how to find a man for life

How to find a man for life - a question very relevant today for many free women. Yes, we often build from a self-sufficient and independent individuals that lasting relationship if not interested. Like, me and so good, and a partner for sex, I always find. Still not enough - to wash socks, shirts, cook lunch, dinner, and deny yourself, beloved, in some fun! In most cases, such arguments - no more than bravado. In fact, a normal woman always want to be a reliable partner in life, and not to jump from bed to bed gigolo. Secretly, almost all of us often dream about how to attract a man in my life for a long time and then never regret about it.

Statistics confirm that the stronger sex at all ladies today is not enough. It is disingenuous. Unmarried men in the world is enough. That's just to create a strong happy family fit is not all. How to understand this band of bachelors and then bite your elbows, reproaching himself for carelessness and lack of foresight? Let's see what the different features of character who can be a good family man.

Signs of a good family man

What we men pay attention in the first place? In appearance and demeanor. Without a doubt, presentable and refined manners of a dandy battling outright. Oh, how often do we fall in love for the ears of the "Prince" and even without thinking, we fly with him to the registrar! But what? Such happiness basement! Her friends will die of envy ... Then time passes and comes enlightenment. It turns out that her friends do not need to die - "Dandy" is totally unsuitable for families. He does not allow thoughts that can take care of anyone else, other than his person. Yes, it would be more right. But it also happens that, under the urbane hiding inveterate ham, snapper and a despot. Get rid of this type then, of course, possible. But with a fairly large losses for themselves.

So, when we taxis on the magnificent "Lexus" stunning, and even a free prince, turn on the brain. And we try to see what is there under all this tinsel lies. However, it's not just men with impressive entourage. Brains and need to be able to see for discreet appearance true treasure. Something to hide, we often snorts when a man dressed modestly and not daily dinner at a nice restaurant. But all this may be a temporary phenomenon, and a lack of interest in things expensive and fashionable establishments. In fact, skromnyaga smart, promising, reliable, attentive, caring. The best candidate for a husband and desire do not! And we passed by, chasing the "Lexus" ...

So what should pay attention when choosing the person who is suitable in a mate? It is advisable to place more importance on such qualities of the individual men as:

  1. The absence of arrogance in the behavior. Elementary skills necessary courtesy to anyone. Disregard for others often leads to trampling the interests of the family. Moreover, it may be expressed in a rude manner;
  2. Willingness to help at any time. If the man himself still sees women's issues and resolve them without a word - it is not the price;
  3. The desire to have a good family and children. You've got to make a reservation - originally a special desire to marry a man can not be. The main thing is that it did not take too negative toward marriage and was not convinced that the children - is superfluous;
  4. The desire to earn good. It should not be all-consuming, otherwise there is a chance that the husband is a miser. But persistent and efficiently it should be mandatory.
  5. The ability to defend its interests and those of loved ones. This testifies to the ability of self-confidence and a pretty solid character. The presence of these features suggests that a man can rely;
  6. Purposefulness and the presence of life plans. A man who does not know which direction to go, unreliable. Anyone who is able to run a good family man, has concrete plans for the future and tries to implement them to the best of opportunities;
  7. Optimism and good humor. Positive people are able to find a way out of seemingly hopeless situations and without much effort to overcome the difficulties. With cheerful husband easy to deal with common issues and almost impossible to big quarrel;
  8. The responsibility for their words and deeds. Irresponsible man will never be a support for the family. It is impossible to hope even in small things;
  9. Willingness to compromise. The ability to give peace of mind for the sake of loved ones - a very valuable quality. Inappeasable, wanton stubbornness generate quarrels and destroy the foundations of the marriage;
  10. Availability of skills. Optionally, to future husband was a master of all trades. But at least some skill in household and business matters necessary to the man. Otherwise, his wife will have to solve the majority of family problems;
  11. Conscientiousness and honesty. These features will not allow the man to dodge, lie and immoral act. Such a spouse can be trusted in all situations;
  12. Humanity. It implies the absence of violence and the ability to act humanely even through force. There is nothing worse than a heartless husband, has no support in difficult times.

Of course, even the presence of all of these qualities does not give a full guarantee that the marriage will be very successful. Not whether there things that can permanently damage the microclimate in the house? For example, a spouse can be a rare bore, a great lover of companies or overly suspicious jealous. With a husband to live not so easy. Yes, and quite difficult to always keep yourself in their hands. However, tediousness, and convivial character and jealousy can be forgiven if the person is interesting, friendly and devoted family. Much worse, when your other half is absolutely not worried about the concerns and aspirations of families. With such a man, even though he is not a sadist, live quite painful.

However, if it has managed to fall in love with us this senseless chump, you can try to break the ice of his indifference. Love works wonders and is able to awaken in man the qualities of which he is unaware. But they still have to attend. If someone initially, at least in part, were not included sprouts morality and goodness, can not be changed.

Let's see what they are, this is almost unusable for a happy marriage men.

 how to attract a man in your life

Men, on the likelihood that happiness is questionable

Basically, if you approach the creation of a family wisely, many minuses in the character and habits of the future husband can close your eyes. Just think, weaknesses! And who does not? In the end, we ourselves are far from perfect ...

On many of the shortcomings can close your eyes, but not all. There is a man with a false kind, something which can not be corrected. If this property is evident in the stronger sex, it is necessary to escape from aimlessly. Even despite the fact that they just look at this charming and attractive fruit.

What are the signs of such liars?

  1. Liar number one. This young man from "good family", well-dressed, well-groomed and trained virtuoso demeanor. He knows to the smallest detail, how to use cutlery, how to behave in society, how to care for the ladies. Yes, these young people are able to turn the head of his exquisite taste, literate speech and demonstration of love for the exquisite works of art. However, in reality they are just cold aestheticism selfish, sensuality which crushed extreme snobbery. This type has no idea about what is sincerity. It can be a long time to meet the girl and tell her that he loves. And then, without any remorse, to marry another, more, in his opinion, the relevant status and origin;
  2. Liar number two. It is the eternal sufferer, a sort of tragic hero. The silent, mysterious, dark, it seems extremely mysterious and romantic. In fact, the sex life of men of this kind - the main thing. He knows that the mask is able to soften the martyr almost any woman's heart. And he puts it as soon looms suitable for sex lady. It is necessary to "sufferer" get his way he forgets even the name of the poor victim. No, marry a it for yourself, you can, if you really want it. Just need you? After all, the image of deep sorrow - his life's credo. Even being a family man, he would bribe his unhappy compassionate ladies and drag them into bed. Satisfied with us such a prospect? Hardly. Therefore, as soon as you hear from the man: "Oh, I'll be damned! I rolled into the abyss! "- Stand back. Let the rolls;
  3. Liar number three. Creative person. This is a man with burning eyes, he claims to be able to create a brilliant creation. And the fact that it is no blame envious. In fact, "creative person" is an ordinary gigolo, women trying to hit his far-fetched exceptional and bright appearance. And if you are looking for a professional gigolos secured ladies, the "unrecognized genius" Any suitable, just not quite beggar. He would hang out near it as long as the purse of a woman is not the wind whistle;
  4. Liar number four. Incorrigible womanizer. That's a pretty good-looking, energetic representative of the stronger sex, gather a collection of conquered women to old age. Sex life of a man of this kind plays a leading role. And the lover he can be unimportant. In fact, he does not care with whom to sleep - a friend of his wife, a friend of friends, with the first counter or a former classmate. By the appearance of the intima mates he is undemanding, and its links illegible. And if his missus caught in the hot, shamelessly lying, blaming her for the alleged adultery lady to seduce him;
  5. Liar number five. Puppeteer. The puppeteers are rich, successful, belonging to the elite circle of men. All kind they demonstrate that they are able to provide his woman beautiful and carefree life. In fact, it is callous swaggering people considering the fairer sex, in addition to his position in society. Initially they look beautiful, expensive gifts to sleep, play at fashionable restaurants, ride in expensive cars and yachts and so on. Once in the trap puppeteer girl she thinks she got to heaven. But over time, the euphoria disappears. Worth puppeteer to make sure that the woman in his arms, as immediately manifest its true nature. The puppeteer becomes a true despot, constantly degrading his companion and limiting it in everything. Away from such a man is very difficult, therefore, not to suffer humiliation for years, it is better to break off a relationship with him.

Undoubtedly, all of the above "liars" are not monsters. In fact, this man with serious psychological complexes, to assert itself at the expense of women. In all likelihood, their character and behavior can make a difference. However, the essence remains the same, then, false! So is it really worth such subchikov time and nerves? After all, neither one nor the other does not recover then. Better then advance to tune into a dull existence and give up on everything by hand. Better yet, do not let these types of in your life and to choose with whom a number will be warm and calm.

 How to find a man to live in a happy marriage

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