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Wedding - one of the most exciting events of our lives, the event is a magical and unforgettable, beautiful and extremely romantic ... It could not be, because two loving hearts are united in these days in the whole, and all coming joys, hopes, worries and moments of happiness young husband and wife will have to divide in half. Weddings are celebrated almost always magnificently, and the celebration is traditionally almost all nations of the world. Champagne, bride kidnapping and ransom her, cheerful cries of "Kiss! "- All this is familiar to each of us and has long been the attributes of each new wedding.

However, not every one of us knows that weddings are not just new ones. Day of the creation of the family unit can be celebrated each year, and the husband and wife who already have behind even very solid marital experience that day again become elated with his love newlyweds. In each of these weddings have its name and its tradition of celebrating the essence of which is focused on the number of years the couple lived together. Of course, these anniversaries are marked, if the husband and wife were able to build a harmonious relationship and created a pretty close-knit family. When bad living together after 5 years of marriage there may be some fun and pleasure? This celebration will strained and dull and will not do anything but bitter regrets about the assumptions used to be an error.

How to celebrate wedding anniversaries

But ... Do not talk about sad. It is better to talk about what are the wedding anniversary in happy families. There have been such anniversary from 1 to 100 years of married life. Especially magnificently and solemnly celebrated wedding anniversaries after thirty years of marriage, because for those who have lived side by side for so many years, the first wedding is becoming one of the most significant moments of life.

Wedding anniversary names have all kinds. Calico and paper, leather and wood, copper and glass, gold, silver and pearl wedding - what is there just no! Each name wedding anniversary is symbolic, and each of these names mean a lot ... For example, glass wedding, which is celebrated fifteen years of marriage, the name of his received a warning sign that the glass can be extremely beautiful, but it easily beats. Therefore, spouses, to save the family, need to be particularly restrained and careful.

But silver wedding, celebrated twenty-five years after the first wedding - this is a time-tested love and devotion. Because silver is precious, strong metal having a life-giving forces.

Rather prosaic name at the anniversary, celebrated thirty-five years of marriage - "linen wedding." However, it is also quite reasonable. Family during this period becomes a single organism woven as in the web of a plurality of filaments, - spouses, children, grandchildren, and sometimes grandchildren.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated after the deadline referred to no less significant. Ruby and diamond, stone and iron, noble and red ... Each of these anniversaries is a certain stage of married life, and each of them is a kind of hymn to the time-tested love.

 Wedding data

What is presented on the anniversary of the wedding

The wedding anniversary greetings are different, and they are focused primarily on the kind of anniversary. For example, the cotton wedding that is celebrated year after the wedding, jubilee presented as gifts products calico and linen. On paper wedding, two years after the marriage, the couple gifts should be made of glass and paper. On copper wedding, celebrated seven years after marriage, give things, made of copper, the family is considered to be strong, like copper.

Silver wedding gifts as a means made of silver, and pearl, thirty years after the wedding - pearl jewelry. On their golden wedding give gold. And in the diamond ... It is advisable to give, of course, diamonds, but not everyone of the guests such gifts can afford. Therefore, diamond, gold wedding and weddings are celebrated after them, do not require any special symbolic gifts. And the present is already considerably older, but still happy newlyweds, can be anything that will bring joy jubilee.

You can give all the wedding anniversary card. Fortunately, the market today is represented by a great number of them, and, if desired, you can always choose a very original card, the most relevant solemn moment. Of course, these labels and postcards must be appropriate: cheerful, very friendly and always focused on the features of the anniversary. And then the card will become heroes of the day bright, memorable surprise that kept all his life. For example, you can write a greeting here is beautiful:

Where is the elixir for happiness, would know!

How can we live, love is stronger ?!

Today - wedding anniversary,

Big happy anniversary!

Through boredom, stagnation years

Through bad weather and adversity

The couple carried it ...

For something - no edge, no part,

A complete live happiness

We wish true - everything!

As you are both young and fresh -

Council and love you - from the heart !!!

In other words, in order to adequately congratulated, not only to know what their wedding anniversary will be celebrated. Not to be trapped and not to give, for example, a glass wedding linen towels, preferably starting the choice of a gift, get an idea of ​​what is presented on this anniversary. The source of this information will serve as our clue, which you can find, and then fully prepared safely go on a romantic, it is an unforgettable celebration.

 What are the wedding by year

What are the wedding by year

  • 0 years Wedding - Green Wedding
  • Wedding 1 year - calico wedding
  • Wedding 2 years - Paper Wedding
  • Wedding 3 years - leather wedding
  • Wedding 4 years - Linen (wax) wedding
  • Wedding 5 years - Wood Wedding
  • Wedding 6 years - Cast iron (mountain ash, cypress) wedding
  • Wedding 7 years - copper wedding
  • Wedding 8 years - Tin (poppy) wedding
  • Wedding 9 years - Earthenware wedding
  • Wedding 10 years - Pink (amber, tin) wedding
  • Wedding 11 years - Steel Wedding
  • Wedding 12 years - Nickel (silk) wedding
  • Wedding 13 years - Lace (wool) wedding
  • Wedding 14 years - Agate wedding
  • Wedding 15 years - Glass (crystal) wedding
  • Wedding 16 years - are not marked
  • Wedding 17 years - Tin wedding
  • Wedding 18 - Turquoise wedding
  • Wedding 19 years - Krypton wedding
  • Wedding 20 years - porcelain wedding
  • Wedding '21 - Opal wedding
  • Wedding '22 - Bronze wedding
  • Wedding '23 - Beryl wedding
  • Wedding '24 - Satin wedding
  • 25 Wedding - Silver Wedding
  • Wedding 26 years - Jade wedding
  • Wedding 27 years - a wedding Redwood
  • Wedding 28 years - are not marked
  • Wedding 29 years - in velvet wedding
  • Wedding 30 years - Pearl wedding
  • Wedding '31 - Swarthy wedding
  • 32 wedding 33 years - are not marked
  • Wedding '34 - Amber wedding
  • Wedding 35 years - linen (coral) wedding
  • Wedding 36 years - are not marked
  • Wedding 37 years - muslin wedding
  • Wedding 38 years - Mercury wedding
  • Wedding 39 years - crepe wedding
  • Wedding 40 years - Ruby Wedding
  • Wedding '41 - not noted
  • Wedding '42 - Pearl wedding
  • Wedding '43 - Flannel Wedding
  • Wedding '44 - topaz wedding
  • Wedding 45 years - Sapphire (scarlet) wedding
  • Wedding 46 years - Lavender Wedding
  • Wedding 47 years - Cashmere wedding
  • Wedding 48 years - Violet wedding
  • Wedding 49 years - Cedar wedding
  • Wedding 50 years - Golden Wedding
  • Wedding 55 years - emerald wedding
  • Wedding 60 years - Diamond (platinum) wedding
  • Wedding 65 years - Iron wedding
  • Wedding 70 years - grace wedding
  • Wedding 75 years - Crown (the latter, alabaster) wedding
  • Wedding 80 years - Oak wedding
  • Wedding 100 years - Red Wedding
 Weddings ... What are they?

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 If a woman over a man

A situation where a man in a pair of younger women these days are often. Moreover, there is a tendency to an increase in the number of marriages of this kind. Why is that? But who knows ... Maybe to blame examples of stars that transforms young men, such as gloves, maybe the desire of women to feel younger and more attractive, perhaps whim love, and maybe something else ...

One way or another, but if a man younger women, their relations develop a little differently than peer relationships or couples in which the man woman older. Problems such unequal marriages can occur simply from scratch. So is it worth, my dear lady, decides to communicate with a man who significantly younger than us? Let's see what it is we are facing.

If a woman in a pair of older men

Sometimes life presents us with unexpected surprises. We suddenly fall in love with someone who is much younger than us, and he says the same thing. Make or break whether it, or another whim, that it is not necessary to give in? After all, if the woman is older than the man, she should be prudent and understand that falling in love with this guy is dangerous. Well, it is clear that sex with him is good that communication nice that you feel differently ... But he still is not aware that life together - is not continuous Paradise, and the mountains of difficulties that need to be able to overcome. In addition, no one gives a guarantee that tomorrow will not like our beloved young and fresh girl, and he is not especially hesitate to leave us? Problems, problems, problems ...

Unequal marriage age and has always been questioned by society and by those who concluded the marriage. Whatever it was, but someone who is much older, married always experiencing some discomfort. In the same case, if a man younger women, in general there is a lot of problems in the relationship. However, such a grim prospect - still not an excuse for breaking a man, because any problem with the right approach, it can be easily solved.

Yes, our society does not welcome such unequal marriages in which the young husband is considered to be a mama's boy or a gigolo. Well, if you two just genuinely love each other? You never know what there think of others! It is not for them, we live in this world, and for their own happiness. But Lawless Heart, and is not guided by the age of our loved ones. However, there are some common causes that can prevent the welfare of marriage, if the man is younger than the woman. What is the reason?

 if a man younger woman

Mature woman and a young man. Features relations

One feature of the relationship between a mature woman and a young man is that initially it is usually almost deifies his young lover. Woman bending over backwards, trying to create maximum comfort him. Indulging her lover, she, in fact, has a disservice by making a man weak, dependent, unable to make independent decisions. Eventually. instead of getting her husband's child, spouse will have to drudge household chores throughout their life together. Is this a happy dream of every one of us?

In addition, adult men, if they are male, not usually like overprotection by women. They want to be independent in their activities and perform the duties without instructions from outside. This often leads to conflicts in a marriage between a mature woman and young man, if she takes care of him too. Therefore, to the marriage was relatively prosperous, it is not necessary to shake the woman over his pious as on a fragile flower. It is better to define his responsibilities and allow the independent choice of their method of execution. Do not make out her husband's favorite son.

Another of quite a substantial interference in the unequal marriage with a young husband - a material component. Often the wife in such marriages have achieved something in life and has a good and a fairly stable income. On the one hand, this is good, because the family will not suffer if nothing special need. On the other hand, the security of his wife may cause discomfort in the soul of the young man, as a normal man believes that the breadwinner in the family has to be exactly it. This discomfort can also provoke conflicts. To avoid them, the woman should be given the opportunity to develop to her husband in the professional field and not to limit the freedom of action in this case some instructions. Let create a career at their own discretion. Sooner or later, the young husband is firmly back on track and feel real support for the family.

In the same case, if a man is quite happy that his wife ensures that the spouse must be prepared for the fact that over time it will not be easy. Male or completely lazy, or let the winds, completely disregarding while his wife. Of course, not every woman can easily take to this state of affairs. It is unlikely that the wife in such an unequal marriage age long enough patience. Sooner or later it will start a constantly nag her husband, or simply put it out the door. And, perhaps, he did leave, exhausted constant torments spouses. To avoid such consequences of unequal marriages, the young husband has to understand from the outset that completely sit on the neck of his wife can not. For this woman, as a man, a wise man should tactfully help him go forward, develop and achieve some goals. Otherwise, sooner or later the marriage comes to an end.

Another quite serious problem that often occurs in such marriages - common friends and social circle. If men younger women, their environment, of course, is the age difference with the environment of the second half. And find a common language with friends buddies husband wife is difficult. As a result, the couple ever had to limit their circle of friends, being content with each other or spending free time apart. It is undesirable because it may give rise to the suspicion (not always groundless) respectively, jealous. No, of course, there are examples of unequal marriages where the spouses have common friends. But, unfortunately, not so much.

However, this situation often develops not only in unequal marriages, but also in traditional marriages. My husband can not stand his wife's friends, his wife did not accept his friends - is not familiar? Familiar to many. Hence - the conflict, suspicions, quarrels, and other costs of negative relationships. The solution in this case, one thing - you need to try to find a common language with pals, while not forgetting that everyone is entitled to their personal space. In addition, spouses sometimes need to stay apart, to rest a little from each other. However, meetings with friends and girlfriends, of course, should not be delayed overnight. Why needlessly stress their half?

Well, and, finally, one more substantial difficulty unequal marriage in which the husband is younger than his wife, - "wise" and "benevolent" advisers .  Such marriages are usually of great interest on the part of others .  They are either always seek something to advise and intervene in relations between spouses, or are actively discussing the relationship behind a husband and wife .  Such advice and discussions are often adversely affect the integrity of marriage .  Here, for example, someone casually: "He is young and handsome, he can not love you! "Or" She's just found a perfect match for sex! " .  All .  At the heart of the wife or husband wound up worm of doubt, which begins nibbling, forcing find confirmation of this .  The result - a scandal, alienation, divorce .  The solution here is the only - to ignore the advice and opinions of others .  Not always they are true .  Moreover, usually the surrounding are just the curious party, which, in principle, indifferent to the happiness of couples .  Best case scenario .  In the worst - they let the subconscious, but oppose it .  A marriage - a world created just the two of, and strangers in this world have nothing to do .

Union in which there is a significant difference in age, is always a challenge for the couple. A marriage in which the husband younger wife - twice. Because it is less acceptable by society than the family, which is much older husband. It just so happened. And, therefore, convicted the marriage will be subject to more and longer. However, there are many examples of such marriages, continuing a long time and quite prosperous. If two people are attracted to each other, you can overcome anything: gossip, squabbles, communication difficulties and other obstacles. Moreover, the woman in this unequal marriage already has a good experience and luggage can easily be wiser husband and patiently. This allows you to easily circumvent those reefs, which are suffering the collapse of many ordinary young families.

In short, a marriage in which the man younger woman, is neither good nor bad. This is a normal marriage if two people love each other and want to be together. Sometimes, of course, is that such marriages in other conditions. But that's another story ...

 Unequal marriages. The young husband - especially relations

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