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Wedding gloves - a special element of the grand image of the bride, which has long since moved from the margins of accessories and take its proper place in the wedding ritual .  Most women do not realize that the gloves are gaining in popularity in the 18th century: etiquette rules oblige'll include in your daily wardrobe gloves .  Refusing to wear gloves was in bad taste and talk about low social status .  Why is the modern wedding ceremony is a great place is given to this product? Ever since the Romantic era symbol consent of the girl on a proposal served as a young man dressing gloves on hand during recognition .  This noble tradition is now forgotten, it left only rule: to complement the image of the bride's exquisite gloves .  But to prove that they are not completely lost its relevance today, fashion magazines often include on their pages wedding gloves, a photo with models clearly demonstrate how far stepped forward and how fashion has transformed this accessory .

Modern Wedding Gloves for brides over the years added sophistication, elegance, and the methods of decoration and style decisions, which were used in the manufacture of our contemporaries of this accessory, just add a seductive restraint and intrigue around the image of the bride. However, experts say that more and more refuse to give this symbol of aristocracy, preferring not to the bride wedding gloves, and trendy, extravagant accessories.

Famous fashion designers and fashion houses threw all their forces to prevent the oblivion of gloves, so the bridal collection is constantly included not only wedding dresses, but also accessories, it is typical for the foreign designers and domestic designers. Second Life wedding gloves gave the queen Vera Wang wedding fashion, wedding gloves fingerless short became the basis of her new line. With her light hand started a wave of excitement, famous female surveys captured in its pages an outstanding image of wedding gloves without fingers, photo with these models revealed in all its glory virtuosity Vera Wang.

Wedding Gloves 2011: The main types and selection rules

Wedding gloves fashion can be selected according to various criteria, such as price, quality, size, selection can be carried out according to taste preferences or according to relevant accessories with the overall style of the bride's ceremonial. The wealth of choice and a wide range of product range creates an opportunity to bring the maximum requirements of this part of clothing. Let's try to start to establish what are wedding gloves 2011.

 Wedding Gloves short photo

  • The so-called opera gloves. This is a very elegant model accessory: long wedding gloves, covering almost the entire hand - they bring a unique flavor chic and set the tone for the entire image of the bride. Typically, these products are not made from cheap fabric, and if the woman decided to buy just such a style accessory, it will be more satin wedding gloves. This version of the model fit perfectly with the straps, deflated shoulders. It is necessary to avoid excesses and abandon the dangerous combination of wedding gloves with rhinestones with a satin sheen opera production. Moderation - the main rule of all jewelry.
  • Ulnar length is the second in popularity among fashion wedding gloves. These models are very similar to Opera version, but only reach the elbow. This model - a godsend for a wedding dress without shoulders.
  • Wedding gloves lace are the most common textile solution, as well as wedding gloves fishnet - this is the most traditional materials used for classical length gloves. The classic product covers only the forearm and reaches the elbow. If the selection of the ladies fell on such an accessory, you can not worry about the integrity of the image, as these models are ideal for most dresses. Wedding Gloves fishnet classical length - is a versatile accessory that serve more than one generation of women.
  • Short style. A lot of magazines are placed on the pages of bridal gloves short, photo with these models often naveivaet retro style of 30-ies of the last century. As for the products, it is almost weightless, as most designers use for wedding gloves fishnet elements that provide hands elegance. A recent photo session from wedding magazines presented the image of a bride in wedding gloves short, the photo should have been enhanced and re-do them in the current fashion world, as they began to take their positions.

Wedding gloves fashion, what are they?

 Wedding fingerless gloves photo

Wedding Gloves 2011 suggests a wide field for experimentation with both styles, and with textiles. The material from which the product is produced, plays a very important role, so that gloves are not always appropriate, and may destroy the image of the perfect bride.

For the summer season, especially when the heat is palpable, is to abandon satin wedding gloves, they look spectacular, but too dense fabric does not give a sense of freedom and comfort, which are so necessary to the bride as a momentous day. For the hot season can be a perfect option wedding gloves fingerless gloves, they, first, are almost always made of openwork lace or that provide adequate comfort palm, but all highlight is that this accessory ladies' toilet with open fingers. With Wedding gloves fingerless gloves are not required during the exchange of rings pre-shoot accessory with hands, which is sometimes difficult in an exciting atmosphere.

The modern market offers a great alternative to a fingerless gloves wedding fingerless short, this style are more likely to finish or use of openwork mesh. What is remarkable in these products can be used a loop for the middle finger, and maybe even absent some connection with the palm. This glove is an accessory that has been repeatedly used women's magazines: they are placed on the pages of bridal fingerless gloves - picture with these models served model retro style.

Something vintage by giving wedding lace gloves - they are very extravagant look as an independent item of clothing, but if the bride chose to model dresses with corset lacing, these gloves from the best to give as a wedding image is too overloaded. But if the lady is dressed in a dress in the Greek style or Empire style, the wedding gloves lace accentuate the refined simplicity of dress. Generally, these cuts have a greater length, more often than the elbow, so the summer time, they are not always appropriate.

The market has the widest range of gloves, because designs are not static, but always include some pleasant news. That was one of these amenities include wedding gloves with rhinestones. These colorful accessories are more suited for young girls who are confident in themselves, they are ideally combined with laconic dresses Greek style, especially if it is a model of long wedding gloves. A lush skirts to optimally suit his short pattern, studded with rhinestones, one can not avoid undue pomp that only otyazhelev image of an innocent bride. The wedding gloves lace least often include rhinestones for decoration.

Women's magazines are often relegated to the pages of its bridal fashion is no exception and wedding glove, which periodically pops up photos in fashion catalogs.

Wedding fashion is rich not only unique wedding dress, but it was small items unpretentious accessories can breathe life into the image of the bride. These ornaments can be safely attributed wedding gloves. Putting on them, the bride immediately filled with aristocratic elegance and refinement, and in the whole way there is something elusive of Cinderella, which has got to the ball and his queen. Wedding Fashion says 'yes' glove!

 Wedding Gloves 2011 - aristocratic beauty

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 Gift newlyweds

No matter - you are invited to a wedding or are its direct perpetrators - everything must be left to chance. Gift to the newlyweds should be practical and made from the heart. When choosing a gift, it is important to remember that it is possible to start a happy life.
How often have to receive gifts, which are then difficult to determine at least somewhere. If you decide on a gift too difficult, it is necessary to ask the newlyweds themselves that they come in handy in the house. But the couple also do not need to be ashamed, and even to draw up lists of desired gifts in advance.
A practical gift can be as cute as a bauble or embellishment, but it will perform any function. Of course, women love more than aesthetics, and men - practicality, so why not combine these two great qualities in one.
One of the most common gifts that lead on its practicality among all possible - linen. Agree, this thing is not just necessary, but also beautiful. In addition, you can pick up a gift for the heroes of the occasion to taste. Linen can be performed in a simple, elegant and bright styles.
Of course, we live in the era of man-made and the most precious gifts - designed to facilitate life and better comfort. If the gift is intended for couples - it is best to focus on household appliances. In order not to miscalculate carefully examine the best catalog of household equipment. Among the variety you are sure to find the best. Most often, couples presented: microwaves, coffee makers, juicers, etc. These little helpers really come in handy on the farm and you often recall with sincere gratitude.
For large celebrations made "big" presents. Usually, family and friends gather in groups to collectively buy a "great gift". Refrigerators and freezers, stoves and washing machines - all of which can be the best gift for newlyweds, which will last several years, and also save money young. Before making such a gift, is to consult with young or even allow them to choose what they would like. Of course, as the saying goes a gift horse in the teeth do not look, but still the best gift one that is desired. Ovens especially like the bride who loves to bake cakes and scones for her betrothed.
Whatever you did not gift - it must be from the heart and with sincere feelings. As they say, it is important is not a gift, it is important to note. So let your attention be especially enjoyable and memorable!

 Gift newlyweds

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