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  • The ideal wife in terms of men
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The ideal wife - a deaf and dumb blonde nymphomaniac, whose parent - only the father is a millionaire. (Joke)

Many women are scratching their heads over how to become the perfect wife for her husband. Like to cook soup and learned, and wrap the evening properly twist and children in kindergarten drive themselves - but, drat, can not see in the eyes of the men of pride and adoration! And so you want to the other half admired you and brag to your friends, they say, I - the best wife in the world! Is ideal is unattainable, or are we doing something wrong?

In order to understand this question, we must understand what is waiting for the men from their wives. Oddly enough, they often do not know themselves what they want from their pious. That they wish that the wife stayed at home and raised the children, then hinted that it would be nice to have a permanent financial income of the spouse. That requires that the wife had Centerfolds figure, then outraged that the wife eternally sits on the "idiotic diet." In short, to understand their desires are not so simple. Although something in common in their demands still discern. Moreover, our understanding of the feminine qualities of the ideal wife often go against their wishes. So, what men want from us and how we define ourselves to the notion of "ideal wife"?

 how to be the perfect wife

The ideal wife in terms of men

It is no secret that many men are not in a hurry to get married not because of fear of loss of sexual freedom. More precisely, not only because of it. Their stories frightened to death of his married friends about the hardships of family life. In some jealous wife, while others - grumpy from third stout to the obscene, the fourth - spend her husband's money to hurl. This list goes on and on, almost every man can tell us about the shortcomings of his wife, spoiling his life. That's why the boys and looking for some ideal, which would protect them from all these troubles again. So, what should be the ideal wife according srednestaticheskogo men?

  1. The ideal wife should be a long-legged beauty with a stunning figure - a wasp waist, high breasts and rounded hips. She will dress stylish and sexy at any time of year, not only on the street, but also at home. All men should envy him, because not everyone can boast of his wife with the movie star good looks.
  2. The wife must be prepared to have sex at any time of day or night. Upon request .... No, the first hints of her husband she should fold clothes and sexy lingerie, ready to meet her husband. Sexually, it must be inventive and colorful, but at the same time to remain submissive at all agree geisha.
  3. The ideal wife never bring a man to a nervous breakdown of their eternal chatter about yourself and about the "stupid women's issues." On the contrary, it should listen carefully to your precious husband, and if they say it is only about him. Moreover, only positive and good, so as not to strain once again baseless criticism and whining.
  4. The wife should be well-formed, but not enough to win the intellectual debate. In such disputes, it is better for women not to participate, since it is known that these classes - not their minds work. Better with their education (ideally - teacher and culinary) stay at home, cook dinner, and raising children.
  5. The ideal woman should never complain about the lack of money in the house. It should be understood that the husband - breadwinner and supporter, and even if his salary is small - it's not an excuse, "saw" it daily.

    Oh if there is no money for sausage or tights for the child, even if she quietly warning in advance: ask for a loan or to earn extra money. And the lower the self-esteem of her husband, reproaching him in financial insolvency - the quality of this bitch, unworthy of a normal man.

  6. The ideal wife never insists that her husband endured trash, repairing a toilet or hammered nails into the wall. Husband and so tired at work, at home, he wants to relax and watch the telly with a bottle of beer, but do not bother with the evening-fix repair. If she is smart enough, then let myself to get by, and will repair - just does not do it in front of her husband.

    Firstly, this has a negative impact on her feminine image, and secondly - the husband may feel embarrassment and annoyance, and what it extra stress? If the wife is smart enough and fix damage on their own can not let them cause a repairman, while her husband was at work. The only condition - the repairman has to be a female, in extreme cases - old uncle unpleasant retirement age.

  7. When her husband returned from work, at home he has to wait a delicious dinner. The apartment - clean and tidy, the children are fed, the lessons learned. Nothing should distract from the head of the family deserved rest. The wife should be smartly dressed and tinted to look at her heart rejoiced in anticipation of sex. If the power or desire for this sex no, not a word of reproach should not fly off the lips of women, because the main thing for her - calm and deep sleep of her beloved husband.
  8. If the husband stayed after work and came tipsy wife should meet him with a joyful smile, a hot soup (variations are possible - borsch, cutlets, Uzbek pilaf) and a glass of spirits. Any questions about "where the cattle wandered and who saw" should not be made public. A woman should understand that the man - a master of his life. Come home when it sees fit, drink as much as the soul requires. And anyway, he's not a wimp or a henpecked to justify to his own wife.
  9. When her husband came home in the morning, on his neck plainly visible aspirated, all face lipstick, and stick out from the pocket of someone else's panties, the ideal wife should meet him with a smile. A hearty breakfast and morning coffee may well be replaced by a hangover "one hundred grams" or a good portion of brine. Causes of extraneous marks on the neck and face of her husband, and the more protruding from the pocket of pants she can think of herself, for straining the thought processes in the mind of her husband at such moments - inhuman.
  10. If the husband decides to get away from his ideal wife (a normal guy myself a hundred more such finds!), Then the wife should not be any trouble, nor cry aloud. She should thank him for the happiness he gave to her, and to feel the infinite joy of the fact that next to her was such a man.

Not the fact that absolutely all the men want to have at hand is such "ideal" wives. But be honest: very few of the stronger sex would give up most of the items contained in the list.

 how to become an ideal wife for husband

The ideal wife with a woman's perspective

It just so happened that women quite differently assess the qualities of an ideal wife. For us, the ideal is a wise, knowing the life of the woman, which her husband to please, and will receive its full. So, what should be the perfect wife, from our point of view?

  1. The ideal wife does not have to look like a fashion model. The main thing - it is a certain charm, zest, which are so attracted to men. Dress it must be beautiful, but it's not the most important thing. It is possible and in a bathrobe with hair curlers on the head as to have a man that he will lose his head with passion. This something is the difference wise, experienced woman from the silly overdressed.
  2. The ideal wife should be sexy and passionate in bed. At the same time it should get the most pleasure from sex, even if the husband - "out of shape." The spouse can not be proud of a woman capable of squeezing all the juice out of it even when he is not ready for sexual exploits.
  3. The ideal wife should be interested in the affairs of her husband, asking him about his work and talk about their feelings and experiences. Only through open dialogue can prevent conflicts and to maintain family happiness!
  4. Higher education - not the main thing for the perfect wife. Much more important - to be able to keep the conversation on any topic of her husband, to shine erudition and erudition. And even better - to have a healthy sense of humor to brighten up the hours spent with your beloved spouse.
  5. The ideal wife makes her man to move forward, not dwelling on the results. The husband of a woman is always a success and wealth, as the genius of his wife does all the emotional and creative development of his beloved. A man can not appreciate a woman, which was the impetus for his lifting up the career ladder.
  6. The ideal wife clearly delineates the responsibilities of the house and never perform the male part of the work. It would seem that she does not believe her husband's able to make the bin to fix the toilet or hammer a nail into the wall. But it is not so! The ideal woman makes her husband feel the real man and the owner, whose hands grow "from the right place." Is not it a reason to raise his self-esteem at the highest level?
  7. The ideal wife should involve her husband in the process of raising children, to accustom him to help her with the housework. Therefore, it is sometimes "tired" after work and offers her husband to cook dinner and do the lessons with their children. So the husband will be more responsible and spouse will acquire a stronger emotional connection with children.
  8. If the husband stayed after work and arrived drunk, perfect wife already knows "where the cattle wandered and who saw," and will do anything to upset her such acts are not repeated. It can carry out explanatory work with the spouse be far from good, and punish him hot food deprivation and denial of sexual pleasure to the full correction guilty.
  9. The ideal wife would never allow that husband came home in the morning with traces hickey on the neck, face and lipstick on women's panties in his pocket. This can only happen in families where the husband and wife have not been able to relate to each other by bonds of true love and devotion.

    If such an outrage to happen, it will do everything to bring back the "lost sheep" on the right path. In its arsenal of many existing funds: from the moralistic ending severe blow on the head with a frying pan.

  10. If the husband decides to get away from the ideal wife (which in itself is nonsense!), Then that will not tear his hair and to persuade him to stay. She thanked him for all the happy moments that he gave her a time of living together in peace and let go. And grieve a little, go in search of their ideal man, the more so that it knows exactly what it should be. If someone is not clear, here is his portrait is pumped up handsome cubes press on a flat stomach, a real alpha male leader for life.

    He should be generous, intelligent and sexy at the same time, but at the same time happy to wash the dishes, cook and wash clothes. He must know what PMS, and look at his wife with loving eyes (with a mocking, predatory squint), to be 100% faithful and megaseksualnym in bed. And as soon as these two meet an individual ideal, the world will turn and happiness will reign over all the earth.

Perhaps you will have the most to choose a way to be a perfect wife. But the list of all the above items, we have forgotten the most important thing and the most important condition to be considered thereof. If you love your husband for richer or poorer, in sorrow and in joy, want to grow old together and die in one day, you will certainly reach the ideal. And then all the other advantages and disadvantages recede into the background, because the main quality of the ideal wife was and remains her boundless love for her husband. And the rest - will follow.

 How to become an ideal wife: the opinions of men and women

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