Which figure like men


  • The proportional figure - what is it?
  • Sexy completeness of
  • Imposed stereotypes
  • Perfect breasts
  • What's in the women's appearance does not like men?
  • A few words in conclusion

Perhaps, there is a girl who would not care about her looks and figure. Unwanted weight, "orange peel", a couple of folds in the abdomen or thigh volume - all this gives a lot of emotions! That is why the girls and then reflect on what diet to sit in a fitness center to go and what beauty treatments to choose to forget about the shortcomings that may hinder like men.

But in fact, the tastes of men are somewhat different from what we imagine about this present. Let's see what a figure like men and should we worry so because of their own shortcomings?

Initially, it should be noted that the views of men and women on the same things completely different. The fact that you can be beautiful and elegant for your vote can be sheer absurdity. This also applies to the figures. It is foolish to believe that men like a lean, tall model - it is rather a stereotype about the same as the one that men are more cute blonde.

Generally speaking, men are attracted to women manicured. Not too thin, but not complete - they like the body, which is pleasant to embrace, rather than protruding ribs. Of course, not all the girls cheered nature of such a gift. Someone has a boyish figure type, more angular and thin, while others, on the contrary, characterized by big breasts and rounded hips. The men are well aware that not all women are endowed by nature ideal parameters, so they do not set out to find a certain ideal.

So, everything depends only on you. You want to get rid of extra wrinkles? If you are not lazy, become specialized to perform a set of exercises will eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will soon notice that become slimmer and slimmer. You think you're too skinny? Develop exercises aimed at the elaboration of the muscles in their pumping. Today, there are exercise, due to which you can even add a little weight to become more feminine. It's not as difficult as it may seem - any type of figure can be made perfect.

The proportional figure - what is it?

Ideally, the figure should be proportional. This is not about thinness and not of fullness. The female body, as we all know, has its own distinctive features. First of all, it is voluminous buttocks - a female priest should not be flat, as nature intended. Exactly the same as chest. Hips should have smooth contours, and waist - to be elegant and fine. But unfortunately, this type of rather unusual shape - not all close to this ideal.

By the way, about the waist. Its size must not be greater than 60% of the hips. In general, the waist is about 30% smaller by volume than the hip. In this case, the figure looks feminine and seductive - it's really like men. If you follow the proper diet and exercise are familiar with, then to achieve such results fairly easily.

Sexy completeness of

We have already talked about the fact that men like more delicious than the overly thin women's bodies. Sometimes these girls beloved even forbid them to sit on any diet that does not turn into a sexy body shape teenager. Of course, here too there are some nuances, and the first of them - health. When you suffer from excess weight, then you find it difficult to move, you need even more food, which is why again, gaining weight, and problems with the heart and did not speak.

That is why even the plump figure requires a small correction. Nobody is talking about losing weight fanatical. It is only important to use the "cocktail rule" - namely, skillfully combining sports and exercises with proper nutrition, such as dancing or aerobics. It may take a volleyball or go to the pool - the choice is yours.

Imposed stereotypes

We will not dissemble, and recognize that, of course, almost all the guys like beauty, defile at fashion shows or removed in videos, photo model - nobody off once again admire the beautiful body. This man clearly understood that in such a perfect figure is often a good video editing and photo processing - ideally working on more than one team of professionals, and Photoshop in this case is not the last.

However, men of little concern to the way in which the result was created - a strenuous workout, diet or long all this was laid at the genetic level, - Give them an ideal figure, caressing look. But the reality is that everyone is different, and the constitution of the body, respectively, at all different from the other. It is a pity that many men do not understand, being adequate to adults.

If your partner wants to see next to a chiseled model and not put up with some shortcomings of your body, it's time to think, but not so much about her figure much about whether that person next to you. I agree that the one who loves the least will pay attention to minor flaws - whether it's a small crease on the belly or stretch marks. Of course, nobody cancels grooming and care of yourself, but there are things that do not depend only on us.

 What figures like men

Perfect breasts

The issue that is no less interesting girls - what breasts prefer men? Large or small, or maybe average? Immediately it should be said that no matter the amount. Without exception, all the guys prefer natural breasts - and therefore forget about silicone! Men are such chest just disgusting! And you will agree that even in appearance, no matter how well it is made may be, it just can be distinguished from the real thing.

Incidentally, this applies not only to the chest. Men just do not like and silicone lips that look worse than the chest, made that way. Because do not aspire to that, to go under the surgeon's knife - this man, at least, will not understand, and certainly does not appreciate, even more, on the contrary, it condemns.

Approximately ninety percent of those of men whose girlfriends are the owners of silicone breast admit that during sex, thinking not only about pleasure but about how to inadvertently damage the silicone implant. From this, by the way, they have a lot of problems with potency. Who would need such a "happiness"? That is why men and flee from these girls go to hell - an unnatural breast size rather frightening than happy.

Another point - a disparity. Whatever the nature or size of breasts you had, no matter what type of shape or have had - artificial breasts will always look a bit alien. This is especially true lean women, which forms huge natural principle. So is it really worth the execution of such plans force, time, money and even health? All natural looks much better!

Your task - is to take care of the breast. Remember, this is your main pride that needs special care. Do not forget about the special exercises for the chest, which will help as long as possible to keep it in excellent shape, as well as on palpation, proper nutrition and special cosmetic care.

What's in the women's appearance does not like men?

Of course, there are details that no man would accept in appearance and figure of a girl - they simply push. This flat breast and adolescent boys' buttocks, devoid of any volume. I do not like men as thick hands and volume waist, traces of acne and stretch marks. Groomed hair and bright make-up too - is that at all and may discourage young man's desire to build with you any relationship in the future.

The above drawbacks are easy to correct - you need only your desire. This, again, will help elementary morning exercises, periodic trips to the beautician and hairdresser, as well as your desire to look good in every situation - because you are a woman!

 what type of figure like men

A few words in conclusion

If you want to achieve mindlessly model ideals, exhausting yourself sometimes unnecessary diets or workouts, bringing more negative than joy - think again: if it's true you need? You may not adequately assess your appearance and see what is not? Whatever it was, your loved one must first appreciate you as a person, regardless of sixty centimeters your waist or ninety.

We do not push you to, to forget about their appearance and throw the care of her figure, no. You just have to respect yourself, taking particular their body or appearance not as flaws, but as features that no one else has.

 Which figure like men: destroy stereotypes

 posture for sleep together


  • The phenomenon of sleep
  • Diagnosis for a relationship

How nice it is - sleep and wake up in the arms of a loved one! Sometimes it seems that people are starting to live together because of these wonderful moments. Like any other important part of life, sleep is very much can be said about the psychological characteristics of a person. A posture of sleep together - about the features of your relationship. Therefore, if you want to learn something about yourself and your partner - just pay attention to what position you are taking in a dream.

 posture sleep together

The phenomenon of sleep

Sleep is divided into distinct phases, during which changes its character. The first stage - a stage of non-REM sleep. The man begins to doze off, but his mind is filled with sleepy dreams and strange visions and unusual way. Muscle tone decreases, slowing the respiratory rate and pulse rate, body temperature decreases. It is at this stage a person can come to any ideas and solutions to problems that have long plagued him. Gradually, sleep becomes deeper.

Somewhere in ninety minutes comes the stage of REM sleep - also called rapid eye movement phase of one of the most observable external signs. They can be somewhat of the night, and the total duration of this dream is about one and a half to two hours. Each period lasts about ten to twenty minutes and alternates, and then again a slow sleep. It was at this stage of the activity of the cerebral cortex is the highest, which is manifested in vivid dreams, which sees people. Unfortunately, on the morning of their memory erased, and can be difficult to remember what dream.

All this, of course, affect how we sleep. At the stage of sleep, for example, many of us seem restless, twitching, and sometimes even some strange. But this in no way be taken to reflect the nature of man, but only due to the peculiarities of this particular phase of sleep. Or conversely, when a man in deep sleep becomes very relaxed and calm, although its crust brain hard at work.

Sleep duration normally is about six to eight hours, but individual differences in this regard are quite high: there are people who want only four hours, and there are those who are ten and barely enough. Actually, insomnia is one of the strongest stress for the person inevitably appears in any psychological disorders. And sometimes it serves as an indicator of the fact that in your relationship there is some serious problem. In any case, its voice is better to listen and not dismiss it.

 comfortable posture for sleep together

Diagnosis for a relationship

So, sleeping posture alone can be an excellent illustration of your relationship. Of course, you should not rely solely on their predictive validity, but something important, and they are quite unconscious themselves can "blurt out". What poses more often accepted partners in a dream?

Pose "Embrace"

Affiliates sleep facing each other, while being strong in the mutual embrace. They pressed bodies, and it is in this position, at least a pair of distance. Rather, you can even talk about her absence. Legs can be straight or twisted, indicating that psychological merging with each other, as well as a strong expression of sexual interest.

This position is rightly considered to pose for his people in the euphoria of love fever. Rather, they recently met, married or living together - in short, something for each other for their novelty, and they very much enjoyed the opportunity to connect. Unfortunately, this period takes place in a relationship, and the couple who manage to save it, you can count on one hand. However, if you belong to a small and their lucky number, then you should know that you can not save ardent feelings for each other no matter what. And it's very cool!

But even if this is only the beginning, sin they do not enjoy. In this position, you can also see the distribution of power in your couple. Do not be surprised, but at this stage begin such processes. When you embrace the dream, your heads are at different levels. The one whose top is higher and is a leading partner in the relationship.

Pose "Spoons"

Partners are, sitting on one side. One of the front surface of the body is pressed against the rear surface of the other. At the same foot are either stretched or slightly bent at the knees. Located behind the partner (also known as "big spoon"), as a rule, hugging him who the front. By the way, it is important in a relationship. Most often it is a man, his whole body expresses the desire to take care of his woman.

In this pose the biggest sex: touching private parts, bodily contact is maximum. Strongly expressed emotional attachment to each other, which can be estimated by the distance between sleeping partners. Naturally, the smaller it is, the closer and sensual relationship. Also in this position a lot of protection and care about each other, so it is usually chosen couples are in a long and serious relationship than in the first.

There are a number of nuances in the framework of the sketches, which are also very psychological. For example, in a dream, one partner may be too hard to embrace the other. The latter may even experience the closeness and the desire to move away. It speaks of proprietary traits in the "big spoon", jealousy and, as a result, the latent insecurity and your partner. But if someone lightly touches the other hand or foot, it says the opposite of confidence to the object of his passion.

Pose "quarrel"

Man hugging a pillow or wrapped in a blanket, while his woman holding hands around the face, as if trying to protect himself, and draws in his feet. Bodily contact between them - on the contrary, they often sleep on the opposite ends of the bed. Sometimes their bodies are deployed in one direction and sometimes in different.

This position is absolutely typical of the time, when a man and a woman are in a quarrel (hence the name of it). If they look in one direction, then the body of a man expresses coldness and resentment, and a woman's body - dual desires: on the one hand, it wants to support the partner, turning to him, and, on the other hand, feared him and instinctively closed. Most likely, this is the script and turned into a quarrel.

But if they look in different directions, then it is about a deep grudge against each other. In the case where the partners are sleeping well for a long time, probably in their relationship is not physical and psychological harmony. It is worth paying attention to the possible reasons for the differences and internal disunity.

Pose "Tangle"

One partner turned away from each other and asleep in his position, for example, in the stomach. Another partner is rolled into a ball in splendid isolation. Most often in this position is a woman. This position suggests uncertainty partners in their feelings. It is often characteristic of those who met recently and have not yet determined the status of the relationship. There is no clarity as to whether it wants to be together. But it can be a situational phenomenon.

The attitude of "tangle" can be seen that the position of body rhythms and partners are not synchronized with each other. Sometimes this means that a couple built a cult idea of ​​independence. They live almost separately, especially not given and is not included in the desires of their "halves". Sooner or later, it usually turns out problems in a relationship, because love must alternate consistency and autonomy.

Pose "Back to Back"

The essence of the name implies posture. Partners lie on the bed, facing away from each other entities. She also there are many modifications that represent different types of relationships.

For example, if in a dream body, men and women do not touch or even located at a great distance, it speaks about certain issues. Maybe they are faced with a banal quarrel. Or disrupt something more that hung a sword of Damocles over their relationship. Between them is no deep understanding, which makes communication male and female intimate and energetic. They have ceased to be of interest and did not seek each other.

It is not always diagnosed for the relations of people who take this position during sleep, so pessimistic. As usual, all the matter in the distance. If the partners during sleep touching each other's buttocks or legs, it is likely that the trust and the attraction between them is. However, we are dealing with such vivid personalities, it is vital that the freedom to express themselves.

It is not necessary to put an end to their relationship, if you see any adverse signs. On the other hand, you have the time and opportunity to overcome existing difficulties. As you have probably realized the most important thing - it's the intimacy and trust in relationships. They are reflected in the joint dream. That's why savvy and feelings about the idea of ​​separate bedrooms can cause only bewilderment. Love each other and sleep together. Sweet Dreams!

 Poses to sleep together: the mystery psychology relations