Prince William and Kate Middleton were married

There was a royal wedding! Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton officially declared husband and wife. The wedding took place in Westminster Abbey in London.

Kate Middleton to the altar accompanied by her father and best man Prince was his brother, Prince Harry. Husband and wife Young announced Bishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. At the wedding ceremony were invited more than 1,900 guests, it is the many relatives and friends of the newlyweds, as well representatives of royal families from different countries, politicians, public figures, musicians and many other celebrities.

 Prince William and Kate Middleton were married

Kate Middleton was a crisp white dress trimmed with the finest handmade lace, and with a long train, which is sewn in the fashion house Alexander McQueen. Prince William was wearing a red military uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards. A small incident occurred with the bride's wedding ring. It turned out to be a little bit of Kate and William with a visible effort put it on the finger of his bride.

 Prince William and Kate Middleton were married

After completion of the wedding ceremony, William and Kate set off in an open carriage through the streets of London to Buckingham Palace, on the balcony is a public part of the ceremony ended with a kiss the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge.

Today, the couple will remain in the kingdom, and tomorrow they will go on their honeymoon. Information about where the couple will spend their honeymoon is kept secret. But according to unofficial version it is known that William and Kate will go for a vacation to the south of Jordan.

 Prince William and Kate Middleton were married

 that guys like


  • What every girl needs to learn
  • What men like
  • What repels men

What girls men pay attention? What will make them heart-pounding faster, and that on the contrary, alienate? Perhaps such questions currently asked each of us. In principle, a girl's dream can be absolutely everyone, regardless of what it physique and what her eyes or hair.

Men primarily attract smiling, cute and friendly young ladies who do not see in a guy just an object of seduction, or, worse, a possible enemy. These are girls who have always supported and will support. It is with them any man feel confident in their abilities, and he wants to go further ahead, but with his beloved. Today we'll talk more about that in guys like girls. Where do you start?

What every girl needs to learn

It should be noted that the above feminine qualities that are so popular with the men themselves do not appear - all this long process of work on oneself. After birth, all the girls are fundamentally different - someone has a gentle nature, and who is he, alas, is pretty tough. And not everyone is able to find a common language with the man. To better learn to understand guys, first of all need to begin to communicate with them, and the more the better. It can be not only your young people - communicate with his own brother, friends, guys and even the Pope.

Now for the appeal. Before a man like you must like herself. Believe me, as long as you dwell on your perceived shortcomings, the guy will not be able to discern in you your advantages - you do not notice them at home and could not help hiding from others. Understand - both your appearance and the figure has its own distinctive features, which no one else there - feel free to use it! What is important is constantly improved. Moreover, both physically and spiritually - train your character, become more self-confident person, and very quickly you will notice how rapidly increases the attention of men to you.

Not just talk to the guys. It is necessary to communicate with them properly. But what does it mean? Personal communication - be as simple as possible and to show respect for the other party in the face of a nice young man to you. Very often, the girls repeated the same mistake - because of the inability to hold or because of excessive stress they begin to "bear", and they begin to pretend to be something that is actually not - too emancipation girl temptation in love issues.

Remember that whatever you are, this behavior does not accept a guy as you would like, and it is possible that it will start to actively seek immediate sex from you, "dismissing" the hands. What, in general, is understandable - after all, you yourself showed this. So do not forget - you are good it was, what is, here and stay always natural.

 I do not like the guys in girls

What men like

Let's talk about what it is possible to attract male attention. Where to start to learn the art of female attraction? First, ask yourself the question: Do I like me herself? Believe in their own special uniqueness and originality. This does not mean that you have to be overconfident or arrogant - try to love yourself, without ceasing to love and to the people around you.

What you have to be to be attractive to men? Not so important figure and appearance, the importance of the ability to apply themselves, the ability to behave. Men appreciate a good sense of humor - they find attractive. No need to be ever-silly giggling or clown - Be wit, share a couple of funny stories, you can make fun of themselves, only carefully - dosed self-irony always wins. All such behavior guys will like.

Common interests - one is your clue. Well, if two of you are interested in music or art - you'll find a lot of topics for interviews or to attend concerts, exhibitions, shows - anything that might be interesting for you and for him. By the way, men appreciate it when a girl has its own interests - they do not like those whose attention has been focused on building relationships.

If the common interests you have not, then ask what he likes. For example, if it is to play tennis or rock climbing, ask him to help in mastering the basics - a guy interested. Share your hobbies and by telling how, or spend time than to get involved. In the end, even talking about the nature and the weather could be interesting.

Appearance - this is the basis on which people have an opinion about you. And your face, rather your makeup plays an important role in creating a favorable impression. So forget about the vulgar and excessive brightness. You can look sexy and seductive without grams and bright makeup on her face. Use natural shades, properly combine shades of lipstick, blush and shadow to look stylish and well-groomed girl, not painted matryoshka. The naturalness, without exception, like all the guys.

And if we talk about the clothes - how to use clothes to a man you admired? Above all, be feminine. Of course, all the guys like different styles, but are generally in the girl they see especially gentle creature that should manifest itself outwardly. It is unlikely that you will be able to conquer the young man, wearing old jeans with coarse shoes with thick soles. Nobody argues that sexuality can be manifested in his eyes and gestures, but this is not enough, if you look outwardly very nonsexual.

Of course, if your style is - casual, if you prefer a comfortable, more sporty clothes do not need to stand on pyatnadtsatisantimetrovy heel and put on a mini-dress. Get stylish shoes with a small heel that will make the leg more slender, and a pair of comfortable, yet stylish dresses. You kill two birds at once - your figure becomes attractive, and attention will be won by men. Agree, in shoes and clothes changing gait and gestures, they become smoother and more feminine - no one can stand in front of you!

Throw out your clothes closet that you never wear, or the one that spoils your figure. Forget about all those horrible long skirts or baggy sweaters rough throat, that is clearly not suited to young girls - leave them in the event of particularly cold winter. Better instead buy a pencil skirt, emphasizing the roundness of the hips profitable and smooth curve of her waist, and a few blouses, business and romantic. Do not forget that looks very closely reflects your degree of confidence. And confidence is always bears the plaque of sexuality.

Watch your gestures - even if they are graceful, slow and smooth. Not all possess this skill, but everyone can master them. You do not need to fuss and worry - do not get lost with a man in an attempt to win his reciprocity. Girls who do not doubt yourself, always calm and consistent, which is manifested in gestures.

There are some gestures that are exactly the guy will pay attention. Win-win situation - tilting hair behind his back. Particularly impressive it looks in the presence of long luxurious hair. Glance furtively, quickly work. It attracts young men and women a special habit of crossing the legs. If you are in this case will be flexing shoe, then it is certainly not remain without attention. The list goes on: hold hands at his throat, to wind a lock of hair on his finger, laughing, throw back his head back ... In short, you can do all the things that will emphasize your femininity, vulnerability, attractiveness - in a word, sexy.

There are those gestures that push men - a crossing of the hands, especially in the chest or abdomen. It says that you are closed and are not configured to dialogue. People perceive such gestures on a subconscious level, and do not seek to continue the conversation further, seeing the lack of interest of the interlocutor. Maybe you're just embarrassing. But the guy does not know! So try to control your gestures.

Before you start an active dialogue with interest to you young man, try to do something about it to find out. Perhaps he does not like excessive sexy and flirty - yes, there are men. They usually are searching hateful uncomplaining demure. Men of this type rather appreciate the modesty and calmness. And very often they need to assert themselves at the expense of his lady. Let's face it, most of them are not the best option. Such people are usually weak character, and they can not accept the fact that a girl can pay attention to other people. And if you are on the contrary, I enjoy being the center of everyone's attention, then you know what a difficult history of relations might be waiting for you with a guy.

Aiming to become someone else's ideal, do not forget about his personality - it is not necessary to remake itself under anyone's tastes or standards. Your figure and appearance, features unique character, we should not forget that. Otherwise, attempts to remake itself will resemble a rather hypocritical. And nobody likes.

 both like guys

What repels men

With what may be intrigued and interested in men, we seem to have understood. Now, let's discuss what they might not like it. Men repels groomed appearance and unsportsmanlike figure. Of course, the nature of the genes in any case make his own, but nobody canceled the need for care. Go in for sports, go to aerobics or dance, ride a bike, swim in the pool - the choice is great! And very soon you will notice a change in your appearance for the better.

What else can cause a man's desire to keep the girl as far as possible? First of all, it is "sour" expression. Nobody likes writing on the comely female face a sense of indifference, anger or sadness. The same applies to the constant whining - once you start to complain about the endless problems, being barely familiar with the man, he immediately loses all interest to you.

In addition, it is absolutely all the men do not like it when a girl tries to prove that it is stronger, better, smarter than him. Perhaps this is somewhat true, but be smart enough and wise enough to hide it - believe me, all of your dignity as a man, and see, and certainly appreciate. But the more he will appreciate your tact, which will be a real personification of your femininity. And do not forget that the strength of this girl in her tenderness and weakness.

Do you want to keep the man beside him - forget about the criticism of his actions. Nobody likes to be blamed and then - what is the use? If you do not like any young man, try to delicately discuss this issue without offending the person. Then, your efforts will not go in vain.

And, of course, the eternal problem - is unfounded jealousy and control, or, even worse, shadowing guy. Such behavior would not be tolerated, because it speaks of the open distrust on the part of the partner. Forget about such nonsense! Instead of coming up with another problem, think about what you can do. to begin to better understand each other.

There is a category of women, which in principle is disrespectful to all the male sex in general. Why then seek to build with someone strong, long-term relationship, being convinced in advance that all men cheat, deceive and betray?

Discuss the topic of what guys like in girls, can be infinitely long. All people are different, someone like one thing and someone else close. The fact that the rate for a single person, for the second - is unacceptable. This also applies to the relationship. Remember that in the pursuit of the ideal should not forget about themselves, about their identity and self-confidence. If you like you myself, then surely enjoy both! And yet, like everyone, and not necessarily - the main thing that thrilled with you was a single man!

 What do you like guys, men reveal secrets