How to Marry a favorite

The girl's life is often that it has long been met with a young man who attentive, caring, attentive and gentle. The young lady, of course, convinced that will create with your favorite strong and happy family. But time is running out and he did not even stutter of the wedding. The girl starts to rush. She had doubts that the young man was serious, and not just spends her leisure time because is no other. But the guy does not want to lose! And she does not know how to behave on. How could she be? How to Marry a favorite young man when he does not call and do not offer live together? To begin to determine the cause of such behavior.

Why is the guy with the long-term relationship is not calling to get married?

Yes, until recently owned the privilege to make an offer stronger sex representatives who considered the norm to find your favorite and seek her consent to the marriage. Today, the situation is somewhat different. Now the guy can for months or even years to be with us, hard to take care, get acquainted with all the relatives and friends, but the marriage did not even hint. And we both wanted to marry a loved one! However, its behavior suggests the idea - and if we do not lead by the nose? Perhaps the young man looking for a more suitable game for himself? Or he is not making an offer for some other reason?

In general, a guy can not make an offer for a long time girlfriend of different reasons. Of course, it is possible that he really wants to find a more suitable companion. But if you think about - this is unlikely. It is unlikely that a young person will become tense and spend time on that which he does not consider worthy to be his wife. In addition, he is working so hard to please her! Usually men do not behave in relation to the young lady, if they are not expensive.

Pull with a proposal of marriage a young man can in anticipation of improving their financial position. This is a fairly common cause that the guys do not hurry to get married to his beloved. And one of their biggest mistakes. Because money can earn, already having a family. And to do it even more successfully than using full freedom. Family stimulates the movement forward. And freedom more discouraged.

Another of the reasons that marry a loved one does not work (because the guy and starts talking about the registry office) - his parents. Even if they are nice to the girl's father and mother may insist that his son first learned firmly on his feet, and only then start a family. Or secretly dreamed that he would find a more suitable match. Or even be against the long-term relationship with a beloved child of the opposite sex. One way or another, but if a young person avoids talking about the wedding party because of the teachings of his parents, the young lady have to think about. In all likelihood, the gentleman childish and hardly can later become a reliable pillar of the family.

Everything about what we have just said is quite common and is really a commonplace explanation, that guy for a long time does not offer the girl to marry him. However, the main reason for the occurrence of such a situation is still very different. Today, representatives of the male became less resolute than many years ago, in communion with the weak half of the human race. It must be said that this question is quite relevant and very painful. So now we'll talk about it more.

 marry a loved one

Reasons undecided guys in relationships: what to do with them?

Actually, the fact that young people often do not dare to make an offer even the beloved girl, a beautiful floor to blame himself. This is what we once felt an urge to take a man's position, thereby giving men the opportunity to relax and stay in front of us were amazed condition. No, but what are they, pray tell, do yourself and when women are willing to take responsibility for solving a very serious matter? We do not just have we fiercely insist on this right, winning thus its independence.

Worldwide advances the idea that the most successful in all respects, women are having a tough character. Image bitches promoted a variety of sources. And the girls, whether voluntarily, involuntarily whether replicate its main features. These features are assertive, rigidity, authoritativeness, belief in the rightness, independence. This quality of character peculiar to the male rather than the female type of personality. And what happens? And it turns out that we almost deliberately cultivate a masculine nature, while suppressing women.

It turns out that the guy next to a girl does not feel at ease. Still would! After a delightful establishment near the fairer sex with the manners of a strong floor. There is something to get lost! It seems to be a real man to be a woman for reliable protection and support, able to take responsibility for decisions. But the decision in this case mainly takes the fairer sex! Itself takes itself they should. So, to protect and help the man she did not particularly need something.

A man, if he is a true man, you should be aware that in relations with the fair sex, and a leading patron of the - he. If a girl constantly suppress the will of his life partner, it is how hard suggests that the development of relations in the pair depends on it. And while waiting for him decisive action as a marriage proposal. Well, if not a paradox? First, take away the right to decide the fate of male relationships, and then expect him to action, just the steward of this peculiar fate. Let there be no such action, because before she gave her boyfriend to understand - it was she who decides how they live.

No, in general, when a woman is independent - it's not bad. The total lack of independence is sometimes, of course, causes male affection and desire to take the girl under his care. However, more often over time it becomes annoying and a burden. Because good, quality relationships are not built only on the desire of one partner to nurse another. They require common interests, spiritual unity, a sense of inner support of its halves. Weak-willed person is not able to ensure the presence of such factors in communication. He needs constant care that married sooner or later begins to pall.

Therefore girls should certainly try to be a person ready to take important decisions. That's only in the relationship with your beloved in this case it is not necessary to go too far. Otherwise, we'll be waiting a very long time by a proposal to create a family. And as a result, we can not wait at all. The guy just conclude that we do not need it, and go look for one close to where it will feel like a man, the patron saint. And do not subject the throne of the queen. He may not be happy with it and we will never forget. But someone from this easier, then?

So how can that be, if she really has such qualities as authoritativeness, assertiveness, militancy? How to marry the man she loved, who guard these qualities? Breaking yourself or yourself to take the bull by the horns and drag him to the registrar? Neither one nor the other, in this case to take undesirable. Full conversion of the individual can be fatal for her, destructive. In the end, the guy will get a wife is not the one which was in love. The consequence of such a metamorphosis would be frustrated and feeling that it swept around the finger. And the bull by the horns to the registrar drag, of course, possible. Later, however, he quietly snaps either to stall and wait kormёzhki or starts to beat a hoof on any occasion and do what they want. Is this what we expect from family relationships?

The only way out for the girl - to show as much as possible in dealing with his chosen female principle. That is, to be with him a gentle, soft, friendly and understanding. Let's favorite feel that we trust and hope on him in all matters. Let loudly speak femininity, requiring protection and patronage. And then the young man feels his virility and is sure to make an offer.

 How to Marry a favorite?

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 how to refresh relations

All of us, when we begin to meet with his chosen one, feel the thrill and excitement of communicating with him. Oh, what is this nice, bright feelings that so want to feel as long as possible! I'd like to, but it is impossible. It takes several years of marriage, and of the excitement of the past does not stay gone. Relationships are often warm, intimate, but predictable and monotonous. And that sometimes can be a little sad. It seems to be good, but something is missing. How to be in this case? How to refresh relations after several years of marriage?

Why married romance fades and what to do?

Well, we finally found a soul mate, and created a beautiful strong family. At first glance, everything is excellent. There is mutual understanding, assistance, care. Two turned into a whole. What more, it would seem, to dream? A dream of. Though sometimes dreams to return to their original relationships romance. But for some reason this is not possible. What's the matter? The reason is just this sort of "single entity" means a full merger with another person. It contributes to the extinction of interest and excitement. It can also cause excitement and interest in own hand or foot!

So now, not to become one with her husband and keep it at a certain distance away from you? So long, and completely lost her lover! And suddenly it tomorrow podvernёtsya closer in spirit to the woman, and faithful, without thinking twice, peremetnёtsya it? Or just leave the family decided that special something have nothing to lose! Similar relationships can be built with any other lady, so why strain vzvalivaya on their shoulders the responsibility for the other, in fact, a stranger to you man? Yes, but also to live with her husband, as the nearest relative, not smiling - it's still a man, and not his brother or father. And how can that be? Dilemma ...

In fact, this question is completely solved. We just need to periodically refresh the marriage relationship to sometimes get the opportunity to see each other as if anew. This happens when an existence in the usual communication between husband and wife is something unexpected. Let it be a mere trifle, but it should surprise husband and set it on a romantic wave. What, then, can be such surprises? How to refresh relations in marriage?

Surprise for the spouse. Anonymous gift

An unexpected gift - a very good way to bring in family relationships some touch of intrigue. Make it can be any day, sending, for example, courier Present unsigned right to work in half. Only in this buying something should not be expensive. My husband will probably be stunned by such generosity on the part of an unknown person and simply confused. Therefore it is better to send something playful, frivolous: balloons, some amusing ashtray, cap with the words "cap of invisibility" and so on. Let the favorite all day wondering who had the idea to surprise him. And we admit the evening around.

However, it should be noted that if the husband so good sense of humor, these gifts make unsafe. More begin to grumble that we prevent the working process in general, it would be better to keep her feminine fads yourself. And he is - a serious man, responsible, and these freaks him to anything. Firstly, it detracts from the workflow, secondly, cause inadequate reaction of this process employees. So what, "you would not go, my dear, away from their vybryki" ...

It is not necessary to make such surprises and when we are too jealous. A spouse may just scared and did not even hint at the house of an unexpected gift. And how then to be? Tell yourself? Chances reproaches with his hand in an attempt to check. In this case, if we really set out to make a surprise half way, it would be better to sign it. Then the gift of his surely rejoice. After all, it would be an indication that we still need his attention.

Surprise for the spouse. Romantic letter

Another good way on how to revive the romance in a relationship - lyric writing. They can send the spouse and the regular and e-mail addresses with a stranger to him. The message should be long, intriguing and tender. Home tex need to write so that it is unclear who is the author of the letter. Let the husband is interested. Well, what the man is not interesting, why it suddenly someone poured out love for him?

Let, let the lights interest! And we are suddenly in the middle of the letter write out the details of the relationship, known only to the two of them! And to the very end let us celebrate the intimate moments that could only happen in our family. What else will he surprise - woman, seemingly already familiar to almost all over, throws a trick! After years of marriage, declaration of love to her husband ... She lights? And how! Ignites to have forgotten the period of living together youthful thrill inside.

 refresh relations in marriage

Surprise for the spouse. A collage of photos

Letter to revive romance in a marriage - not a bad idea. However, not every one of us is so good command word to write it. Besides, love letters - over the traditional symbols that do not always want to use. Well, writing and writing ... How many of them were written at the beginning of courtship! Therefore, another good answer to the question of how to refresh your relationship with her husband, is a collage of funny pictures, which depicted the most pleasant moments of life together.

To name a collage can, for example: "My happiness with you", "You - the man of my dreams," or something like that. It is desirable that the spouse of the photos had never seen before - then they will be a real surprise for him. To do this, pictures are taken in secret, in different places and under different circumstances. These photos show unquenchable interest in and to the missus and what happens married to him.

If we are a little mastered the computer, you can download the program and to make the collection of photos of the elementary video, scrolling up with your favorite music both. The effect of this is simply amazing! Not that the movie is going to be very romantic. It will prove a very serious and careful attitude to marriage on our part.

Surprise for the spouse. Unusual dinner

Our husbands, as a rule, like to eat. But if at first she admired culinary skills of his wife, then later, over time, get used to them. So hit them with some toques delights becomes quite difficult. A spouse can easily gobble up some rare delicacy, and without expressing admiration after mislaid on the sofa in the belief that it should be so. Well, have not we cast over delicacies! We make quite a familiar dish, but with a surprise inside.

For example, you can bake a cake and hide it a little note with a declaration of his feelings. Or bake pies number equal to the number of years lived together. And in each of those pies to put on a note that read, especially remarkable for a particular year. Say: "In this year, the first time we kissed," "This year we went on a cruise," "This year you are admitted to love" and others. Health? Well, of course! That's only necessary to warn her husband that he was a careful pies. Otherwise upletёt without looking all the romance, and our efforts will go down the drain.

Surprise for the spouse. Participation of children

Not always possible to arrange a romantic surprise for your blagovernomu and spend an exciting evening alone with him. Well, that, the change of attitude! You can add an element of surprise and the existing routine without returning to the memories of the early days of dating. It's enough to negotiate with their children and find them a way to remind mom and dad that between them there is true love.

Children - that is indicative of the depth of the relationship and the regulator. So why not bring them to action? Let my son or daughter prepare (not without my mother) favorite dish of the pope, something to draw parents, write words of love, put a small play about the history of their acquaintance, and so on. Do these things can leave anyone indifferent?

 how to refresh your relationship with her husband

Surprise for the spouse. Theatre scandal

There are couples in which scandals - some kind of a way to wake up the sensuality and the former to look at his partner from a new perspective. No, it is not about quarrels, a devastating effect on the family. We're talking about deliberately arranged scandal, based on the desired driving charge. Here, for example, invented by a bunch of claims to her husband and start throwing dishes on the floor. Only the plates should be chosen at the same time cheaper to then had not been "excruciatingly painful." You can even buy separately for this inexpensive set them.

Claims should be negligible, or the game will not quarrel option, but a real conflict. This is necessary to us? No of course. Therefore, to find fault with the fact that half had forgotten to wash the cup, spattered bathroom mirror toothpaste falls asleep at inappropriate times, snoring at night and so on. You can invent a lot of nit-picking. And, expressing each of them to break on a plate. From such actions, if they are grotesque and did not provoke real anger, a double benefit. Not only did they eventually throw the spouses in each other's arms. This will allow the theater in the future instead of the usual annoyance of some of his actions halves feel her indulgence, and even tenderness. Well, think again my cup cheburaha not wash scattered socks or smeared mirror! But he is my ....

Surprise for the spouse. Resuscitation past

It is a good method to make the romance in relationship - recreating the moment of acquaintance. No, when we first met far away from the present place of residence or somewhere in the same place of work, it will not be easy. But certainly in the cafe, parks and discos, in whose territory took place the first meeting, you can go for sure. And it is likely to arrange a tour of the places that have become particularly important for the strengthening of love couples.

In the end, it is always possible to find some things, reminiscent of the first meetings with the beloved. Old scarves, mittens, old perfume, card, letter, message ... All this affects the most distant corners of our soul and makes rouse herself had seemingly completely forgotten emotions. A man does not forget anything. He just lays everything on the shelves of memory, then cluttering their junk. If we get through deposits of years before some of these shelves, feelings, saved her, alive. And helps us to feel renewed and energetic, full of strength and desire to love. To counter such a reaction on the memories of people can not. The world of feelings is infinite and multi-faceted. A romance - an integral part of it.

Whichever method you choose to family relations reappeared romance, it depends on the type of relationships and characters spouses. Or on what we want from it. Perhaps we want to please your mate, remind her of love, to arrange an extraordinary night of love or make apologies for the offense caused a lot? Yes, in general, what a difference! The main thing in this issue - remember that the world is love, and it is there when the marriage alive. But such love "does not call and does not drive. Just floating in the sky. " So let's take off to her at least sometimes!

 How to refresh the relationship in marriage

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