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Elegant, slim and thin waist has always been considered a symbol of feminine beauty. But this, unfortunately, is not only part of the figure, which gives a special femininity of its owner, but the main problem. The main tool in this regard are the exercises for a thin waist, to help you reduce it or slightly adjusted.

There are three recognized types of female figures: pear, apple and hourglass. The ideal of beauty is considered to be the last, that is when the hips and breasts almost the same, but the waist is equal to 70% of the hips. These proportions look very feminine and harmony, even if they exceed the scope of 90-60-90.

Probably every girl knows that men pay more attention to the owners of "wasp" waist. And it's not just because of the correct posture and self-confidence, but also because on a subconscious level, a woman able to have a baby is perceived without deviation. Other types of shapes, even in spite of their attractive edible names, look less nice and tempting. The girl always hip-pears much wider than shoulder width, and an apple-woman can be attributed to all the famous heroine of the anecdote that ends with a question: "Where is the waist will do? "In addition, the thin waist - is a guarantee of health, because the girls with apple figure is the maximum risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So how do you do in this situation? How to "make" the waist?

 thin waist exercises

Everyday classics

The easiest option and the usual - as they say, to tighten themselves in tight corset. But on the other hand, he is considered to be the most painful: it is unlikely you will be able to sustain a long compressed state. Therefore, you can go the other way: spend twenty minutes of daily exercise to the waist and in a couple of weeks you'll be happy to note that the figure becomes attractive, and the mood will rise rapidly. A month later it will be possible to buy a close-fitting dress, which you have long looked closely, because juicy rounded places that you used to hide under the hoodie, will be much less.

The press consists of four major muscles: straight, transverse, external oblique and internal oblique. It is important that they have started to work in sync with the muscles of your back, because it will allow much faster to achieve the desired result. In addition, remember that beauty does not suffer the speed and bustle, so a set of exercises to be performed in a focused, calm state. Below we present you a few exercises that are very simple and are known for more than a decade, constantly proving its effectiveness, as well as well-known formula for weight loss: Eat less - move more.

Learn how to do the exercises for a thin waist on a regular basis. If you decide to do is - do it every day. After an intense first month you can give yourself a small discount, and to train the next day, but not less, otherwise you will very soon will regain previous form.

Stretching exercises

As you probably know, any workout begins with a warm-up, in order to improve the mobility of their joints, warm up the muscles and prepare the body to work. First, turn on bouncy music and start with a five-minute walk away on the spot. You can perform this exercise a little longer, until the moment until the heat spreads throughout your body. Of course, the need to vigorously march while raising your knees as high as possible and working hands, bent at the elbows.

Now you need to put your feet shoulder-width apart and perform tilts left and right at the same time reaching out with one hand to the knee, feeling the stretch on the opposite side of the body. Repeat this exercise at least ten times in each direction. After make a few laps hands while lifting the shoulders up. At this time, the head should be slightly lowered. Finally, gently and slowly lift your head and look at the ceiling, feeling the tension in the muscles of the chin and neck. Repeat this movement ten or twelve times. Finished our workout jogging in place for two to three minutes. But only now can proceed to the exercises for correcting the waist.

 exercise for the waist

Exercises for waist

To have a beautiful form is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym or spend hours engaged in fitness. If you want to get a slim waist, you will be simple exercises that can be performed easily at home.

  • Lie on your right side, bend your right hand and put in front of him. The left hand should be drawn to the knees while keeping your back straight and do not overwhelm ago. Exercise should be repeated 20-30 times.
  • Lie on your back and raise the legs bent at the knees and elbows bent at a right angle. Perform mahi knees left and right 20 times, back and shoulder blades off the floor not to tear, the abdominal muscles should be tense.
  • Exercise curl: Lie on your back, shoulders and slightly raising the right leg straight. Bend the left leg and left arm to pull up behind his head. With his right hand to clasp his ankles and gently pull the knee to the chest. Repeat exercise 20 times for each leg.
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees, put your feet flat on the floor. Keep your hands behind your head, but fingers do not have to be closed. Belly draw. Now lift your shoulders and head, at the same time lifting the hips a little. Stay in this position ten to twenty seconds. Lower thigh, shoulders and head to the original position while maintaining the press in tension. The main burden is on the stomach, so do not strain the buttocks when the hip lifts. Perform the exercise 20-25 times.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees. Put your hands along the body on the floor, palms down. The stomach should be retracted. First, stretch the muscles of the abdomen, thigh lift ten centimeters from the floor. Now Freeze in this position for ten seconds, and then sank to the floor. Lift the hips need to slowly and smoothly, do not make any sudden movements. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  • Put your feet shoulder-width apart and bend them a little, his hands make a "lock" on the back. Run torso rotations left and right thighs while leaving motionless. The exercise is performed 15-20 times in each direction.
  • First you need to sit down at the table, spread his legs a little wider, and put his hands on his head. Now the whole body is inclined to the right side, while trying to touch his elbow knee. Once done just as well, only in another direction. Exercise repeated 15 times to the left and right.

It is naive to think that a "wasp" waist is the result of mere practice, even stable. You could not know that proper nutrition is equally important. For starters, remember that one hour before exercise, and after two hours is better not to eat anything. Of course, be sure to revise your menu, that is gradually exclude from their diet of fast food, cakes, pastries. In the first place the vegetables and fruits, and the second - lean meat, fish, cereals and dairy products. Do you think that can not or zatoskuete? Of course not! Because of these foods can be cooked many different dishes, is not inferior to the same fast food or sweets. Incidentally, the chocolate does not reject any diet, need only select a high quality black which contains at least 75% cocoa.

 Exercises for waist: 15 minutes a day for beauty

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 exercises for the legs


  • Exercises for the thighs and buttocks
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Women - mysterious creatures. Whatever awarded their nature, they are always there for her mass claims. Natural blonde, with a persistence worthy of a better disguise in burning brunettes. Happy holders of lush busts fall under the surgeon's knife to significantly reduce their "treasure." Curly hair is by nature we strongly straighten and direct - curl. What can we say about the structure of the body? "Skinny" do everything to collect the missing volumes - and, in certain places! - And "pyshechki" I put enormous efforts to reduce these same volumes.

However, all this, of course, does not come from natural hazards as men think. Just in our lives an incredible thirst for perfection. And he - perfection - as you know, there is no limit. Well, what ... "What woman wants, God wants it" - I think it was because it was said. Especially because many of the changes in their appearance can be achieved on their own. For example, the subject of dreams is absolutely all the ladies - slender beautiful legs - you can "make" without leaving home. You just have to know the right exercises for the legs, to make for yourself a special complex and constantly adhere to the planned training program. Not so all difficult.

 exercises for the legs

Exercises for the thighs and buttocks

Who among us does not dream to master the art of magic and exciting sexual gait? This, to the best man looked admiringly after him, forgetting his companion? But in order to hip swaying while walking especially tempting, they must always keep in shape. And to help you in the exercises for the legs. Total 20-25 minutes a day - and the admiration of all the stronger sex is guaranteed.

  • Take a horizontal position, place your hands under your buttocks. Lift straight legs up and spread them apart, and then pinch together. Make sure that the muscles were kept in suspense. Repeat ten times.
  • For the next exercise you must kneel. Right foot, lower your arms so that they are freely hanging along the body. Get down on the floor on the right side, while the body tilting to the left. At the same time straighten your arms and pull them out in front of him. Jerk return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times in one and the other side.
  • This exercise will help strengthen your muscles and get rid of cellulite. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes - out. Keep your hands up straight. Slowly squat, straining the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Sitting down, pause for a while, and then making an effort to stand up. It is necessary to do three sets of 10 sit-ups.
  • Lie on your right side. The emphasis - on the arm, bent at the elbow. Bend your upper leg at the knee. Move it forward. Try as high as possible to raise and lower leg were cast down. Repeat four times. Roll over and do the exercise with the other leg. Rest 2-3 minutes and make another approach. This exercise is very useful for training muscles inner thigh.
  • Take a chair. Keep hands behind his back, legs spread as widely as possible. Slowly squat down, making the bottom five springy movements. Then slowly stand up. Repeat ten times. After this exercise, you need to relax your muscles. To do this, just shake one and the other leg a few times.
  • Go to the wall. Stretch your arms and lean on her hands. Bend your knee and lift it to waist level and take aside. Then make a "swallow", straighten the leg back parallel to the floor. Lower the leg. Exercise should be done 10 times for each leg.
  • Lie on your right side. Bend your right arm at the elbow and lean on it. Legs keep straight, lean left hand on the floor around the abdomen. Slowly raise and lower left leg. Make sure that the housing is not "overwhelm." Exercise should be performed 8 times for each leg in the two approaches.
  • This exercise will help reduce the volume of the thighs. Stand on the left knee and lean on straight arms. Straighten the right leg and move it back and to the right - so that touch the floor elongated toe. Lift the leg and make a circular motion to the left and up, then to the right and down. The exercise is performed without stopping ten times. Be careful not to bend the leg at the knee. Do not bend at the waist. Do the exercise with the other leg.
  • Slightly bend your knees, place them shoulder-width apart and take the hand back. Then bend your elbows, arch your lower back and lift up on your toes. Freeze for a few seconds in this position, then return to starting. Do 8 repetitions.
  • Lie down on your stomach. Maximum straight legs spread wide apart, then bend their knees. This hand should be extended along the body. Pull the toes up as high as possible trying to lift the knees and hips off the floor. Breathe measured - is on the rise is necessary to breathe, in the starting position - exhale. Make sure to back and neck muscles remain relaxed.
  • Lie down on your back. Straighten your legs, lift them up and apart. Firmly grasp the ankle on the inside and try to reach with two feet to the floor. This exercise stretches the inner thigh muscles. Just be careful not to make any sudden movements resilient - exercise should be performed slowly and smoothly.

 exercise for the legs

Exercises for knee

Knees - one of the most problematic areas. Quite often, even the owner is very slender legs are not satisfied with the appearance of the parts. For some reason on his knees accumulates excess fat. Many women who are desperate to get rid of it, even decided on surgery. Of course, thick knees can not but rejoice. But do not immediately run to the doctor and to expose themselves to risky procedures. It will be enough just to regularly perform some simple exercises. Just try it!

  • Stand up straight with your feet together and bend them slightly. Bend over and place your palms of your hands on his knees. Start making rotational movement knees first in one and then the other side. It is necessary to make the four approaches, 15-20 repetitions each. Then stand with your feet wide apart and repeat this exercise already in that position.
  • Go to the wall and stand at a distance from her. Lift the leg and pull it out at a right angle so that it rested against the wall. Bend and straighten your knee. Repeat 15-20 times and then change foot. Rest a little bit and try to perform the same exercise, rising on his toes. Change the position so that the leg was not stretched forward, backward or to the side and repeat the exercise several times.
  • Stand near the wall and put his hand on her right hand. Hold your left hand on the ankle of the left leg. Straighten your leg and pull it toward you. Fix this position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat for the other leg. Such training will not only help get rid of excess fat, but also improve blood circulation and skin condition.

  Exercises for the ankle

Thin women's ankles at all times the admiration and delight of men. Once even believe that it is - one of the signs belonging to the aristocracy. Outside, of course, questionable. But the fact that the thin ankles - it's beautiful, it is unlikely anyone will argue. What to do if you are not satisfied with what nature has given you? Just three simple exercises will help you to solve this problem.

  • Lie down on your back and put his hands behind his head. Firmly push the legs and lift them up so that they are perpendicular to the torso. Pull socks on. Turn the foot of the right leg to him and, at the same time, pull it as much as possible. Do exercise left foot. Repeat these ten times for each leg.
  • Go to the wall and stand to face her. Feet slightly apart. Rest against the wall with his hands, placing them at shoulder level. Lift up on your toes begin to "paint" heels circles with each circle of increasing radius. Exercise can be performed either by two feet and turns. The number of repetitions for each leg - 6-10 times.
  • For this exercise you need a ladder. Stand in front of her. Keep your back straight, lower your arms along the body. Lift the chin. Put your right foot on the step. Pull in stomach and tighten your buttocks. Tilt the upper body so as to form a straight line with the left leg. The left leg should be extended, and the heel is firmly pressed to the floor. Try to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on both feet. It is recommended to perform 20 times for each leg, making the three approaches.

As you can see, exercise is not difficult. And the effect - stunning! This will confirm any woman who practiced at least twice a week. By the way, the time they take up quite a bit. After all, almost any schedule you can find 15-20 minutes a day for yourself. And let the man told that we can not please and we do not know what we want ... They are absolutely wrong! We know for sure - we strive for perfection. And it is somewhere very close!

 Exercises for the feet - a simple way to perfection

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