Indications for laser tattoo removal


  • Laser removal of tattoos: the process of drawing the attention
  • Indications for laser tattoo removal
  • What does the procedure of laser tattoo information
  • Forms and types of laser to remove the picture
  • Contraindications to remove tattoos

The youth of today are increasingly began to make tattoos on his body, considering it a fashionable trend. For tattooists it has become a wonderful business that allows to make a lot of money. Often, young people come to this decision without thinking about that drawing on their body will be eternal. Of course, now there is a possibility of reducing the tattoos, but it is quite expensive, and the trace of the tattoo removal in any case remain.

The most famous and the best method of removal is considered to laser tattoo removal.

This method of getting rid of unwanted and boring pattern is perhaps the most reliable and effective.

Many people are wondering whether any tattoo can be removed? Practice shows that small tattoos can be removed without a trace. In drawing figure needle used the best materials and very permanent ink. This suggests that the process of removing the picture is not very easy, and the result of the information may not be 100% successful. Very often, after information on the skin are small scars.

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Laser removal of tattoos: the process of drawing the attention

What is meant by a laser tattoo removal? On any particular color pattern directed a stream of light energy. As a result, the effect of light colored areas are broken down into tiny fragments. Sometimes it takes repeated exposure to the laser on the painted areas of the body that will permanently remove the image from the surface of the body. It all depends on how much quality was black, and the depth of penetration of the ink into the skin.

Plus, this procedure is that it does without any cuts and quite safe. The laser does not damage the unpainted areas of the skin, and acts only on the ink. If the ink has been introduced too deep, it may take several sessions of laser removal, which can result in a not very pleasant consequences: leather receives thermal shock on the surface of the bubbles will occur and pain. No matter how good the laser for tattoo removal, the risk of scarring after the procedure is still high.

 Laser tattoo removal is necessary to consult with a specialist
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Indications for laser tattoo removal

The easiest way to note amenable tattoo applied to the body of white-skinned people, especially on the buttocks, legs, arms and chest. In places where it is very low in fat (eg, fingers), display picture is much more complicated. The result after such a cleansing is unlikely to be perfect. It is said that the removal of tattoos as unpleasant as her application. Painful sensations and their intensity depends on the pain threshold of the individual.

Drawings, which were deposited on the body of a few decades ago, is much easier to make than those that were applied in recent years. Modern ink is sufficient proof, the complexity of the picture is markedly different, and its size has become larger over time. Many believe that the larger the tattoo, the steeper.

Sometimes during a laser tattoo removal requires the use of painkillers. Often during the removal process used ointments, which have an anesthetic effect, sometimes it takes the local obkalyvanie drug with anesthetic effect.
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What does the procedure of laser tattoo information

Typically, the laser exposure lasts several minutes. The duration of this exposure is primarily determined by the nature of the tattoo. Most inflicted needle 1-2 months, it all depends on the complexity of the tattoo.

Before the procedure, the eye to wear a protective shield. On a small plot of tattoo master checks the patient's response and individual susceptibility to laser radiation. Removing underwear pattern with a laser is carried out by a series of rather fast pulses. To reduce the tumor after laser treatment is applied to the skin ice. After some time on the treated area of ​​skin ointment is applied, which has disinfection effect, then puts on sterile dressing. Caring for the skin exposed to the laser exposure, should be the same as sunburn.

There may be some side effects, including pigmentation or discolouration. There is the risk of not passing scarring or infection. In addition, the skin that was exposed to the laser, a time can be tanned.

 the process of laser tattoo removal
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Forms and types of laser to remove the picture

Laser tattoo removal can be carried out different types of lasers. Thus, there is alexandrite laser. Such a laser is used to remove the green, blue and black colors of tattoo pigment. There is a ruby ​​laser, alexandrite which is substantially similar since it displays the same colors of the skin. But, unlike aleksandritoogo ruby ​​laser works much slower. It is worth noting that none of these lasers are not able to bring the red hue of the skin tattoos.

The most versatile and, perhaps, the fastest can be called neodymium laser. There are 4 types of lasers. The laser can be green, red, yellow and infrared. Green is used for information of orange, yellow and red tattoos, which are located in the epidermis of the skin. Unsaturated professional tattoo can be reduced by using such a laser.

Yellow laser is able to bring the blue shades of the tattoo. Red brings blue, black and green shades of color pigments that are found in the epidermal layer of the skin.

To ensure the best possible cosmetic result will help the infrared laser. He is able to get rid of dark tattoos, which are located not only in the epidermal layer of the skin, but also in the dermis, and the saturation of the picture has no meaning. The advantage of this laser is considered to be minimal change in pigmentation of the skin cover.

There is a method of removing the underwear picture as selective fotokavitatsiya. This method does not require the removal of anesthetics, but nevertheless it can not be called painless. The procedure involves removal of a consistent pattern in several steps. The first steps involve reduction of contrast and darken the picture, and the next steps are aimed at comparing the tone of the skin.

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Contraindications to remove tattoos

Not everyone has the ability to reduce inflicted on the body image. For example, fresh or newly made tattoo is a contraindication for information. Any inflammatory processes in the drawing area, are a serious contraindication for breeding. In addition, laser tattoo removal is prohibited under existing mechanical damage in the drawing, as well as the presence of cancer tumors. Diabetes and bleeding disorder - one of the main reasons why in the procedure may be refused. Medical cosmetologist can deny you the procedure if there is at least one of the following contraindications. If the patient is still insisting on the removal procedure, he is given the opportunity to sign documents confirming the prevention and consent.

Excretion underwear figure today is already considered a cosmetic procedure. It costs much more than the patterning on the body. The consequences of the removal may not be very happy.

There are other methods to remove the boring pattern from the skin surface. To avoid such a costly and unpleasant procedures, a thousand times think before you pack on your body image. You should not believe the myths that tell about the temporality of the drawing. It is important to know that all that is applied to the body of the needle - it's forever . Good luck.

 The procedure for tattoo removal with laser

 types of intimate plastics


  • Forms intimate plastics
  • Changing the size and shape of the labia
  • Intimate Plastic clitoris
  • Indications for surgical defloration
  • Operation of the plastic sheath

Intimate plastic - this is an area of ​​medicine related to gynecology, surgery and, not surprisingly as it may sound, with psychiatry. After defects of genitals can cause not only health problems but also psychological problems related to dissatisfaction with their sexual life. And as you know, the sexual sphere - it is an integral part of human life, which affects not only the health, but also psycho-emotional state. Therefore, the operation in the field of aesthetic gynecology has long been actively practiced in America and in Europe. In Russia - this is still a relatively new phenomenon, but the demand for such a medicine is gaining its momentum.

More recently, women hesitated to talk about intimate plastic genitalia, it was simply not accepted. But now the situation has changed. Women want to be perfect and beautiful in every way. This concerns not only the face and body, but also more intimate parts. Very often external genitalia defects negatively affect the sexual life of women. There are facilities, the woman begins to be ashamed of their bodies and express themselves in sex and all that affects the relationship with the partner. Of course, the field of plastic surgery in gynecology fundamentally changes nothing in the life of patients, changes occur in the state of mind that is important.
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Forms intimate plastics

All operations in the field of plastics intimate body parts in women conventionally divided into 2 groups. The first group includes surgery, which aim to correction of the appearance of genitalia (labia reshaping - labiaplasty, restoring virginity - Hymenoplasty operations on the clitoris). The second group includes the operation to restore bodily functions that have been lost after the gestation, birth, and after diseases (surgery on the vagina, deflowering surgical methods, correction stretching the perineum, etc.).

Whatever the operation, should be very serious about the choice of the clinic, which will be run by experienced doctors and follow all the rules of sterility.

After intimate plastic, made by unqualified experts, can lead to both of infection and nerve damage.

 different kinds of intimate plastics
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Changing the size and shape of the labia

Everything in our body is designed to sense. And the structure of the genital organs is not an exception. The normal position of the labia is considered when the labia majora cover small. This situation limits the penetration of infection in the vagina. In addition, the labia create a certain temperature regime genitals. By labiaplasty women resort when they are not happy with the size and shape of the labia. During the operation to change the shape of the labia is often either removed excess fat or, conversely, the labia are filled with fat. Usually surgery is performed under local anesthesia and its duration is about 30 minutes.

The most demanded aesthetic surgery in gynecology is considered intimate plastic labia minora. It is carried out at an elongation or asymmetry of the labia. If the length of the lips when traction is greater than 4-5 cm, the lips are considered to be increased, but it is worth noting that the size and shape of labia majora - is a characteristic of every woman, which can vary with age and after childbirth.

Surgery to correct the labia minora lasts about 40 minutes under local anesthesia, and then superimposed intradermal cosmetic seams. This intimate plastic leaves virtually no scars, as the genitals have a very good blood supply. After surgery, the patient will be required to process the edges of wounds or chlorhexidine miramistinom several times a day for 10 days. We'll have to forget the 2-3 weeks of the swimming pool, sauna and gym, as well as sexual intercourse.

Intimate Plastic labia - this is the most popular procedure for women, which facilitates the process of personal hygiene, makes it possible to wear a candid underwear, thanks to aesthetic kind of genitals.
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Intimate Plastic clitoris

The clitoris in women - a small sexual organ, has a huge impact on sex life, because of its sensitivity plays an important role in achieving orgasm. Sometimes some women from birth or after birth injuries and the clitoris is hidden or fold of skin or scars. And this causes problems when a woman had sex in getting sexual sensations. In such cases, intimate plastic clitoris is an outcrop of the clitoris. Sometimes women are conducting operations to increase or decrease the clitoris.

 varieties intimate plastics
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Indications for surgical defloration

Surgical defloration shows women whose deflowering not occur naturally due to the nature of the structure of the hymen. Also known cases of imperforate hymen when the menstrual blood can not get out and accumulates in the vagina. This pathology is called atresia. In cases of atresia surgery is necessary. And the sooner the better.

Surgical defloration performed under local anesthesia. A week after this surgery, the patient can live a normal sexual life.
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Operation of the plastic sheath

Sometimes postpartum complications, such as the omission of the vaginal walls, scarring at the site perineal, the increase in the vagina, a woman forced to seek medical advice. These complications not only become a hindrance to sexual intercourse, but also affect the well-being of women as the cause of pain, constipation and incontinence.

Depending on the degree of complication doctor chooses surgery technique. In any case after the surgery the patient will have to comply with certain conditions. It is forbidden to sit for 10 days, it is necessary to exclude sex for 1, 5 months and do not forget to carry out daily douching using antiseptic solution.

Thus, intimate plastic is carried out not only for aesthetic reasons, but also from the point of view of medical indications. Of course, on the one hand, why change something that is natural, especially if cosmetic defects intimate places have no effect on health. But, on the other hand, women increase his lips, breasts, do plastic surgery on the face, although it is not quite natural. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful in all, the main thing - to be in harmony with your body and soul.

 Types of Aesthetic gynecology