how to avoid infidelity

Treason in the family - rather hackneyed theme. However, the less relevant it this does not become. Because open relationship when the husband left his wife to the right, once is not very take root. Well, can not our people, for the most part, comfortable with the fact that half have someone else! If this fact is found, they lose their heads. And they went into such a rage of which fit to hide not only the participants of adultery, but all others in a radius of several kilometers. What kind of a happy family then can we talk? APB situation. And many understand this. But the secret change does not become smaller. Why is that? How to avoid infidelity spouse and create all the conditions for his faithfulness?

Why do people change their halves?

As if we did not try to be tolerant and reasonable to perceive human actions, are easy on the betrayals of loved ones who have little work. And it's not jealous of members of the opposite sex. Although it is present, of course. Just infidelity is perceived as a betrayal of the person to whom the trust and our fate and the fate of children. Family - is a microcosm in which everyone has their place and their responsibilities. And if someone about this at least temporarily forget the chaos begins. Well, if you happen treason and all the family often comes apocalypse.

How to be? How to avoid changes in family life and full of frustration, and can they be avoided? In general - yes. After all, this happens mainly when the spouses do not find in a marriage of what sought. It would be very nice if wishing to start a family young men and women knew in advance about the basic needs of each other and were willing to satisfy them. After all, for what most of us get married?

Women want from her husband:

  1. Affection and love. For the fairer sex feelings such men are a symbol of reliability relations of security, demand. When a woman sees the location of her husband, if she receives signals from the switch: "I am with you. I'll take care of you. I will help solve all your problems. I'm proud of you". Man needs to understand how much his half in need, and try to show their affection and love at least sometimes. After all, it does not have to strain. Once again I call home from work and say, "I love you", give flowers, shake hands when leaving the vehicle to support the elbow is a snap;
  2. Interest in the conversation. Oh, how we need conversations with expensive halves! And so they have listened with interest and kept the conversation. It often happens that a husband like hears what we say, and really thinks about her. Or do not wish to communicate, buried in a TV or newspaper. What should I do? Running a chat to her friend? But so I want to talk with it, the closest! And for some reason he stubbornly evades sincere conversation;
  3. Honesty and openness. We want to trust her throughout the half. Only full confidence in the reliability of the person gives a sense of existence with him. And if the husband starts to do something back and not respond to any questions, doubt creeps into the soul of his truthfulness. We are starting to get nervous and try to find an explanation for such behavior. And in the head "vzbredaet" any. When the spouse does not want to talk about the fact that he is now on the soul, and what are your plans for the future, a woman becomes a hypochondriac. She feels lonely, helpless, and cheated;
  4. Material support. Yes, we want to bring my husband to the family enough money. And it is not because too much commercialism. Many successful women in the money men do not particularly need. Just his efforts to invest their share of the family budget is an indicator of concern for the loved ones and the desire to make their life more comfortable;
  5. Participation in the education of children. Woman wants husband was respected for her children, and that he also was worried about them, as she did. If the husband behaves detached, considering that the education of children and care for them - the task of the mother, the family relationships are similar to the forced coexistence. Heat and reliability from them should not wait.

Well, that's about as to the rules of marriage are women. What is expected of him are usually men?

  1. Satisfy their sexual needs. Yes, our men are looking for in a harmonious marriage, and regular sex. This is absolutely normal. Because the stronger sex, if they have not completed a womanizer, want to have a permanent, understand and support them in the intima partner. Good sex for men is just as significant as for us affection and love;
  2. Separation, or at least an understanding of interests. Husbands need to spouses or shared their hobbies, or treat them with understanding. Better, of course, to share. Because then in the family, but love and sex, there is also a friendship. And it is a lot for a man means;
  3. Physical attractiveness. This does not mean that a wife should always look like a supermodel on the cover of the magazine. Yes, this is not required. Suffice it to remember that she - a woman, and always try to emphasize it;
  4. Home comfort. Men are not comfortable family atmosphere is necessary as air. They just dream of that house they were met with warmth and love. To eprinimali and understood in any mood. And that inspired the family and allowed to relax from work problems;
  5. Recognition of their merits and their admiration. Praise and recognition of the dignity - this is a very powerful man's motivation, the ability to make move mountains. Honest admiration from the woman voodushevlyaёt strong floor and is a great incentive for greater achievements. Approval of his qualities and actions evokes a desire to conform to the opinion of yourself and move forward.

Here such here about marriage requirements impose both sexes. Needless to say that men and women are not always trying to build a family on mutual satisfaction of such claims. People expect from marriage of security and get disunity. They are looking for sexual satisfaction and intimacy are cold. Man craves recognition of its exclusivity, and hears in his address some reproaches and insults. The husband wants separation from his wife or understanding of his interests and in women they cause only irritation and derision. So why are we surprised so many betrayals and failed marriages?

Unfortunately, often the spouse just does not know how to calmly discuss emerging issues in the relationship. They get nervous, frustrated, switch to mutual accusations. And if this is still the marriage was more or less consistent state, but now he already gives a crack. When the atmosphere is heating up - the crack grows. Do not come to his senses in time the couple - to be trouble. Some of the spouses will certainly try to find solace on the side. If you show up looking for what marriage is missing, then betrayal becomes inevitable.

Most often it is for men. And it is not because they are less decent than women. Just men have more and prerequisites, and opportunities. No man receives sexual satisfaction in the family? He will seek it elsewhere. Physiology - indomitable lady. It does not assess its achievements and advantages of the second half? Man will raise self-esteem with the help of women singing his praises. And so on. Lone of the fairer sex in our days a dime a dozen. And among them there is always one that will fill a gap in the lives of men. It is likely that she will not be alone.

In principle, the situation can always try to change for the better. But for this we need to know what common mistakes admit women, trying to keep her husband from going to the side.

 how to avoid changes in family life

What can not be counted in trying to protect her husband from the infidelity

I must say that male adultery does not insured by any one woman. No matter how seasoned and highly moral was not our man, in his head, no, no, yes, and will appear frivolous little thought of the proximity with some beauty. Well, under favorable circumstances, a fleeting fantasy can become a reality. The chances of such an outcome in the case, if a man - a good family man and knows how to control himself, are slim. But they are there.

About hardened red tape and can not speak. Only then turn away, and he was with someone flirts. This is the case almost hopeless. And if a woman decided to marry Lovelace, then it should be ready for his adventures. No, it sometimes happens that such kotyara calm. But to do their kitty to be very patient and reasonable.

So what do we do, dear women? Look past the tendency of men to infidelity and allow for the possibility spree husband, not all turns out. How to avoid the betrayal of her husband, and what are the proven ways to do? In general, each of us has a certain arsenal of such funds. That's just like when some proven techniques and tips of our mothers and grandmothers, in practice, often no longer justified. The prevalence of female errors in this case are:

  • The belief is that if the faithful well and tasty food, he did not look at other women. Whoever said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, or cunning, or did not know the men. They, in addition to well-fed stomach, you need a lot more. The wife-cook - it's wonderful. But not enough. Once a spoiled culinary husband might lose his mind from that which is capable of only scrambled eggs and sandwiches. Relationships are built not only on the need for food;
  • The belief that betrayal by a man will keep the children. Oh, how wrong are those who think so! Yes, children are kept. But from time to time. If the drive is lost to his wife and the man finds another woman, he usually is gradually released from the strong attachment to children. And if a new passion will be part of a man's life, he may raise a family, whether it even has three children;
  • The desire to be a perfect hostess. That's really confusing so confusing! Cleaning the house is certainly important. But one of the men kept on cheating wife licked apartment? Yes, they do not even notice! No piles of garbage in the middle of the room - and right;
  • The belief is that if you always look chic, the husband no one more and not take a look. In fact, it is a commendable effort. But insurance against male infidelity, it also can not be. Because, and take a look, and even carried away that which his wife did not like. And not the fact that it will be a written beauty. It's just another woman, a new and unexplored.

In fact, each of these items is not without meaning. But by itself it guarantee the absence of male adultery does not give. It does not give such a guarantee and great sex with all sorts of poses from the Kama Sutra. Firstly, there are men who feel quite uncomfortable in bed with too passionate and skilful woman. And secondly, it is necessary that the man wanted the woman not only because it is sex - a virtuoso, but also because it attracts something else.

So how do you become the perfect couple for your husband? Frankly, there is no ready-made recipes. One thing is clear - the spouse must always feel so much interest to us, and that he had not occurred to go to the left. We must try to become his most loyal ally in everything - in the sexual life, in home improvement with regard to the passions, in solving problems. And try to make sure that my husband is not a sense that he knows us inside and out. The right to leave by a certain mystery and unpredictability. Let missus lives we wish to solve.

If cheating is still held - we will not hack temper. In life anything can happen. It is better to wait until the dust settles the emotions come to the situation soberly and discreetly, and try to find the real causes of the incident. It may be enough to eliminate them, and the problem will disappear cheating husband? Often, it is quite easy to do.

 How to avoid changes in family life?

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