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  • Mirror, mirror, tell me
  • Manners socialite
  • Just do it
  • Talk heart to heart
  • Where all roads lead
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Pareto's law works in our lives always, regardless of whether you know about it anything or hear for the first time. The operating principle of this rule is as follows: 20% to 80% of actions will bring the expected result. A further 80% of the effort we exert to get the remaining 20% ​​success rate. Even far from mathematics the individual understands what is at stake. In plain human language relations that may sound something like this - you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. In a love relationship that works just as well. First Date - a kind of test, a turning point in the relationship. Assessment is an invitation to all the rest of the meeting. That's why the ladies have to figure out how to behave on a first date with a guy, so that the relationship began to develop in the future.

Our article contains advice based on real stories that happened in the life of various ladies, as well as on the recommendations of experts. After reading them, you will have an understanding of the format in which it is best to pass a date, after which began a gentle melody of love in the hearts of the two. Perhaps we can not assert that adhering to all of these things, you are guaranteed to continue a relationship with a young man. But ABC is made up of letters and words can be different from them. Then constructed from the words of the phrase, written stories, novels. So here we are, so to speak, letters, will learn that you can become an author of exciting beautiful love story.

What questions flitting in charming female heads after their owner receive an invitation for a meeting from the pleasant and of interest to them a Man? They can be divided as follows:

  • How to look to him precisely and permanently like? Accordingly, here also includes question of discharge as make up, what to wear, how to put hair, which take spirits and so on and so forth.
  • How to behave on a first date, if you've ever talked too little, or no contact at all, or communicated, but only as a shortstop?
  • What small talk? What to say, how to keep a conversation, how to better talk with him so as to better know him as a person?
  • Where to go? Yes, it is also important. The venue is not decisive, but obviously important. Why is that? We will tell you more - in a hurry to read.

Mirror, mirror, tell me

The question of how to look on the first date, a party can not be evaded, for many reasons. Primarily due to the fact that most men perceive visual information. So, we need to take into account that their natural features. Secondly, any girl feel more confident if the dialogue with the mirror she found out that today is especially irresistible and charming.

Having reached a certain age, each of the women there is an understanding that it is most to face, what moments in the exterior sense disguise, and which should be emphasized to beat. Therefore, it is unlikely you will want to go on a first date in a completely new way, which is not even used to do. The basis should take the way you're used to appear every day, and a bit of spice, dress up yourself.

If you always look bright, wear heels and elegant restrooms, so feel free to make yourself a spectacular makeup, intricate styling, clothed in fashionable and sophisticated outfit. This is your style, you're in it feel comfortable and confident. Therefore, your aura is harmonious and attractive. But do not think that girl, for which all of the above would seem too zamorochennye and complex, on a date to go to anything. It is not necessarily applied to the nails of hands and feet bright colors of lacquer. Well-groomed appearance and give a transparent coat. The hair gathered in a bun, flowing over her shoulders, braided into a braid, covered in a ponytail - there are lots of options pilings, which is absolutely not difficult to implement.

But there are moments that are binding. This guy must pay attention and not likely to be greeted with:

  • The smell of stale body - a real extreme. She must breathe clean or perfume. It is difficult to imagine a girl who allows himself to appear at the meeting, without taking a shower. But just in case, we recall that the hygiene - is the cornerstone. Perfume, leaving a thin trail entails. A wave of smell, knocking down others - it's overkill. Properly selected flavors left in the memory of man is your image. Each time, catching a similar scent, he will remember you and only you.
  • Dirty hair and nails, no hair removal on the legs or underarms in the area, if they are open gaze. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. All of this - a taboo. It is better to cancel a meeting, you allow yourself to appear before him in this way. Cinderella Enchanted Prince in the image of a princess. Keep this in mind when going to a meeting with the prince of his life!
  • Shock Therapy - so you can say about girls who decide to hit their cavaliers, appeared on a date in unusual or outrageous fashions, makeup in the style of "tear-eye." Maybe if the two of you - representatives of certain areas (such as punks or rockers), then that's fine. If not, do not start a risky experiment.

 how to behave on a first date

Manners socialite

General advice from psychologists and wise people extremely simple: to behave when meeting with a man - it means to be a natural, positive and open-minded. Do not play anyone else but himself. If you see a man for the first time, there is a danger that it will attract the woman is not, what is the real you, and that you meet all the carefully depicted. Even the most talented actress can not play the role of lifelong learning. The mask will still have to be removed. Do you think what the reaction may be followed by the men?

If you already have a little idea about each other, then this behavior can directly cause a reaction. Count on the fact that it will be positive, too presumptuous. Especially if the guy invited to a meeting lovely charming Mademoiselle, but instead he sits in front of a kind of Femme Fatale and absolutely does not know what should now be done. Think of such a thing: "When I behave naturally, this man sees me. This means that he will choose me for who I am. "

The first date - it's still not the way to start a new life from scratch, break down stereotypes and chains, allowing yourself now what previously denied. A man may rejoice in the fact that the girl has some originality and zest. And maybe confused by this turn of events. Weigh the good chances. Especially if you plan to continue communicating with the cavalry, and more.

There is another point to be sound. Alcohol. In life anything can happen, but always remember how it looks from the man who pretty drunk. Perhaps you have decided with the help of a glass of another-to get rid of his shyness, or to taste a couple of still untested cocktail, or simply have not calculated their own strength and exceeded the dose of alcohol consumed. In this case, the board may be only one - you urgently need to go home. Continue to date does not make sense.

Just do it

What most men react with disapproval during a visit to the nice lady? The list is not that huge, but he is. Mat, promiscuity, defiant behavior, loud laughter or a voice. When the girl has several times repeated that it has ceased to be expressed, or laugh at the whole room, it can forget to get another invitation to the meeting. Of course - not equal lack of good manners and culture of behavior. Femininity - this is the main criterion, which entails the stronger sex to his charming to representatives. It is a reasonable and natural phenomenon. Do not wait for the moment when it will make you remark. Timely idea, "but how do I look in his eyes when I behave well" helps you to always control their emotions and behavior.

Talk heart to heart

You so want to know everything about it and tell a lot about themselves in the long-awaited first date! It is a normal desire. To do this, build a conversation so that the questions were not allowed to get the answer "yes" or "no." Such phrases are considered closed. After such monosyllabic answers can hang painful pause, from which feel uncomfortable both men. Therefore, learn to ask open-ended questions. They are the source will give detailed answers, and you can get more correct information from your beau. Properly constructed dialogue brought together by you very quickly. Ask question during the interview itself: "As I am talking? I do not talk if I am to myself? "

Choose neutral topics for a conversation, gently figuring out what interests your beau. The community of like-mindedness and brings together and allow differences to open their horizons to something new. Not for nothing do they say that opposites attract. Do only those even among close friends is not always appropriate, and decided to discuss. For example, the number of sexual partners, sickness, interest in his savings bank - is not the best reason for the development of the conversation. Do not interrupt a man when he you something animatedly talks, but equally, and do not be silent, like clams. Compliments - the weapon, which fell more than one strong man's heart. Talk to them honestly - is the main secret of success in their application.

 how to behave on a first date

Where all roads lead

Someone said that all roads lead to Rome, someone says that to a woman. And when it comes to the first date, the relevance of the question of the venue is very high. The initiative may come as equals. For meetings there are hundreds of places. Perhaps, if you do not take into account the most extreme of the meeting, such as sitting at the abandoned cemetery. Walk in the park, horseback riding or boat trip to the movie theater, a concert or a movie. The cozy restaurant room and open veranda of summer cafe. All options have their pros unconditional.

If you both love physical activity, you can visit the ice rink in the winter or go to the beach in summer. There are instances when a first date began with an introduction of one of the participants in a romantic encounter with a family of another. Although by this turn of events, you can get a double dose of excitement, but it obviously shows the trust you and explicit interest.

To summarize

All we should not think that the first date - it is a continuous series of tests and a minefield at the same time. You have agreed to offer a charming man of the meeting. Only setting yourself up for a good. Come and enjoy a pleasant communication and society. There is no particular difficulty to make a brilliant impression in the eyes of men. Especially if you truly want it. Believe in yourself, its appeal and charm, for its star - and you will succeed. For the first date will be followed by a series of other equally beautiful and pleasing. And so begins a beautiful story of tender love - from the very first date, and until the moment when life is not separate lovers.

As practice shows, if a guy has decided to invite a lady out on a date - so she already liked. All you now need is to remain for a long time, all the same cute girl who decided to invite a date to continue the acquaintance. Not a difficult task, right? It's so feminine - just to be myself and to captivate those around him. We wish you good luck on any date, not just the first one!

 How to behave on a first date with a guy?