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"He's so cool! I'm crazy about him! He's the best guy in the world! "- Something like this every time you think you're at a meeting with the young man, which feels sympathy. In your mind you are already his girlfriend, you spend all your free time together, go to the cinema and clubs, walking around the city. But in reality? In fact, he is not in a hurry to appoint a date. And here comes the moment when you decide to confess his feelings, but I did not know how to tell a guy that you like him.

Maybe, just go up to him, pat on the shoulder and say, "Hey, I like you?" And then he would laugh in your face? What if you leave a message on his page on Facebook? What if he decides that you're kidding? Asked her friend, so she told him that you care about it? Oh no, in such cases the third - once. How to be? In this article we will give some practical advice specifically for prudes who can not find the right words, to admit a young man in his sympathies, and desperately shy to make the first move.

Love does not love…

To begin to figure out how a guy treats you. Guessing on camomile ('likes, dislikes, spit, kiss, fuck send to the heart squeeze "), of course, it is easier, but is fraught with unexpected results. So try to clarify this issue in other ways. Well, if you have a social circle: then will make it a lot easier.

First, try to be close to him. If you are an interesting guy, he would not object to let you into their personal space. Psychologists believe that our comfort zone - is the distance that we "keep away" to his closest people: parents, relatives, friends as well as those to whom we are indifferent. It outlines a circle with a radius of about fifty centimeters. The second zone - neutral (from half a meter to a meter and a half). At this distance we keep from co-workers, classmates, etc. The third zone - social, it is for us to unpleasant or foreign people. From them, we try to stay away literally - at a distance of one and a half to four meters. Thus, if the guy does not mind that you're often trying to "reduce the distance" between you, you have a chance to win!

Second, pay attention to body language. If you talk the guy does not accept private key (not crosses her arms, it is not necessary for you half-turned, and so on), not trying to put any barrier between you (for example, put the book), looks you in the eye, smiling, - means He was not opposed to dialogue with you. Then you will be easier to admit his tender feelings.

It is important not to go to extremes: it is not necessary constantly to catch his eye, trying to take him by the hand or carry a tape measure and carefully measure the distance between you. This strange behavior can quickly scare him, and then he will start to avoid meetings with you.

 how to tell a guy that I like

How do you say what you feel

If you knew that the young man appreciates your attention, take the initiative in their hands and move to the home. Choose the right time for the recognition. Both of you should be in a good mood, because otherwise it simply will not want to listen to you, and you said too much temper. You do not have to rush anywhere. Confesses to liking if a guy is in a hurry to the gym in the pool and you're late for evening courses in English, - not the best option.

In addition, better if during this important conversation with you will not be strangers. Of course, the presence of friends can give you the courage and confidence. But who knows, maybe he'll think you decide to play? And if there will be his friends, he may become confused and respond to your confession is not the way you want - simply because they decide that they will make fun or mock him.

Smile! This will help you relax and create a positive attitude in the conversation. Look him in the eye - and you'll be less nervous. Psychologically prepare in advance for the fact that he can not respond to your feelings (though of course we wish that you had for each other mutual sympathy). You can practice in front of a mirror. Say the phrase "I really like you" several times to find the right tone. So you get used to it, to how it sounds, and you'll feel much more confident.

To start a conversation, you can choose a neutral topic, for example, ask about his plans for the weekend or to ask how was swimming competitions in which he participated. Keep in mind that the questions should be formulated in such a way that they could not be answered with "yes" or "no." Said the young man has to create a "bridge" to your recognition. Pre-designed options for the development of the conversation, depending on what a guy will respond to your question.

For example:

  • You: What do you do on weekends?
  • He: Nothing special. Undecided. Why are you asking?
  • You Masha called me on Saturday for his birthday. She said that I could come to a young man. I really like you, and I decided to invite you.


  • You: How the competition?
  • He: Not much, to be honest. It took only third place.
  • You: Do not worry, you're still really like it.

Of course, there is a chance that the guy will not accept your confession seriously. This can happen because, as you say the phrase "I really like you": quickly, as if in passing, showing that you yourself do not give it any importance. Or maybe he lost by surprise, did not figure out how to respond, and simply will pretend that nothing is heard. Therefore bear its recognition, clearly pronouncing words. If you want to have to admit it again: "Do you really like me." Here and useful to your rehearsal before the mirror.

If it is still not in a hurry to respond to what you said, you can gently nudge him to answer: "You know, I first recognized the young man in sympathy and a little nervous, because I do not know if I like myself to you." This will be enough to take him out of confusion.

Well, if the guy recognizes you in response feelings. Of course, you'll be in seventh heaven. Just do not attack him with kisses and no soul in his arms. Just smile and ask him on a date. If he says that is not experiencing any feelings for you other than friendship, do not make a tragedy, do not cry and beg him to explain why he can not respond to your liking. And so you can be proud - you are courageous and determined woman. Say: "It was hard to admit his feelings for you, but I just wanted you to know. We're friends, right? "

Perhaps the young man asks for a time-out to sort out their feelings to you. This may also be because he does not expect you to admit that he is not indifferent to you. Give him time to think, and agreed to come back to this conversation a couple of days.

 as the guy to admit that you like him

How to write to him that you like him

This is an option for the most timid and shy girls, who do not dare to admit the guy in a conversation face to face. If you have a number of his "ICQ" or are you on the list of his friends, "VKontakte" can send a private message. This method of communication is very similar to the conversation, we talked about above, so it is possible to use the same tips. The disadvantage of this option (and, in our opinion, very serious) is the lack of eye contact. To see the eyes of a man to whom you confess to liking is very important - they will tell you how it relates to your words, and whether it is ready to transfer your friendship to another level.

Some choose to play prude "mysterious stranger": a young man writing a note to confess their feelings, themselves appointed date. This note is not necessary to sign: intrigued man come to the meeting to find out who the author of the message.

There is a wonderful film "You've Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in the lead roles. Heroes of casual acquaintances in a social network, and the correspondence between the two tied. They write to each other about everything: about the book he was reading, about the city in which they live, on an evening walk with the dog and many others. Not even knowing the names of each other, they begin to experience a mutual sympathy, which do not dare to admit. They know in real life, but do not know it. The situation allowed it after a young man in a letter to appoint a girl date. This scenario is suitable for young people with a romantic streak.

Make the first step and admit the guy in the tender feelings is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Much more difficult to live in a vicious circle of constant anxiety, hope and doubt. It is not possible day and night wondering how he treats you, or repeatedly ask the same question in the forums: "Tell me, how do you know he likes me or not? ". Hiding your feelings, you may refuse from the happiest moments of his life that could hold near you meet a person. It is better to admit the first than sorry about his indecision. Only you decide what to do. And if you've already decided - act!

 Take the first step: how to tell the guy that you like him