jealous husband how to fight it

Jealous husband…. How often this happens even in our supposedly free from the conventions of the time! What to do, or not free loose morals, and jealousy - indestructible quality inherent in almost everyone. No, someone even like: jealous lover or beloved - so loves. But when jealousy goes beyond all boundaries and a raging torrent of emotions may well go to the assault, there can be no joy. And terrified aggression husband wife one might wonder: I have a jealous husband, how to fight it?

Indeed, how can we fight and fight at all? Let's look at the reasons behind the nature of male jealousy and what can be done to reduce it to a minimum.

The nature of male jealousy

Some people believe that men are jealous because he is very afraid of losing the woman he loves. This is partly true. We are all a little jealous, and all of us are afraid of losing a loved one. Only someone able to control their emotions and secretly jealous, while others openly declares its (often completely unfounded) suspicion. Basically, jealousy is genetically inherent in man, and to destroy it completely impossible. At the same time female and male jealousy different nature. On the women's jealousy now we will not talk. It's about the nature of men's jealousy.

Generally jealous men can be divided into two types. First - they are people with a sense of inferiority, and the second - with the feeling jealous of losing power over the property. In the first case, men need a constant sense of what you found, wish and hence is valuable enough. I get the feeling they can only with a stable sex life with a woman who preferred other names this man. In the second - a male leaders, the winners, for whom losing is unacceptable.

Why are they jealous, even in cases where the faithful woman obvious? Often jealous themselves can change and tend to attribute the same behavior of his beloved. Jealousy often arises from the fear that a woman can find a man younger, prettier, stronger, richer, and so on. Such men are not confident in their social and physiological viability. As for the male leaders, they believe a woman his trophy, given to anyone who does not intend to.

"Well, well," - says one of the women - "All is clear. But my husband is very jealous. How to live with him? "

 my husband is very jealous

Living with a jealous husband

Men's jealousy in normal dosages is even pleasant. However, excessively jealous husband - a big problem for women. Everything usually starts with small things. First husband seems to be interested in casual than it is today engaged in his better half, where and who was, and so on. Then he accidentally met her from work. Find out whether male staff who are single, who are more or less attractive, sociable someone who does not. All. Enough. Already you can expect from the man's uncontrollable bouts of jealousy. Especially when we had the temerity to tell him about their past relationships.

If jealousy with his spouse can not cope, his wife had a hard time. Not only that, her husband followed her every move and scandals of every detail, and he still comes up with various excuses for scandal. And then, how are you any lead, the rest still will not. Even if the wife will bezvylazno sitting in four walls, excessively jealous husband jealous it to the cat. Such is the unenviable fate ...

It would seem that what could be easier - divorce jealous. And the point. Today, divorce - no problem. However, not always this problem easily solved. Often the wife still loves her jealous-Righteous, and the family have children, adoring father. Sometimes the woman financially dependent on her husband and fears remain impoverished. And sometimes she is afraid of him and, in fact jealous, losing the object of their jealousy, may become unmanageable.

The most annoying thing in this issue is that the wife is often a long time under constant psychological pressure of a jealous husband, lose self-confidence and the ability of independent action. They become indecisive, mistrustful, complexed, in their appearance guessed oppressed and alertness. Unfounded suspicions of her husband, his desire to humiliate and insult inspire a woman in the belief that it is really no use to anybody, and without him disappear. Sadly, the poor often is actually a special appeal, not stupid and, if desired, quite popular among men.

There are also women who are trying to take revenge on her husband for unfounded suspicions and insults with the help of a real betrayal. Like, I should not have it all, perhaps, suffer! Now though it will be for nothing! I must say that the reception is rather dangerous. A spouse can learn about this betrayal of his wife, and who knows what it will turn to her then. In addition, the connection on the side of a woman is often linked to other troubles. Unwanted pregnancy, for example, or a sexually transmitted disease if casual communication. And the constant lover be risky. A man can become attached to a woman and to present to it their rights. And well, if she does not mind to associate it with his life. And if not?

In short, problems, problems, problems ... So how can that be?

 how to live with a jealous husband

Very jealous husband. How to behave

Yes, very jealous husband - a huge problem. From loving and gentle man, he can instantly turn into hating and very dangerous man. And the power of jealousy often does not depend on the power of love, or the availability of real opponents. In men, it can occur simply because of envy for another man, because of the dissatisfaction in the intimate life of unrealized in life, a sense of ownership and so on. After all, they are often jealous of their wives, not only to other men, but also to her friends, children, parents, even to pets. The wife should belong only to him and to the point!

Jealousy is dangerous because it is able to deprive a person of reason, sweep away everything in its path and push a completely inappropriate actions. Therefore, if the husband is jealous too, the best way is still to part with it. Otherwise, one day it may happen trouble. However, as we have said, we do not always manage to leave. And it is not always desirable, because the jealous can have many advantages. But, jealous, lose their heads, and shall cease to think is that never in their right mind does not allow. Well, what can I do ... then only to adapt!

How? How to live with a jealous husband? For starters try just calmly talk to him at the first sign of aggressive manifestations of jealousy. You can explain to him that we too often jealous, but do not allow ourselves to such antics. And in general, he is golden, very good, and we belong to him alone. However, sometimes, if the spouse is excitable and emotional, and the conversations are not required. He departs, aware of what he had done, and reproaches himself for what he did. In this case, you can just jealous Blessed cuddle and to translate everything into a joke.

In general, to sort things out with her husband and try to prove anything at the time when inside the raging volcano of jealousy, in any case impossible. Even the calm and self-possessed person in this state may go abroad. At such times, people lose their sense of conscience, compassion and justice. Therefore, if the husband suddenly exploded, possessed by jealousy, it is better to remain silent, or simply try to come hug to calm. Often, weasel here helps much more than an attempt to justify.

Spouses jealous husbands are always on a powder keg. It can explode at the slightest provocation, and without cause, too. Therefore, neither of which is flirting with other men, about any conversations about them or about their past adventures, even in a joking tone, and can be no question. Even if your spouse initially and keep their emotions, he will cheat yourself and rage, sooner or later it will break out. Its flash can not be like a jealous - my husband will begin to find fault with unwashed dishes, not sewn buttons, salted insufficiently soup and stuff. Should he argue faithful get mad, and there's just hold on. So, caution, caution and care again.

In general, try to deal with excessive zeal useless husband. You can spend a lot of effort and energy, but the result will not be. Even if a woman becomes holy husband jealous cause for jealousy always find. Out here alone - it must itself have a sincere desire to change. And for this to be the cause of such unbridled jealousy. About unfaithful wives will not speak. With respect thereto zeal justified. If the wife is right, but her husband still can not control themselves, then, the reason in it. What is it? Diffidence? A sense of ownership, the desire for power? Fear of losing the woman of his sense of worthlessness, uselessness? It suffices to find the cause, and untied the knot.

When outbreaks of jealousy man's actions go all boundaries, be wary. Chances are that the man mental problems. And it needs a proper treatment. Because alone with his outbursts of rage, he can not cope, even realizing at rest, it becomes dangerous for loved ones. Here the therapist needs help.

The feeling of jealousy at all illogical. When we truly love a person, why annoying him arrange scandals and pain? And if you do not like, why then all jealous of someone else? Yes, if we are talking about a real change in the family, do not be jealous very difficult. Then it hurts. Because it is unnatural. But because jealousy is not a medicine. It only reopen the wound, causing not only the hundredth time to remember the details of the betrayal, but also to invent new ones. How to deal with it? Try to hate his own jealousy, because it is destroying us and prevents us from living. Let cleaned and left in peace, and our soul, and our family well-being!

 Jealous husband, how to fight it

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