Very often, guys are tripping over themselves to please this or that charming girl. And more often for them remains a complete mystery what still needs to be done to gain our attention and admiration. We hope that this article will get on eyes to the greatest number of male Internet users. We will be able, on behalf of all women say what we like in a guy.

In general, it is clear that different girls like the most different men. This also applies to the exterior, and psychological aspects of behavior. In our choices affect a million factors and another little after. Often, we ourselves can not give a clear and specific answer, what has affected us when we identified a gentleman from a dozen other points. However, there are times, because of which some girls like a guy more than the rest of the stronger sex.

What attracts men to women of all - and by age, and education, not to mention the differences in religion, education and eating habits. It is only important to understand that this is not some one particular trait. Usually it is a set of qualities, a real cocktail, appreciating that, the young lady knows that you came to her liking.

 I do not like girls to boys

What are the male qualities like girls

The intrigue is that sometimes the qualities necessary to like girls, are directly opposite each other. Yes, it's a fact. Do not be afraid and do a surprised face. They must be, and the point. Just Learn to maneuver and demonstrate them in different situations. Or hide. That is, do not think that this list - this is a panacea. No one will give you the final instructions. Only a list of and recommendations on the application and instructions on how to use you have to write his own. To do this, you need first quality, the presence of which all the ladies feel just a must. So, let us proceed to the list:

  • Brains

Or more specifically - the mind. Because the brain - a physical body, he is endowed with the nature of every human body. A mind - this is a thin shell. Not all men who have brains, equally endowed with the same degree of intelligence. Opinion of women about men with high intellectual abilities such they seem to them sexually attractive. That's how it is! Do not confuse the ability to solve a hundred or a crossword puzzle in a few hours with the ability to think, to think and to use it correctly. Knowledge of ways - that's fine. One does not interfere and does not conflict with another. But the mind - it's more than just a lot of information.

  • Sense of humor

It is important not to make it the object of the very charmer that you would like to enchant. That is perfectly acceptable to poke fun at her cute - it's a nice addition to flirt. Bend the stick - is fraught. Also remember that joke, voiced repeatedly and more than five times, to be funny can not. The image of the clown and the eternal joker, too not for all the ladies attractive and pleasant. The point is that the ability to find humor in difficult situations and make fun of everything that you see - it is the polar things. The ability to make fun of themselves - a great feature that generally like all the people in themselves and in others.

  • Be the first

Leading. What distinguishes a leader from the rest? When viewed from the perspective of a science, biology, and there we will meet the term "alpha male." Who is it? What is he doing? He chooses. Being in a band, he acts, he takes what he needs. He knows exactly what he needs. Confident and able to fully take responsibility for their words and actions and take responsibility for them. It does not depend on physical attractiveness. Or well-being. This is entirely an internal condition that girls like guys in.

  • Taste

Ability to dress tastefully, understand the technology, equipment, wine, music, art, sports, science, and the list goes on definitely set you apart from the crowd. Not pale. Do not think that girls like the computer in a stylish package, not a nice young man, nicely dressed and know a lot about cars. Look fashionably dressed - a fairly simple skill. As for other things, so in a pair of triple understand things very well, and in other well - quite a reality. Well, then - the love of a good quality and more things than normal. Demonstrate at his presence, too, it is not the most difficult task.

  • Education

In continuation of the previous features. Together with other features, it will tell you about a girl that you are a person who wants to develop. You do not need to have two or three degrees and a thesis on. That is not bad, but the main thing - do not get hung up on their achievements. The same guys who do not have a variety of crusts, issued by educational institutions should develop themselves through books. Education and education can vary, and not to be one. Although this should work.

  • Attention and concern

This girl need always and continuously. Not because they are helpless invalids, and not because of them need be watched. The woman graciously accepts tokens and welcomes caring to the person simply because she needs it. You can give her the car, but you can - send a dozen romantic messages. You can tell her a compliment, pour tea when it was cold. Pick her up at work, ask what movie she wants to see. There are hundreds of ways to make it nice, not always costly financially. Be so weekends and holidays, and you will be among those guys are attractive to women.

  • Energizer

Amoebic guys passive and timid to ugliness incapable step do not kick back, unable to attract the ladies. You must be present in the energy, to boil the internal forces and kept the proverbial rod. Here it will make you irresistible to women's gentle eyes. You do not need to play tricks for twenty-four hours a day to create a correct view of women about themselves. But emit a flow of vital energy, you simply must. Oh guys, emitting such fluids, girls say - he charges me and starts. Well, you know, what it is in the future, right?

  • Pirates and adventurers

Yes, the "bad" in some way the boys are still fascinating effect on girls. However, the "bad" - in the context of sometimes know how to take risks and open to others new and unexpected. Sing a serenade under the window of the lady of his heart leap with her parachute, descend the mountain stream, an armful of flowers to steal from someone else's garden. To devote her life. Such a gamble like any lady, though her character will have to choose one or the only one. Hence the "grow legs" another truth - girls are not attractive, those who run them, dutifully indulging all their whims. But at the same time, they love the bold and persistent. Choose the correct dosage - and you will always be welcome girls.

  • Romanticism

That is a contradiction. Brutality girls should be submitted at the same time romantic. Yes, you understand correctly. Who said that it does not happen and can not be combined together masculinity and tenderness? Those who have achieved such a result will be able to conquer each of the fair sex. She likes when it is recognized that not imagine his life without her and wants her to bore him children. Is not it romantic? And is not this courage? And is it so hard to do, if she has been living in your heart?

  • Sexiness

Oh yeah! And you did not know? If you are in bed the girl, then I do not think that it's done. No. Technique sex matters. For many women it is even more important than the "size". Although he is not in last place, but the ability to sexual prowess does not end only by the impressive size of the penis. Believe me, the success of women in this aspect is not always associated with physical parameters. We read and study the Kama Sutra, how and what women like in bed.

  • Fidelity

That this woman must be sure one hundred percent - always and in all situations! You should not give rise not only to physical adultery. Moral devotion is important as much. Do not betray it even in little things, do not be fooled, even in trifling matters. This will afford concelebrated good service. Thank cheater and womanizer no one has brought no good. Ladies prefer to get round these gentlemen.

Here, perhaps, and all. The main qualities we have named. Perhaps many of them you already have; even some of them will be enough to make the girl looked at you with interest. But there is no limit to perfection, do you agree? Therefore it is necessary to work on and develop an even more remarkable traits of your personality. Landmarks we gave you, you need only follow them - it could change your life forever!

 What do girls like in a guy: how he, Mr Virgin's dream?