Classics from Issey Miyake

Conceptual L`Eau D`Issey perfume was created in 1992 by Japanese designer Issey Miyake. An innovative designer, artist, philosopher, graduate of the Tokyo Academy of Arts, he opened his own design studio in Tokyo in the 70-ies of the last century. In the studio master began to create magical new flavors, experimenting with shapes and materials. The emergence of Le d Issey became a sensation for fans of fine and sensual flavors. This is a special, unlike any other perfume extraordinarily touching, seductive and causes a whole bunch of bright emotions. Insinuating floral fragrance opens slowly, like a peony bud. Subtle modulations bouquet le d Issey make fragrance mysterious, fickle, enveloping their sweet freshness. Buy this Japanese master spirits means to penetrate into the sensual world of dreams and the extraordinary, given the great Issey Miyake.

They have worked well and the designer bottle. Fabien Baron has created an extraordinarily beautiful, matte cone bottle, which symbolizes the unchanging constant movement up to the new goals and new heights, the conquest of which inspires the fragrance Le d Issey Miyake by Issey.

Eau de toilette l eau d issey rightfully takes place on the dresser women refined and sophisticated, does not lag behind the latest trends in the fashion world. Luxury fragrance opening notes of lotus flower and freesia, will be enjoyed even by those who in principle do not like floral scents. Because this is not just another floral perfume. Enlightens, meditative flavor give an unforgettable feeling of happiness, gentle, weightless, as touching the skin of swan's down.

All perfumes designer Issey Miyake different sensibility and depth, yet the flavor is unique in its kind. Barely touching the skin, it just did blooms, revealed weightless cloud lush floral bouquets and fresh, intoxicating water colors. The smell will awaken in you a sense of romance, made to feel feminine, desirable, light and airy, as the Fairy of Flowers. Creator of the unique depth, mystery and subtlety of flavor truly can be called a master with a capital letter.

 Classics from Issey Miyake

 aromatherapy slimming


  • Which oils help to lose weight
  • Bath with essential oils
  • Wraps with essential oils
  • Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils

Treatment Scents - Aromatherapy - came to us from ancient China. Ancient technique allows to treat "tasty" and with pleasure. Of course, this is not a serious illness requiring surgery, but other diseases can be treated it smells. By the way, this theory is shared by many practitioners of traditional medicine - surely they can be trusted. Aromatherapy for weight loss - it's pretty modern technique, but to show their best side.

Effect of essential oils simply unique - all the chemicals contained in the oil are in the human body no more than 20 minutes, and then are removed from it, without leaving even a fleeting trace. Have not you noticed that the plants never suffer from diseases of humans and animals? Hence, they contain any substances promoting the resistance of many bacteria and viruses.

This relationship has seen more than a century ago and successfully used it. What chemicals are natural remedies pushed out of use, it does not mean that they are stronger - just like it was beneficial pharmacological campaigns. Even our grandmothers used the life-giving power plants not only for treatment, but also to restore and maintain the beauty of skin, hair and nails.

Aromatherapy - is a ritual to it must be handled responsibly and with soul. Do not start aromatherapy in a bad mood - at least, try to at least distract from problems and adversities. You nothing should distract from the process - choose absolutely free time, turn off the phone and TV. Aromatherapy - is a great way to lose weight, and it is very nice and relaxing. It's not something that absorb hated oatmeal in the morning, afternoon and evening - it's beautiful and very positive.

Which oils help to lose weight

Not all oils can be used thoughtlessly and "of all." Slimming ideal essential oils of grapefruit and lemongrass. They improve metabolism, accelerate fat digestion, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Lemongrass increases blood flow and limfodvizhenie, improves overall health, helps reduce fat deposits. Both smell reduce appetite, elevate mood, help cleanse the skin and give it a healthy, radiant complexion. Also, reduce your appetite and other odors. I wanted sweet - inhale the aroma of vanilla, before eating smell of citrus and cinnamon will eat much smaller portions than usual. Actually, the entire series of "tasty" scent in aromatherapy it is used to lose weight. Besides the usual aroma lamps, candles and drops of essential oils, to do baths and wraps - only in its complex aroma can give good results.

 Useful aromatherapy slimming

Bath with essential oils

It's very simple - a few drops of essential oil mixed with salt (acquired for this purpose a special salt bath) and dissolved in water. Be sure to adjust themselves to this procedure - light the candles or small lamp, sprinkle the room with flower petals, turn on some relaxing music and enjoy the flavors, introducing yourself slim, beautiful and desirable.

Believe me, it helps - and not only lose weight but also gain peace of mind and Samolubova. Just need to know what essential oils should be used for aromatherapy bath. Make this part: 3 drops of lemon grass, 3 drops rosemary, 2 drops of fennel and half cup of sea salt. Just remember one rule - after a bath do not shower, just wipe with a soft towel. Leave the oil on itself smells, feel how soft and velvety skin has become!

Wraps with essential oils

Aromatherapy for weight loss - it also wraps that it is possible to make yourself at home. To do this, 2-3 tablespoons of clay mixed with water to the consistency of sour cream and add a tablespoon of grapeseed or almond, 8 drops of grapefruit and 10 drops of rosemary.

Apply to get a mixture of body sufficiently thin layer, as if the brush smear, but not scrub and wrap film. Go with the compress for about two hours, no more. Then carefully wash all the skin and lubricate any nourishing cream. These wraps are very efficacious, the first results will be seen after two weeks of treatments. Only need to do it regularly, do not miss a single day and then you will succeed. By the way, under the influence of clays, essential oils and bath skin effect and improve - will be clean and smooth, taut and pleasant to the touch - like velvet!

 pleasant aromatherapy slimming

Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils

This massage should be done with honey, add a few drops of juniper, orange or bergamot essential oil. Massage is gentle, flowing movements of palms - alternately applying them to the problem areas and also gently remove aggression and sharpness, tapping and pinching, you should not apply here. For the procedure of massage with essential oils produced the desired effect, and was carried out correctly, follow these guidelines:

  • For half an hour before the massage does not eat;
  • On the day when the massage is carried out, do not use perfume or perfumed water;
  • After the end of the massage rinse off the honey with warm water without soap, wipe with a soft towel, for an hour do not drink or eat.

That's it - nothing fancy, but using the mysterious power plants contained in essential oils, you can not only lose weight, but to get pleasure from themselves the true procedures. Similarly, the best spa opened its doors to you .... And if you do not want to cook their own oil to massage and to organize their rest and relaxation - go to a beauty salon and give your body the professionals. Enjoy and dream of a miracle, which will soon happen!

 Aromatherapy for Weight Loss - slim body without dieting

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 How to make perfume


  • Required Materials
  • Creating a fragrance
  • The manufacturing process of spirits
  • Perfume with pheromones
  • Recipes home spirits

At the time, the novel "Perfume" Patrick Suskind shocked the reading public. Those who have not read the novel, experienced the shock of seeing his adaptation of the same name. A shocked readers and viewers were not only a detective story and historical details, but also the realization that the smell has authority over a man. However, the novel is a novel, as in life, everything is much easier.

Extract and store the smells and use them for their utilitarian purposes, people learned long ago. First it was the liquid-based fats and oils, then the smell became preserved by alcohol, and then come up with solid perfume, learned how to make a perfume with pheromones, and what will happen next - we can only guess. But wondering how to make your own perfume, it is not necessary. Because fortunately homegrown perfumers and cosmetologists is not only available to all of this magical process materials and detailed instructions. Here they offer you and we.

Required Materials

The most time-consuming step of manufacturing spirits (to the delight of modern masters) took over the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Produced them essential oils - the main components of fragrant home perfume compositions. Therefore, it is them in the first place, and you will need to purchase. And they are sold in any drugstore or in stores for needlework. Note that the spirits are made on the basis of oil or alcohol. Therefore, depending on the type of spirits, you'll need a base oil (better to use jojoba oil) or rubbing alcohol.

Spirits-based oils have a very intense aroma, and composition itself matures two to four weeks. Perfume alcohol-based you will be ready in four days, but the aromatic shades they will be much less. An important advantage of alcoholic spirits - the possibility of their application to the clothes and hair. But the perfume oil can be applied only to the body, added to the bath as a flavoring or use flavored locket or pendant.

In addition to essential oils and perfumes basics you need tightly-closing bottles. The volume of these vessels should be sufficient for easy mixing. But the dishes are too large, too, will not work because after the blockage inside the vessel is air space. And the lower, the better spirits are obtained. So choose vials such volume to the amount of air remaining therein after the preparation of perfumes, it was minimal.

Another necessary material for the manufacture of home fragrance - strips of paper. It does not even matter, as a tool with which you will spend a sample by mixing the components and test the scent of ripening. That is, strictly speaking, all you need to make man-made perfume house.

 how to make perfumes from essential oils

Creating a fragrance

Before you start making perfume you need to learn how to make perfumes. And to begin with does not hurt to find out how they compiled. Fragrant composition (bouquet) of any perfume comprises three odor. Similarly, musical composition, these components are called notes. All three fragrances notes should be disclosed gradually. Elementary (in the language of professionals - head) note - it is the top perfume. Average note - the central smell, which is called the heart note. The final (last) note is the basic flavor and fragrance behalf of the Fund.

All fragrant notes of this fragrance are revealed at different times, and the duration of this process is a period of the life of the notes. Naturally, every period of life a different note. The shortest life at the head notes a little longer living heart note and the longest life of the fund perfume. Accordingly, the amount taken and essential oils for each note - one of the stamp, the two parts of the heart and three pieces of the fund. Note that to create each note is not necessary to use only one flavor. That is for one note, you can take two, three, or even five different essential oils. A sophisticated perfume compositions separate note can consist of dozens of flavors.

In fact, for the manufacture of perfume house requires not only practical skills, but also knowledge about the compatibility (complementarity) flavors of their major or minor chord. Skilled craftsmen not only know how to properly combine the smells, but also recognize individual scents in a finished composition. A novice perfumers-lovers can use a hint:

  • oil for the main note - cloves, juniper, patchouli, sandalwood, rosewood, cinnamon, cypress, incense, cedar and musk;
  • oil for the head notes of bergamot, lemon, peppermint, orange, verbena, tangerine, lemon grass;
  • oil for middle notes - mimosa, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, chamomile, lemon balm, iris, geranium, hyssop, myrtle.

The manufacturing process of spirits

This process will not only make their individual spirits, but also the most skilled workers will take a lot of pleasure. Because this creative process. Mix different scents to solicit special flavor of each note, as a result of inventing a unique perfume composition! This can be compared with the work of a painter, a poet or a director. Akin to this process, and musical creativity. Only the composer's arsenal only seven notes, while perfumer simply incalculable number of different flavors.

The entire process of creating a perfume is reduced to a few basic steps:

  • mix of essential oils for fragrance each note;
  • mixing music in sequence: the oil fund, butter notes of the heart, the oil stamp;
  • add the basics of perfume - alcohol or jojoba oil;
  • Packaging spirits into bottles;
  • maturation of perfume and storage.

The proportions of components for oil-based perfume: 10 milliliters of jojoba oil is taken from 15 to 20 drops of essential oils. If you are preparing your spirits on the basis of alcohol, then follow these proportions: 10 ml rubbing alcohol (90%) is taken 5 or 10 milliliters of distilled water and 10-15 drops of essential oils. Keep in mind that the number of drops of essential oils - this is the total of all three notes of perfume. Therefore we must create each note, and the mixture has added to the composition in the desired proportions.

In practice, all will be as follows. If for each note you use several essential oils, you must first make a fragrant blend. Now you take the right amount of base oil or alcohol - about two-thirds of the volume of the bottle. Then, be sure to keeping the ratio of the number of bases and essential oils, add the base note. Shaken the bottle, check the resulting flavor, causing a bit of the mixture on a strip of paper or skin. If you are satisfied, adding a heartfelt note again shaken mixture and pour in the oil at the end of the top (head) note.

If in the final flavor composition dominates any odor, it can be trimmed or mute butter note or any other neutral few drops of lavender oil. After that, the bottle tightly sealed and cleaned in a dark place where the spirits must be present and the mature. Depending on the basis for this take from one to four weeks. During this time, every three to four days a bottle of perfume you need to stir. But their spirits ready to be stored in a cool and dark place. Ideal - in the refrigerator.

 how to make the most spirits

Perfume with pheromones

Many people wonder how to make a home fragrance with pheromones. Prepare for disappointment, because most make a perfume with pheromones impossible. And it is not in the technology of the spirits, and that pheromones - especially organic compounds with a very low molecular weight. Pheromones are engaged only in chemists and made them only in specially equipped laboratories. So, if you are not a chemist and owner of high-end special laboratory, then make yourself at home perfumes with pheromones you do not get.

However, if you really want to have their spirits with pheromones, they are easier to buy than to try to make yourself. Nevertheless, an alternative to the spirits with pheromones is still there - it's perfume oils, aphrodisiacs. They have, if not identical properties, it is very similar. Aphrodisiacs are really able to awaken sensuality, increase the potency to cause sexual desire or help relax. Besides aphrodisiac pheromone helps release the human body. So try not to make the house perfume with pheromones, and with aphrodisiacs:

  • ylang-ylang,
  • geraniums,
  • grapefruit,
  • myrrh,
  • cloves,
  • ginger,
  • neroli,
  • Cypress,
  • Palmarosa,
  • orange,
  • Sandals,
  • lavender,
  • rosemary.

Believe me, the spirits of these oils will be no less effective than a perfume with pheromones. By the way, the hero of the novel "Perfume" was able to make a perfume with pheromones. But remember exactly how he managed, and how it ended. So leave advance the failed venture autographic manufacturing of perfumes at home.

 how to make perfume to

Recipes home spirits

Over time, you will definitely learn how to make your own perfume with a unique flavor. But aspiring seamstresses often very difficult to find the right combination of oils, so you can use ready-made recipes spirits.

Spirits "Artemis"

For active ladies who lead an active lifestyle and sports.

  • The top note - 1 drop of peppermint oil and lemon,
  • Average note - 2 drops of oil of myrtle and cypress,
  • Base note - 5 drops of sandalwood oil and 3 drops of bergamot oil and clary sage.

Spirits of "Veil"

Perfect for women who like spicy and warm flavors.

  • The top note - 2 drops of ylang-ylang,
  • Average note - 3 drops of orange oil and incense,
  • Base note - 10 drops sandalwood oil and 5 drops of benzoyl oil.

Spirits "Monica"

Perfectly suited romantic natures, as well as the ladies who value their sexuality and sex appeal.

  • The top note - 2 drops of rose oil,
  • Average note - 2 drops of oil of verbena, patchouli, ylang-ylang and jasmine,
  • Base note - 10 drops of sandalwood.

Spirits "Terpsichore"

Perfume for the creative mind, passion for art, literature, and, surprisingly, needlework.

  • The top note - 1 drop of rose oil,
  • Average note -3 drops of oil iris and 2 drops of cinnamon oil and tysyacheslistnika,
  • Base note - 10 drops of sandalwood and 5 drops of lemon grass.

Spirits "Princess"

The combination of flavors in these spirits helps reduce appetite. So they are perfect for ladies who want to maintain harmony.

  • The top note - 1 drop of rose oil,
  • Average note - 3 drops of lavender oil and jasmine.
  • Base note - 5 drops of oil of grapefruit and bergamot.

Perfume «Mon Ami»

Personally made spirits, which can be a great gift for a loved one and turn out better than the factory toilet water.

  • The top note - 1 drop of vetiver oil and lemon,
  • Average note - 2 drops of oil of juniper and lavender.
  • Base note -4 drops of bergamot oil and 3 drops of sandalwood oil and myrtle.

Spirits of "sun splashes"

The combination of fresh citrus aromas with a delicate scent of roses perfectly uplifting, refreshing mind and sharpens the senses.

  • The top note - 5 drops of rose oil,
  • Average note - 7 drops of oil Petitgrain.
  • Base note - 15 drops of orange oil.

Having trained in the proven and already tested in practice the recipes of spirits, you will learn how to combine flavors. By the way, it can be learned and experimental way. Just try to mix different essential oils, they do not apply the strips of paper and test flavor.

As you can see, to make their own perfume quite real. To do this, you do not need to equip the entire house laboratory or workshop. Essential knowledge, suitable components, imagination and desire - that's all you need for the novice perfumer. Do not be afraid to experiment, because creativity - a creative process. Be of good cheer! And you certainly will!

 Himself perfumer, or How to make your own hands perfume

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