The rite of betrothal

Engagement - this is a very ancient ritual, the beautiful and the sublime. Maybe it was invented to our mundane world was more romance - who knows? No one knows who invented the tradition of engagement bind the union, but one thing is for sure - the day for lovers opens a new world in which they are not just man and woman, and the bride and groom.

Of course, the engagement borrows much of their past. There are some traditional elements, without which this rite is simply not present. However, no one stops to take the initiative, create and invent your own style of engagement.


This is one of the key elements of any engagement, a symbol of love and union of two hearts. Traditionally, the man presents his beloved a ring with a precious stone. This could be a luxurious diamond-rich garnet red, sapphire, aquamarine - anything you like, depending on the preference of the girl and the financial well-being of the groom.

However, there are some limitations associated with the choice of stones. Thus, according to popular belief, it can not be used for engagement rings with pearls, ruby, or a bloody disgrace. The magical power of these stones are not conducive to family happiness.

Ring usually worn on the ring finger of his right hand. Usually after the procedure wedding ring safely hidden - in the jewelry box, for example. Subsequently, it plays the role of the family treasures and put on celebrations and holidays (usually on the anniversary of the engagement and other important dates).

Famous jewelry giant De Beers recently gave birth to the tradition of gift giving during the engagement ring with a large diamond. This treasure is difficult to store for a long time, not wearing, but this is not necessary, because it is quite possible to be worn together with a wedding ring - bans it does not exist.
However, time after time putting on the ring, remember that this is not just a piece of jewelry, and a sign of seriousness and a symbol of your love.

 The rite of betrothal

Script Engagement

Today's woman - a perfectly prepared books and foreign movies identity and to surprise her have pretty sweat. All the ladies secretly or openly dream of romance, so engagement will certainly be unusual. Will it be the ride, traveling halfway around the world or a parachute jump - Try to remember a long engagement. Sometimes it is enough to create the right atmosphere. That is what many modern men, starting with his fiancee to exotic destinations, booking a room at a spa hotel or a small, but very romantic bungalow somewhere far from civilization. If you fill a bungalow with flowers, candles, incense sticks, and the elite Champagne is served with fabulous fruit basket at the bottom of which is hiding in the flower bud ring, something about the answer we need not worry.

A few words for the girls. Remember that your man came up with all this (ring, flowers, music, champagne, romantic ride, jump out of a plane, etc.) for you. That you assigned a major role in this action, so even if the engagement has not made a strong impression on you, try to show the opposite of its kind. Do not overplay - Be natural!

Parting words from parents

The young man made a marriage proposal and she agreed. From that moment they bride and groom. Now you need to tell someone, but first of all - parents. These days, the parental parting words does not necessarily, but it is still a sign of good upbringing.

Usually the bride and groom satisfied with the identity of timed engagement. For his organization traditionally meets the bride's family. As a rule, come to celebrate the engagement of only the most close people. During the celebration of the bride grooms often presented an expensive gift - a kind of response to the engagement ring. That gift can be gold cufflinks and watches.

After the engagement begins a preparatory stage before the wedding. It is still possible to turn back (though it is not welcome), and the pair should again weigh the pros and cons, finally convinced that their chosen path - the right one. In Switzerland, there was a tradition: after the engagement bride and groom had to talk to a priest that helped them understand the commitment to marriage and subsequent family life together. It is not known how many of the holy father bowed to renounce his marriage, but this test is certainly going exclusively for the benefit of a young family.

 The rite of betrothal

 Preparing for a wedding from A to Z


  • Determine the budget wedding
  • Make a plan for marriage
  • On the eve of the wedding

Each of us have childhood dreams of a beautiful wedding dress and a wonderful celebration on the day of engagement. And then came the moment when the sound of wedding bells will sound in your honor! In order for everything to go perfectly, you need the best possible way to prepare for the holiday, it is only up to you, what memories remain from this magical day. We present to your attention a small synopsis of the preparations for the wedding of "A to Z" to the preparations for the celebration were not boring vanity and a pleasant pastime!

Determine the budget wedding

Anywhere no getting around it, no matter how you circled the head component of a romantic holiday, but without money and careful planning it is unlikely you will achieve success. So the budget. First you need to determine how much can you and your partner to spend on the wedding, will you help parents. For these reasons, it is possible to determine the scope of the celebration: a small event in the circle of close friends or a grand wedding with lots of guests. Having defined the amount of money you are willing to spend, you can begin planning the budget itself. So, what costs you are coming and what to consider in the first place?

  1. Based on the expected number of guests, calculate the cost of a restaurant or cafe, where the wedding will take place. Do not forget that the liquor is taken into account separately, as they are usually not included in the main estimates proposed menu in the institution. Even if you want to mark the wedding of the house, you should calculate the amount of money needed for the purchase and preparation of treats.
  2. If you decide to organize a wedding in a cafe or restaurant, do not forget about the decorations for the hall. Festive balloons, flowers and ribbons create a magical, festive atmosphere.
  3. In order to wedding guests turned out fun and not bored, need to order toastmaster. And come to the choice of the leading holiday must be with full responsibility: non-professional toastmaster able to nullify all the efforts to make your holiday a happy and memorable
  4. Sometimes, the couple invited to the wedding music bands and pop stars. If you also want to please themselves and guests of this performance, it is necessary to agree in advance with the artists and to clarify the amount of their fees.
  5. We need money for professional photo and video. It is not necessary to save on such expenses, because high-quality photos and video of your wedding day will allow for a long time to remember this holiday.
  6. Schedule the amount you spend on a wedding dress and shoes. To do this, you can run through the bridal salon. Also, this cost will suit for the groom.
  7. You will need to allocate money on engagement rings. You can pre-thought-out design of rings and shop around for these jewelry in jewelry stores.
  8. Do not forget about the wedding hair and makeup - it too will go into the wedding budget expenditure item. In the main holiday of your life you have to look perfect, but it's worth it to spend the money.
  9. You will need a wedding procession to take guests to the branch registry office, and after a walk through the city. It is necessary to determine in advance the number and names of vehicles, as well as find out the cost of such services.

So, you hold an approximate cost estimate for the wedding - now you know what amount of money you will need. As you can imagine, can always happen unforeseen situations that require additional investments. Therefore, the amount you have calculated easily add on 20% - in this case, can not worry about what will be in an awkward situation, and that is not enough money.

 turn-based preparations for the wedding from A to Z

Make a plan for marriage

To prepare for the wedding from A to Z just need to draw up a detailed action plan. To this important day everything went perfectly and smoothly, you have to consider a lot of subtleties. So, where should start planning?

The first stage of training

First of all, decide the date of the wedding. If you are not superstitious or not linked to any religious beliefs, you can set any date for the wedding. For those people who are serious about national signs, it is better to follow the rules for your own peace of mind - even bad thoughts do not disturb you in this wonderful day. If you, for example, the Orthodox and want to combine the wedding with the wedding, make sure that the chosen day can make a wedding ceremony at the church.

Make a list of the guests you want to invite, do it on the basis of the budget of the wedding. The list itself is divided into 3 parts: the guests of the bride, groom, guests and friends of the newlyweds. In any case, you can create and "reserve list" of visitors from distant relatives. If someone close to you for any reason not be able to appear at the festival, you will be able to compensate for the number of guests people from the reserve list. Sometimes the bride and groom's parents insist that you want to invite someone from the family, although you may not like these people. Remember that the wedding - it's just your holiday, and the final decision can only be you. Make beautiful invitations and send them in advance.

After receiving information on who the guests will come to the wedding, do not be lazy to plan seating guests. Believe me, this is an important moment. Sometimes, the couple completely forget about the characters and habits of their guests. All people are different, and it is possible that some of your future relatives feel hostile feelings for each other. To under the influence of alcoholic beverages did not happen conflict that could spoil the holiday atmosphere, better to think about how to seat guests.

Now is the time to think about a wedding dress. Surely in your head already have a rough image of the bride, who would you like to match. Take a look at budgeting your wedding, check the amount of money allocated for the wedding dress and accessories to it - and go on shopping! If you plan to sew a wedding dress to order, you should contact the company in advance to the appointed date outfit was ready.

Choosing style of dress, take care of the wedding hair and makeup. If you are not a stylist, hairdresser, it is best to contact the beauty salon. Speak presupposes hair with the master, book time in the cabin on the morning before the wedding. You can conduct a "dress rehearsal" of his appearance, making a trial hair and makeup for a few days before the celebration. It will be worth the money, however, you are 100% will be assured of their beauty and irresistible in this wonderful day.

The second phase of training

At this stage of preparation for the wedding from A to Z you have to choose the institution where the wedding will take place. This can be a cafe, restaurant or private residence with all the amenities - it can be removed at the time of the celebration. It all depends on your personal preferences and financial capabilities. Carefully Speak menu with employees institutions, as well as the number of staff. If your wedding will be attended by children, it is possible to include in the list of treats and a children's menu.

Then you need to choose the toastmaster. This is probably one of the most critical points at this stage of preparation. On how professional leading wedding depends on how the mood of the bride and groom and guests. Carefully negotiate with the candidate for the role of toastmaster holiday program, when necessary, make their own adjustments. Pay special attention to the choice of background music, or you will be listening longingly plaintive melody or inappropriate occasion. By the way, now is the time to think about the first wedding dance. All eyes will be guest directed at you, so that does not disappoint in this critical moment, it is necessary in advance to come up with a suitable music movement and how to rehearse them.

Now is the time to think about the symbol of marriage - wedding rings. It's quite pleasant chores - to go with the groom at a jewelery shop and choose your favorite ornaments. You can purchase the standard smooth ring, and can choose the decorations with an individual design. To do this you need to choose suitable designs for catalog and contact the jewelry shop to make them. Note that this must be done in advance, because the production of the rings will take time.

Find a professional photographer, whose images will not be ashamed to show your friends and acquaintances. You can search for photos on the recommendations of friends, and you can choose for your ads. Before you enter into a contract, carefully review the portfolio of the master and reviews of his work. It will be just perfect, if you meet with the photographer before the wedding and discuss all your requirements for image quality. Please note that a good master should not be an amateur and a professional camera.

The third phase of the preparation

10 days before the start of celebrations to take care of the wedding cortege. Perhaps this will help you invited friends and family - owners of suitable vehicles. Otherwise, the machine will have to be ordered. Typically, some of the guests of the bride and groom go to the registrar at the marriage ceremony and the subsequent walk Suite, and some just went to a restaurant or cafe for a banquet. Decide how many seats you need for the first part of the visitors on the basis of these data, order transportation. Do not forget about the car decoration with flowers, balloons and ribbons, as well as accessories for the bride and groom car (rings, doll, etc.).

Order the wedding cake and loaf for blessings before leaving the young parents out of the house. If you plan to keep the ritual of "bride price", the pre-designed script, and assign responsibility for carrying out of competitions. Often, the process turns into a bride price of this meal for family and friends - the guests from the bride and groom usually do not know each other and feel uncomfortable. So how will not dull your script depends on the mood and the guests and the bride and groom.

Pre-think about where to place your first wedding night. Did you stop at the house guests and a romantic night under these conditions will fail. Alternatively, you can stay in the hotel and escape to for a few minutes before the end of the holiday. If the version of the hotel you can not afford - remove a good apartment for the night. Conditions there will be no worse, but the price - at times less than at the hotel.

And one more important detail: do not forget to carry wedding shoes a few days before the celebration. If the bride will hold a day in cramped shoe rubs calluses, any most careful preparations for a wedding from A to Z will not fix a bad mood and pain in the legs.

 gradual preparation for a wedding from A to Z

On the eve of the wedding

Make sure that all the invited guests to the wedding yavyatsya. If someone at the last moment refused to urgently use the reserve list guests. Buy a boutonniere for the groom and a bouquet of flowers for the bride. In order to not delicate flowers wilted until the morning, can agree on the delivery of the bouquet the morning of the holiday. Do not forget to bring beauty: on the eve of the wedding the bride need to do hair removal and manicures and pedicures.

Take care of champagne and glasses for the ceremony at the registry office and then walk. Check motorcade - whether all the machines are ready to serve your wedding? If something has changed in the plans of one of the drivers or the car broke down, you will have time to find a replacement.

Do not forget to prepare the passport and the ring, or in the confusion and excitement festive day may miss this "minor" detail. In addition, prepare a small "rescue kit": a pair of scissors, thread, needles (suddenly dress breaks?), Headache tablets (who knows what?), Nail polish (suddenly manicure obderet?), Powder and lipstick to update makeup during the day.

Go to bed early - in spite of the excitement, you should look fresh and rested. In the morning, be sure to thoroughly breakfast - even if the "lump in the throat does not climb." You will need a lot of energy during the day, and the banquet will begin very soon.

So, before you a detailed plan of preparation for the wedding from A to Z - have only to follow it and to supplement it with additional items. You might want to after the wedding ceremony at the registry office you run doves or two hundred helium balloons. In short, the holiday mood will depend on your imagination and desire to embody all the ideas into reality.

Have fun and good luck!

 Preparing for a wedding from A to Z

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