how to effectively pump press

Beautiful flat tummy - well, the women who does not dream about it? Particularly acute, this problem arises every year before the long-awaited vacation. It was then, in front of the mirror trying on a new bathing suit, and you realize that in the winter a little "save up" fat. And a swimsuit, of course, very beautiful, but the wrinkles on his stomach ... they spoil the whole thing. Then the question arises - how to effectively pump up the press?

Strictly speaking, if you seriously decided to engage the figure, only two options - either you buy a subscription to the gym and do it under the supervision of experienced trainers and instructors, or decide to deal with the problem on their own. Which method is better - you decide. However, before the "get involved" in this fight, it should be clear that it will not be easy. You will need perseverance, tenacity and tremendous willpower. Only regular exercise will bring long-awaited result. And the intake of biscuits and cakes have to be limited - as without it.

So, if you choose a gym, the problem is only one - do not be lazy and regularly "to bring" yourself, your favorite, in the training. Everything else you will show and tell the coach - on it there and delivered. But how to effectively pump up the press at home? What will it take? Well, firstly, you must make a training schedule and stick to it well. Best option - exercises 3-4 times a week, lasting an hour. The best time to exercise - morning. Therefore, we have to get up two hours earlier than usual. Think for yourself - until you wake up, then warm-up, exercise, shower ... By the way, breakfast will be no earlier than 2 hours after a workout. And that can seriously damage the stomach.

Every workout should begin with a warm-up. You can jump rope, run at a moderate pace on the treadmill, or dance with your favorite - of course, fast and rhythmic! - Music. Warm-up is needed to "wake up" and warm up your muscles and prepare them for the upcoming load. To neglect it - is the surest way to ensure that the next day can be very bad. You do not deal with what can not - get out of bed will be difficult.

Warmed up? Good. Before you go to the actual exercise - another important point. During the lessons you need to monitor your breathing and correct execution of the exercises themselves. We know that it is better to do one exercise 10 times sharper than 25 - something like ... effects from properly conducted training will not be - just tired.

Now the speed of exercise. It all depends on your goals. If you just want to "throw off the fat" and finally get into your favorite jeans - do the exercises quickly, repeating them over and over again. If the "most important task" - to get "cubes" that is necessary to fulfill all very slowly. That is the maximum load achieved. But, in any case, the main thing - it does not harm health. Therefore, if the last time you played sports in the fifth grade in gym class, we must begin with a minimum load. And increase it gradually. Otherwise, you can simply overstrain.

What exercises will help to quickly and effectively pump up the press? There are several "time-tested" complexes. Each of them is designed for a certain level of fitness. Some are more suited to men, are any - women. For example, girls and women, which the idea of ​​"close" to do your tummy visited not long ago, we propose the following method.

 quickly and effectively pump press

Charging for the tummy

  • Exercises Home

Lie down on the floor - it is better, of course, podstelit special mat. So it will be cleaner and softer. Bend your knees, put his hands behind his neck and draw your elbows to the sides. Exhale and slowly raise your head and shoulders to the knees. Make sure that your lower back and feet never left the ground. The knees should not touch. Happened? Then inhale and lower yourself as slowly to the starting position. Try to breathe.

  • Exercise the second - the best way to "pump up" the oblique abdominal muscles

It is done on the same mat. Lie down on your back and bend your left leg, setting foot on the floor. Cast leg over the other - put your right foot on the left thigh, so that the knee was directed toward. The left hand should be behind your head, right - freely lying on the floor. Lift your head and left shoulder and send them diagonally to the right knee. Return to starting position. Make sure that the right leg, lower back and right scapula remained motionless. Leaving the floor, only the left shoulder blade - well, and his head, of course. Repeat the exercise several times, then switch legs.

  • Exercise third

Starting position is sitting. Keep your feet together and your feet flat on the floor, vognuv their knees. Pull belly. Keep your back straight. Stretch your arms in front of him. Exhale and lean back - approximately 60 degrees. On the inhale, return to the starting position. Do not pull the chin and do not strain your neck. Try not to give up.

  • Fourth Exercise

Lie down on the floor, his hands - along the trunk. Strongly tighten your abs and slowly lift your legs first, and then the hips as high as possible. Return to the starting position.

  • Exercise fifth

Get on all fours, back when it should be so. Exhale and relax your muscles. Pull the belly as possible. Freeze in this position for about 15-20 seconds. Breathe evenly nose.

  • Exercise the 6th

It's a great way to get to work the transverse abdominal muscles. For him, you will need a chair. Lie down on the floor, bend your legs and place the eggs on the seat. Hands crossed behind his head. Inhale and pull your head and shoulders to the knees. Exhale and lower the body on the floor. Do not strain your neck.

Despite the fact that these exercises are quite simple, they are forced to work all the muscles - is activated the lower, upper and lateral press. Follow this complex regularly - do not let yourself indulgences! Then you will soon enough see the first results. And it will be able to proudly telling friends about how to pump up the press quickly and efficiently. Suppose, too, sleeves excess fat - because you do not mind, right?

 How to effectively pump up the press - figure deal

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 slender legs exercise


  • Why lose slender legs
  • Exercises to slim legs
  • Additional measures

Tell me: who among us does not dream to have a beautiful and slender legs? Even the happy owner of such marvelous certainly not refuse to improve them. In general, women completely satisfied with their feet, no! And if the legs lack slimness, it threatens the lady (in her purely personal opinion) almost universal catastrophe.

There are two solutions to the problem. The first - to hide your feet under slacks or long skirts, the second - to spit on everything and rejoice in the fact that his legs just as such is available. However, there is a third solution - exercises for shapely legs. Definitely not for slender, and for ordinary, but can become slim by using these same exercises.

And the third solution for some reason few people are attracted to. And in vain! Exercises to slim legs - not exhausting the body and facilitate the wallet a workout in gyms. This is just gymnastics - employment and affordable, even pleasant absolutely each of us. But we're all around and around! Let's have finally, consider the exercises, which should be the basis of training in the name of shapely legs. And at the same time find out why this harmony legs often lacking.

 slender legs exercise

Why lose slender legs

Typically, young skin is very elastic, toned muscles are supported, and all calories eaten very quickly spent, and do not settle odd Zhirkov in all the wrong places. Moreover, the active lifestyle that we are, the longer your body is fit and slim, and the body is able to resist the effects of poor nutrition and bad habits.

But gradually reduced our activity, sport becomes engaged once, we were overcome by languor and quiet pleasantness (married) life make our bodies too smooth and lush. And why? Because habits often remain the same, we eat, we no less (if not more) than in his youth, and begin moving less and less. That is, speaking openly, we are beginning to get fat!

Note that get fat ladies in different ways. Someone becomes wider at the waist, someone heavier ass, someone starts wearing bras larger, but someone suddenly finds that slender legs become like a baby with chubby legs "perevyazochkami" and folds. Unfortunately, this fact does not please anyone. And that is why we urgently sit on all sorts of diets and run in the gyms. However, it does not always have the money and time to visit the fitness center, and we confine ourselves to the diets.

Diet, of course, good. However, returned by a harmony is often imaginary - to lose weight, then we lose weight, but that's somehow wrong. The volume and weight are reduced, and cherished harmony is good, as long as we in clothes. It is necessary to remove the masking covers, it becomes evident sagging, flabby skin and tenacious sitting on the priest cellulite. Or, conversely, losing weight to such an extent that it becomes a lean and flat, with protruding ribs and backbone moslastymi knees like a dried roach.

But the exercises (along with diets) just helps to achieve the optimum result: fat and using it melts and muscle definition is stored (or even appear). This is especially significant for our long-suffering feet, from which the hated fat and cellulite well, did not want to leave. So, immediately we get to work and begin to do gymnastics for the slender legs.

 exercises for shapely legs

Exercises to slim legs

Naturally, if we dream of slender legs, you can not do without in any way exercise (love to ride - love and sleigh to haul!). There are many different sets of exercises for the legs, and all of them are effective when they perform on a regular basis and does not take time off. I do best every day, or at least every other day. What is complex is right for you - a matter of taste. Here is one of the most common sets of exercises for the legs:

  • Squats

Starting position: back straight, hands on the waist, legs slightly apart. Implementation: in the "one" sits down slowly, it should be to the knees are not turned to the side (they must be on the same vertical line with the feet). To keep your balance at the time of squats pull your arms forward. At the expense of "two" is also slowly return to starting position. Perform better in two sets of fifteen times each. Rest between sets is not more than one minute, so that the muscles do not relax.

  • Mahi feet

For this exercise, we will need a chair or any other support. Stand up straight at the tower, feet together, pick up the stomach. At "one" do max foot to the side, taking care not to bend and lift the leg as high as possible. At the expense of "two" back to its original position. On the count of "three" do swing back, trying to pull the leg as far as possible and feel the muscles work. At the expense of "four" return to its original position. The exercise should be fifteen times on each leg.

  • Side leg lift

We get up, as in the previous exercise, face-to-pole, keep your back straight. Slowly raise the straight leg to the side as high as we can (sock staring at the ceiling). We linger at the top for five seconds and slowly lower the leg. The same is also done in the second leg. The exercise (each leg) of twenty-five times.

  • Rolls

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands on his belt. Crouch as low as possible, with your knees bent. In this position, without bending your back, bear the weight of the body from side to side with one foot to another. The main thing that remained when the spin Maximum rectified. You must do the exercise twice ten rifts in each direction.

  • Scissors lying

Lie on your back, stretch your hands along the body or put behind the head, abdomen retracted. Raise the leg at a right angle to the floor and spread them apart (most commonly). Then slowly reduce the legs together and then spreading them. Socks with the need to look at us, his knees do not bend. The exercise is better in two passes for fifteen or twenty times.

  • Lunges

Become straight (hands on the belt), tightens the abdomen and buttocks. We make the widest possible step forward. This knee exposed legs should be bent at a right angle. Keep your back straight and do not forget to strain the press. We return to the starting position and perform a lunge with the other leg. This exercise strengthens the calf muscles, the muscles of the back surface of the trouble. To carry out its necessary two passes fifteen times.

To perform this complex enough to spend twenty minutes a day. Agree, this is a very short period of time, which can be "cut out" at lunchtime or bedtime. And you can do the exercises in the morning instead of charging.

 exercises for shapely legs

Additional measures

If daily exercise are not enough, the harmony is not returned as quickly as might be desired, then try, in addition to the gym to take additional measures. If you have a problem, which is the name of excessive fullness, slender legs that you provide a comprehensive weight reduction. So, what to do to get rid of fat on legs?

  • Sit on a diet or go on a healthy diet. Your diet should be more vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, and fish and meat.
  • Take a course of anti-cellulite massage it on the problem area, or in a complex for the whole body. Massage can help break the fat and make the skin more attractive.
  • Buy a bike! Yes Yes. Pedaling great help bring the leg muscles in tone. If you can not ride a bike, buy a bike. And in the summer is fine catamarans.
  • More you walk. For example, instead of having to travel to work by car, leave the house early and go on foot! And it works best to return as well. This will not only burn calories, but also to relieve stress.
  • Practice douche for the feet, and it is better for the body. This will result in skin tone, as well as help strengthen the immune system.
  • Start regularly exercises for shapely legs. They are well strengthens muscles and helps burn fat hated

And most importantly, remember that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Actions and me!

 Slender legs - exercise without complications

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