firm buttocks at home


  • Basic rules for elastic buttocks
  • Exercises for firm buttocks at home

Every second woman sooner or later confronted with the problem of how flabby buttocks. And often it is an unpleasant discovery contributes to the development of various systems related to their appearance. Particularly acute is felt in the midst of summer, when it's time to go on vacation at sea, and to wear short shorts or just show up at the beach in a tiny bathing suit feel ashamed. After all, everyone wants to be irresistible and attract men's looks.

But do not get depressed, and sin of the nature-mother, who cheated you. With simple exercises you can achieve strong and elastic buttocks at home, spending on employment only 15-20 minutes a day.

Basic rules for elastic buttocks

The most important thing in any set of exercises - systematic implementation. This means that you need on a daily basis, regardless of the mood and employment, to find time for sports. Agree to find half an hour for myself is not so difficult if you refuse to communicate the evening on the phone with a girlfriend or boyfriend is not very important things. After a month of regular exercise, you will notice how your buttocks become more toned, and the ability to intelligently allocate free time improves.

During training you need to give your muscles a rest and a bit of stretch. For this purpose between exercises to perform simple stretches: Lower the hips to the floor between the heels and stretch his arms forward as it turns out. At the same time, do not release the buttocks off the floor. The back of the thighs should be a little strain and stretch.

It is also important to review your diet. Especially if you want to not just pump up the buttocks, but also lose weight, which appeared during the long winter. However, if problems with the pounds you do not, then a special power correction is required.

 beautiful buttocks at home

Exercises for firm buttocks at home

The whole complex exercise consists of simple exercises that are available to any girl physique and physical fitness. For some of them need a special pad. Part of the exercise is performed from a prone position, and you can even do it before going to sleep, staying in bed. Let's get started!

  • Mahi back and up

Starting position: Stand with your knees on the mat, bend your arms at the elbows and lean them against the floor. Look straight ahead, do not tilt and does not throw back his head. If you do not have carpet, bedding twice a folded blanket or even a thin blanket. Otherwise, there may be pain in the knees.

Execution: knees bent at 90 degrees and lift the right leg up as much as possible, without making jerks. It is important that the foot is in this case parallel to the floor. Then slowly lower the leg and return to starting position. You should feel the tension of the muscles of your thighs and lower buttocks. Back when it should remain relaxed. This is a very important point, since the voltage of the back decreases the effectiveness of the exercise. The exercise is performed 20 times on each leg.

  • Crosswise

Starting position: As in the first exercise, kneel, lean hands on the floor, but do not bend them. That is, you have to stand on all fours and look straight ahead. This exercise is a little harder than the first is through direct hands. If you find it difficult to perform it in this position, try to bend the arms in exercise swings back and up.

Execution: As in the first exercise, lift your right leg bent up and zastynte in this position for 2-3 seconds, trying to reach the heel to the ceiling. Then, pull and lower leg, but not in its original position, and cross with his left foot, that is it. From such a position again raise and lower right leg. It suffices to perform one approach, each leg 15 times.

  • Walking on the spot with a sock

Starting position: Stand up straight, feet slightly apart in hand, right leg slightly bent and exposed forward, stop standing on the toe. The back should be perfectly straight, you can leave your hands free to hang or put on the waist. Belly retract, shoulders straighten.

Execution: Start stepping, alternately putting on a sock is left, then the right foot. At the same time, do not release your fingers from the floor, you have to go to one place and feel how the muscles in the back of the thighs and buttocks. Temp walk fast enough, a total of the exercise should be 5-7 minutes with no stops.

  • Leveling

Starting position: back down on hands and knees, elbows bent and rest on the floor. Look straight ahead. One leg is stretched back, the second bent at the knee. Sock pull over to create tension in the back of the thighs and buttocks to stretch the entire surface. It also strengthens the calf muscles.

Execution: Start doing sharp swings straight leg up until it stops, as if slowly pumping. Do not put your foot on the floor, all the time, try to exercise to keep her shed. This will increase the efficiency of posture and increase endurance. If you find it difficult to do the exercise, you can omit the second leg 2-3, and resume pumping.

  • Clenching buttocks

Starting position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees bent. This situation is called a crouch. Hands put on the waist, back straight, shoulders straightened. The buttocks must be on a line with the back, that is, you can not take them back.

Execution: On the count of "one" greatly strain the buttocks, squeezing them on and the pelvis forward, not caving in the back. On the "two or three" Hold this position. Try to keep the tension. At the expense of "four" return to starting position and relax. Perform the exercises at a moderate pace must be 20-25 times.

  • Lifting the pelvis up

Starting position: Lie down on a mat or on the bed. Hands along the body, feet slightly separated the sides and bent at the knees. Feet are completely on the surface.

Execution: On the count of "one," raise your hips up as much as possible, but make sure that the shoulder blades and feet never left the ground. The knees at the moment are brought together. Push your legs and buttocks, so that you feel the muscles work and easy to heat. Hold on to this position for two accounts, and the account of "four" lower pelvis to the starting position. Perform this exercise should be 30 times without stopping.

  • Lunges forward

Starting position: Stand with your feet together or slightly apart. Uprites hands on his hips. If you find it hard to keep a balance, you can stick with one hand for a chair or a small stick. But do not push away from the support, otherwise the exercise will not be effective.

Execution: On the count of "one" step forward left foot so that it was bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the right knee drop to the floor. At the expense of "two" return to starting position. On the count of "three" repeat attack on the other foot and by "four" again to return to the starting position. Make 10-15 lunges on each leg.

When you get used to the load, and you feel it a little, you can increase the number of executions and approaches. It is better to do it gradually, adding 5-7 reps. Be sure to listen to the sensations in the body. You should be comfortable. If you experience pain or numbness, it is better to reduce the recurrence or reduce the intensity of movement.

These exercises are part of most programs fitness rooms and has repeatedly proven to be effective. Remember that there is no magic pill that one day will make you slim and beautiful. Work on the figure - it's hard work, but if you systematically work on yourself, the results will please you very quickly.

 Elastic buttocks at home - it's easy!

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 breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex


  • What Bodyflex
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Twelve Steps to Success
  • Fly in the ointment

Do whatever you want and still lose weight - the dream of many women. As a rule, these are two completely incompatible things. The exceptions are those rare lucky women who, because of their genetic characteristics do not gain weight no matter what they eat. Well, who among us did not die of envy looking at the friend of, for both cheeks tuck into fried potatoes and then taking a hefty piece of cake? Especially if it is the size of 44 with her for many, many years.

Enough envy. This - not a good feeling. It seems like all the others, "normal" women, too, an opportunity to get closer to his dream. And to help in the breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex. Hard to believe, right? Let's deal.

What Bodyflex

The name of gymnastics received by the merger of two English words: "body" - the body and the "Flex" - flexible. American developed a technique, a mother of three children Greer Childers. Naturally, she was the first to try it out for yourself. The result is simply stunned - a few months she changed her, has become a familiar, clothing size 56 to 44. Of course, she had plenty of followers. Incidentally, this gym is not something exclusively "female" - a set of exercises Bodyflex is fine men.

For more than 15 years, Greer improving its program and teaches the technique of weight loss seminars and groups. To date, it sold more than three million video programs. It is argued that devoting to this task in just 15 minutes a day, you are not only easy to get rid of excess weight, but also as a kind of bonus, completely without any effort to quit smoking. Just one day you realize that you no longer want to do. What is this wonder-based method?

Ironically, exercises for weight loss based on proper breathing. It would seem, what's the connection? However Bodyflex followers believe that the most direct. Habitual for us shallow breathing does not allow to fully provide the body with oxygen, which plays one of the most important roles in human metabolism. This leads to decreased immunity, premature aging and the appearance of a variety of ailments - headaches, fatigue, digestive disorders, etc.

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex teach you deep diaphragmatic breathing, which, combined with simple exercises, successfully fighting this problem. During the execution of complex oxygen-carrying blood, actively rushes to the working muscles. In this way, burn fat cells and starts the process of losing weight. At the same time the muscles are tightened and, consequently, reduce the volume. So, how to breathe?

Breathing Techniques

As already mentioned, the basis of gymnastics slimming Bodyflex have a special breathing technique. Therefore, before you start doing any exercises, you must master it. Otherwise, there will be little sense - because the exercises themselves, with few exceptions, very similar to the usual morning exercises. Breathing Bodyflex has five main phases:

  1. The exhalation of air through the mouth

    It is necessary to get rid of all the air present in the lungs.

  2. Inhale through your nose

    This is the most important stage Bodyflex. The breath should be sharp and swift. Try to fill the lungs with oxygen before failure. Imagine that you have been under water for a long time and had just emerged to breathe. Proper breath is accompanied by noise.

  3. Exhale through your mouth

    Squeeze the lips, then open them and sharply exhale. It is necessary to stretch the muscles of the abdomen - to connect the diaphragm. If you did everything correctly, the air leaves the lungs with the characteristic sound of "ppah." Moreover, no lips or throat to extract the sound did not participate. If you did not work - just get active again. Technique exhalation few people given the first time.

  4. The next phase - the retraction of the stomach and holding your breath for 8-10 seconds

    Try to draw the stomach so that it literally "stuck" to the spine. It is at this stage, and performed all the exercises.

  5. The final step - a breath and relax the abdominal muscles

    Air should dramatically burst into the light, so the correct breath like a sob.

 breathing exercises for weight loss

Twelve Steps to Success

Breathing techniques mastered? Then it's time to move to action. Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex includes a set of twelve exercises. Perform they should be on an empty stomach. When it is better to do - in the morning or in the evening - you decide. The main thing is not worth doing Bodyflex immediately after a meal - it can severely harm the body. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and dress mat - some "pirouettes" will be performed lying down. Before each - should do breathing exercises. So, let's begin.

  • "The Lion"

This exercise Bodyflex face - it will help you pull contour the chin and neck, as well as strengthen the muscles around the eyes. Take the starting position. To do this, stand on the floor and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt your body forward and lean on your hands, placing them at a distance of two centimeters above the knee. Take back the pelvis as if you want to sit on a chair.

Do the breathing exercise, then hold your breath and pull your stomach. Take the basic position. To do this, Open your, as widely as possible, and lift their eyes up. Collect the lips into a circle and stick out your tongue at the maximum length, thus straining his cheeks. Do not open your mouth too much. Count to eight. Performed five times.

  • "Ugliness"

This funny little face will also help you strengthen the muscles of the neck and chin. Performed five times. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, palms rest on the legs, a little above the knees, pelvis retracted. Do deep breathing exercises and gather in the stomach. Go to the main position - lower your arms and take them for a spin.

The maximum pull lips and stuck out his lower jaw forward, so that the lower teeth are ahead of the upper. Pull the neck so as to feel the tension. Slowly lift your head up. Feet, thus, have to be pressed to the floor - you can not get up on his toes. This lips need to look at the ceiling. Count to eight.

  • Side stretch

It - exercises for the waist and hips. Exercise will help bring the problem areas in order and reduce its volume. Must be made on three rotations in each direction. The starting position is the same as in the previous two exercises. Perform breathing exercises and go to the basic position. Slightly lower left hand and put his elbow on the left knee bent.

Transfer the weight on his left knee. Take your right leg to the side, keeping her off the floor and pull the sock. Raise your right hand and, without bending, pull it over your head as far as possible. The hand should be near the head. At the expense of "eight" to return to the starting position.

  • Lifting legs back

This exercise will enable Bodyflex to work the muscles of the buttocks and give them an attractive and sexy shape. Perform the following three times for each leg. Initial posture - sank to the floor and lean on elbows and knees. Hands should lie down with his hands. Pull the leg without bending the knee, straight back: so that his fingers rested and looked down at the floor. Body weight falls on the hands and elbows. Do the breathing exercise - exhale, inhale and again most strongly exhale.

Hold your breath and deeply gather in the stomach. Go to the primary position. To do this, lift the leg to the maximum height. Thus the toes are to be still directed downward. Squeeze your buttocks so as to feel the tension in the muscles. On the count of eight to relax, stop to hold their breath and lower leg.

  • "Seiko"

It will help to tone and tighten the muscles of the thighs. You must perform three times for each leg. Take the starting position. To do this, get down on the floor and lean on his knees and hands. Keep your arms straight, without bending at the elbows, in the course of the entire exercise. Take your right leg straight to the side and position it so that between it and the body formed a right angle. Feet should remain on the floor. Hold your breath and pull your stomach as much as possible. Go to the main position.

Lift the leg up to the level of your hips and pull it forward, towards the hands. Do not bend the knee - it should be a straight line. Count to eight and lower leg. Breathe freely. Go to the home position.

  • "Diamond"

This exercise Bodyflex tightens arm muscles and removes excess fat from them. It should be performed three times. Take the starting position. To do this, stand up straight, put the feet shoulder-width apart and hands somknite in the ring, pulling them out in front of him so that the fingertips touching. Do not put your elbows. Make exercise to breathe deeply and gather in the stomach. Take the basic position. For this uprites, as much as possible, fingers and count to eight. Relax and return to starting position.

  • "Boat"

This exercise will be particularly useful for those who want to study one of the most difficult areas - the inner side of the thigh. It is very effective for weight loss this rugged area. Running, like all previous ones, three times. Sit on the floor, take a direct hand back and lean on the palms. Extend, as widely as possible, legs apart. Pull socks on, and then moving them apart. Exhale, inhale, make another powerful exhale and hold your breath. Lower your head and pull your stomach as much as possible.

Go to basic position - move the hands forward and place them on the floor in front of him. Move your hand away, gently leaning gradually lower and lower. If the fingers do not have to lift off the floor. Your knees should remain straight. The maximum slope, secure the body in position. At the expense of "eight" take the starting position and relax.

  • "Pretzel"

This is an exercise for weight loss outside of the thigh. You must perform three one and rotation in the other direction. Sit on the floor and cross your legs so that your left knee appeared over the right. Get your left foot behind your back and lean on it. With his right hand grasp the left knee. Perform breathing exercises. Pull your left knee as close as possible to him, giving him up.

Bend your body at the waist, turning it to the left, so that you could look back. Lock body in such a position and count to eight. Take the starting position.

  • Bracing

This exercise will help to tone the muscles of the back of the thigh. Take the starting position. To do this, lie on the floor and raise the legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Pull socks on. Stretch your arms and place them on top of each calf. If you can not get eggs, grasp the knees.

Do the breathing exercise, keeping your back and head against the floor. Start slowly move up the legs to the head, without bending their knees. Be careful to not buttocks off the floor. Count to eight and return to starting position. Repeat the exercise three times is necessary.

  • Abdominal Press

Exercise helps to work the muscles of both lower and upper abdominals. Very good for slimming the abdomen. It needs to perform three times. Lie down on your back. Bend your knees and fix the foot on the floor so that they are located at a distance of 35 centimeters from each other. Lift the arms up, keeping his head from the floor. Do breathing exercises. Go to the primary position. Pull straight hands up, at the same time lifting her shoulders and tearing them off the floor. Tilt your head back.

Try to lift the chest and shoulders to the maximum height. Slowly lower to the floor - first the back, then the shoulders and head. Once the head touches the floor, rise again. Lock body in this position. At the expense of "eight" can return to the starting position.

  • "Scissors"

It is well known to most from childhood exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the lower press. Lie down on your back and straighten your legs. Expand your hands, palms down, and place them under your buttocks. Head and back should not come off the floor. Do breathing exercises. Lift the legs off the floor at a distance of 9-10 centimeters. Start making rapid and broad kicks (scissors). Count to ten. You can then return to its original position. Repeat the exercise three times is necessary.

  • "Cat"

This exercise is very useful for weight loss as the abdomen and thighs. Get down on the floor, leaning on her knees and hands. Make sure that the back and arms remained straight. Do not lower your head - look straight ahead. Do breathing exercises. Tilt your head down while arching her back. Try to raise it as high as possible. Lock body in such a position and count to ten. Return to the starting position. Repeat three times is necessary. That's the whole complex. Not too difficult, right?


Fly in the ointment

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex has many supporters around the world. However, it should be said about the doubts that some doctors have expressed with respect to this methodology. For example, there are a number of medical contraindications:

  • heart failure;
  • hernia;
  • hypertension;
  • arrhythmia;
  • severe myopia;
  • During an exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • any - even minimal - gestational age;
  • bleeding;
  • thyroid disease;
  • glaucoma;
  • asthma;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • postoperative period.

This list - is not complete. Therefore, before you experience the gym to lose weight for yourself, you must always consult with a physician.

And that's not all. It is believed that the breathing exercises can cause serious health problems. Of course, if you deal with it long enough. Where such concerns? The fact that the whole procedure is based on Bodyflex sufficiently long breath holding and as a result, oxygen starvation. High blood pressure, rapid pulse, sweating, occurring during exercise - all these are signs that the body is too much carbon dioxide.

And it is - a serious stress to the body and is very dangerous for the body and brain. It is believed that the daily stressful situations, even if they only last for 15 minutes a day, can lead to high blood pressure, lowered immunity, and the formation of cholesterol plaques. In addition, oxygen deprivation of tissue may cause the development of cancerous tumors.

These are different opinions and reviews there are about this technique. Do breathing exercises Bodyflex or slimming better to choose another method - to you. We all want to be slim and beautiful. And it is quite natural and very correct - we are the women! But, more importantly, in the heat of the fight against excess weight, do not forget about your health and do not cause irreparable harm to the body. Proceed with the mind - and all must succeed!

 Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex - breathe deeply

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