Why do girls like the bad guys


  • The attraction of male power
  • The ability to demonstrate parenting skills
  • Hidden desire to experience the adrenaline rush
  • Bright and passionate intimate relationship
  • Thirst for adventure
  • Low self-esteem

In our lives quite often possible to meet such couples in which the woman is a model of integrity and intelligence, and her boyfriend at the same time does not possess special intellectual abilities, and generally behaves like a real bully. Most often, such loving unions appear at a young age, however, and mature women, too, can choose their companions in life is not the most successful representatives of the stronger sex.

However, despite the fact that girls like bad guys, in most cases they do not really like and are happy hobbies, and eventually, when the ardor of love fades a bit, trying to get rid of such a relationship. However, this does not reduce the number of good girls love unions and "bad" guys, that feelings are often light up very quickly and just as quickly fade. About what caused such an inexplicable contradiction, and we'll talk today in our article.

The attraction of male power

All women on a subconscious level, like when their beloved has a true male power, which manifests itself both in appearance and in behavior in very different situations. To determine why this is happening and what specific characteristics are the men that attract many women, the researchers carried out a number of different studies. As a result, they unanimously concluded that the culprit is a male hormone called testosterone. Those men in the blood which he raised, the majority of women are perceived as strong and very courageous.

Most often, such men have a bright memorable appearance and muscular figure, which, of course, makes them even more attractive to women. However, there are cases when the appearance of a man with a high content of testosterone is different than anything special, but the girls would not let him pass. It is often a man can not understand why he is so like the opposite sex, but this attention, of course, flattered him and eventually turns it into a "bad" guy, even if initially it was not so.

 girls like bad boys

The ability to demonstrate parenting skills

Many women due to their inherent nature, instinct tend to strive to educate not only children, but also of all the people around, and especially - the men of his close circle of friends, which they know very well. Naturally, in the case of the beloved is seen to a greater extent. Women think that they can eliminate the shortcomings of her lover and turn it, thus almost the perfect man. But in fact, all this is only an illusion, as any adult, let alone a man, and even with strong character traits and behavior, it is impossible to alter.

Also the girl as a result of strong feelings to a particular guy may not want to change it to test their teaching skills and to his life was much easier and better. This desire seems indispensable component of the woman a love relationship with the "bad" guy, but he himself can only call it boring, and eventually even aggression and a desire to part with one that does not allow him to live his usual life. And no love does not help to keep such a man as he his habitual way of life valued a lot more any sense.

Hidden desire to experience the adrenaline rush

The majority of women in modern society, daily life is not particularly diverse, and any significant events taking place in it are extremely rare. Few people like it, and those who speak only positively about such a way of life, it is still a bit disingenuous, because at heart still want to experience the unusual and memorable experience. These emotions often arise when a person experiences a rush of adrenalin in the blood, and women it is often simply plunge into the maelstrom of relations with the "bad" guy.

Faced with a man who does not fit the generally accepted framework of standards of conduct, many of the girls at first find it too "wrong" and dangerous to love relationships, but quickly change their minds, because subconsciously feel that he will be able to give so they need the feeling of risk and saturation of everyday life. Quite often at this time the girls did not understand why they lend themselves to the charms of the "bad" guys, but the desire to experience the adrenaline pushes them in such a controversial and dangerous relationships.

Bright and passionate intimate relationship

Another reason explaining why women are so much like ordinary men with challenging behavior is a need for a passionate sexual relationship. Many women do not realize this need, because often when choosing a partner guided more of his psychological and social qualities. However, from a physiological point of view and the inherent nature of the necessity of procreation girls always choose those guys who have the highest testosterone levels.

Contrary to popular belief, these men - it's not little man with a strong body and a bald head, and it is pretty successful modern representatives of the stronger sex, different unconventional outlook on life and the almost complete disregard for any socially accepted norms, that is, the ones who is called "bad" guys.

Such men have certain natural magnetism and very passionate temperament, which makes them ideal lovers. However, these qualities are often combined with is not the easiest character and boorish behavior in everyday life, but it does not frighten women. At least not the first stages of a love union with the "bad" guys girls often pay more attention to the flesh side of the relationship, and the psychological characteristics of the new chosen one at a time overshadowed.

 Why do women love bad boys

Thirst for adventure

It would seem that what could be a link between adventure and some loving relationships? However, paired with the "bad" guy, this relationship manifests itself as well as possible, because it is like the opposite sex, and I can bring to the life of any woman a huge number of adventures both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. From the very first second of dating these guys are starting to show their favorite young lady their outstanding features and abilities in various spheres of life, and then, when the relationship is transformed into a more or less stable phase, do not give a favorite to miss their regular inventions and unusual, and sometimes daring tricks .

Also, the "bad" guys often addicted to extreme sports and trying to attach to the occupation of a soul mate. This is especially attracted to girls who have long wanted to do some sports, but they did not succeed because of the banal laziness or ignorance of the basic principles of training. In the "bad" guy who engaged in some kind of sport, these women are subconsciously looking for a certain teacher and a strict teacher who will constantly push them to sporting achievements.

Low self-esteem

Unfortunately, often irresistible urge to communicate with the "bad" guys is caused by low self-esteem among girls and the inner feeling that they do not deserve better. And the girls can not guess why they breathe unevenly to the "bad" guys, and consider it a feature of his character. This option is the most dangerous, because the long-term relationship with unusual, but not very good men, women's self-esteem may be even lower, that could provoke persistent mental disorders and neuroses.

The best option in this case is an uncompromising break in relations, however difficult it may be. At first, after breaking up with the "bad" guy, the girl's life could be painted black, but with time she will feel much better and is finally able to start meeting with a good young man. It is also advisable at this time to seek help from a psychologist, which will speed up the process of breaking experiences of love union, to identify the causes of sympathy for the "bad" guys and help fix it.

On why women breathe unevenly to the "bad guys" can talk endlessly, because there was involved a lot of different psychological and physiological characteristics laid down by nature. However, in any case, love union with such a man rarely develops into a reliable family relationships, it often remains at a short novel. Even if a man and a woman in a pair of tie the knot or simply begin to live together as a family, it is likely they will face quite rapidly with the emergence of irreconcilable conflicts that can destroy any relationship.

The only indisputable advantage of loving union with the "bad" guy is the opportunity to experience the fullness of life, to realize their secret desires that can not be understood by ordinary men, as well as to enjoy the all-consuming mutual feelings. However, getting involved in such a relationship, it is important to understand that the likelihood of a safe and more or less long-term continuation unlikely. So it is best not to think about why it is impossible to influence a loved one and make the Union more harmonious and just to complete the program to enjoy moments of happiness together.

 Mysteries of the female soul, or why girls like bad boys