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  • Present for the cotton wedding
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  • Decorative plate - a gift for any anniversary
  • What else are the anniversary and that made them to give?

Choosing a gift - not an easy task. Especially when it comes to the man she loved. Many women in this case guided by practicality. After all, in the family, they say, useless gifts absolutely nowhere. However, this is not right. Present in the first place has to be memorable, presenting a pure heart, which symbolizes your relationship to the person.

In this article, we will focus on how to be a gift to her husband on their wedding anniversary. We used to draw only round dates. For example, five years from the date of the wedding, ten, fifteen, and so on. But for many couples and the first years of marriage mean much. After all, at this time the spouses get used to each other, study habits, learn the advantages and disadvantages. That's why on the first anniversary gift is a must. At least for a woman.

In searching for a suitable present for that date, we are ready to obbegat all shops of the city. But why? Why spend time and money on fruitless search? Anyway nothing original and find dignified and will not succeed. Why not make a gift with their own hands? This approach will be the right decision. Believe me, any man would be delighted if he will present his own custom souvenir. And let it not worth the big money, experience shows that men are not interested in the price of a present.

Present for the cotton wedding

The first anniversary is called a calico wedding. This date symbolizes the kind of transparency family life. Relationships between spouses are more fragile, they can explode at any moment. Therefore, and compare them with a thin handkerchief chintz. On this day, the couple portrayed things, made of this material. Such gifts are considered to be purely symbolic.

What can be done with their own hands for her husband's first wedding anniversary? Original gifts will be a pair of pillowcases with a picture of the male and female profiles. To produce gift you will need: 2 calico pillow, ink, fabric, images themselves (they can be cut from a magazine), a piece of white paper, brush and iron.

  • Take the male image and cut out the silhouette;
  • Paint it with ink, preferably in several layers;
  • Wait until completely dry (about 40 minutes), put the pattern on a pillowcase finished, painted side down;
  • Pick up the paper, put on top of the template and go over it with a hot iron. Try to capture the entire surface;
  • Now, remove the paper - the picture is ready;
  • Do the same with the female profile;
  • Better to take pillowcases white. So the combination of colors will be brighter and richer.

That's such an original gift for the first wedding anniversary turned out! And most importantly, followed the tradition - the pillowcases are made of calico.

Present a paper wedding

The name of this anniversary symbolizes the fragile paper. Very often, the second year of marriage the couple a child is born, why young couples life does not seem so easy and carefree. Is presented in this anniversary thing made of paper - photo books, calendars, pictures. You can also donate items and plastic.

You can give her husband CD-disc with his favorite songs. It is present and paper, and plastic. Go buy it as a good book. And you can do it even easier and give the money to her husband. But it must be done in an original way. Buy a balloon, put it bills and inflate. My husband will love this way of presenting a present.

 wedding anniversary gift for her husband

Gift on wooden wedding

The fifth anniversary of the date is round. It is identified with a wooden house, which, though a serious construction, but may be subject to a fire. And as a symbolic act of fire family quarrels and scandals. Because this day is considered one of the anniversaries, you can present to her husband, and expensive gift, such as a computer desk.

If you want to please a spouse and make a gift with their own hands, we offer you the following options - wooden studs. To cope with the task need maximum patience and accuracy. In addition, you will have to pick up a jigsaw. But that will not do for the sake of a loved one, is not it? As the saying goes - "the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing."

So, you will need: a round wooden bar (20-25 mm in diameter), the device for burning wood, paint on wood, hot glue and fixing old cufflinks.

  • Cut the bar on two identical pieces, thickness of 5-6 mm;
  • Now on each workpiece burn out the inscription or drawing - that you like;
  • Open the product varnish and let them dry;
  • Now take the mount and connect them to the studs using hot glue.

That's all! Maybe someone this idea seems ridiculous. But believe me, your husband will appreciate such a gift, and will talk about it to friends, proudly telling them about your creativity!

Decorative plate - a gift for any anniversary

We have tested those wedding anniversary on which to make a gift with their own hands is quite simple. While not departing from the traditions and customs. But the following idea is suitable for any of these dates. You will need: a porcelain or glass dish, illustration from a book or magazine (you can choose a beautiful landscape scene hunting or fishing), glue, scissors, brush, acrylic lacquer.

  • Cover image lacquer in 5-6 layers. Each layer must be completely dry;
  • Now take a bowl with water and put the image for 20 minutes;
  • Remove and very carefully, tear off the acrylic layer of paper;
  • Cut out the desired fragment;
  • Attach a picture to the plate and fix, varnish;
  • On the rim of the plates can be coated with acrylic paints patterns to a gift seemed more elegant.

Skeet can Tale on the wall. To do this, take the jar out of the cans with a ring for opening and separate cover. Degrease the back of the dish, brush with strong glue and glue the cover in place. When the glue is completely dry, you can hang the plate.

 an anniversary gift to her husband

What else are the anniversary and that made them to give?

Each wedding anniversaries has its own name. And each has its own traditions and gifts. Some of them we've already covered, let's dwell on the other.

  • 3rd Anniversary - leather wedding

This anniversary symbolizes flexibility in the relationship. That is, if before that date the attitudes of young not torn, it means that the couple have learned to adapt to each other just as flexible as you can bend leather. The best gift on this date will be a purse made of leather, key chain or leather furniture.

  • 4th anniversary - wedding linen

The symbol of this anniversary - flax, which symbolizes prosperity and security. The fourth anniversary is often called the wax. On linen wedding present gifts of linen - tablecloths, bedspreads, towels, bed linen. In today's world it has become customary to give this date appliances. Celebration is best done by candlelight.

  • 6th Anniversary - iron wedding

This anniversary symbolizes the strong relationship. But they can be broken if desired. After all, even though iron is very durable metal, it can crack on the bounce. On this day, the couple daryatsya pans and other kitchen utensils made of cast iron.

  • Zinc wedding - 6.5 years together

Symbolically, this date does not matter, but it has long been the custom to celebrate. Seriously, this anniversary is not necessary to treat, so you can simply and with humor to give her husband a zinc bucket filled with nails.

  • 7th anniversary - a copper wedding

Copper is considered a valuable metal. Therefore, the seven-year marriage - it is worth. Copper symbolizes the strength of family, wealth and beauty. Puzzle over a gift to her husband on their wedding anniversary at this time is not necessary, because now a lot of copper products from a variety of figurines to fine coinages. And in the old days on this day the couple exchanged copper coins.

  • 8th Anniversary - tin wedding

Tin wedding symbolizes the renewal of the marital relationship. On this day, you can give her husband a good package of tea or coffee. The main thing that the box was made of tin.

  • 9 anniversary - wedding faience

It is believed that after such a long period of strong family values ​​become as good tea. A good cup of tea in porcelain symbolizes calm relations. At this date, accepted to give crockery or earthenware products.

  • 10th Anniversary - pink (pewter) wedding

A decade later, the relationship between the spouses is so strong that it's time to pay attention not to family problems, and the beauty of the relationship. On this day, the husband gives his wife pink or red roses. The bouquet of roses should be 11, 10 of which are pink (red), meaning those years. And one white rose, which symbolizes hope for a dozen years of marriage. In addition, on this day the couple invited all the guests who were in the wedding day.

  • 11th anniversary - a steel wedding

This anniversary symbolizes the strength of family relations, equal to the strength of steel. It will be the best gift to her husband souvenir dagger. If resources permit, it is possible to present a car or motorbike.

  • 12th Anniversary - Silk (nickel) wedding

It symbolizes the smoothness of family relationships. On this day, give items from nickel and silk: nickel-plated ware, silk curtains, bed linen.

  • 13th anniversary - wedding lace

As masters weave their lace long and strong family relationships are built over the years. Therefore, the 13th wedding anniversary and got its name. On this day daryatsya lace and objects, decorated with lace.

  • 14th Anniversary - agate (bone) wedding

At this time, the family is assigned the status of a precious stone, and the first is the agate. On this day daryatsya jewelry. You can also give ivories as anniversary has another name - the bone.

  • 15th anniversary - wedding glass

Anniversary symbolizes clarity and purity of the marital relationship. On this day daryatsya glassware and crystal. A good option can be a gift Swarovski crystals. A husband can buy a good watch. The main thing is that they have a glass on the dial.

  • 18th anniversary - turquoise wedding

Very often, turquoise wedding coincides with the 18th anniversary of their first child. Therefore anniversary symbolizes the end of the problems associated with the education of the firstborn. Daryatsya this day items, decorated with turquoise.

  • 20th Anniversary - porcelain wedding

Daryatsya in this anniversary porcelain. First of all - it sets, it is believed that 20 years of marriage, the majority of kitchen utensils fell into disrepair, and should be replaced by a new one.

  • 25th anniversary - silver wedding

A quarter-century family relationships given the status of silver. Therefore, in this anniversary daryatsya gifts made from this metal.

  • 30th Anniversary - pearl wedding

This anniversary symbolizes purity and perfection of the pearl of marital relations. Would be appropriate articles of natural or cultured pearls. In addition, it is possible to give any gift, corresponding to one of the previous anniversaries.

  • 35th anniversary - linen (coral) wedding

This anniversary symbolizes peace, comfort, well-being and long married life. Traditionally daryatsya linen bedspreads, tablecloths, towels, clothing. You can also give jewelry made from coral.

  • 37, 5 years - aluminum wedding

Anniversary symbolizes the equal lightness and strength of aluminum. Daryatsya this day cutlery and picture frames made of metal.

  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby Wedding

Ruby symbolizes love and fire. Only a truly loving people can live together for 40 years. On this day, you can teach jewelry with ruby, or a basket of fruit - oranges and pomegranates.

  • 45th anniversary - sapphire wedding

It is believed that Sapphire has healing properties. The couple have lived so many years together, no longer young. And they should think about their health. Daryatsya on this date jewelry, it is desirable that they attended sapphire.

  • 46th Anniversary - lavender wedding

This anniversary symbolizes kindness, tenderness and durability of family relations. The ideal situation is a gift lavender - fresh bouquet, dried flowers or leaves.

  • 50th anniversary - golden wedding

Not all are able to live together for half a century. Therefore this date and was named the most expensive precious metal - gold. On this day daryatsya only gold and gold products. The couple bought their new wedding rings, and your old transmit to children and grandchildren.

  • 55th anniversary - emerald wedding

Emerald - a symbol of eternal life. Appropriate for this date flowers and green products.

  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond (Diamond) Wedding

It symbolizes the anniversary castle family equal to the fortress of the diamond. On this day daryatsya products in which there is at least one diamond. And for those who do not have funds for such expensive gifts, you can do rock crystal.

  • 65th anniversary - Iron (stone) wedding

Family, resist so many years, like a stone rock. Special gifts on this date is not, you can just give some pleasant things.

  • 70th anniversary - platinum wedding

This day to spouses give those gifts that elderly husband and wife choose for yourself. But the main gift for platinum wedding will chat with family, children, grandchildren.

Of course, choosing a present spouse is necessary not only on the basis of traditions and customs. Young men like getting a present all sorts of equipment. For example, the latest model of mobile phone, tablet or computer accessories. An excellent gift voucher will be in the two to some exotic country. And if the husband is interested in sports, presented him with a subscription to the gym or pool.

And do not worry if there is no possibility of expensive gifts. As mentioned above - money is not important. You can always do something with their hands. Yes, modest and inexpensive, but with love and soul!

 Gift husband on their wedding anniversary. Observe traditions

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