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It would seem that the question "how to get the guy to get married" sounds a bit repulsive. The head of abnormal images come immediately, predatory women who are just looking for an excuse to marry his poor, unsuspecting men. That's just life often everything happens the other way around: this girl is suffering, waiting and hoping for something to legitimize the long-standing relations with its representatives. Men do not hurry up with a proposal of marriage - they can endlessly pull conventional relationship or happy to live in a civil marriage, without taking a formal commitment. Well I do not want to, and all of you!

In our time, civil marriages are very popular, modern morality allows men and women to live under one roof and without going to the registry office. Here are just deciding to live together, a woman, as a rule, is hoping to get to know your partner and see if she could live with him and the rest of his life whether to give him her hand and heart. For men this is a very comfortable situation, he continues to feel a bachelor, but has a home and comfort, and affection, and loving woman. And quite often change their marital status, they are not going to.

And it happens that the case before the civil marriage does not reach, but the candy buketny period lasted for many years. The man did not dare to make the next step in a relationship - to offer to marry him. Every girl dreams of getting married, and it is perfectly normal: nature has in us a desire to raise their children under ideal conditions, when mom and dad are made in this marriage and are responsible for one another. That's just the man for some reason is much more convenient to meet with friends for the weekend and spend holidays together, but about wedding bells and think they are afraid of. Here's the whole story!

What to do in such a situation, how to change the course of events and make the guy finally get married? In order to understand this delicate matter, let's think: why men resist official relations?

 how to make a guy to marry

The reasons why men avoid marriage

Though there is an opinion that the word "marriage" will not be called a good action, but we all know that family life with a beloved man - this is the height of joy and happiness. In theory, the same shall be tested and the opposite sex. So why are they running away from official relations, as the devil from holy water?

  1. Of course, the first and most fundamental reason - it is the fear of losing freedom. They are young, strong and attractive, and there are so many pretty girls, which in the long term can make valuable contacts. And if he ceased to love you, and if you did not accept it as a wife, and if he gets tired of you so years in five commercials? Infinite "if, if ...".

    Any man for a long time decides to connect his life with a woman, it's literally "puts an end" to his moral and sexual independence.
    That's just the age of thirty or thirty-five of the alleged "freedom" threatens to turn into the usual solitude when they come after work to an empty house - no wife, no children, no happy greetings and hugs. It is in this age of inveterate bachelor, so afraid to lose their freedom, after all hand over positions and decided on a legal marriage with his chosen.

  2. If a man lives in a civil marriage with a woman, it all so comfortable with, and run a registry office, put a funky stamp in the passport and spend a fortune on the wedding - to a height of stupidity. Now his life is clear and easy to size. So why did he strain and worry that after the marriage relationship will be no longer the same, if it is all good!

    Also do not forget about the famous saying: "A woman in a civil union considers himself the legitimate wife, and a man - a bachelor." He can always find an excuse to tell his female partner, saying that you are not my wife, and not decree! And if he had a stamp in the passport, the official status of the head of the family has not let it shut our eyes to common problems would have to seek a compromise solution acceptable to both of you. So if you're stuck in "civil relationship", then either take the bull by the horns and put the issue of marriage edge, or look for a new partner in life. Because there is a kind of man who can pull relationship in a civil marriage indefinitely.

  3. Sometimes in life men who are scared to death of marriage because of the children's memories of his own family. Eternal scandals, drinking, abuse and even assault. Especially hot are going through such situations the boys, whose mother was the instigator of all misfortunes (yes, it happens sometimes!). As an adult, he realizes that not all girls are like his mother, but subconsciously afraid of the same relationship in his own family.

    Therefore such men is much easier to continue a romantic relationship with a girl forever, not allowing it, as he thinks, after the wedding to show their "true face." If your man is one of those poor souls, then your only opportunity to drag him under the altar - to prove that a gentle, affectionate and loving woman he finds ever in my life. Once you break the ice and give his heart to understand that you did not expect quarrels and daily tantrums, it will make you finally the long-awaited marriage proposal.

  4. There is a type of men who are obsessed with their work and careers, who do not want to find the time for a serious relationship with women, even more so - the official marriage. They are used from morning to night to disappear in the office, go on a long trip and did not come home for weeks. This situation completely satisfied with these people and they understand that not what a woman can endure constant separation and lives alone.

Besides these men, as a rule, financially secured, and any attempt to women hint at official relations see only greed in relation to themselves and the desire to manage their money. His financial independence they gained also due to the fact that learned to deal with competitors and women encroaching on their freedom and purse, they fall into this category of "enemies."

If you decide to whatever it was to marry such a man, then you'd better be very financially independent, and in addition to all-consuming love for the partner to find a lot of other hobbies. So you give him the confidence that you need in himself, not his money, and that you are able to live together without taking it every hour of work.

In fact, the reasons that men do not get married, still quite a lot, but we looked at the most common ones. Now, armed with knowledge about their main fears, we will try to understand how to get men to agree to the marriage.

 how to make a guy to marry Me

How to get the guy to marry

Despite the persistence of men and unwillingness to be bound by official relations, we can still get them to take the plunge and offer us a hand and heart. How to do it? Unraveling the little secrets that will help you as soon as possible to visit the salon of wedding dresses and choose the appropriate attire for the most important events in your life.

Heavy artillery

Under the "heavy artillery", we mean strong support in the form of his beloved mother. Believe me, any man subconsciously looking for a life partner a woman like his mother. All you need to do - become a friend of his mother and enlist its support. As soon as your future in-law will appreciate you and love, it is with great fervor begins to convince his son that you - just the perfect wife for him.

To implement his plan, you need to learn more about his mother's tastes, habits, hobbies. If she is a lady Puritan upbringing, then meet her you have to dress in a modest, constantly blushing and shy smile. If it is a femme fatale, dressed in luxurious expensive clothes, then you need to show your taste and style of dress, and be able to speak on topics of interest to it. But most importantly - it is to understand that you're crazy about her son's love and willing to do anything to make him happy.

Addition to the family

This is probably one of the most effective ways to drag guy down the aisle. Almost every man there is such a thing as responsibility, and the fact that his girlfriend is expecting a baby may push him into action. Just do not forget to take into account that your marriage will be successful only if you really love each other, or else after a while you may miss mom, one raising your child. So think a hundred times: and the "it you want? "As they say in Odessa.

And it is in any case not blackmail a man inventing a nonexistent pregnancy. This is only a fairy tale wedding - a happy ending, as in life is only the beginning for men and women. The boys can not stand when they are forced to do something by force - and especially if deceit. Even if you achieve your and get married - believe me, your "happily ever after" it can not happen.

Are we worse than the others?

Understand the fear of men before marriage is quite possible: the loss of freedom, forever crying children, the wife of an old dressing gown and curlers ... Try your circle of friends shared couples who have long happy marriage. Looking at the men, "survivors shock" caused by an official marriage, and left not only alive, but also quite satisfied with his lot, his fear of marriage gradually subside.

Try to keep it always seductive and sophisticated, even if you have worked twelve hours a day and you have the first days of premenstrual syndrome. Let him realize that family life does not make you a home broody, and he can just as well as your friends continue to love and enjoy life, but in the legal, official status. By the way, try not to drag it to the wedding of her friends and acquaintances - for most men is a difficult test, after which they flatly refuse to celebrate her own wedding.

Perhaps the most important argument of the woman who wants to marry - a sincere, profound love for man and the desire to remain with him until the end of his days. If your feelings are mutual, then sooner or later a man give in to your desire to create a formal alliance, and you will start a new and wonderful stage in your relationship. If in spite of all your tricks and the efforts he is as hard as flint, and marriage does not want to even hear, I thought, and whether your partner to spend his precious years of his life? Maybe we should give him the freedom he so adored and look for happiness elsewhere?

 How do I get married guy: reveal all the secrets

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