Preparations for the wedding to start


  • Decide the wedding date
  • Where should pass wedding
  • Determine wedding budget
  • Wedding Entertainment

Finally happened: your favorite man made you a marriage proposal! By adopting it, you immediately began to think about how to arrange a wedding. Each of us in childhood dream of a beautiful white dress and present a magnificent triumph in this fabulous day. So I want to wait for the good fairy that one wave of a magic wand beautiful suit, perfect holiday. Unfortunately, with age, the belief in fairies fairy is lost and comes to understand that the responsibility for carrying out the celebration falls exactly on our shoulders. So where to start preparing for the wedding, to give yourself the most delightful, the most memorable day of your life?

The best thing you can do to prepare for your future wedding - pick up the paper and carefully paint the action plan. Do you want to include in this list the most important issues that should be addressed first. Perhaps in time you will come to a head with new ideas and a piece of your recordings will undergo changes. But the main part of it still remains almost unchanged. So, what should be in this list?

Decide the wedding date

How to start preparing for the wedding? Of course, determining the date of the celebration. If you have a very important reason to get married as soon as possible (pregnancy, moving, long trip), you can assign the date that will allow you to prepare for an important event as closely as possible. Traditionally, the wedding is celebrated in spring and autumn, but you can set a date and at any other time of the year. Summer - a fun, green time when the bride can afford any open wedding dress without fear of freezing in the street during wedding festivities. Winter - a fluffy white snow, so that combined with the beautiful dress of the bride. At any time, you can arrange an unforgettable celebration, which happily will remember all my life.

You can determine the date of the wedding, on the basis of the people's will. We know that every month of the year attributed to the special properties that can affect the future life of the newlyweds. For example, about the wedding in May, say, they say, will suffer a lifetime. Wedding in August promises to be young in love with each other until the end of life, and in October - on a pair of heavy doom, poor life. But do not blindly believe in those signs, because the practice has long been noted that marriages can be successful or unhappy regardless of monthly predictions. The main thing is to make your heart sing with joy and you are sure that your choice - only for life. Then any date of your wedding would be happy.

 to begin preparations for the wedding

Where should pass wedding

Someone with a childhood dream of a posh wedding at an expensive restaurant, someone always cherished the dream of a peaceful, home triumph in the close family circle. How many people, so many opinions, and you should discuss with your future spouse plans for the venue of the celebration. You might want to arrange a celebration abroad - now it has become a very popular and affordable procedure. Wedding in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, the Maltese Islands - all this can be realized with the help of numerous companies offering similar services. If you still have difficulty with the choice of venue for the wedding, then present to you the list of the most popular options:

  1. Restaurant

    It is in the most celebrated restaurants, weddings, and often it happens that bought expensive banquets in institutions are people with modest incomes. After such a holiday as a wedding should be only once in life, and to celebrate, I do not regret anything. If you decide to keep the tradition and celebrate the wedding at a restaurant, in addition to the price of a festive menu, you review the style and the interior rooms. Not every institution complies with the bride and groom, so be careful.

  2. Wedding Outdoors

    Less traditional, but no less comfortable and romantic wedding ceremony outdoors. You can break up the tents on the banks of a beautiful river, or in the midst of a flowered garden, guests gathered in a pine forest, or to lay the table in the green hills - in short, you can choose any option to your taste and color. The breeze and the feeling of freedom to help make the holiday a memorable one.

  3. Summer Wedding

    It has become quite popular to organize the wedding in a rented cottage. This is a great place to relax, where you can enjoy exquisite comfort combined with the comfort of home. Your guests will have a good time in a large, spacious manor house, where there are no restrictions on the movement: if you want, relax in the common room, you want - in the billiard room, and want - go into the courtyard to breathe clean air and swim in the pool.

  4. Wedding on a boat

    What could be more romantic than a wedding on a big white boat? Around shining water, hair a light breeze stirs, helpful waiters time to pour champagne in your glasses. Instead of wedding decorations - scenic shore with green grass and big trees. Is not that enough to remember the holiday of a lifetime?

Besides the traditional wedding, you can arrange to itself an exclusive holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. For example, you can exchange vows of love and fidelity high above the ground, hovering in a huge balloon. You can do this under water, armed with a professional diving equipment. Start planning the wedding place beforehand, then you will have time to fulfill all your dreams and fantasies to life. The main thing is that the idea of ​​celebration suit both you and your lover.

 where to begin preparations for the wedding

Determine wedding budget

Understand where your wedding is to go, you can start the calculation of the budget of the upcoming event. The size of the amount you can spend on a wedding depends on the scale of the whole celebration. First decide the number of guests who will be invited to the wedding. If someone of the guests come not, that your guilt is not in this, but if someone of the guests is not enough space in the restaurant, or something like that, the fuss you can not avoid. Do not forget to make invitations and send them to all the guests. After that, should consider all cash expenditures upcoming wedding. So, what expenditure should be included in the budget of your wedding in the first place?

  • Payment restaurant or services for celebrations

    No matter where you decide to spend your wedding - at home, in a restaurant or at the Prague Castle: in any case, it will take money. From the number of guests depends on the value menu, and from where the event occurs - the amount of cash you need. Carefully review the prices and Orient, how much you're willing to spend.

  • Wedding bride

    You need to determine how much to spend on your outfit. There also may include headgear, bridal bouquet, hair ornaments, jewelry, stockings and shoes. If all the costs of the wedding fell on the shoulders of you and your fiance, do not forget to include in the list of suit, shirt, tie and boutonniere for her future husband.

  • Wedding rings

    You can watch conventional, traditional ring, and you can buy jewelry with precious stones in neat and inscriptions on the back side. It all depends on your personal preferences and financial capabilities.

  • Wedding procession

    Perhaps you or someone you know have a machine on which you and your guests will go to the registry office. If not, then you have to hire a motorcade. Walking after the wedding to visit memorable places and photos also paid drivers hired cars.

  • Professional video and photo shooting

    Of course, this issue can be done without professionals, but because the wedding - a special celebration, right? It is unlikely that you will be able on its own to create beautiful photos that will want to consider the clock. Professional background he will select, view, and will do its job in the best way. Do not skimp on the photographers, otherwise, biting her lip, will treat your bad shots and think that your girlfriends wedding photographs much better!

These data, you should be enough for the original calculation of the budget of the wedding. Do not forget that you can always save you: for example, you can make your own make-up, create a bridal bouquet with their hands or bake stunning birthday cake. It would seem that it's the little things - not so expensive it is compared to other costs. But add up kopecks rubles; saved in one place, you can be developed in the other.

 how to begin preparations for the wedding

Wedding Entertainment

What is a wedding without the fun? Of course, your holiday will be fun, which is preparing for the launch in advance. So, what you should consider first?

  • Bride price

    This is a very old tradition, which is held on the "cheers" in our days. To buy turned out fun and interesting, you need to prepare in advance for him the script. You can do it yourself, or you can instruct the closest friends and relatives. Because how ridiculous and will not dull the ransom will depend on the mood of your guests.

  • Tour after wedding ceremony

    Previously, the couple rode around the neighborhood on three horses now the bride and groom go round the city by car in search of locations for memorable photographs. To the young and their guests are not bored during this walk, you need to consider the route in advance. In accordance with the time of year, choose the most beautiful places in your city, and do not forget to grab a few bottles of champagne for your guests.

  • Toaster

    Perhaps the choice of toastmaster - the most important moment in the planning of the wedding entertainment. Choose a man already well established at the time of the other weddings. If you do not want to miss the entire holiday under the monotonous "buzzing" inept toastmaster, start to gather information about the leading professional as soon as possible.

  • Invited artists

    If you have the desire and financial ability of artists invited to the wedding, it will turn your holiday even more memorable. Familiarize yourself with the holiday program, match the range of musical numbers. Perhaps you want to dance your first wedding dance song by a guest artist.

Organizing a wedding - this is a very pleasant chores that fly by. If all think carefully and take into account all the nuances, your holiday will take place without a hitch and misunderstandings. Let your wedding will be the happiest day of your life and will be the beginning of a new, beautiful life!

 Preparing for a wedding: how to start?

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