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The problem of gender relations can not solve a centuries-old experience of mankind, no emancipation, no various instructions on how to behave with the opposite sex. Especially hard to us girls. Very often we feel confused when we want to get to know any of the guys. How to approach him? How to smile? How not to frighten misbehaving? What to say? Too many women do not find the answers to these questions and are lost when they are in the immediate vicinity of liked the guy.

The power of stereotypes

Not surprisingly, the main problems in this area occur in women - unlike men, we have not been able to develop effective methods for centuries attract attention. Even now, the Internet much more thematic pages for men - about dating girls from "a" to "z". Women's leadership on this issue where the fewest, and often they are too one-sided.

However, questions such as, "I likes me? What to like? How to make sure that he understood what I like? "I do not disappear. And I go to him and ask directly, "Do you like me? "- Is not able to every girl. And not every guy adequately react to it.

It's funny, but at the moment is a kind of Cold War stereotypes - women are still largely based on the idea that the initiative should come from men. The latter, tired of the century women carry off to their caves, castles and houses, it seems to increasingly prefer to become objects of women's initiatives and attention. Or at least do not want to act at random, that is, to begin with favorite girls are waiting for some sign, and then begin their courtship.

 how to show a guy that I like

Secret weapon women

Yet there are many ways to show a man or a guy that you like him. Highlights of all three - laugh at jokes, compliments, but speak only sincere, from the heart, and not be afraid of dialogue not hide your eyes, do not be afraid of tactile contacts. Of course, men often simply do not see, it would seem very clear signs of sympathy for him. Do not worry, in such cases it is necessary to continue a selected line or change the strategy on a more obvious.

Of course, a start at least know something about the subject of his interest - it can be neatly interview mutual friends, view page in social networks; in general, to make inquiries. It is clear that the information is incomplete. But even the best nuggets of knowledge complete lack thereof.

The easiest way to demonstrate the chosen one that you like him - is a special look. No wonder "shooting eye" is a traditionally female "discipline." Having some experience with the help of sight can be demonstrated by an impressive range of emotions. But the easiest way to look closely at what is called "eye to eye" - if the man withdraws his view, it is quite possible that he likes you. So, either he will soon take the initiative, or you can continue to operate in the chosen direction.

If such candor courage you lack, use fleeting glances, sliding. Detain them chosen one for a few seconds, but as soon as he noticed it, and look at you, looking somewhere else. Remember, eyes shooting is effective only when visible. But do not go too far with it, not to look silly. Also worth to be careful with persistent views, they can be misinterpreted. Learn to look carefully, but gently.

Remember and touch. This is a very nice and quite frankly a way to "tell" the man of their interest in him. But this must be even more cautious. Light, accidentally touching help tell the guy that you like. Too often, persistent and deliberate can not bring it to the thoughts that you expect. In addition, too clearly demonstrated an interest still scares too confident men. Be neat - inadvertently shake off a speck of dust from his shoulder, talking, touch his arm. Touches are an excellent means: not even a very considerate man will understand that you want to attract his attention.

If that is not enough, come on. There are famous men are signs that the girl is not very smooth breathing to the interlocutor. All men's magazines write: "If a girl is beginning to correct hair and smarten up spontaneously - everything, it's yours." If they think so - use this to your advantage! But then again, making sure that everything was naturally without affectedness. Slightly more often clap eyelashes, a bit scattered smile, twist-locks on your fingers until you talk to him. It's sure to attract his attention and will be of interest.

Of course, now it is much easier than even a decade ago: I like the guy, you can write on a social network, make meaningless conversation, during which, as it were inadvertently learn that he loves. In addition, usually on the profile page also has a lot of interesting information. Thus you will have in common, or you can make an effort for their appearance, having studied in detail anything that your chosen one to taste. For example, you can start to communicate on the basis of interest in the work of any musical group, and then offer to go to the concert of your favorite band. Typically, after reporting two extra tickets, which happened to be in your arms, even the biggest slowpoke beginning of something guess ...

Unfortunately, for many years, football is not a universal theme to conquer men. Now easier to start a conversation about computer games, if the judge of the subject, and thus capture the attention of the guy. The main thing is be yourself. Do not play the role of some unknown even to you most girls - any chance you will do it, will either have to be in the same mask, a long time to explain that it was all done in order to get his attention, that in fact you are quite different, and you portrayed yourself from something, because he liked you much.

Yes, sometimes it works, imbued with guys like victims and learn with interest almost unknown girl who you've become; but more often it turns out that love with your boyfriend in the opposite you, and such a discovery may cause a mere disappointment. Thousands of comedies and TV series filmed on the subject; But writers are not taken from the ceiling like stories - they are based on life experience. Look at your leisure a couple of movies in the cinema or invite liked the guy. After watching you will have a good topic of conversation.

Speaking of talking: talking to a guy, do not raise your voice. Men like the low, low voices; they like a girl, pronouncing the words slowly, without strain or swallowed vowels. It is believed that for a guy female voice sounds like music; who knows, maybe that's why, after hearing "music", a man not usually sees about half of the information you want to tell him the woman. Besides music, the music - discord. But you will agree, is much more pleasant to hear "I'm sorry, I was distracted by your beautiful voice, and I missed what you said," rather than "quiet, please, why are you talking so loud? "

Remember also that a sharp, shrill laughter does not like anybody. If suddenly you're out of luck and you laugh that way, to work on his laughter, and voice at the same time. If you develop a sweet voice and melodic laugh, then maybe you will not have to first take the initiative in a relationship with the guys.

There is another way to show a guy that you like him - to involve a third party. If you have a mutual friend, who can you trust, ask her for help. She could tell him casually: "You know, I think that you like Masha, she had to thoughtfully looking at you" - and this phrase will not only inform the object of your sighs of secret feelings (and you will thus remain as it to do with it), but also to know what he thinks about it.

 how to show a guy that you like him and what to do next

How do you know whether you are on the right path

It may be that you decide not to act in circumvention and directly. Then the most important thing to remember - do not be excessive in expressing their emotions. Suddenly, for no apparent reason sounded declaration of love to frighten even the most friendly and interested in you a man. Especially if it does not feed to you nothing but friendly feelings. Fortunately, almost always on the nonverbal reactions of men (unless you hang out with him live, not on the Internet), you can see whether he is interested in you, does the return. Here are the main signs that a guy likes you:

  1. He unconsciously trying to impress you - straightens up, straightens her shoulders, pulls the stomach. When the guy comes across an interesting eye on him for a girl, he seemed tense, ready for action, trying to appear more attractive.
  2. He preens - yes, this seems to be the habit of women is typical for men. It does not matter whether he straightens his tie, shake off any dust particles, pulls watch strap or pulls a shirt in your presence - in any case, it is an unmistakable sign that he likes you.
  3. "Undressing" view - a very distinctive feature. If you notice that he did not depart from your eyes, as if they glide over the body, this guy likes you doubt. In this case, try not to hesitate and look him in the eye. It was then that should work and so-called "chemistry."
  4. Hand position - if the man in your conversation lays his thumbs in his belt or in a pocket, it signals that he is intrigued and willing to care for, to flirt and to seek you.
  5. He tries chance to touch you, it is usually accurate, as if by chance, touching the wrists or elbows. Yes, here, men and women alike and act alike!
  6. It copies your movements. Psychologists usually recommend repeating a little late companion motion, positioning it to yourself. But many of us do it even unconsciously. So if you copy a guy, either he likes you, or he wants to please you. What is also good.
  7. His voice becomes quieter and less - interested in you guy will instinctively lowering his voice, "placing" designed by nature itself in the framework of the ideal partner.

Unfortunately, today there is a number of guidelines for the "Cold War" floors that sometimes both sides mechanically perform some recommended set of actions, so that even you can not understand someone who like to like you really or is it just a game for their own benefit. If you are in doubt whether you can trust a man, try to remember that people will touch insincere hands lips and nose, thereby posing.

How not to hurt herself

It is necessary to talk about the things that can scare a man (and talk about it will have because all of the above tactics may fail, assuming a few blunders). First of all it concerns the habit to speak much. The man wants to be listened to. No, not always, but a girl who can listen sympathetically man, like to comment on his words and support, it is easier to win easy.

But the one that will only talk about themselves, about their problems and topics that do not interest the other party is unlikely to use its location, even if in the course of his monologue is "accidentally" touching hands and looking into his eyes. And though the guys like to hear a woman's voice, which they associate with the music, but, alas, not enough to listen to it endlessly without the possibility to get a word in.

I do not criticize him. You've just met or have just started a dialogue, and here you have found a reason to criticize him in the dust. Admit it, rather strange: on the one hand by their behavior to show how you like him, but on the other - with words that are much more apparent than the non-verbal component, to tell him that casts doubt on his competence in anything and authority. It is not like any man. And even if their appearance you will embody his ideal, it is unlikely he will want to continue to communicate, since you're so pozitsioniruesh yourself in the beginning.

Do not flirt with other guys when he's around. Even if you are loyal to their chosen to the core, and flirt with others to you - just an innocent flirtation, or even sophisticated way bind the man even harder, causing it to jealousy - it would be a mistake. Not one guy is not like the behavior of women. You do not like it when you pretty man looks at passing women! But this - the phenomenon of the same order.

Unfortunately, life is not always the case that if you like someone, you will certainly like you and him. Most often, one of the two start to feel first, and then he has to make an effort to interest the second. Men are easier - they can not beat around the bush and tell a woman directly about her sympathy for her. But even if it is not decided to speak about it, the girl is still very quickly realize what was happening. No wonder they say that a woman always knows when someone likes. That men have problems with interpretation of our signals.

But long since passed the time when she had no choice but to just wait until it drew attention to please her man. In our time, no woman did not interfere with the spirit of the day to come, to come to you like a man, and the first to start a conversation. And then - how it goes. At least, do not have to wait for the same dare to please her man. And we need to do quite a bit - only the courage and self-confidence; they are an excellent substitute for any, even the most detailed guide on seduction and advise how to show man his interest.

 How to show a guy that you like him, and what to do next