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  • What is important for a kiss?
  • What can ruin a kiss?

In any love relationship, in each pair, in the heart of each person living memories. Without this it is impossible to imagine our life - because then she faded badly, losing important nuances and paint. These emotional memories are painted in different colors and occupy our souls are different in size and significance of the place. By one of those moments in our memory, and those strings that are affected by them, is the first kiss. In the light there is hardly a person who could forget the taste of the first kiss. The soul certainly traces of memories: the venue, stunning heartbeat, ringing in the ears, parched with excitement throat and lips. All this has left an indelible mark on our souls.

We have long grown up, know how to kiss, know what pleasure can bring the kiss. But in a new relationship question of what should be the first kiss, it remains open until such time as your lips do not will find each other. What happens when that happens, and the long-awaited moment will come? How, where, what it will be - this coveted and at the same time as the painful first kiss? With each of us it was, not even once. It is not always the process of kissing we get pleasure and joy. It happens so that first kiss automatically become final. Why is this happening and how to avoid it - let's talk about it in our article.

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What is important for a kiss?

All in good time - even kissing. Timeliness - important card in a game where the winner gets the grand prize - a gentle kiss of love. Do not hurry, do not rush things. Both of you must be willing to to start rapprochement. After the kiss - is a kind of transition, the next step in a relationship. The one who used to jump over a step, risking to stumble and fall. But we should not and tighten. If you see that the call to partner desire to touch your lips, and do not mind to kiss him, then take the initiative will be very acceptable and appropriate.

When we talk about the first kiss, usually mean a kiss on the lips. But unfair to keep silent about the rest of the gentle kiss of. Of course, kiss the hand of the lady when meeting can any gallant man. This usually relate back of the hand. But did you know that many girls were allowed to touch their mouth after the fan, gently taking the charming palm in his hands, tenderly touched the lips of a girl's wrist? Yes! Such a kiss could cause their partner a lot of emotions. So make the right guy (if he is afraid to touch the charming lips) when it begins to kiss his hands and continued touching the wrist, and only then turning to face.

Kiss on the cheek is usually regarded as a friendly option. But what prevents break stereotypes? Linger a little longer, kissing first one cheek, then the other. Looking into her eyes, you immediately realize - whether to stop or continue. It is important not only to the timid. The girl can only give one piece of advice. Do not be afraid to seem too bold. If you decide that it is time to finish with these friendly kisses, simply substitute cheeks lips at the moment when your lover, but too polite guy again have the intention to kiss you.

So, you have decided on the first kiss. How should it be?

  • Sweet lips - sugar lips. In other words, here is what should be the first kiss - sweet. Take care of the freshness of your breath: no garlic, smoked sausage, tobacco. Let your lips are soft and delicious to them wanted to touch again and again a wonderful moment. You can make different taste of a kiss - whether it will be tart and intoxicating sip of wine or a coffee by drinking coffee. Or maybe he really sweet - if you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth? Importantly, do not leave your mouth chewing gum. This is something that simply can dramatically ruin the whole exciting time. However, a sense of humor can revive any situation, but it is better not to risk it.
  • Different styles. Started kissing passionately, and to do it gently and tenderly? Excitement and fear equally hampered think sensibly. Yes, and useless in love affairs to try to think coolly. When the time comes, you will have no arguments. What I would like to advise the guys? Look at the reaction of his woman - how she responded to the kiss. Slightly she pulled away, but not interrupted - just Moderate fervor and become more tender. Withdraw the hot and active - it was to the liking of your passion and fervor. (Girls, remember how their behavior to show your guy to do with his actions!)
  • Right place. You probably catch a difference - kissing on the mind of hundreds of people or alone, under the stars, where you will be a first kiss. Because it's so intimate gesture! Not always such a sweeping wave of passion that does not attach importance to detail and the place where you are. Of Statistics is not accurate, but it's safe to say that in public toilets people kiss for the first time is much less than that of the Eiffel Tower. And next to it - most first kiss at night, not during the day, among the crowds of tourists. Many lovers first kiss on the Ferris wheel - that's really the truth, at the feet of lovers is the whole world!
  • Craftsmanship. Inexperience at a young age and sweet justified. In later - cause a surprise and disapproval. Kiss - it's not just the two mouths touch, penetration of their own language in the mouth of another and exchange of saliva. It is a process that can be a maddening. To the extent that the mind refuses and legs. You will overflow a wave of love and tenderness, passion and desire. If you want to just such a development - you learn to kiss. Practice with your loved ones, do not stop.
  • Mindfulness. It is important to be careful is the guy. There are moments that are so logical to continue with kisses! Do not miss them. For example, you dance. Your girl is already in your arms. When the music is over, hold it too quickly from his embrace. Perhaps at this very moment she thinks about how close to it were your lips. Skip to such a signal would be a shame. There are times to repeat that is not always possible - missed chances do not come back. Excitement often prevents correct assessment of the situation. So, as difficult as it is to you or given, it tries to relieve tension. Anyway you kiss - it is inevitable the lovers.
  • Skillful hands. They are exactly as should be. During a kiss is not only possible but also necessary to conclude gently in his arms kissing object. Spend them on the back and on the shoulders. Held her to his chest - tenderly and gently or passionately and strongly. Your girl reciprocate your actions - good. Hands can go down to the buttocks, or go up to the chest. You feel like her heart pounding madly? Therefore, your actions are correct.
  • To be continued. The whole mystery of the first kiss that its consequences are unpredictable. Yet the events can be predicted. They can develop in the following way: you're just kissing, stop and re-start. And you go on, after the first kiss should be the first sex. Check it be only empirically. Small crib: you and or you start to kiss on the lips, neck, shoulders, chest and ear. You do not resist, and even very actively supports the initiative. If you do not want to rush and prefer to take a break between the first kiss and more decisive action, it should be gently suspended from the partner. Although, when dizzy from overflowing feelings, whether it is necessary to do?

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What can ruin a kiss?

Spoil first kiss from a loving couple may not be so many things. Yet we shall sound to you the main points that cause negative for most people kissing.

  • The first place is occupied by "wet kiss." Choking with saliva, the more someone else - a little enjoyable. Therefore, do not try to "moisturize" your occupation to the extent that then had to go wash.
  • Language - this is a tool that can make your kiss memorable in every way. In order for it to be a beautiful memory, avoid putting the tongue in the mouth of the partner and do nothing else. Either they scurry back and forth to the rhythm of the random Brownian motion.
  • Are you hungry? Then do not try to open your mouth as wide, if you want to eat and not to kiss a partner.
  • Sounds. Natural sounds that occur in the course of a kiss, sweet and adorable. You can even gentle sigh and moan. But ominous growl murchanie yelps and may cause not only a counter confusion, but even an attempt to escape. You do not need this, right?

Now that you know all the subtleties and nuances that accompany the first kiss. Although in my life can be a different number of first kisses, but let each one of them left a just pleasant memories!

 What should be the first kiss, so as not to be the last?