exercises for the abdomen and waist


  • Types hoops
  • Pros training with hoop
  • How to turn the hoop?
  • Contraindications

Perhaps the lady of any age - especially if the woman is young or feel young - dreams of having a beautiful figure, flat stomach and slender waist. One of the easiest ways to do this - exercises for the abdomen and waist with a hoop. With it you can achieve gorgeous results in a relatively short period of time. Start classes with a hoop is never too late! But what hoop choose how to twist it and what exercises to perform? Try to understand.

Types hoops

First you need to understand what are the hoops to the waist, and choose the most suitable option. Over time, you can change a lightweight hoop heavier projectile, but it is best to start with the most simple.

And the easiest and most inexpensive hoop - plastic or aluminum. You might remember him from school physical education lessons or sports clubs, and seen during performances of circus acrobats. Advantages of this wrap: light weight and low price. It is great for beginners. By cons include weak Just noticeable load and massage effect. If you are trained enough, the light from the hoop will not be much effect, because the muscles have become accustomed to higher loads. In this case, it is worth considering the purchase of new equipment for training.

Another kind of hoops - weighted. These hoops can have a weight of up to two kilograms and are perfect for those who are well developed abdominal muscles. Consequently speaking, the stronger the press, the harder it is selected hoop. But you should not overestimate yourself, because if the exercise would be too difficult, you just have thrown a workout. By the way, you can make weighted hoop and independently. It is enough to make a small incision (if plastic wrap) to fill the cavity of sand or pea grits, and then seal the cut with electrical tape or duct tape. If aluminum hoop and it is impossible to make out, will have to accept and purchase the equipment heavier.

Another variety of hoops, which is often found in stores - folding hoops. They are convenient because they do not take up much space, easy to fold and disassembled. So, you can always take a wrap on holiday or on a summer residence. If you are often on the road, but are determined to a class, then this option is for you.

Massage hoop waist performs two functions. It not only trains the abdominal muscles, but also massages the special balls or dimples the skin, increasing blood circulation and helping to get rid of fat. Sometimes these hoops are equipped with sensors that record the duration of training, the number of calories burned, and even the number of turns.

 exercises for the waist and abdomen

Pros training with hoop

If you have a heavy massage hoop, the first time it will be very difficult - it is likely bruising. But over time you get used to, bruises are gone, and the stomach is strong pressure to please the eye. Even if you do not know how to turn the hoop, will soon begin classes bring you pleasure. Pluses classes with a lot of hoop - these are just some of them:

  1. Hoop does not affect the internal organs and, contrary to popular belief, does not cause their displacement. Press firmly protects them from the negative effects.
  2. Hoop is very easy to handle. Engage him capable of even a child.
  3. Wrap helps not only get a beautiful belly, but also participates in the development of coordination and strengthening the respiratory and circulatory systems.
  4. Due to the effects of the massage exercises with hoop improve skin tone and appearance.
  5. Classes with the hoop burn about 15 calories per minute! It's a great way to "neutralize" eaten for lunch or extra sweet bun.

How to turn the hoop?

To sessions were effective, you need to learn how to turn the hoop. First of all, find a place to practice. It should be large enough so that you do (and did) do not accidentally touched. During normal exercise (simple rotation) is necessary to stand up straight, legs spread shoulder-width apart and keeping your stomach muscles tense. During the rotation of the hoop must not only work your abs, legs and whole body and neck, otherwise you will not be able to keep the hoop on the waist.

There are plenty of exercises with a hoop, but the most popular, of course, exercises for the waist and abdomen:

  • Simple rotation

It is the most common type of exercise - you just for 15-30 minutes at a moderate pace rotate the hoop. Feet shoulder width apart, back straight, smooth movements, quick rotation.

  • Alternating rotation

Another simple exercise. When you start to rotate the hoop, make 5-7 turns in one direction, then stop and take a 5-7 rotations in the other direction. To get started, simply change the direction 25-30 times, but gradually increase the number of possible approaches.

  • Rotation in poluprisyade

This exercise is for the more experienced. Put his feet shoulder-width apart and begin to spin the hoop and then slowly sit down as low as possible, while keeping the balance. This exercise will not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. However, to comply with its more than ten minutes is not necessary.

  • Rotation with squatting

This exercise is similar to the previous one. You need to get up to the starting position and begin to rotate the hoop. But, unlike the previous exercise, squat and rise up, and did not stay in the static voltage. The main thing - not to lose while the hoop.

  • Rotation on the move

In this exercise, you need to walk around the room, alternately rotating the hoop on the waist and hips. Depending on the level of training can be gradually increased movement speed and intensity of the rotation.

  • Downloading Press the hoop

In this exercise, the starting position is the same as in normal operation with a press: Lying on your back, knees bent. The hoop is under the neck, hands loosely wrapped around it. Follow ups body, first taking his head off the floor, then the shoulders and back. To complicate exercises you can do alternate twisting (turns). This will stretch the oblique muscles and form a thin waist.

 wrap waist


Unfortunately, you can not turn the hoop all. Doctors do not recommend to rotate the hoop

  • The elderly;
  • Girls during menstruation;
  • Women during pregnancy and for 2 months after birth;
  • In diseases of the back, abdominal organs, and gynecological problems.

The hoop will help you become slim, but do not forget about proper nutrition and other physical activities. If there are no contraindications you do not, then go ahead and start preparing your body for the hot season, because spring has come, and before the summer there are only some few months!

 Exercises for the abdomen and waist hoop

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 exercise for weight loss legs and thighs


  • Morning or evening?
  • Good exercise for weight loss
  • How to reduce the amount of muscle

Get rid of the extra kilos, again, to feel slim, air and some unearthly ... for operation, dream of all women are overweight. Especially many troubles deliver parts of the body. It is true, why in the first place is always thinner face and chest? And you want to, as a rule, completely different. After all, the most problematic areas for women - it is the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and legs. That is to lose weight in the "individual" locations, and come up with different types of workouts. Today we will talk with you about exercises for slimming legs and hips.

Morning or evening?

Before you take up a new business, you must all be carefully considered. Otherwise, nothing will. For example, training. Everyone knows that the desired effect of them will come only if carried out regularly. So, you have a certain way to rebuild their lives and their usual schedule.

First, you need to decide exactly when you will do it - in the morning or in the evening. The debate about the pros and cons of morning and evening workouts do not cease to this day. Who just do not connect to address this issue - professional athletes, coaches, doctors ... But the consensus they have not worked out. Let's look at the pros and cons, and one and a different approach. Let's start with the morning workout.

Engaged in the morning

Imagine that every morning you can easily jump out of bed without feeling any drowsiness or gravity of the whole body. With each day your figure becomes slimmer, and mood - more vigorous. With all the girlfriends go crazy with envy looking at your toned, flexible body. And the reason for this - not overseas miracle vitamins, and not excessive solar activity! Just you finally took himself in hand, and your life is firmly established daily morning exercise for weight loss. Morning exercise improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, suppresses stress and removes toxins - which is not bad. But that's not all!

Did you know that:

  • Morning exercise takes negative energy from your body. The whole secret is that during the warm-up produces the hormone of happiness - endorphin. And what could be better for a woman than happy morning and a full day of fighting spirit?
  • Starting each day with sports workout, you are improving your metabolism. This means that your metabolism is accelerated and calories are burned faster. Combining proper diet with exercise, your kilos will melt before our eyes, and to keep the desired weight will be much easier. Finally, the idea that every diet invented misanthrope leave you - you will begin to notice that the weight is reduced!
  • 10-15 minutes of morning exercise 365 days a year - a 91 hour sports per year. What other way can you make yourself so much work on your body and health?
  • Over time, your biological clock to adjust to your morning exercise and you will easily and cheerfully get out of bed. Is not it tempting to stop whispering alarm clock "5 more minutes sleep and get up," that after the still sleep on the job?
  • But, of course, have morning workouts and minuses:
  • You have to get up much earlier, so all the usual mode will need to be reconsidered.
  • During the training you need to be all the time to glance at the clock - otherwise you can be late for work.

We are engaged in the evening

Imagine that after a hard day, you suddenly feel a surge of vitality and energy. You can easily switch to domestic affairs, are in a good mood and never "nibbles" themselves, constantly scrolling in my head all the events and vicissitudes of the production process. Do your homework - just happy. Here you every day becomes more beautiful and slimmer. Presented? All this you can give the evening workout.

  • Evening exercise will help you get rid of the "wolf" appetite and the temptations to move closer to the refrigerator.
  • Complex evening exercise relieves stress and calms the nervous system.
  • Oddly enough, but the evening exercise helps get rid of the fatigue accumulated during the day.
  • Such training activates work of all internal organs and improve overall health.

However, there are also disadvantages. Evening exercises tone the body, so they need to spend 2-3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you just do not fall asleep at the usual time. These classes are absolutely not suitable for people suffering from insomnia. As you can see, and the one and the other approach has its advantages and disadvantages, proponents and opponents. Just try to understand how the classroom works best for you. In general, the words of the old song, "Think for yourself, decide for yourself ..."

 exercise for weight loss thighs and legs

Good exercise for weight loss

Here you go. Since you have decided on temporary employment. After all, is not it? What they should have regular, too, you know. That is morally you are absolutely ready to start the exercises. To begin?

  • "Flame"

    This exercise strengthens the muscles of the hips well, and will help to significantly reduce their volume. Moreover, you can get rid of excess fat, which is located above the knee - the so-called "breeches." Take the initial position - kneel down and place your hands on the floor. Exhale, then inhale through the nose, and then again to take a deep breath through your mouth. Hold your breath and pull your stomach. Pull the leg to the side and lift it up to hip level. Make sure that the leg remains straight and hands bent at the elbows. Try to pull the leg as far as possible upwards and forwards. Freeze in this position and count to five. Relax and restore breathing. Repeat three times for each leg.

  • "Boat"

    This exercise will help tighten and strengthen the most "capricious" muscles - those that are located on the inside of the thighs. Take a mat, his bed on the floor and sit down. The maximum spread your legs apart. Place your hands behind your back and lean your palms on the floor. Exhale, then inhale deeply and then make a strong exhale through the mouth. Lower your head, hold your breath and deeply gather in the stomach. Move the hands forward and place them in front of him on the floor. Slightly bend. Slowly move the hands forward on the floor, bending lower and lower. Make sure that your fingers never left the floor. Drive smoothly, avoiding sudden movements. Hold the lowest position and count to five. Restore breathing. It is recommended to exercise at least three times.

  • Wag foot

    It is an easy exercise strengthens the back of the thighs, and allows for a significant reduction in volumes. To make the exercise less tiring, it is advisable to include a loud rhythmic music. Spread a mat and kneel. Place your hands in front of you and lean them against the floor. Make sure that your back is parallel to the floor. The maximum strain the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and make the free leg swing. Repeat 30 times without stopping. Change the pace. After finishing the exercise, stretch. Sit on your knees so that your buttocks touch the heels. Stretch your arms forward. Put your head on my knees and relax. Stand up and walk around the room a bit.

  • "Step-sitting"

    This is not difficult and, at the same time, the effective exercise will help you get rid of excess fat on the hips and significantly strengthen the muscles. The principle is very simple. Sit down. Then step aside and sit down again. The load is almost independent of the width of the step. So you can move very small steps. For the first time recommended no more than 5 - 7 reps. Gradually increasing the load, within a very short time you will be able to do 40-50 squats. Even if after the first workout you will get sick muscles - do not give up on the planned and continue to do. After 2-3 days the pain will pass and soon you will notice that your legs are much slimmer.

  • Squats

    This exercise is in service with the Ballet. And that says a lot! Have you ever seen a dancer with thick legs? That's just it! Stand with your back to the wall. Place the feet shoulder width apart. Sticking his hand against the wall squat so that your thighs parallel to the floor appeared. Freeze in this position and count to five. Make sure that the back was straight. Do not lower your head. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

  • Exercise with a chair

    Take a stool or chair and place behind him. Bend your right leg at the knee and place the foot on the seat of the rise. Put your hands on your hips. Sit on the left leg as far as possible. Thus both the legs should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Freeze in this position for a few seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 10-12 times for each leg.

  • Lifting legs

    This exercise is very well-coached side muscles of the thighs. Stand with your left side against the wall. Adhering to the hand, slowly raise your right leg to the side at the maximum height. Fix this position for 3-5 seconds and then slowly lower your leg. Repeat 10-15 times. Turn to the right side to the wall and repeat for the other leg. Rest for a few seconds, and turn to face the wall. Sticking hands, lift your right leg back, trying as hard as possible to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Make 10-15 repetitions for each leg.

  • The slopes to the foot

    For this exercise you need a stool again. Turn around to face her, lift your left leg and place the heel on the seat. Lean way to touch his forehead knee. Make sure that the legs remain straight. Make 7-10 slopes, and then switch legs. Each lesson, try to slightly increase the height of the support and the number of approaches. This training will not only help get rid of excess fat, but also to develop and improve the ligaments and joints.

  • Exercises for Calf lying

    If you are concerned about most of all full of eggs, then get rid of the problem will help you to the next exercise. Lie down on your back and bend both knees. Alternately pull the sock on each foot. Repeat 15-20 times.

  • Exercise for the calf standing

    Stand facing a wall and lean on her hands. Bend your right knee and place it on the lower leg the other leg. Climb 10 times on the toe. Change the pace.

 useful exercises for slimming thighs and legs

How to reduce the amount of muscle

Oddly enough, remove the excess amount of dreaming is not only lovers of delicious buns and cozy armchairs. Sometimes, the problem faced by women and leading an active lifestyle. However, its causes completely different - his legs appear thicker because pumped, bulky muscles. And if the reason for the other, then the solution will be different, too. How to lose weight lovers of sport and power loads?

It would seem that everything is very simple - if the muscles are too inflated, it is necessary to exclude weight training and everything will be fine. However, it is not. Disclaimer loads will lead to the fact that the reduced muscle tone and laxity appear. But this is not the effect you want to achieve, is not it? What you need is called the athletes "dry" muscles. How can this be achieved?

First we need to reduce the number of lessons to 2 times a week. Before the start of training required to preheat all the muscles. For this perfect rope. Then go to the usual strength exercises but do them without weights. Just increase twice the usual number of repetitions. Run 2 - 4 laps non-stop exercise. And then immediately go to the 20-30 minute jog. However, it will be necessary to move at an average speed.

In addition, the complex can arrange intensive, but short enough cardio. For example, you can do 250 jumping rope, and just behind it - a little jog. Repeat this cycle five times. Also, "dry" leg muscles helps cycling and rollerblading. Do not forget that the speed and intensity of training should not be too large. And do not forget after each workout to perform specific stretching exercises. This will help remove the excess muscle tone.

Of course, this "work on yourself" require patience and effort. Especially in the beginning. After all, change themselves and their usual rhythm of life is not easy. However, very soon you will notice that the regular classes started to bring you great pleasure and no longer be able to imagine how you ever managed without training. And the enthusiastic views of a strong half of humanity will serve you an added incentive. Being beautiful is not difficult - you just have to want it very much!

 Simple exercises for weight loss legs and thighs - how to become beautiful

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