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If you're reading this - so you want to be not just a wife, and a beautiful wife and an excellent hostess. But what does it mean and how to become a good wife? Well, ultimately it depends not only on you, but from your husband. After all, a good wife should be able to identify the needs of her husband, and she should act according to these needs. It should be remembered that marriage is a partnership, so you can expect that your husband also make some efforts for your well-being. But now it is about you.

Qualities of a good wife

Every married man wants to have a good wife. And the wedding every bride hears the wish to be a good wife to her husband and a good mistress of the house. But what does it mean - a good wife? Many girls do not know what could make it the makings of a perfect wife, but the quality is good housewives can only judge by the stories of more experienced married women. But many of these qualities are inherent in the nature of women. If something is not enough, it is quite possible to cultivate in yourself.

So what are the qualities that are usually looking for a man in a woman, you have to educate yourself in?

  • Pleasantness and ease of communication

As they say, myself whether this what you want to see the others. Never be rough with her husband, children, friends. Be warmer, kinder, more positive. Do not forget about the need for mutual understanding. Do not be one of those people who know how to keep everyone on their toes because they themselves had a hard day. A good wife always talking with her husband, while maintaining a pleasant tone of voice, and always greets her husband with a smile rather than sour.

  • The feeling of respect for her husband

If you want to you to respect my husband, and you treat him with respect. Respect begins to manifest itself in the way people talk and behave with others. In a conversation with her husband to refrain from harsh statements. A good wife will never be humiliated husband or talk to him disrespectfully - neither in public nor in private. Take your husband the way he is and not try to change it as you might understand. He did a lot for you, if you give him a chance to be themselves. Your husband, too, like you, is a person, and, developing personality. Just help him to grow in the direction that he chooses himself, and give him a chance to assist you in developing your personality.

  • Mutual understanding and relationship

These qualities - the key to a healthy, strong marriage. Never deceive each other, does not hide anything. Always be honest with your husband. Every day, take the time to sit down and talk about anything, even if such communication would not be too long. At least half an hour, but regularly. Each of you should know how precious it is living half. Each of you must feel that you are open to each other. Once there is a feeling that there are things that I share with my husband, you can not - it would mean that your marriage is coming trouble.

Good communication between spouses contribute to confidence-building and make the connection between them stronger. Do not take any decisions relating to family matters without consulting her husband.

  • Support

The husband of a woman waiting for support and understanding, especially when he was beginning to pursue failure. What it means to be a good wife in difficult times? This means - continue to love her husband during his failures as much as when he is successful. So - to support her husband in all phases of his career and life. Never belittle the achievements of men, do not hurt him with reproaches. There is no faster way to get your man to rebel, you start to criticize or humiliate him, especially in the presence of strangers. Proud of its achievements and sincerely praise it. If you do so, you can be sure that your husband will come to you in the same way and will still respect you and appreciate your support.

  • Never cut

No man loves when his wife begins to lecture him. But many women, unfortunately, mistakenly believe that the only way to get her husband to do something wrong. The truth is that this behavior on your part can significantly undermine your relationship; relationships can deteriorate and even to reach the gap. Your husband - a grown man with his own thoughts and desires. He can see the situation differently. And what do you think he should do something one way or another, does not mean that it really has to do it that way.

  • The ability to clearly express their feelings and needs

Except in rare cases, when your husband is a psychic, do not expect that he will be able to guess your thoughts and desires. If you want something - tell him about it. If he had done something wrong - calmly explain it to him, and do not blow in silence, sitting in the corner. Speak directly when you need something and do not make hints and do not go around the bush. Any, even the most difficult problem to be discussed openly and clearly, without circumlocutions. Express your emotions calm and straight - that's what it means to be a good wife in the understanding of man.

  • Give him freedom

How close to my husband the man you must understand that in his life besides you there are other interests. He has parents, friends and colleagues, who are also part of his life. He, like you, can be a hobby and hobbies. Do not expect him constant attention. Do not stop him if he wants to hang out with friends or go to classes at the gym. My wife, who is trying to prevent it, is only a man of anger and a desire to do all in spite of the protest.

  • Spring surprises

Men also love surprises and manifestations of attention. It can be anything - for example, the organization of secret birthday party on the occasion of his birthday, or scripting stormy night of passion, where you play the role of seductress. Your surprises need not be complicated or expensive - the main thing that they were made from the heart and with love. Even if it's just a beautiful inscription on the card - the man will be moved, and the first romantic evening with you will be especially gentle. And if you do not skimp on the pleasant surprises for your husband - then you already know how to be a good wife.

  • More often talk about love and gratitude

Men are very fond of praise and gratitude. Do not feel sorry for his kind words. Men as well as women like to hear the words "I love you." Give him gifts, which is embedded in your care and love, rather than dismiss meaningless souvenirs. Let it be a very inexpensive thing, the main thing - that it was something that he will enjoy or would be helpful. Treat him with something, especially if you are at home, and no one bothers you. For example, you can make her husband a relaxing massage. Men love to soak up! If you are often spoiled him, he would dream about to go home soon, I will miss you and think of you often. Your love and concern will not go unnoticed; they may even inspire your husband to "exploit" for you. For example, you do not get flowers for the holiday, and just.

  • Honesty, loyalty, devotion

Thinking about what it means to be a good wife, it is impossible not to say a few words about these qualities. It goes without saying that a good wife should be honest, faithful to her husband, devoting his life to it. After all, it is the obligation of both of you have assumed by entering into marriage. And the most important thing that a man appreciates his wife. Much can be forgiven the woman he loves, but not a betrayal or deception.

  • Home comfort

For all the seeming inability of men to observe cleanliness and order, home comfort, he appreciates very highly. And so he will appreciate his wife, who constantly tries to be an exemplary hostess, the maintenance of order in the house and contains all things clean and tidy. In addition, men love it when the wife lovingly refers to money and serious about the family budget.

  • Make him happy in bed

Sexual intimacy is an important part of any marriage. Most men have a strong emotional and physical needs and desires related to sex, and your relationship to intimacy with her husband often crucial to his happiness in particular and for the strength of marriage in general. And if you deprive her husband of happiness, he will go back to where he can get it.

In the end, the man - always first and foremost a man! Without affection, intimate conversations, without love, which could come from your relationship in bed a man becomes irritable and grumpy. He will suffer from feelings of rejection and cease to feel affection for his wife. Remember that lovemaking makes you closer, it's important for both of you. So try to make your love life more interesting and varied, and in everyday life do not skimp on the affection and physical contact with her husband - a hug, to touch hands, pat on the cheek.

Any man would be happy to get his wife with all the qualities named. Maybe we missed something? Let the men have recovered if they caught the eye of the line. And you, dear women, tell me honestly - is it so hard to fulfill the wishes of the men named on each item? No, of course, nothing is impossible not expect us to our men. And we are willing to pay gratitude and love for our attention to them.

Now that we have "overheard" men's thoughts, we can firmly be sure what it means to be a good wife to her husband, and how we can make him happy. And in order not to forget anything - the rules put in a frame and hang in the bright and cozy corner of our souls:

 how to become a good housewife and wife

How to become an ideal wife for her husband?

  1. Always be prepared for a meeting with her husband;
  2. Dinner should always be ready before her husband returns home

    Even if he comes back late dinner should wait for him. It's a way to show your husband that you think about it and take care of his needs;

  3. Put on clean clothes, make sure that the procedure does your hairstyle

    Relax at least fifteen minutes before the arrival of her husband not to look exhausted. Your husband has spent a day in the emotional tension among the people tired. He will be very happy to go home and see his wife fresh and beautiful.

    Before joining her husband make sure that the house in order and cleanliness. Turn on the TV to channel her beloved husband, put a chair in front of his newspaper. Ask the children did not return home shumet.Po Your husband will feel he has returned to a quiet cozy haven where he can relax and enjoy.

  4. Look forward to the return of her husband, leaving him with a smile

    Listen to him when he wants to talk about how his day.

  5. Even if you are more like to tell him, to talk to her husband first let

    It is important to show that his topics of conversation are more important to you.

  6. Not to meet her husband's complaints and problems right on the doorstep

    Give him a first dinner and get some rest.

  7. Do not grumble if he was late for lunch or for dinner

    You have to understand that it could hold important things. Even if these things do not seem very important to you, they can be really important for your husband.

  8. Criticism can destroy relationships

    Let the husband to do things his own way. Do not worry about small things - most importantly, that the final result suits both.

  9. Sometimes you will be wrong

    You must learn to quietly listen to the arguments of her husband, to admit their mistakes and apologize.

At first glance, it seems that we encourage you to become a slave to her husband, is not it? Just like a page from a modern "patriarchal despotism." But if you think critically and ask yourself - is a woman who loves her husband, is not fed every day? If we love our husbands, we will do everything we can to make it happy and always happy to go home, where he not only love, but also respect, appreciate, preserve his peace.

And he will pay us the love, care, protection, creating the conditions for our successful and prosperous life. Modern women may be progressive, educated and successful, but modern men still want to see their wives centuries tsenivshiesya quality. So do not forget how to be a good wife, and remember - the happiness of the family is in your hands!

 How to become a good wife to the delight of her husband

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