Gift groom at a wedding

Almost without exception, the girls, the happy owners of a marriage proposal at the time of preparation for the wedding begin to think about the gift to his beloved. And, of course, everyone wants to make this a gift original, memorable and most importantly, fit!

I venture to give some advice to brides:

  • You can give something romantic, made with his own hands (heart with their initials or photo and say that it is now the heart belonged to him)
  • Or you can give something symbolic, such as silver spoon - they are, and with the signs of the zodiac. It is very useful to keep in water - is a favorite with her tea and always remember about your day ...
  • Souvenir coins, which the bank sold, as a symbol of the beginning of the savings
  • Engraved on the ring or souvenir engraved (lighter, flask)
  • And if you think to give a piece of jewelry, that are relevant for men gold pendants, gold tie clips and cufflinks.
  • Even you can make a joke and give him the usual flip-flops, with an inscription Just Married, and take their honeymoon
  • An excellent gift bottle of wine will be delayed according to the date, for example, the groom or husband of 25 years, then the wine harvest in 1984
  • Well, if you sing or dance, you will love him song in your performance, and can be a funny dance under incendiary music in the film "Rules of removal: Hitch"
  • In addition to all the above, you can make intimate gift to her fiance, but of course, so that would be about it, he only knew. It can be beautiful lingerie, stockings and negligee that you wear your wedding night. Believe me, every man will appreciate such a surprise. Beautiful lingerie you can order through the online lingerie store.

Very expensive gifts do not need to. Firstly, it would oblige him something like that to give you, and secondly, the money for the wedding takes a lot, so they are never superfluous .. And then, it is your overall holiday! The gift should be symbolic and always reminded of that on what occasion was presented!

Love each other!

 Gift groom at a wedding

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 Short dresses knee-deep in the style of the 50s

The desire of every bride - to be the most beloved, beautiful, unique, desirable. help you achieve this by telling about some of the most fashionable trends of wedding dresses in the autumn-winter 2010-2011, which were presented by leading fashion designers in the world.

New bold silhouettes of wedding dresses jeopardize the existence of classical romance dresses. Now more relevant short wedding dresses are knee-deep in the style of the 50s; elegant neckline; and tiered skirts, reminiscent of a classic ball gown.

  • Short dresses knee-deep in the style of the 50s

Cheeky, playful and at the same time very romantic dress knee suit petite brides who are not afraid of experiments and safely depart from tradition. The fluffy skirt to the knee and exposed shoulders create a playful image of the bride.

  • Elegant neckline

Brides who prefer a strapless dress, a form of heart-shaped neckline is very flattering. Such cleavage fit to virtually any body type. The trends this season include bodices covered with chiffon or lace, as well as decorated with bows and belts.

  • Tiered skirt

Skirts in several layers or tiers - the main wedding trend this year. This is a great option for those brides who would dream to spend a princess on her wedding, but at the same time to keep up with fashion. This layering is expressed mixed chiffon and organza, combined with a bodice embroidered with beads.

  • Feathers

The simplest classical wedding dress decorated with feathers will find a new life and become a topical this autumn. Feathers can be both white and colorful, such as peacock feathers and other exotic birds.

  • Asymmetry

If you are a lover of asymmetric dresses, the collection of wedding dresses 2010-2011 season will certainly please you. Asymmetrical wedding dresses emphasize the neck, back and shoulders, they are ideal for a beach wedding.

So, we told you a few of the most current trends of the season autumn-winter 2010-2011, offers a variety of new and unique wedding styles. Going in search of the very dress of which you dreamed of all my life, take into service our tips and you will feel the most charming bride.

 Fashionable wedding dresses Fall-Winter 2010-2011

 Wedding accessories. Feathers for romantic ladies

During their wedding you can feel free to experiment with your way. We invite you to plunge into the distant past.

In Hollywood 30s fashionista actively used feathers in their dresses. Remember the snow-white robe of feathers, which Marlene Dietrich throws over a translucent dress? Today feathers returning to wedding fashion: they adorn not only the bride, but bridal accessories such as gloves, hats and bridal bouquet. Some brides are decorated with elegant feathered fan. And it is not necessary to use in decorating feathers traditional white color, you can decorate accessories colored feathers of exotic birds.

Popularity feathers bridal explained quite simply: they represent the beauty, tenderness, weightlessness and elegance. And if properly care for ornaments with feathers, in the future you will be able to again and again to use them in its image: handbag or hairpin decorated with feathers aircraft will be a great addition to an evening dress.

 Wedding accessories. Feathers for romantic ladies

 that is presented to the wedding


  • Gifts for the wedding: the problem is the problem or not?
  • Icon - a sacred talisman for every family
  • The most appropriate gifts on the occasion of the church wedding

The institution of marriage today is undergoing major changes. They concern both positive and negative aspects. First, many young people, before going to the registrar, prefer, so to speak, to test their feelings and live a little in a civil marriage. Secondly, in addition to the official ceremony of the public agency, the couple increasingly go for heavenly blessing of the union church.

So what is a wedding - a tribute to tradition or a sincere desire to become husband and wife, not only in the eyes of society, but before God? Each of us will answer this question in his own way, but unfortunately, despite the strong tendency to revive the role of the church in the lives of people, the number of divorces has been steadily increasing. Just imagine that one hundred and forty percent of marriages breaks up after a few years. So maybe the wedding - is a way for some couples to refrain from divorce?

Whatever it was, but by itself the church ceremony, sanctify the sacrament of marriage - an incredibly beautiful and touching. And in this case it does not matter whether it is necessary at the altar of a young girl in a white dress or a middle-aged woman in an elegant suit. Certainly, in the first case of a pair of flying a certain aura of innocence, but in the second embodiment other than the confirmation of feelings quite mature Suite is the presence of common children or even grandchildren.

Gifts for the wedding: the problem is the problem or not?

But guests at such elevated spiritually ceremony excites the same question: what to give for a wedding? Problems do not arise in the case, and painted in the registry office, and the mystery of the Church takes place in one day. Then any appropriate wedding congratulations: money, household appliances and so on. But to present a couple who decided to get married in a month, a year or a decade after the official registration of marriage? After the couple often invite loved ones again to share their happiness by joining the family unit, this time - under the arches of the church.

It argued that the Orthodox wedding in general can not give gifts. Arguments in favor of this statement is practically no. The priests also express any restrictions. Maybe it's just superstition? In any case, consider the opinion of the "married". If they insist on the absence of any gifts to the wedding, proceed according to their wishes. Otherwise you will have to think about what is best to choose as greetings, and then present still not worth it.

It's one thing if the church ceremony the young couple seen as a kind of craze. In this case, even if the wedding is planned a month or two after the registration in the registry office, much to puzzle over the gift is not necessary. Choose something from home appliances and utensils: a young family, especially if she is living separately from their parents, are usually in need of the most basic things.

Worried that your gift will not appear in a single copy? Then there is nothing easier than to put in a nice envelope some money. And if you want to stand out, get in the thematic shop beautiful album, made "antique". In general, the young, who are not particularly religious, and get married, so to speak, for beauty, you can donate anything, as long as it was appropriate.

Quite different things with the pair, which belongs to the sacraments seriously. It can be both young and mature people, but unites them the idea that the true union of two people is in heaven, and therefore in need of a blessing. How, in this case to be a gift to the wedding? What can the best way to symbolize the spiritual connection, the purity and the desire to become each other's sole partner in life forever?

 gift for wedding

Icon - a sacred talisman for every family

On the occasion of the church marriage ceremony, it decided to give the icons of Orthodox saints. The most popular is the so-called "a wedding couple" - images of the Father Almighty and Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. This gift to the newlyweds are usually presented with their parents. It becomes a kind of talisman for the couple and protects it from all sorts of hardships and misfortunes. In some families decided to transfer such icons for generations - the older children to marry. If your heroes of the occasion not yet received such a talisman, then it is appropriate to select it as a gift. Especially if it is a mature married couple, because their parents may not have been close to the wedding day.

As another option, you can present icons with faces of angels for each of the newlyweds. They are usually chosen according to the names of the couple, given to them in baptism. Lush salary, inlaid with silver and gold, will adorn and peculiar family mascot. As a rule, expensive icons are written with special paints, used for the manufacture of solid oak boards. Perhaps your gift will begin to transmit the tradition of registered icons grandchildren named after the grandfather or grandmother, who now get married.

Very suitable gifts on the occasion of the marriage of the church are the images of Peter and Fevronia. These saints are considered the Orthodox patron saint of lovers and symbolize the indissoluble spiritual bond between husband and wife, even after death. Do not forget to wish the newlyweds loyalty, spiritual purity, deep love and respect, even if heat and light their great sense of all will save the family home.

It will be a worthy gift and an icon with a face of a saint who protects young professions. Not to be trapped, after a talk with the priest about it, he just tells you what you need to choose. Doctors can give the image of St. Luke, the Rev. Panteleimon, Elizabeth the New Martyr. Teachers select the icon with the faces of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Do not be discouraged if your couple have a modern profession, they also have their own patrons.

We should also be said about the embroidered icon. Today, this kind of ancient crafts regaining its former popularity. But if you have not mastered the skills of embroidery cross or are not sure that will be able to make an icon really beautiful, do not worry. After all, you can without any problems buy a ready hand made in the monastery. The local masters are able to use not only the bright embroidery thread and beads, but sometimes and pearls. Therefore, these icons, especially inscribed, will be very original and exclusive gifts to the wedding.

By the way, if you are unsure that the faces of the saints will present a lot of young and your just get lost, you do otherwise. Give them a special shelf for arranging home iconostasis, a beautiful oil lamp and a pair of silver candlesticks. This original solution exactly like heroes of the occasion and will be a worthy and practical decoration of their rooms.

 that is presented to a young wedding

The most appropriate gifts on the occasion of the church wedding

  • First of all I would like to say that the young can give quite ordinary things and objects. But! If you choose a set of cutlery, give preference to that which is made of silver or coated with them. Perfectly suited as silver cups, glasses encrusted with unusual dishes and so on. Linens, rebuffed from expensive fabrics, embroidered and lace can also be present on the occasion of the wedding. Especially smart looks set white or cream color, which will not leave indifferent spouse.
  • You can teach a young Bible bound in a beautiful inlaid. No less interesting would be greeting and wedding portrait, made a good artist. For a cheaper option is to carry all kinds of statues, sculptures and paintings on biblical themes. You can give the newlyweds gold or silver chain (without crosses), beads, bracelets with faces of saints.
  • Very good gift is still the book. So let me write your own future spouses work, a kind of memoir, illustrated with photographs, supplemented by inferences and interesting thoughts. All that is required, so it is to give them a huge wedding album, issued in book form. Now, many craftsmen make custom works of art of this kind, with gold, precious or semi-precious stones.
  • Those guests who have sufficient funds, you should pay attention to the gold coins issued by the Savings Bank. By the way, they are decorated with the faces of St. Nicholas, St. Sergius of Radonezh and other holy martyrs. Collectible coins - this is a very worthy gift that perfectly meets the spirit of the celebration. Perhaps in future wife, inspired by your compliments, begin to collect its own collection, which will be passed on from generation to generation. You can also give the couple an ingot of silver or gold engraved with the theme.
  • If the future spouses, giving their vows under the dome of the Church, are deeply religious people, why people do not cooperate close and teach them a tour of the holy places? It need not be a ticket to Israel - it is possible to consider options related to the near abroad, and in Russia itself quite famous temples and monasteries. Especially like such an unusual gift middle-aged people, who gladly will accept the idea of ​​not just a break from the routine, but to get at the same spiritual food.

In any case, no matter what you chose as a gift on the occasion of the sacrament of wedding, be sure to complement greetings beautifully designed bouquet of flowers and warm wishes. In such auspicious for two loving people a day as ever it is important to create an atmosphere of sincerity, goodness and purity. Remember that the couple invited you not just a wedding celebration. They wanted it to share with you a great joy and let you into the great mystery of love. Therefore, their congratulations, you have to emphasize the understanding of such an important moment in the life of every family.

 What is presented to the wedding: the symbolism and spiritual meaning gifts