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  • Neodymium method
  • Carbon dioxide method
  • Contraindications to scar removal laser

Every woman aspires to be beautiful, and that sometimes it is very difficult to achieve if the body and face are the scars.

It may be the scars of acne scars on the body are frequent from appendicitis. From them can be removed and replaced with normal skin. In this regard, such a procedure as removing the scars has become increasingly popular.

Modern medicine offers several methods of removing scars, apply the chemical and mechanical effects on the skin. However, the increasing popularity of laser scar removal technique, which has a number of advantages. The fact that only the impact of the laser starts the intensive production of collagen and promotes skin cell renewal. Thus, not only removed the scar, but the skin is also getting younger. It should be noted that only laser ablation provides bactericidal effect, which eliminates infectious contamination. In addition, such a procedure is painless. When removing scar laser treatment complications are extremely rare.

It should be noted that the laser scar removal is always done individually. Much depends on the type of scar tissue, the condition of the skin. What matters is the patient's age and many other factors. At present, there are several methods of laser scar removal, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. We must talk about the features of each technique. The greatest distribution was received laser resurfacing of scars by using neodymium and carbon dioxide units.

 Neodymium scar removal method
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Neodymium method

Neodymium laser is part of the non-ablative medical equipment. Acting on the skin, it does not damage the fabric top, which is one of the main advantages of such a laser. Its beam penetrates the scar and acts on it from the inside, which gives a greater effect. If this operation provides a qualified specialist, it is possible to remove any scars, including keloid, and atrophic, which removes the other methods is difficult.

It is noteworthy that the neodymium laser scars of different kinds of impacts differently. So, if you need to remove the keloid scar, then it affects extra-long laser pulse, blood vessels are destroyed at the same time, the nutrients are no longer suitable to the scar, stops the synthesis of collagen. As a result, the scar stops growing, which leads to its reduction, and after a while, and to its complete disappearance.

If the scar is removed atrophic type, neodymium laser is set otherwise, that is, the laser beam stimulates the intensive production of collagen. Scar after such exposure is smoothed, becoming more flexible, fully comparable with the surface of the skin. The pulse rate and the strength of the energy is controlled by a computer specialist. One of the characteristics of a neodymium laser is that it can penetrate the skin to 2 mm and more, wherein the epidermis is minimal impact.

 Different methods of removing scars
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Carbon dioxide method

For ablative carbon dioxide laser equipment is, it affects the tissue destructive way. Pain during this procedure is not felt, as in front of it is a local anesthetic. It can be an anesthetic cream or injection into the base of the scar. The basis of this procedure is to run the active synthesis of collagen, which rejuvenates the skin, caused by the rapid division of healthy cells. So it turns out the formation of new skin tissue.

The difference between this method of removing scars compared to the first is that the laser beam impacts directly on the surface of the skin. But in place of the removed skin very quickly, a new, healthy tissue, which can be achieved thanks to the synthesis of collagen. Removal of scars such as carbon dioxide laser is unique in that you can adjust all kinds of scars. It should be noted, however, that the result after such a procedure becomes noticeable within a week after the conference, it is a time necessary for the recovery of the skin. Fully skin is restored in 3-6 months depending on the depth and size of the scar. As long as the skin has not been fully restored, it is necessary to observe the necessary precautions, in particular, should not be allowed to have impacted on the skin to direct sunlight.

This method is good for the fact that age-related wrinkles disappear, the skin is smoothed.

Laser scar removal procedure is efficient and painless, and the results in most cases excellent.

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Contraindications to scar removal laser

It should be noted that not all the scars can be removed with a laser. We have such a procedure and contraindications:

  • skin diseases (inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, allergy);
  • diabetes (if it occurs in severe);
  • cancers of the skin.

You should not use this method if a woman is pregnant.

He also has some side effects, and above all it should be noted hyperpigmentation of the skin. However, this can be prevented if you do not sunbathe for a while, and before going out to enjoy the sunny weather, UV filter. After laser resurfacing is finished, the doctor prescribes a medication that will help to accelerate the renovation of the skin and prevent its pigmentation. Within 7 days after such a procedure is necessary to take into account the following:

  • must necessarily take those antibiotics that are prescribed physician;
  • sauna, solarium and sauna in that period of time are not permitted;
  • skin needs nourishing and moisturizing appropriate means;
  • skin care contra-use preparations containing alcohol;
  • after such a procedure, some time may be pain, swelling, but fear on this occasion should not be a maximum of 10 days all this will pass.

Resorting to such a procedure, as the laser scar removal, you can expect to achieve a good cosmetic effect, if you follow all the recommendations of the attending physician.

 How to remove scars laser?

 Navel piercing, like intimate piercing - A full operation, which is to puncture the skin for the subsequent wear at this location ornaments. To perform this procedure was safe and healthy, and then looked aesthetically pleasing result, the piercing should be done only in the audited stores, where there is a license and certified equipment.

Female Intimate piercing involves piercing of the clitoris and the labia majora, and in the case of male piercing is pierced in the foreskin of the penis or the bridle.

Before the procedure area for piercing scrutinized specialist, selected individual decoration, which would correspond to the anatomical structure of the navel. Typically, inlay navel is 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. Specialist and the customer previously discussed, a piercing is selected - either primary or secondary. For the primary need of the gold alloy 750 or titanium. For secondary piercing (in case of puncture zazhivshim) can be used earrings of 585 samples and 300 samples of steel. Please note that gold and silver low sample are not suitable for piercing, because they are composed of substances that may cause an allergic reaction or pigmentation.

Intimate piercing It involves the use of local anesthesia when insulin syringe injected anesthetic. For navel piercing pain relief is almost never used.

Preparation for the procedure includes sterilization decoration by placing it in a drying cabinet, or simple UV box lubrication in a special solution. Puncture is performed disposable needle. Pre-master with a special marker making markup for piercing and pierceable place is fixed terminals. At the crucial moment the client should take a deep breath, and quickly master carries a puncture and inserts decoration, screwing it into the hole. After this procedure, a pierceable place is treated antibacterial wipes.

How to care for piercings

Piercing navel piercing and intimate need of special care. The most common remedy for the treatment of wounds after the data manipulation - hlorgeksidinmerimistin. Due to the absence of alcohol as part of the solution, it does not burn wound and takes care of the damaged area. In contrast, the same alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (processing with them leads to a darkening near the wound), it does not burn hlorgeksidinmerimistin epidermis. Caring for your piercing is relatively simple - healed puncture clean every time you receive a soul, earring gently rotates and moves, thus disappears sweat and dirt. Additionally, you can buy a special cosmetics for the piercing.

Note that after the puncture is not recommended to use the swimming pool, sauna, steam room, at the time, should refrain from swimming in ponds. If the piercing tired, you can always remove the earring, and the puncture site formed a small, delicate, pale scar.

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