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  • What to do when a guy like?
  • In love and war - whether all means are good?

In your heart there was heartfelt affection for some guy? This is such a wonderful emotion that really want to congratulate you heartily. After all, when our heart can feel and thrill, we experience life very differently. It plays a variety of colors - bright and saturated. We feel its fullness and taste. At such moments in the girl ignited like some inner light illuminating everything around her. On the lips of the young lady does not leave an enigmatic smile, and associates and strive to make her a compliment.

So, you really like the guy what to do with it next? If you do not take into account the situation where it is necessary to get rid of your own feelings, you should consider how to provoke sympathy for the young man. Now we are talking about a normal life situation in which the girl's heart can become clogged often. The appearance in the familiar surroundings ladies guy responsible representation of how a man should look like a dream, of course, makes it certain reactions. This is more than appropriate, subject to certain moments. Enjoy the surging wave of affection you to anything, if there are such circumstances:

  1. Man is not free. No matter how cute he is to you, control your emotions and keep them in check. Communication with married men - not the best thing that can happen in your life. The world has enough free of the opposite sex. Wait for a while, and one of them will come into your life.
  2. A man must be representative of the traditional orientation. Otherwise, your heart, anyway, will be doomed to burn with passion unrequited. You will continue again and again feeding it signals it again and again will be ignored. Be carefull!
  3. Men do not need a relationship. This eternal wanderer lone certainly glad that someone cute. But reciprocate his intention not included. If you do not need a race for an unattainable and a series of sadness about unrequited love, you'd better be friends.
  4. Man sees in you only have each other. However, this option is an exception to the rule. History knows a lot of stories about how the relationship evolved into friendship love. There are a lot of nuances, all of which can affect the fact that the situation goes to the desired channel for you.

All of the above points should be to find out in advance. If the first three points disappear, then you can safely think about the way in which the object to hint about her sympathy for him. In most cases, it is not too difficult and scary. In this article we will try to widely disclose this vital topic.

 like the guy what to do

What to do when a guy like?

Guerrilla Actions

First you need to start collecting data. And absolutely any - can be useful whatever. Do not hesitate - you will not shy assistant. Take it from this point of view, if we are interested in something, we devote a lot of time to this task, considering all that has to do with our passion. Logically, if you liked the boys respect you will act accordingly. Much can be learned about a person, even just watching him. If you are not so familiar to conduct dialogues, learn all you allows your communication. The style of clothing, gait, gestures - all these things can give food for thought.

Throw-fishing rod

If a guy you really like, is your neighbor, colleague, or goes to the same sports club as you, it's just fine. Men approve of what the young lady shows her helplessness and charmingly able to ask for support.

The neighbors can turn to if you need to turn off the tap water. Then thank delicious and personally create a work of art kitchen. Colleagues can ask advice on various professional issues. In the gym to anything independently move or remove different tools with a solid weight. Your object of interest can hardly refuse to help you, if you go to him with the request.

I myself can do anything

The initiative - the prerogative of men. It's long been known stereotype. We will not talk about his faithfulness and relevance. After all, any initiative of their own can do so seamlessly that the guy never guess that it did not come from him, but from you. Ways to weight. After all, women are much wiser in such delicate matters. Even the exchange of a few words can do wonders, and the man himself will begin to be frantic activity to increasingly be in your community.

If you believe in yourself and your self-esteem will not be affected even if the result does not live up to expectations, that is, the young man refuses to you in dialogue or friendship, proceed straight. You can just walk up to him and say that he will very pleasant. Get introduced first. Leave a phone number. Find social networks. If you have long been talking to, but not too close, the distance can be reduced by making an offer to go to the movies to some interesting movie. Forget about the doubts and thought, "Oh, he will laugh at me." Tatyana Larina Act did not cause laughter - a respect for the determination, courage, sincerity and honesty.

However, she chose another way to confess his feelings, and wrote a letter, but did not report about the secret of his heart in an interview. It is also quite a decent option pour out his heart sweet heart guy. Especially now so rare -napisannoe handwritten letter. Important Avoid grammatical and other errors. Otherwise, you can not achieve this goal.

Contact set - a visual image beckons

Everyone remembers that men love with their eyes? Men like girls, nice eyes. Not always is a luxury beauty, but more often - good-looking, eye-catching person. We do not doubt that you are good. But maybe it's time to change the jeans and sneakers on dresses and skirts, and legs to wear light shoes?

Guys like girls in its opposite. "Yin" and "Yang" are so different, but complement each other perfectly! Femininity should emphasize, gently beat and beautiful produce. Look at what the girls think it will linger longer than what he ladies compliments often. Who are the heroines of films or books is his admiration, as evidenced by his comments?


Men love with their eyes, though, but only a kind word and a cat is nice. What do we mean? Learn to pay compliments. After all, this is a very valid and useful skill. What could be more natural than to say a nice word to man, especially if he really deserves it? Use any moment, catch every chance to assess the merits of the person who you nice.

Some men have a very long time to realize that they are attractive to the ladies. Compliments help touch up men's thoughts in the right direction. Surely soon visit the boy thought: "I think she likes me! "Then you'll understand his feelings for you. He starts courting? Hooray, your sympathy is mutual! All remains at the same position? Well, friendship - also a wonderful feeling.

The smile will brighten all

There are signs by which man can understand that he and his company are very impressed by you. The most basic method to demonstrate this is the smile. You eye contact with a man, and do not rush to draw the eye to the side. Gently smile to him, demonstrating a willingness to talk and when it is a joy.

You can not control himself and covers blush? It's okay, it's so cute looks the part! Confusion - quite natural phenomenon. Tell yourself that there is nothing criminal, subject to smile of their dreams. You smile neighbor's kid, friend, colleagues? This idea in the following will help you be a little more confident.

Small Talk

Sooner or later (but the sooner, the better), the time comes to communication between you. At work, it is inevitable, and find a reason to get a closer contact would be good to hurry. When communication is necessary to be able to use the same two important qualities a pleasant companion - it is important to hear and listen to your partner.

Being with the silent type is not necessary. When a man supports one thread of the conversation, then your silence he could explain as if his company for you is not very interesting. So be sure to ask questions on the topic of conversation, insert the appropriate cues. Here, too, there are many ways to signal his interlocutor that we like more than just a nice person.

Sense of humor - a lifeline

Very often, in any situation, it is necessary to find something very funny to see how it looks from the outside. This is one thing that should be considered. The second, even more important: the laughter brings. Have you ever thought that if you both start laughing at the same jokes, but this is something there? And if this is it or is your jokes, you're definitely on the same wavelength.

Now convergence - is a matter of time. Just continue to be more likely reasons for mutual laughter. You yourself do not notice that your sympathy is mutual, and met with approval from the fun-loving guy.

 I like the guy what to do

In love and war - whether all means are good?

No one knows the formula of love, otherwise the earth was much more passionate people, with one another, rather than meekly. But just to say one thing: when you realize that your heart skips a beat and if melts at the sight of a single guy, be sure to take steps to meet him. After all, good luck and watch out for the main chance that easy.

Afraid of failure or failure is much easier than to try to act. For it is not every woman is capable of. Therefore, the result in life at all different. But in fact, what threatens you your decisive action? The saddest thing is that you will be denied of reciprocity. So it's even better: you will no longer suffer from the uncertainty and build castles in the air.

This turn of events will allow you to look around. Suddenly, in close proximity to you to be the one to whom you long ago, like you, but give you to understand, he does not know? After all, you are engrossed in their own experiences. There can be very useful to come to the aid of a sense of humor, which we have already spoken. There is a blessing in disguise. You'll meet the man who will be able to appreciate your feelings and respond to them only sincere and gentle!

 What to do if you like the guy? Act!