to anticipate desires. Forget the accusations and quarrels - expand their feminine nature. But remember that all good only in moderation - excessive obsession and concern may cause irritation of men and scare him.

Do not forget about the sexual side of the relationship. Perhaps, at the time when he will be the other woman, he would try to avoid intimacy with you - do not show excessive persistence, be wiser. Wear sexy underwear, top and no less attractive silk robe, her hair done - unnoticed you will not stay. You can start a conversation about sex, suggest experimenting caresses or watch juicy video.

Refresh and diversify the intimate relationship can be different ways. We will not go into details, because you better know your man, and you know better what will attract more than its novelty. You can read the articles on the relevant topic, look for the overall development of erotic films for inspiration visit a sex shop and buy there a few toys or any suit.

Make friends with her rival

This strategy is ideal for you, if you know a good judge of character. In this situation, you take on the role of a diplomat, ie You lead a very subtle game, without opening his intentions. Firstly, never show her lover that you know or suspect the presence of a rival. Your goal - to find common ground with an opponent and make friends with her. Remember that drive double play and impersonate him or her. You need to start to win the confidence of rivals, and only then can move on to a decisive attack.

Having become acquainted with the new passion of the beloved, try to influence its actions in relation to him. According to a Chinese proverb, a man looking for a woman when he was ill, and finds another when he is well. Not always, these words can be taken as the truth, but in some cases it is true.

Let's say you've learned about the secret communication of his beloved. In no case do not disclose this secret. If the girl you know, it will be easier to operate, and if not, then nothing prevents you from her "friends." When you enter it in the trust, you can begin to take action. For example, you can tell her about the relationship with your boyfriend (she had no idea that you are aware of their secret relationship) knowingly misrepresenting facts about his preferences. Meanly? And you have to beat the man - is it good?

Friendship with an opponent that stood in the way of your relationship, will give you a distinct advantage. Since it will always be on your mind, you can learn more about the nature and characteristics of its plans for your beloved. If it is, by nature, conqueror and just not going to surrender, then do not despair - we get rid of her, slowly but surely, continuing to carry out their guerrilla activities. Try to avoid revelations and do not forget to control their behavior and actions, because your opponent can also try to manipulate you for their own benefit.

If your opponent is quiet and peaceful, the chances that she will go towards realizing that encroach on someone else's happiness is very great. You can go the other way and give the man a chance to learn about your friendship with the competitor. First, he, of course, scared - psychologically it will be hard to cheat you. In this case, there is a chance that he is on his own initiative to end the relationship with her.

In this strategy, there is one big disadvantage - in some cases, women become real friends. At the end of this man, you are likely to lose, but on the other hand - will find a rival in the person of a loved one. It all depends on you. In order to successfully use this strategy, you need to be patient and restrained, and if you can not hide the truth, then you better go the other way.

Get jealous rival

Do not forget that your opponent is also a woman, so she is also no stranger to jealousy and property. If the first time, it may be tolerated and what is not the only man in my life, then later she wants to change this situation and to tie him to her. But this man is not very fond of.

You can artificially accelerate the manifestation of it in these unpleasant qualities, "marking" their territory. The smell of your favorite perfume on the shirt, a trace of lipstick, your hair in the car, his clothes, forgotten thing (better intimate) in his jacket pocket, or in a car. My opponent should know about your existence and never forget about it. You can "accidentally" caught her eye, walking arm in arm with your "common" man, displaying it to the tenderness and love - let them think that you are all well in the relationship. Make no mistake, when convenient, it will certainly make it a scandal.

We are told how to get rid of a rival, and to use these tips or not - you decide. But remember, before you start to take decisive action, you must first put himself in order, both externally and internally - to begin to love yourself, to raise their self-esteem. After success in the struggle for a loved one, you can only if you feel confident.

 How to get rid of all rivals