some women choose a man as his wife

They say that women can not understand. Men, they say, are more predictable and logical in their actions. However, we still can not determine exactly what women choose a man as his wife. And what we really need from the stronger sex. Sometimes you look - and beautiful, and hozyaechka, not lazy, and are willing to surrender to love until death, and especially why they do not demand. Well, it would seem that still need something? Take this as a wife, you'll always have a delicious dinner, a clean bed, fresh ironed shirts and other amenities of life. Logically? Well, of course! But reluctant to take some reason. And if they are taking, then later run left or forever washed away from home is to work, then go fishing. But around some of the Shrew, freestyle ladies too, for which domestic concerns - the fifth case, a swarm of hovering contenders for the hand and heart. What's happening? It is clear in advance - it will not be a good wife. Try to understand?

Whom do men want?

So, whom do men choose our life partner? They argue that in women - the candidates for the role of wife - value:

  1. Independence. Well, this is all clear. To act as a nanny by men do not like. It is much easier to live when his wife is able to deal with very personal problems, not blame them on her husband. There is a great deal of their affairs! Once men and tinker more with women's difficulties. Moreover, the complexity and some of these, from the male point of view, is sheer nonsense. It is possible not to pay attention to them - will disappear. A helpless wife will roar over every petty problemki and stick - yes, help, help! And will have to drop everything and help. No, better to have a spouse on their own. This lady and will be able to solve their problem, and her husband pull out of an unpleasant situation, if that;
  2. Intelligence. Adoption questionable. Probably, the male half of humanity in this case meant that women's brains have superior mental abilities chicken. But not too much. It will be enough, and that his wife could at least about something to talk about. Too clever husband usually irritating and annoying. More will begin over dinner to talk about Fermat's theorem or of the Egyptian economy, and disappeared dinner! So intelligence is intelligence, but it must have borders. So be smart, but not much;
  3. Visual appeal. Well, talk about it and not worth it. All men want to see next adorable, which is not ashamed to appear in public. Oh, and the house to look good, and not run hither from room to room disheveled and faded gown. A woman should always be charming, period! However, the charm does not hurt us as a whole. So here it is necessary to listen to the man's opinion;
  4. Respect for the man. It means the ability to respect women listen to his opinion and not argue, even if it does not like. Well, tactful behavior in relation to the expression of pious and reverence for it in society. That is, we must always be courteous and fair. Even if your better half is changing, and rude hanging around somewhere all night. No comments;
  5. Unobtrusive and democracy. In other words, a woman should not specify the man that he is, and how much, when and where to go, what to do and so on. With that, perhaps we can agree. They may have their own interests and enjoy freedom. But do not limit the freedom and ours. Just think, the wife sat all day with my friends and not cooked dinner! Her husband, too, yesterday stuck in the casino up to three hours of the night and lost almost the entire salary. Everyone has their own interests. And you can dine and sandwiches;
  6. The delicacy and wisdom in dealing with a man. It is expressed in the absence of accusations and inappropriate reminders of the responsibilities. There is no need to repeat regularly the man that you need to take out the trash or throw a dirty shirt in the laundry. You should not ask him to call when delayed and criticized the fact that the forgotten wedding anniversary. Representatives of the stronger sex has other global challenges. They do not have to empty calls and storing all dates. I do not come to work on time? So it should be. Forgotten Birthday mother in law? Head busy world problems. However, if the road came in the morning and half of it wisely and delicately asks where the misunderstanding was of these things, it could upset - do not worry niskolechko spouse? It turns out that it is indifferent to his blagovernomu;
  7. Sexuality. Oh yeah! Sexuality - it's great. The main thing in this matter - to know exactly what is required and when the spouse. And do not stick in his underwear or without him when he arrived tired, overeaten or watching football. All in good time. The most basic thing - to forget about what a headache, even if it really hurts. And that after a hard day, running around shopping and preparing a delicious dinner on the strength of sex no longer exists. Husband wanted sex? Alive in bed! Necessary to satisfy the desires of men. Not go in search of the one that is not plagued by headaches;
  8. The ability to get along with his parents and his male friends. This means that the woman must be able to please her mother in law and patiently listening to the fiftieth time svёkra stories about the exploits of his youth. A friend of her husband to be treated kindly and with respect. Even if he lost no end to them in the sauna or fishing. Men! That's just the respect and friendliness must have a border. Otherwise, friends might decide that they seduce and be seduced by accident. And the blame for this is just her. The woman;
  9. The ability to inspire a man of great deeds. It consists in the fact that a woman is convinced of the exceptional nature of man and it shows in his behavior. Well, let him lazy and does not like to take the initiative in anything. Exclusive, and that's it. Give him an incentive - the mountain will roll! "Stimulus" must be submitted wife silently, without reproach, one enthusiastic appearance. And then the road will no longer carry the mountain and filled up again on the sofa.

 as a woman chooses a man

So look around the basic requirements of most of the men in their future wives. Actually, nothing supernatural about them. And many of the fairer sex could easily have developed a need for a happy marriage quality. As a woman chooses a man for all future comfort of the family, not just for themselves. And ready for this change, as far as possible. If it was just as men say.

In reality, lonely and unhappy for some reason, are precisely those who are most in line with most of the above requirements. The exception is perhaps that sexy and independence. And then within certain limits. Because too sexy wife can wear down or raise suspicions of infidelity, and too independent - enrage their autonomy in decisions.

In the women's society there is a perception that the long-term relationship in men are formed either angels or with the bitch. But who are the angels? This submissive farm wives can go to the bones, but would blagovernomu was good. They are predictable, reliable, kind, affectionate and gentle. However, this usually forget about themselves and their development. The result - the majority of men with angels just get bored, and they change the pious without compunction.

As for the bitch, they and boredom - are incompatible. Extremely independent, mysterious, confident, sexy, they battle the stronger sex on the spot. Experienced controllers and superior psychologists, real stinker easily controlled by men, playing on their instincts. Their credo - cold selfish calculation and self-interest. Why do men even realizing it, yet lose their heads because of the bitch and willing to put their feet to the whole world? Because the relationship with them by their brightness, versatility and unpredictability. You never know, that will throw a bitch, so it is not boring.

However, bitch throw no less than angels. Once the men see and begin to realize that the warmth will not wait here, and sincere feelings, and there is no trace. And will not. This bitch is not able to give something back. She only knows how to take to satisfy their own needs. Spend my life next to a woman is voluntarily condemn themselves to eternal servitude. Make someone really happy it can not. Bitch able to arouse passion, an irresistible sexual desire, but only just.

So some women choose men confident wife and willingly? Who do they dream of linking the fate until the end of days? With those who are able to love, to be sensitive and not thinking for a long time, to come to the rescue. Who enjoys life and does not believe that the rejection of yourself - the inheritance of any wife. This charming and positive woman, endowed with natural wisdom. She is playful, flirtatious, mysterious, sexy, but not immoral. This woman, like an asterisk, shine with an inner light. Next to it all becomes warmer and calmer. Next to it is always interesting man and does not want to kill time in the casino or bottle. He has no desire to hang around late at work and go to bed with another woman. Such women do not throw, because they generously give happiness. Most interesting is that these qualities are in each of us. And develop them - our main goal. Otherwise, family happiness is not in sight.

 What kind of men women choosing a wife for life?

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