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At one point, shortly after nice communication with the pleasant male representatives in company of friends or in the workplace, each young lady to ask yourself one question. It sounds something like this: how do you know whether you're a guy like you, who summoned the heart of your interest? How to determine whether it is caused by the location of the loving awe, or you can only rely on the friendly relations?

There are signs, knowing that every girl will be able to determine the intentions of Man in relation to itself. The main thing is to be able to pick up signals from the subject of your secret dreams. After all, they are not always visible to the naked eye. Such situations - a great chance to test their own intuition and develop the power of observation and the ability to better understand others. What benefits do not only love, but also in all other relationships.

 how do you know that the guy likes you

How do I know the guy's mind?

These eyes in front

How typical of the man to do when he likes something or someone? It can literally be that or whatever: another man, decoration, flower, outfit. Whatever it was, if it makes you pleasant feelings and emotions, you begin to admire it. Your eyes kept returning to the subject of genuine interest and location.

Men's behavior is similar. Men who experience emotional attraction towards the charming young lady, coming just as well. Confused look friendly and love is impossible, despite the partial similarity. A friend would not look at you for a long time and stared shyly at the moment when you made eye contact. In this view you can read the excitement, the joy, the pleasure of your presence and communicate with you.


By the way, about the excitement. If you see obvious signs of it at the man, when you start communicating with him or flirting, there is no reason to doubt. You have made him a very strong impression, and he could not hide it from you and others around you. He loses the thread of the conversation and begins to speak too much, or begins to twist in the hands of some items, or something goes down, it gets? Hardly anyone of my friends feel the excitement in your presence to the point; the guy is clearly not indifferent!

The smile will brighten all

You act on his striking way: even when not in the best frame of mind, it blooms a smile at the sight of you. Not every girl that appeared within a radius of its location, makes him such a reaction, it is able to you in person. He smiles at you with sincere joy, all kind showing the pleasure of your appearance. Of course, my friends are always happy to see us. Yet the joy, based on a friendly arrangement, it is difficult to confuse with joy, based on cardiac affection.

Meeting place can not be Changed

Circumstances began to take shape in a way that if you accidentally crosses here and there. You suddenly turns on the road to walk home after work together. Home or not, and in the same store. Or he is not on the way, but it still offers to drive you there. He seeks every opportunity to meet with you by chance, and is any excuse to spend at least a few minutes together.

He suddenly there were hundreds of reasons to be near you. It is easy to determine that it is desirable your society. And you, of course, no reason to deny him communion, is not it? Friendly meetings are not so common and usually planned - joint trips to the cinema or a club you have collected together. But the one whom you really enjoy, use every opportunity to seize the moment and be with you an extra minute.

Name, call her name!

He often refers directly to you, no matter how many people are around you. By doing this, he always says your name, if you are allocating to all. If your company has several girls with the same name, it starts coming up with its derivatives or affectionate nickname for you. Thus, he could not help show that you are special to him the girl, unlike the others. Friends tend to equally communicate with everyone in their companies, without singling out anyone in particular. Uniqueness gives you think a person whom you like, and it sets you apart from everyone else. Remember this!


You stop to ask yourself the question, "Do I like me guy" when you start to notice that it tends to reduce the distance between you and touch you. When she draws a young man, he instinctively seeks to touch her. It transmits signals that he likes to feel you. If you feel the desire to reply, just support his initiative. Friends may hug when meeting or parting. But do not often see friends, seeking as much as possible gently touch the face or hair of each other.

Warning - you are special!

He's nice and polite with the rest of the fair sex, and no more. It can even be so gallant that says ladies around him compliments. But all this is in the framework of companionship. With you, he is flirting and flirting, flirting and lures, jokes and simply chatters. On the other behaves more smooth and neutral.

Chivalry has limits - it will offer you even pour tea, take care. Another woman did not expect from him such an initiative is likely it will not. To determine why this is happening, so just - he likes you and likes you quite strongly, and the other girls - no. They can offer it only friendship.

Words and talk

He listens attentively to you, if you take him something to tell. Surprisingly, such a great listener you long ago was not. Sometimes you think he is ready even to a difference in shades of lipstick listen endlessly, as long as it told him you. However, when you want to shut up, he will always find a topic to talk about which you will be just interesting to listen to.

You have a lot of common topics to talk about, but if you want to just shut up, you will not feel strained or strain. Everything is so simple and so natural. The idea to check wondering whether he really did not even come to mind - he asks a lot of specific questions and lively interest in your life.

Common interests

You told him about the recently read a book? He read it, too, and wants to discuss it with you, to share their impressions. You accidentally noticed that have not been to the movies. He invites you to the premiere of the film. He's going with friends to play football? And I call you to cheer for him and his team, then to celebrate the victory of a delicious cup of cappuccino in a cozy cafe.

Such moments more, you're more likely to spend time together, doing joint leisure. Friendship also implies the existence of common interests. But most of their friends do not share everything, everything without exception. You easily feel about it. Here you start to think that he is interested in your whole life, all of you. It seeks as much as possible to get to know you.


Not only joint entertainment - signs that the young man feels for you is not just friendship. If he likes you, he is trying to help you, if he sees that you need it. You got the right, but the driving experience is not? It teaches you to park, was escorted to the service station, or offering to accompany you in an upcoming trip to the country. Are you unwell? He will visit you and drag with a bag with lemon and honey. He sincerely wants to help you and support. If you have colleagues, it will help you cope with the large office equipment or install new hardware, you need to work. "I am pleased to give you assistance or service" - that look of his actions and deeds.

Of course, friends are rushing to help us when we need it. But this is unlikely to regard even the most minor problems. But for a guy who likes you, there is no difference. He is equally important to take care of your comfort even in the smallest matters.

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Summing up

So we talked about how to know whether you're a guy likes the girl, or if he sees you only have each other. The secret is this: many relationship began with companionship. Do not worry if you illuminate understanding: "I only liked me as a friend." Too often life refutes the claim that male-female friendships possible. In fact, there are no rules without exceptions. Friendship may be an intermediary for the future of your beautiful love story!

 How do you know whether you're a guy likes you more than just a friend?