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Have you noticed that happiness in his personal life does not always depend on the visual appeal? Sometimes you look at some simpleton - either you figure, no glitz, no trendy outfits - but, drat, gentlemen around her and twisted. And the marriage proposal she submitted periodically, as she is also in no hurry to accept them - say, not the first and not the last, still have time. And look at yourself in the mirror - why not beauty? The skin is clean, smooth, chic hair, figure trained in the gym .... But there are no men around, and that's it! And so I want to be like dating, cavalier turn a head and finally find the long-awaited family happiness.

"How quickly and conveniently to get married? "- That is the question that puzzles many women. Beautiful, successful, economic and material provided by the ladies - they are hopelessly alone with unsettled personal life. What is the reason, you may ask, do these qualities that we describe, do not need modern men? We need, oh how needed. And this error is quite remarkable women is not that they are able to monitor their appearance and achieve great success in other areas. The error lies in their approach to potential suitors, the inability to build relationships.

Clever and beautiful - perfect! But sometimes the most intelligent and attractive person can not attract liked the guy, but, like, every chance they have. So after the first date, he does not call, it refers to the girl as a friend, and then did not pay attention. Help! And the clock is ticking, ticking watch, a wedding dress, and the ringing of bells have been a childhood dream, so they stayed. Of course, in our time no one thinks it shameful if a woman marries for the first time in 30 and 40 years old. Only once sad and hard on the soul becomes, when you meet the holidays have married friends, see their growing children and think when all this will be yours?

What to do? Continue to wait for hypothetical prince on a white horse, or try to take the most lives into their own hands? We suggest the second option. And in order to have everything worked out, we give you the detailed plan on how quickly and successfully marry.

Customizable luck

It may seem strange, but the first thing you need to do - is to tune in to the success of our company. If after a few failures you advance convinced that nothing good happens, it is best to buy a kitten, a rocking chair and learn to knit socks. Because such an approach, the husband does not find you. This romantic melodrama spinsters-loser, a finger is not hit for marriage, get groom-millionaire on a platter with a gold platter. They say that a woman should be modest and quiet, while the happiness itself knocks at the house. But it is a fairy tale and that we believe in a miracle. And if it is a miracle does not occur in a hurry, so it is possible, and a lifetime to sit in front of TV, mourning unfulfilled dreams.

No, we will not do. We believe the best and tune in to a positive. After all, who else is worthy of happiness, if not you? To get started, take a piece of paper and carefully describe all the talent they have. As there is no such? Not true. Perhaps you know how to sew, cook, grow radishes or take delivery of a cat. Or maybe you have time to build a great career, learned to drive a car or have learned a couple of foreign languages? All this is good, even the ability to communicate with people and possess a sense of humor - a significant trump card in winning the man of her dreams.

Believe me, hundreds and thousands of women find themselves inaccessible to the qualities that you have by nature, and you are so dismissive attitude towards them. Once you have managed to be so talented, then you win a man - a piece of cake! After all, they are people just like us - with the arms and legs. Is that the psychology of their slightly different from ours. That's about it, we are just now, and we'll talk.

 how well and quickly get married

Learn the secrets of men

Sometimes a man's behavior puts women at a standstill. How many obscene words been said about women's logic, but sometimes it seems that men will still pohlesche. You reveal a little secret: all the guys can be divided into several types, and their behavior depends on which category they belong. Running view our list, you are sure to determine which type is your man and what mistakes to avoid when dealing with him.


The man can drive any woman crazy. As a positive and negative sense. Most often this happens just in sequence - from mad love to the grave situation of irritation. To begin with, the daredevil just can not miss, he sees life only in bright colors. Of course, it's great, but he is so active that focus on a single woman for him is unthinkable.

He can arrange for you to unexpected dating, while it does not cost anything to throw you in the midst of activities to call a buddy. He can make you compliments, praising her hair and then without flinching to declare that it's time to throw a couple of extra kilos. But to do all this it will be with a touching smile and cunning in his eyes that really offended fail.

Sexually great daredevil, although he refers to the sacred rites to this very lightly. It did not come take you to his girlfriend on the sole ground that you're sleeping together. How to understand the nature of daredevils curb is not so simple. Settle down and be a serious and reliable partner in life, they agree only to a very mature age. Can you wait until he grows up, and you can try to turn the tide in their favor: the love works wonders with people!

As a small child

Oh, in our time, this type of men are incredibly common! It is not known what is the cause, but the mama's boy is growing among the male population. By the stronger sex these people carried clearly in error, because they alone can not do anything. You have a lifetime to feed him with a spoon, and treated as such a small child. But despite all your efforts you will never transcend the authority of the chief person in his life - his mother. Its decisions, not your will be taken into account in any difficult situations, her advice will be forever true last resort for your not matured men.

If you profoundly developed maternal instinct, and you are willing to devote life to constantly take care of this overgrown child, the best candidate for a husband to be found. However, there is a danger that after giving birth to their own child, the desire to coddle her husband subside - well, never mind! Wait a couple of decades, as your children grow up and again accept nurture her Blessed. You would not believe how many women are quite happy with this situation!


Surely this type of men know everything. Seaside charm, gallantry, knowledge of female psychology. With him and wants to fit in better, because the gentleman really noble - all the girls stare at him. Deters one thing to understand that the purpose of his courtship is to drag you into bed. But only. No wedding bells, no "live happily ever after."

If you're reckless by nature and want to try your hand at taming sexual maniac - God help you. And if you're also totally jealous and do not see anything wrong in the fact that your man "pogulivaet" on the side - you'll be the perfect couple! Only if all of the above is not about you - beware of ladies' men, or tears in the pillow can not be avoided.

The Dictator

Caution: Danger! As if you were not confident in the strength of his character, it is advisable to avoid male tyrants like fire. And to recognize them is not difficult - just feel the force of their "concerns." They will decide for you how to dress and painted, what to eat and where to go, whom to be friends and how to breathe. Step right, step left - shot. And if at the initial stage of relations tyrant still somehow holding back his temper, limiting himself reprimands and scandals, it became lawful husband, might reach to battering. And you need it? So think twice before contact with such a person.

Perhaps, we discussed the main types of men who can meet on your way. Lost only one thing - a real man. Unfortunately, nowadays it is as rare as a dinosaur in a jungle forest Ryazan. And do not describe the type of men we have for one simple reason: as soon as you meet him, you immediately know without our help. He is a caring, responsible, purposeful, kind. And it is not for anything you would not hurt and would love for the rest of his days. If you have an eye on this man - what, you draw a winning lottery ticket. It remains only to make it and you find the perfect woman for him.

 how to get married quickly and successfully

We fall for the right man and turn him into a husband

We hope that you have expressed an interest in relation to the man of your dreams and he is at least aware of your existence. And if you think that your ideal is unattainable and will never fall in love with you, you are deeply mistaken. Just try to follow these tips:

  • Allow yourself to stay weak and vulnerable, let him feel your protector. This tactic works since primitive times when men with clubs in their hands rushed to protect the delicate, vulnerable girlfriends. Do not replay and show him stupid and helpless, and it will achieve the opposite effect.
  • Less talk. In no case do not tell the details of his personal life, be silent about diseases and unhappy childhood. At least until then, until you become close to each other.
  • Try not to limit his personal freedom. Men are afraid of women like the plague, which prohibit always walk with friends in the room and go to the cottage for barbecues. This is after the wedding you will dictate the terms, as long as your goal - to make him love me.
  • Observe all the positive aspects of his character, to make compliments, if it is something done well. And even better - ask for help. For example, offer to reinstall the operating system on the computer, and then to sincerely admire his ability.
  • Take the time to have sex - at an early stage of relations is emerging only hurt feelings. Man is by nature a hunter, and if he gets the desired before fall in love head over heels, then leave without hesitation.
  • Learn as much as possible about their interests and hobbies. The ability to keep the conversation on a topic of interest to him - an important trump card in winning his attention.
  • Watch for the appearance, do not be afraid to change. And if you still earn a great deal of interest in the eyes of his friends - anywhere it you are not going anywhere.
  • Once you feel that the man "on the hook" - make the crown number: withdraw from him for a while. Take a trip to another city to her friend, "Zabol" or something like that. Just do not overdo it: gone for a long time, run the risk of losing his interest.

As soon as the man of your dreams you love, you can breathe freely: the rest - a trick. Never tired of working on the relationship and make him understand that you - the best candidate in a life partner. It will take quite some time and it certainly will make you an offer of marriage, performing your most cherished dream. Get married, have children and be happy. Because you deserve it!

 Reveals the secrets of how to quickly and successfully to get married

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