women's fragrance for March 8

Soon a special day for every woman - March 8. Even those who do not consider this day a holiday, will be pleased to accept gifts and a bouquet of flowers, no matter what they say. Choose and give the gift - everyone's business, and we want to recommend something special, beautifully fragrant in a sleek bottle.

For example, to remind her of paradise on earth, no matter where you are, or just dream of visiting, - give it a tropical scent of magnolia Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma. Also popular scents of magnolia and geranium - Idylle by Guerlain, Eau Verte by Chanel, and others. In traveling the world calls a series of Guerlain: floral and berry Paris-Moscow, tender green scent of Paris-Tokio and spicy energetic - Paris-New-York.

Your darling conquer new perfume based on synthetic molecules - Escentric Molecules. In this line of fragrances is and exciting flavors that are so relevant in our time - a cool, fruity-floral fragrance, there is a very fresh woody fragrance - a cocktail of sandalwood and cedar. For lovers of oriental fragrances - fragrance with amber. Buy molecule of perfume you can perfume stores.

For spring holiday will be a wonderful gift aroma of freesia and geatsinty with their soft and fresh sweetness. This elegant Beige by Chanel Exclusifs, Chamade by Guerlain with powdery train, discreet aroma Ofresia from Diptyque, Yuzu ab Irato №9 by Parfumerie Generale bristling with energy. These aromas give lightness and freshness inspire you dizzy waltz.

Modern fashionable women live scents of jasmine and lily, peony and rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang tropical, sweet vanilla and styrax on a background of patchouli, "delicious" flavors of caramel, chocolate and pralines. For young girls perfect series DKNY Delicious Candy Apple - Ripe Paspberry, Sweet Caramel and Juicy Berry. Notes of jasmine are present in the aroma Songes by Annick Goutal, rich oriental fragrance - Sarracine by Serge Lutens, cheerful and carefree fragrance for women - La Chasse Aux Papillons by L`Artisan Parfumeur. Rose notes sound in the traditional fragrance Joy by Jean Patou, sweet Nahema by Guerlain, in modern fragrances Jeanne la Rose by Lanvin and Fiore d`Ulivo from Xerjoff, as well as in the updates - Aire Loco Loewe and by Parisienne by Yves Saint-Laurent.

In perfume stores are now a huge selection of flavors that would please your beloved. You just have to know her tastes and spend a little time to choose the right fragrance.

 Women's fragrance for March 8

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 scents of winter

From early childhood, winter most people associate with sleds, slides, and Happy New Year fairy tale. Perhaps this is why, and growing, adult people - still so fond of winter flavors. Winter air has a special smell, the smell of cold, fresh, pine needles and more that - that elusive.

Smells are very important in human life. It is difficult to imagine the image of a modern woman without a fine, alluring perfume. Unfortunately, too many women, choosing once, use the same fragrance all year round. Such an approach to the choice of fragrance is totally wrong. After all, the human perception of odors in winter and summer and winter completely different fragrance different from summer. Perfume for winter has its own special and unique charm. Winter perfume will make your image winter beauty Finished!

Leading perfumers have traditionally produced spirits of winter and summer. And this year was no exception. Attention women presented new fragrances winter 2010. Almost all the famous perfume brands launched new products perfume Winter 2010 2011.

Aromas of the winter 2011 are very diverse, sometimes very difficult to give preference to - that a particular brand. This is not surprising, because the news of perfumes winter 2011 so good that I want to buy everything at once. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to consider some nuances.

Choosing a fragrance for the winter, remember that winter fragrances for women could radically change the image of man: shy prude flavors of winter can turn into a sexual temptress, and the image of a woman - vamp, on the contrary, make notes of naivety.

"Breathing perfumes and mists ..."

Here are tips stylists - perfumers to help pick up the winter fragrances for women of different types and with different temperaments.

 Winter flavors

  • If you are dark-haired beauty oriental type, like things bright and bold make-up if you will always achieve the intended objective in any way, then choosing a winter fragrance in 2011, pay their attention to the spirits of winter 2010 brand Salvador Dali. These spirits have won the love of thousands of women around the world and are still relevant in this season. Their fragrance will emphasize your beauty and temperament, and energize you for the whole winter.
  • Delicate fragile blonde, a little shy, childishly naive, for it is unacceptable intrigues, scandals and lies. It's about you? Your image will add wonderful flavors of winter 2011 brand Lancome «Magie Noire», or else should choose a winter fragrance company in 2010 Guy Laroche, for example, «Fidji». This winter the aromas are very light and fresh, wonderfully suited to your image.
  •   For secular aristocratic ladies who are a little over thirty, news perfume Winter 2010 2011 offers a very wide selection of winter Cacharel perfumes «Anais Anais», toilet water from the winter Yves Saint Laurent «Rive Gauche» and many others. These fragrances winter 2010 emphasize your wisdom and ability to maintain equanimity in all situations.
  • If you are fortunate enough to be born a burning blonde, if the expression "woman - a cat" - it's about you, your footsteps inaudible, your movements are graceful and elegant, you are soft and gentle, able to purr in good and gentle man's hands, but sometimes it can show sharp claws then you do not need to learn new items and perfume Winter 2010 - 2011, because your choice is clear: «Naomi by Naomi Campbell».
    Aromas of the winter 2011 the brand presented in three versions. Choosing winter fragrances of this series, look for marks that are on the bottles, which are the spirits of winter «Naomi by Naomi Campbell 2010". Main mark fraught with the freshness of lemon and the sweetness of raspberries and a touch of exotic flavor makes guavas.
    Heart same mark is fraught with the heady aroma of roses in May, which is reminiscent of the long-awaited spring and flowering gardens and gives a tremendous feeling of freshness. Well, the basic mark is characterized by a pleasant bouquet composition consisting of vanilla, caramel, sandalwood and coffee beans. This winter fragrance created to awaken carefully concealed desire to throw you into a whirlpool of passion.
  • For young girls, the main charm of which is their natural and youthful, trendy winter fragrances must be chosen carefully. The fragrance should not be overly sweet or spicy. It should not overshadow your youth and freshen, its purpose is precisely to emphasize this. For those of you new items perfumery Fall-Winter 2010 prepared a pleasant surprise. IDYLLE Eau de Toilette by Guerlain ideal for you. Eau de toilette Idylle Eau de Toilette - this winter fairy tale with a happy ending. Aromas of orange blossoms and freesia green emphasize your beauty and youth.
  • For those women who prefer floral perfumes with hints of Eastern flavors of winter brand Serge Lutens perfume presented «Arabie». The composition consisting of the tea tree aroma and spicy notes of spices, are sure to impress the ladies. Winter Serge Lutens fragrances meet the needs of women with the most sophisticated and refined taste.
  • New items perfumery Fall-Winter 2010 did not escape his attention and successful business - lady, purposeful women who have an iron will and endurance. It was created for them Perfume «Absolutely Me» by Escada. The energy of white roses and stunning scent of raspberries - the perfect choice women who are confident in their abilities.

Choosing fashionable fragrances winter 2010 2011, check out the little secrets that will help you make the right choice and not to be disappointed soon after the long-awaited purchase.

 Winter flavors 2011

Rules for the choice of spirits

  1.   Despite the fact that absolutely everyone knows the simple truth that the same perfume skin smell completely different people on - in different ways, this is why - that is very often overlooked. It is not necessary to purchase fashionable collection of fragrances "Winter 2010-2011", focusing on reviews acquaintances or friends. After all, even in the skin of the same human odor may be different, depending on the health of man, his mood and the weather. It is much wiser to buy a vial of test and see how it will reveal the fragrance on your skin.
  2. Remember that the true perfume will be revealed immediately after application, but only a few hours later. Get a little patience: Apply perfume on your wrist and wait. You should not constantly smell them as soon your olfactory recipes get used to this smell and simply cease to perceive it. You will feel that the smell was gone, and you will not be able to appreciate the true fragrance.
  3. When choosing a perfume should not smell more than three fragrances for one hour. The reason is usually that the olfactory receptors not able to adequately assess the great diversity of odors in a short period of time. The result is a highly distorted picture of perfume.
  4. Buying expensive perfume famous brands, it is necessary to follow a specific algorithm that helps reduce the risk of buying fake fragrances. Try to make a purchase only in specialty stores, as the markets with 100% you can buy a "fake." Before you go shopping, look closely at the photos it looks like a real pack. Try to remember every detail, down to the color of the font. When you buy carefully examine the packaging, comparing to what you saw in the picture. Note packaging quality. Do not hesitate to ask the seller - adviser certificates for this product. Sellers self-respecting store, valuing Sway reputation pleased to present you with all the necessary documents.

It is not necessary to approach the selection of spirits and reckless to make a purchase on the "whip", because the time spent on the selection and purchase of spirits, guaranteed pay off your perfectly and good mood.

 Winter flavors 2011

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