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Typically, the best first lines appear around the eyes. Naturally, we are beginning to worry about it and rush to purchase various means to remove malicious wrinkles. And sometimes overdoing it. How competently to solve this problem: smooth and even eliminate wrinkles around the eyes first? It is not surprising that the "hero" of the main recommendations will now act as a good eye cream wrinkle: reviews sufficiently numerous and mostly positive this cosmetic product put on the first place among the other "fighters" with the aging of the eyelid skin.

I must say that the skin around the eyes is almost devoid of sebaceous glands and muscles, and therefore is usually the first casualty of aging. In addition, it is thin, dry and delicate dermis is much thinner than the skin on other parts of the face, she is constantly subjected to very high loads. After all, we are constantly blink, and also the skin around the eyes is involved in almost all facial movements - from sadness to joy. In addition to this we often schurimsya: that of the sun is too bright, then because of the fairly common today myopia.

For these reasons, the best first lines around the eyes called mimic, and they can occur even at 18. If you do not pay attention to this point, then in 23-25 ​​years, they will be grouped in the mesh, which are called "crow's feet". To stop this process is impossible, as the elixir of youth has yet to come up. But to make the "crow's feet" appeared as late as possible, it is the power of all women.

The best treatment - is prevention, and the well-known fact that in the most fully attributed to the need to fight against wrinkles around the eyes. Here is our main ally intense hydration. It is a light moisturizer around the eyes is recommended to use a very early age: 19-20 years. Also today, such creams for young skin is in the range of each competent cosmetic company.

And about our main enemy - the sun. Beauticians experts reasonably believe that it is - the culprit 90 percent of all the wrinkles that appear here. After all, the sun mercilessly dry the delicate skin around the eyes, it makes us squint, makes the skin rougher. For this reason, in the summer beautician must have a good anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes with SPF, sunglasses and a hat should be made permanent accessories for summer days.

Today, manufacturers of cosmetic products offer a whole range of anti-aging agents, which refresh the skin and relieve it from wrinkles.

 cream of wrinkles around the eyes

What consist eye cream anti-wrinkle

Use eye cream is much less dependent on the specific active ingredients against wrinkles than of oils used in them. They are less sprawl and spread out on the skin, so do not fall into the eye.

There creams century that contain tonic substances such as caffeine. They serve to improve the microcirculation of blood in the thin capillaries to prevent any swelling. In all other creams, anti-wrinkle eye creams act like usual: smooth thin folds, usually for several hours. There are products that contain the substance, slightly bend the surface of the skin or optically hide wrinkles with the help of a brilliant pigment minute.

Do not forget, there is no cheap creams and masks, anti-age, because they are too expensive and complex components. Also, always pay attention to the cream - reviews can be very different, so it is best to choose for themselves the necessary ingredients in a cream.

Thus, agents with tretinoin (tretinoin) - very strong and lead to a change in the structure of the skin. Therefore, there are countries in which the masks and creams with a high content of the substance sold only in pharmacies, as they relate to drugs.

Enough care should be taken to an alpha-hydroxy acids, included in the anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes - the reviews say that such components can strengthen the already harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and this leads to damage to the cells of the epidermis and, as a consequence, the emergence of painful reddening skin.

Typically, most really effective anti-wrinkle creams include pentapeptides (long-chain amino acids), and retinol, promoting the production of collagen. These substances are good for the wrinkles around the eyes - a good cream will always contain such ingredients in its composition.

How to choose anti-wrinkle cream

Today, there are plenty of specialized eye cream anti-wrinkle treatment. And how to understand this range and choose what is the best solution for you?

Currently, all the beauticians, experts say that a good use of a special eye cream wrinkles should begin with 25-26 years. It has been proved that these creams are quite slow the formation of wrinkles. They must be applied to the skin in the eye every day, preferably 2 times after washing.

Serum differ from creams that quickly absorbed through the skin, as they have a lightweight structure. Serum is able to smooth out wrinkles and make your skin smooth and shiny. Gels are more useful and effective if the eyes have a tendency to swelling, they have increased sensitivity, or you wear contact lenses.

Basically, if you are under 25 years old, the best podopydut funds that do not contain active components (such as lifting). For a young age is the best option gels. They have a light texture, they are well moisturize the skin and do not overload it.

In 25-30 years, you may have to choose the cream around the eyes with a marked anti-age. Since the age of estrogen in the female body produces all the more slowly, the skin begins to retain moisture worse, gradually loses its elasticity and becomes thin and dry. But after 35 years, we have a need to move to the cream around the eyes with a marked anti-rides, especially if there are clear lines around the eyes.

Remember, care for the skin around the eyes, you should carefully and gently applied on the upper eyelid from the nose to the temples, on the lower eyelid - from the nose to the temples.

Why is the skin around the eyes is necessary to use a special anti-wrinkle cream, but not the same face cream?

The bottom line is that eye cream must meet specific requirements:

  1. This cream should not be too greasy, not to cause edema
  2. Also, do not be too sticky to the skin around the eyes do not stretch when applied
  3. Eye cream should contain far fewer active ingredients than in the wrinkle cream for the face, otherwise you may face allergy.
  4. Finally, the cream did not irritate the eyes when any accidental ingestion, the pH must be identical to the pH of the tears.

And most importantly, that any creams against wrinkles around the eyes are ophthalmologic control. Since it is a serious procedure for, the agent to the eye, usually appearing at six months or a year later than similar products for the face, because much time is normally required for examination.

 best wrinkle cream around the eyes

Browse eye cream anti-wrinkle

Does the nature of the best wrinkle cream for the eyes or is it just a myth? What they write different manufacturers? What do these creams in common and how they differ?

Firming cream for the skin around the eyes "Taymvayz" from Mary Kay

TimeWise Firming Eye Cream - you'll look at the world in a new way thanks to this firming cream against wrinkles around the eyes - reviews about it are very enthusiastic: they say that the effect of it is felt immediately. Your delicate skin around the eyes instantly becomes firmer, wrinkles reduced quite considerably reduced circles under his eyes, and his gaze immediately becomes younger. It turns out that only one tool provides a variety of effects. Following the results of clinical trials, 96 percent of participants noted a significant improvement of the skin around the eyes.

Cream for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles series ZhenFei

Its structure is based on the avocado extract, witch hazel, vitamin E, natural moisturizing components, active plant components. With this cream instantly penetrates the skin around the eyes and increases the activity of the cells, stimulating the mechanism of regeneration, slow down age-related physiological changes in the skin and helps the skin to age as long as possible to preserve moisture, removes wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. In addition, this cream restores skin elasticity and radiance of youth now.

Application: a small amount of cream should be applied to cleansed skin around the eyes and spread evenly.

Frequency of use - twice a day, morning and evening.

Wrinkle cream for the skin around the eyes Yeux Vichy

Action. This cream is designed for sensitive skin area around the eyes. This product is not simply "pushes the wrinkles" and regenerates the skin, but also reduces swelling and reduces dark circles under the eyes. Besides Yeux Vichy helps to improve blood circulation and very refreshing area of ​​eyelids.

Result. After using the cream from Vichy your skin becomes soft and smooth, dark circles disappear without a trace, and you look young and radiant. Note that only four weeks, all pretty deep wrinkles are visibly reduced.
In a cream aktifein and fibrotsiklamid.


This anti-aging cream for the skin around the eye with retinol anti-aging active substances are combined with soothing ingredients. Allantoin and retinol (vitamin A) help to stimulate the renewal and regeneration of the skin around the eyes, accelerate the exfoliation of dead skin cells and thus activate the growth and development of new ones. A panthenol serves to strengthen the collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity and heals microdamages. Component bisabolol prevent the risk of a variety of allergic reactions and soothes the skin, and a complex of vegetable oils nourishes and protects the skin from harmful environmental exposures.

The skin around the eyes after using this cream becomes more toned and elastic, wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, and the emergence of new slows significantly. Thanks to activate the repair process the skin looks fresh and rested, signs of fatigue disappear without a trace. Regular use of this anti-aging cream makes it possible to extend the youth of your skin and helps it to fight the aging process.

All components of this anti-aging creams are chosen so as to exclude any possibility of allergic reactions.

Active ingredients: Vitamin A - 0, 2% lecithin, tocopherol, ascorbyl palpita, citric acid, bisabolol, sunflower oil, allantoin, glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, panthenol, extract of Imperata cylindrical, peanut oil, peach oil, jojoba oil, an extract of castor beans , aloe Barbados.

How to use: Apply morning and evening to cleansed eyelids of the orbital bone, but not approaching the mobile age. Easy massage movements is necessary to distribute the cream on the skin around the eyes, moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outside of the upper eyelid, and from outer to inner - on the lower eyelid.
More can be point-to apply the cream around the eyes, and distribute it easy patting movements.

SUCCESS EYE TECH. Eyelid Lifter Wrinkle Minimizer

Anti-aging firming eye cream

This anti-aging wrinkle cream around the eyes combines the two technologies immediately: lifting is a tight fit of the dermis to the epidermis, and inzhektin effective at places of origin of wrinkles. I.e. wrinkles like filled inside and the surface of the skin gradually smoothed. This cream promotes skin tightening century: the upper stretch as after this surgical braces, but if you think "open", and the eyes seem to be a little more. The skin on the lower eyelids, smoothed, softened surface of the eyelids, signs of age-related changes are less noticeable. Special elastic and light texture has been specially designed for the most delicate skin around the eyes. This cream leaves behind a velvety skin lean light film that instantly smoothes skin and fills wrinkles as if from within.

Application: Apply the cream should be lightly in the morning and (or) in the evening on the skin around the eyes. Start with the lower eyelid, then closed his eyes, gently apply the cream on the upper eyelid.

 The cream of wrinkles around the eyes: a review of anti-aging

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