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They say that the nature of women can be identified by the length and shape of legs. Allegedly, the long-legged beauties often romantic, frivolous and not too adapted to life. They are baffled by the difficulties and often succumb to another's influence. While the short-legged woman cheerful, purposeful, and can easily solve any problem. Is it so? Maybe.

Although if you analyze the modern stereotypes, we can understand where are these conclusions. In the 21st century firmly settled fashion leggy beauty. That these girls choose a wife capricious oligarchs. And by, trying to protect all life's difficulties. The apartment, a car, a servant, a bank account - all the services of a young beauty. So why tell me to solve any problems, if they simply do not have? All leisure woman limited by the choice of a beauty salon, the approval of the menu for the evening and shopping. With age, this list is added hours of exercises for the legs and slimming exercises in the pool. What? Form a support is necessary.

But back to the second type of women. Those who had no luck with his feet. More precisely, the lucky, but a few centimeters smaller. Threatens to become the wife of an oligarch? Hardly. Stereotypes are so strong that the powers that be will not risk going against public opinion. The wife only model. And the point. That accounts for women with short legs to adapt to this life. They set a "turnkey" (millionaire - flat - the car - a bank account) no one offered. We have everything to make the most. No, they were married, of course, go out and quite successfully. But as a rule, working along with her husband and get him strong support.

Of course, this statement is not an immutable truth, and it can be challenged. But one fact will agree to any woman: legs should be slim. Then you feel more confident, and clothing is no problem, and look younger. Only over the years to maintain the desired harmony is becoming increasingly difficult. Still - you alone, and against you "try" as opponents of age, cellulite, varicose veins, swelling, bad heredity. And the list could grow, and with it the complex called "heavy legs". This lack of spares no one. Before him all the same, and a simple employee of the bank, and the wife of an oligarch. Therefore, exercise for weight loss legs all the same. Which ones? Who will tell.

Slender legs: general guidelines

Before describing a set of exercises for the legs, let me give a few guidelines that will make the fight against excess weight easier.

  • Get plenty of walk

    Even if you've recently bought a new car and drive everywhere on his new thing, all the same you walk. Throw cars, sneakers and shoes in a way for new, shapely legs. A couple of hours a day a quick step, and you can not buy a gym or pool.

  • Most pedaling

    And do not look longingly toward the garage. The car - it's wonderful. But in order to lose weight is not enough to turn the wheel and press the pedal three feet. Need intensity. And the bike - it is the most simple and correct solution to the problem of full legs.

  • Say "no" to the elevator

    Well, what if you live on the 9th floor? But the legs are slimmer sooner than your girlfriend from the 4th.

  • Enough to eat fat and sweet

    No exercise for weight loss legs will not help if you're after a workout'll thank yourself a plate of fries. Basically boiled and also undesirable. It is better to eat a portion of buckwheat.

  • Be disciplined

    A set of exercises will be effective only when you start to train every day. You want to give advice? "Tie" daily classes to your favorite programs or series. You turn on the TV? Begin the exercise. So you can combine business with pleasure. And the training will take place much faster.

  • Do not expect a rapid effect

    Consider: Even God took seven days to create the world. But we are not gods with you, right? Therefore, please be patient.

 leg exercises for weight loss

  Exercises for leg slimming

Now that the general advice given away, you can begin to describe the exercises.

  1. Stand in front of a chair, put his hands on the back and start slowly squat. A few minutes later complicate the complex movements, rising during squats on your toes.
  2. Do not remove the chair away. He gives us more useful. Stand up straight, keeping arms extended behind her chair. Lift one leg to toe. The second is firmly pressed to the floor. Now change the position down on the heel of one foot and the other raised to toe. If you go to a place without lifting your feet off the floor. Movement should be vigorous and prolonged.
  3. Spread on the floor covering. Lie on your stomach and start to make alternate kicks. Your heel should fall at the same time on the buttocks. Repeat this set of movements ten minutes, and then rolls onto his back.
  4. Rollover? Now raise your hands and feet of the tops work out random, but vigorous swings all the limbs, as if you - beetle, flipped onto his back. On the part of this exercise might seem silly and pointless, however, the use of it is huge. So you warms the body and increases blood circulation in the limbs.
  5. Do not rush to get out of bed covers. Lie down straight. Push the feet close together and a little lift. Hold this position for a couple of minutes. You feel how tense the muscles? With every second to keep his feet in the air it is more difficult. If you feel that there is no more power, lower your legs to the floor. Relax and keep a set of exercises. In one approach you should just ten feet from the floor to lift. No matter how much time it will take you. The main thing - to mahi were deep and leg muscles how to work.
  6. Exercise, like the previous one. Lay down again on the floor. The legs bend at the knees and work out swings from one side to the other until, until you feel tired. The forces at zero? Do not stop the exercises and movements make a five feet at maximum capacity. The fact that our body is used to "play safe" and sends a signal to advance fatigue. Therefore, in order to give 100%, you need to continue to exercise, despite pleas for mercy body.
  7. Next set of movements called "40 seconds". Run it with one hand, simply (no need of special tools and skills) on the other - it is incredibly difficult, as the need incredible stamina. But we have to remember you are not in vain exercise slimming legs, right? We achieve our goal and we will slim 10 years ago. Do you agree? Then get up to the starting position. Getting exercise. Remember the sequence:
  • normal step
  • brisk walking
  • run
  • normal step
  • on toes
  • on the heels
  • on the whole foot

So you go through the first 40 seconds of the room at a normal pace, then go to fast, then a run, etc .. Each complex movements should take ... well, exactly 40 seconds. Performed? Now open a little secret assignment: the more rapid steps (runs) in the exercise, the greater its effectiveness.

  1. Lie on your back

    The legs bend at the knees. Feet at the same time should be at a right angle, that is not their arch during exercise, like a ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater. So, are you ready? Now alternately lift the leg bent at the knee to the chest. One, then another. Try to keep your knees held tightly against the body. Repeat the exercise 10 minutes.

  2. The next move will please many women in its simplicity. This is a squat.

      You can do them anywhere they want. The main thing - it does not take your foot off the floor. And again, the slower you squat, the greater the load on the legs and, accordingly, less fat on the thighs. To sessions were faster and more efficiently, we recommend doing squats music.

  3. Another set of movements for beautiful legs, familiar from childhood. This so-called "bridge"

    Remembered? In physical education classes, the teacher often made us bend the arc. It's time to apply the long-forgotten skills in adult life. Just have a little bit more difficult task. You will not be supported with both feet, and move the load on one foot. That is, during the exercise based on two hands and one nogu.Cherez few minutes, move the load on the second stop, and continue to stand on the bridge to a full sense of fatigue. This exercise is good because it provides the muscles of the arms and legs at the same time. Plus, you develop a nice press. So do not rush to climb the bridge. Extend their suffering for a few minutes so that your body was strong and flexible for many years.

 exercise for weight loss leg

Diet for slender legs

What do you think: is it possible to have shapely legs and eat everything? Sure. If you - a good genetics and metabolism in order. However, if you're reading this and have come almost to the last paragraph, the problem of excess weight is still there. And believe me, that simple gymnastic program will not cope with this. In order to achieve the desired harmony, should be supplemented by numerous kicks balanced diet.

Now, many women begin to make excuses and say that a busy schedule does not allow them to eat right. And what they have in the organization does not have a dining room or kitchen, in order to maintain any kind of diet. Readily believe. However, if a woman is determined to change the complete foot on slender, nothing will stop her on the way to the goal, believe me. So listen to yourself: your desire to lose weight is large enough? If - yes, I remember a few simple tips on how to eat a balanced workplace.

  • After wake up, drink a glass of water

    A better - to add a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. It is a natural energy drink that will help you cheer up. And you will not notice as the forces increase, and you will come to work winged.

  • Eat breakfast close

    Many people run out of the house, drinking a cup of coffee. It is not right. Breakfast should be complete. It is advisable to cook yourself and homemade oatmeal. It does not take a long time. Modern manufacturers have long completed half of the work for you, firing Quick-cooking cereals that are enough boiling water steamed.

  • Many satisfied in the workplace snack with chocolate, crisps or crackers

    Do you think - it's good for your legs and waist? What's there to the waist! These daily five minutes, even a negative impact on health, not to mention the figure. What to do? Separated from the team? Of course not. Simply replace the milk chocolate to bitter. And the chips - in the nuts and candied fruits.

  • If dining in the company are not available, take lunch with him

    Not herbs body fat piece of pizza, and an uncountable number of yeast cakes.

  • Eat in the same vremyaEtot simple technique improves digestion and helps maintain a high level of metabolism.
  • Drink during the working day no coffee, and water

    Why do you need so much caffeine? And the water is perfectly digestible and helps your body fight excess weight.

  • Law "do not eat after six o'clock in the evening" know absolutely all women

    And it could not be included in the list of Sovetovna practice shows that many neglect the golden truth and continue to load after sunset. Dear girls, if you knew how many kilos you could lose not only due to the habit to eat at night!

Slender legs - this is certainly beautiful. And to this worthwhile endeavor. But this must be done responsibly, and not a week before the festivities to get into evening dress. Or it often happens that a woman obsessed with the idea to lose weight. Her support: friends find her prescription diet, the husband buys a gym. A woman, instead of changing their lives, peredarivat pass for fitness and buys the next cake with whipped cream. Ask: Why did not sit on a diet and not go to the gym? Responsible: And I did not succeed. That is, it is preconfigured to defeat and not even trying to become slim.

Girls, remember that you will achieve beautiful feet only when it will be not a dream, but a goal. So go for it!

 Exercise for weight loss or legs again become beautiful

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