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The thought, "How to Marry a Millionaire? "Today there is in pretty heads of many girls. There is nothing surprising in this. Around so much tempting! The streets are rolled one after the other luxury cars, lined up in rows along the sidewalks expensive salons and boutiques interspersed with fashionable restaurants ... And on the TV screen and then defiles in a luxurious fur coat groomed beauty, hung with stunning jewels. And so i do not want to watch from all this glamor, shine, and enjoy it and enjoy! But - even finances do not sing songs. No, you can, of course, try to get them to sing independently. Business, for example, to do. But the time-how much it is necessary ?! And who can know to be a successful business, whether ... That's starting to young (and not so) free women are increasingly wondering: how to marry to men?

No, well, let it be not the crown prince or a baron or a Hollywood star. It will approach a big businessman, banker or landlord. Wealthy men in our time enough. Enough of them, and idle. But where do they look for if oligarchs run hither and on the streets, do not stand in line and supermarkets are unlikely to put their data on conventional dating sites on the Internet? And then, after a little to find the habitat of rich people, you still somehow make someone from their acquaintance. Then ohmurit so that it is without us later in life can not imagine! How to do it?

 how to marry a millionaire

Where to find rich singles

Generally, before take itself head challenge is to marry a millionaire, we take note of two things.

  • First husband mogul may be not so much a gift as it seems at first glance. And its different tricks, for which the ordinary peasant permissible and pans in the little head start, will have to endure.
  • Second: the financial movers and shakers search lip service to it and the brain - the process is quite tedious and long. Only in exceptional cases some lucky managed to grab a rich husband, who fell from the sky on their heads.

In general, alas, alas ... We'll have to try hard and work hard. And if we only dream of bachelor millionaire, posizhivaya home in the chair, and we can not wait for the poor bachelor.

In short, the basic answer to the question of how to marry a millionaire, - action, action and action again! And it must occur on a pre-planned. First you need to determine where to look for a potential husband-oligarch. It is useless to try to pick him wearing a short yubchonku and walking on the streets in the hope that precipitates a man marries, he saw our long legs out of the window of his Rolls - Royce. Do not fall and did not marry. Oil and other kings wife themselves on the street are not looked after.

Do not try to solve the problem of how to marry an oligarch, Shasta at fashionable restaurants and nightclubs. Yes, there there are rich men. But, first, not too many, and secondly, in such places to have fun and go find a girlfriend for the night. The woman, familiarity with which was held under these conditions, it is unlikely someone millionaires sees his future wife. However, everything can happen ... but the odds of success in this case is not enough.

Another error of girls who do not know how to marry a millionaire, - search for a suitable groom on the dating sites on the World Wide Web. Men, to which the bride in all line up, hang on these sites will not. No, a wealthy bachelor can be found there! But it may well be an aged widower with a bunch of heirs. Or a person physically and morally repulsive. Or a pervert ... But you never know! Why risk it, then?

How, then, have we say? Where they are found, these unmarried and obsessed with the idea of ​​marrying tycoons? The largest cluster of them observed at the auctions, all kinds of charity events, private clubs, at parties for the high society in which a community of collectors on luxury resorts, congresses or conferences. Yeah. Great. And how to get a simple girl, a native of the provinces that has no extra money at all? Get a maid or a waitress? Or, to borrow money and to wave for a week in the Bahamas?

Hardly way to solve the question of how to marry a millionaire. The maids and waitresses for the fat cats - only room service. In luxury resort acquaintance with a suitable candidate for a husband may not take place. And even if it takes place, where the confidence that it will not be short-lived? Only money wasted ... In general, it is best to at least from time to time to attend those events, the entrance to which is not much beats afford. It is a variety of festivals, concerts, exhibits a high level, charity balls, auctions and more. However, just to get to them and talk with idle rich enough. In order to have appeared at least some range of potential husbands, it is necessary to know the strategy of behavior with men of a similar type.

 Marry a Millionaire

How to behave after meeting with millionaire

So how to marry a millionaire, with whom we finally make contact? The main condition of behavior when dealing with him - self-confidence and naturalness. In no case should not fawn, thrilled with joy that we have noticed taaaak man, ape or silly giggling while talking. Such girls dolls do not cause normal secured menov special curiosity and they get bored quickly. Behave need, how to behave like a clever, self-sufficient woman with a great sense of self-worth. We do not know how, because of a simple family? Well, then before moving to the solution of the problem, how to marry a rich, learn the rules of etiquette and invented a legend.

Legend - a way in which we should see the gentleman. And the image that should be thoroughbred. It is impossible in any case to talk about the fact that we live with my mother in a small apartment and working seamstress or masseuse. We were immediately taken for a rich husband seeker impoverished and lose all interest to continue dating. So what can we say about yourself? Well, the girls to twenty years in this issue easier. You can simply declare itself a model pre-enrolling in the appropriate courses. For older women suitable option creative person: the artist, actress, writer, and so on. But for something from the sphere of art need to have at least something to do. Otherwise, once we expose. And - good-bye, a dream! We do not have? Then, for example, say: "She married to men and did nothing. Now he's dead! ". Too bad entourage ...

Of course, the successful realization of the idea for a legend like to marry a millionaire, is not enough. It is necessary to more accurately know how to talk to someone who has a good capital. Firstly, it is necessary to choose the right topic of dialogue. It should match the status of what is happening. That is, at the auction - of the lots, the exhibition - on exhibits, at an elite resort - on its merits, yachting, golf and so on. Secondly, this topic should be dealt. At least in part. Finally, in the third - the conversation should in no way relate to the size of the purse companion. Even if he zavedet the point. Most likely, this will be the test, so the topic is necessary to leave tactfully.

I must say, the issue of money in the first weeks or even months exploring the rich in general, it is desirable not to touch. Even if the debt up to their ears and lenders on the heels. So they work, these magnates that every girl can see the predator, which is only interested in their finances. And once they find their suspicions slightest proof - adieu, lovely lady! Walk further in search of plenty khaljavnogo ...

That's it about, the question how to marry a millionaire ... it takes a lot of effort costs, nerves, time. And the result is unknown. Perhaps to give up on this idea of ​​a hand, get a good education, become a sought-after and highly paid professionals to try to make a career, reserving the right to personal liberty? Or look at the neighbor or classmate Sasha Yuri - and suddenly they are not bad, but still promising guys? And then to take yes to become the wife of one of them. These guys are in fact nearer and dearer than any there with their millionaire tycoons zamorochkami. Who knows what lies ahead from now, or a poor Sasha Jyrki? It is likely that in five years they will become the owners of capital rather strong! ..

I do not want to wait? Well, what, then we draw up a plan arming knowledge, inventing an image - and go for the victory. Maybe we are waiting for good luck. Or bitter disappointment. Because, and the pursuit of a millionaire and lives with him may not be quite so pleasant, as it is seen from the side.

 How to Marry a Millionaire? Nuances of Conduct

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 How to survive a divorce a woman


  • What a woman feels after a divorce?
  • How to survive a divorce unscathed

What do women feel after the collapse of the family? If family life was a nightmare, then, of course, the relief and even joy. Well, if the marriage is going to be a long and tough, and the gap was initiated by men - sadness, fear and confusion. One way or another, but the disintegration of the family - it is always the emergence of new problems that are not always able to cope on their own.

And it's not that the money earned before her husband, and now have the most - today, women often earn less than men did not. The fact that radically changed for normal life, and to the changes that still need to adjust. Next we'll talk about how to survive divorce the woman and how to behave in such a situation, to avoid the oppressive and stressful condition.

What a woman feels after a divorce?

One of the most difficult moments in life, left without the woman's husband - to restore confidence to the male sex. On whose initiative would not have occurred divorce, such confidence is often undermined. It happens reflexively. Just a woman begins to look at through the prism of the stronger sex sufferings and see almost every man in the source of their troubles. It is this position and prevents it to converge with other men, even if they are clearly better than her ex-husband.

Of course, it also happens that the woman immediately begins to search for a new candidate moons life and quickly married again. However, such hasty marriages are not always successful. After all, they are often based not on a deliberate decision, and on the desire to get away from the problems after the divorce, emotional and physical problems. To understand such a move is possible. Whatever it was, but the majority of divorced women just after the collapse of the family lose their familiar landmarks life. The period of adaptation to the new conditions of existence can be very intimidating. Therefore divorcee and agrees to the rapid creation of a new family with someone who is at hand.

I must say that it is a risky thing to do. It is good if the current fiancé is a man with whom she has long been familiar. Then it is likely to know the basic quality of his character. But it happens so that a candidate for a husband appeared in the social circle of women recently. In this case, it is unlikely to force things, not to know him better. Otherwise, you can once again fall into the trap of a failed marriage, and finally lost faith in the likelihood of personal happiness. Firstly, because the man at first acquaintance try to present yourself from the best side. And secondly, because the woman herself under stress is not able to soberly assess the pros and cons of a number of available singles.

 as a woman to go through a divorce

How to survive a divorce unscathed

Whatever build family relationships, we adapt to them psychologically. And then, when everything stops, we find ourselves in a vacuum. We do not know who can now be trusted, who's to blame for what happened, how to act properly and what to do next. What lies ahead? Sleepless nights of loneliness? The prospect of a lack of money? Condemnation of loved ones or their participation?

Fearfully? Absolutely. But we should try to accept the fact that marriage is no more. Otherwise you any steps to his own happiness and do not do. We must try to think about what happened and to find in it a grain of truth. Gone unloved husband? So great! Why waste your life on someone who is not dear to the heart? Gone favorite? So he's not worth your love. Let it be clear.

And your happiness ahead. And do not care about age. And after 40 years of self-sufficient woman may find love and start a family, that there are many examples. It is therefore necessary to accept the fact that the former marriage is no longer essential. Well, did not happen. ... All happens in life! And now it is necessary to leave the past, to try to live in the present and build the future. Done wrong, as it was before. What is to be done?

  • Letting your emotions splash

None of us should be strong and should not hide their feelings from others. Can not tear a man to pass unnoticed. It is natural in this case, resentment, anger, sadness, even hatred. Divorce is a life crisis, and it can and must be accompanied by an emotional reaction: tears, cry indignantly. Otherwise, it will not turn a psychological discharge. Of course, we must try to ensure that your pain as little as possible is reflected in the family. They and so easy. Great reception in this case - to stand alone, imagine the former husband sitting on a chair and tell him that in my soul and that you think about it. It brings relief and helps to cope with the storm of emotions;

  • Find an occupation that would allow at least for a short time to forget about what happened

This may be a sport, dancing, knitting, sewing, drawing - anything, just to distract it and afforded at least some pleasure. Helps to forget care of some animals - dogs, cats, birds, even fish. Important in this state - not to suppress the pain with alcohol or pills. This method can be fatal;

  • More common with those who are willing to listen and understand

Excellent therapy in this case - chat with women, had once gone through a divorce. The best would be a psychologist friend who can tell you everything. Let it even in something blame or condemn. For you now the main thing - talking. A debate will help to restore peace of balance. Otherwise the panic arising from the inability to speak, destroy the psyche;

  • If there are a number of children who leave with his head in their problems

At least for a while. They - the umbrella from bad weather. Children also hard times, but they will survive the disintegration of the family quickly - from childhood, there are no unsolvable problems. He has a dream. Although there are sons and daughters, for whom the loss is equivalent to the destruction of the father of the world. In this case, the more you should pay attention to their condition, and at least for a time to forget about themselves and their pain;

  • Recall that a woman - it sounds good

And pay attention to their own appearance. Does it hurt? Well, let! Make a nice haircut, tidy hand, buy a suit and a stylish handbag! And spent a smooth gait. It should look like so that it gasped. And do not get lost, descended from an extinct special look. Let him think that you are better off without him;

  • Flirt with all men

Especially with blanks. Whether they like, do not like - it does not matter. Now you are free and can do whatever they want. There are many examples where the ugly lady still flourished only on what was beginning to flirt.

  • Buy yourself flowers

No money? So, purchase the cheapest. And every day! And yet, imagine that you these daisies, buttercups, dandelions, and yes, even gave some passer-by;

  • Purchase cosmetics

Not necessarily expensive. And not necessarily the one that can be used daily. Keep it on the shelf and is pleased with his presence;

  • I do not think about what happened, and how wonderful can be the future.

Because now you are free! And that means, have the right to build their lives regardless of the wishes of the man who was once a close;

  • Do not bury yourself, considering that the main thing - the children

Yes, they mean a lot. But after grow up, they will start their own lives. I must say that if the mother is unhappy, the kids it is also very difficult to be happy. So do not forget about yourself. In the world there are many worthy and free men. Yes, even just to meet and take a walk with one of them - a lot of pleasure! Many women after divorce believe that now need to devote herself to the child. No, this is partly true. As we have said, daughter or son may experience much family breakdown. But to become a life goal it should not! There will not be a happy offspring of those who plunges headlong into the problem and forget about the smile;

  • It is desirable to collect some money and go at least a week to rest

Do not let another country - to the next town. A change of scenery beneficial effect on awareness of its place in society. It is advisable to visit the place where you have never been, and where there is something to see. This will distract from thoughts about the past;

  • I try hard to replace at least part of the wardrobe

New things to bring home a new success. If the financial situation does not allow, you can simply convert the old things;

  • In no case did not analyze again and again causes the collapse of marriage

So you constantly feel sorry for yourself, blame themselves for what is done not once. Firstly, it does not allow emotions to take a more positive quality. And secondly, will not create a new, more successful model of life, after adjusting her psyche. Of course, eliminate all the memories of what happened, is not necessary. Yes, and it does not turn. That's only necessary to remember something good. And banish evil thoughts, especially without ceremony.

Yes, they are intrusive. But if serious thought to control and constantly give them fight back, sooner or later they will recede. Divorce - not the end of life, and its update. Life always offers a lot of options of happiness. Do I need to be closed in itself and spend precious days on pointless regret that will not come back? Any storm once ends and being replaced by serene days are sunny.

 How to survive a divorce the woman avoid common mistakes

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