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Women are always concerned about their appearance. This produces a good habit since childhood. After all, beautiful shape attract attention and allow a woman to feel like a queen. But the "form" - is not only the hips, waist and stomach. Another important point is the woman's hand, and they will always remain "the last place" in terms of training and the formation of an ideal figure. It is believed that the physical load of the body part, in principle, not necessary. However, this is not true. Exercise for weight loss hands are very important and they need to do and in a simple manner and with the weights - here are meant exercises with dumbbells. Getting slim hands are not so simple, and pump them - this is not our goal, we are not bodybuilders in the end.

 Weight loss exercises for the hands

How to achieve a positive effect?

So, what kind of exercise for weight loss hand, can be used at home? To begin charging without dumbbells:

  • From the starting position (stand straight, arms down), raise the hands up and spread them apart, and then come back. To obtain a clear need to do this exercise at their own shoulders, 30-40 times for one approach;
  • Mahi hands in a bent position - arms should be bent at the elbows and stay in front of chest, mahi doing left and right, turning the whole body. Repeat 30-35 times;
  • One hand is lifted up, the second - is down, stand up straight and start waving back. Then, change the position of the hands, repeat 10 times for each position;
  • Make circular movements by direct hands in a standing position. Exercise should be done rapidly, while trying not to force down the breath, repeat 20 times on each side;
  • Push-ups from the surface, which contributes to weight loss shoulders. Of course, the floor is very hard to do this exercise, but absolutely refuse it is not necessary - it is very effective for the triceps. Simplify it - push-ups from a chair, bench or a sofa. Make it 10 times, then break for 5 minutes and again approach to "projectile" 10 exercises. In order to achieve quick results, such approaches should be done at least three.

Making this complex slimming hands and a little rest (about 10 minutes - just do not sit and lie down better dance to), you can proceed to the exercises using dumbbells, which also can be done at home:

  • Exercise for biceps: dumbbell in their hands, they are lowered. On the inhale bend your elbows, as you exhale - goes down;
  • Losing weight for the shoulders - arms raised up, inspiratory omit them behind your head, bending at the elbows, as you exhale - return to its original position;
  • Working through all kinds of muscles - stand straight, arms down down (with dumbbells), raise your arms forward to chest level, divorce aside and goes down. Do not bend at the elbow - the line of the shoulders and arms should be straight.

It would seem - no complicated set slimming hands at home the same charge, which did everything in school. But these physical activities can help to create your own ideal form the arms and shoulders. Classes can be conducted not only at home but also in the fitness center, you will deal with a specialist - a coach who knows what muscles need to pull in each case, and how to do it.

Do you think that any lessons to the shoulders do not have to? Simply tighten the muscles and everything? You are wrong! Just work on all the muscles in the complex can help to correct the situation. Unlike training home gyms offer not only use dumbbells, but treadmills and exercise machines of the type "weight lifting" - they will also affect the muscles of the upper extremities. Incidentally, it is not necessary to do these exercises for 2-3 hours in a row. It is enough for 20-30 minutes given to their beauty and do it regularly. Classes are from time to time, "and slept do tomorrow ',' holiday today, and can be delayed," - it's just an excuse, plain laziness. But beauty - it is work that requires some sacrifice. For example, in the morning to wake up half an hour earlier ....

Fix the results

It should be noted that the only charge, even with dumbbells will not help to achieve high-grade results. It is necessary to slightly change the diet to eliminate fat and liver, eat less sweets and limit fluid intake. The fact is that since fat is stored not only on the tummy and hips, hands - this is also a kind of store inventories. Regular exercise for weight loss can help reduce hands women body fat, improve blood circulation, will result in an excellent tone of the muscle tissue, which is required to be displayed on the external view.

It would be good to combine not only exercises with dumbbells at home and diet, but also include a massage here. Here is useful to subscribe to the fitness center, there are similar services. Shoulder massage, for example, will help prepare the muscles to stress. But after spending a relaxing massage training is not only useful, but also pleasant. Quick results do not expect, like any procedure, it will take some time. Not worth a week of training to run to the mirror and compare their volumes shoulders and arms in general. Only regular implementation of the proposed exercises, persistence and perseverance to deal with this is not an aesthetic disadvantage. We are women and we can do a lot for the sake of their beauty!

 Exercise for weight loss hand - beautiful shape at any age

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 cycling benefits


  • Why bike better TV
  • Use the bike for health
  • Interesting facts about the bike

Every year the world produces about fifty million bicycles, which means that the vast majority of humanity prefers to sports, healthy lifestyle. What is the use of a bicycle for human health? Yes, it is invaluable: it's beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, and treatment of vascular dystonia and varicose veins. When pedaling a bicycle at the same time involved in the work of the muscles of the pelvis and legs, which trains the ankles and calves, thighs and abdominal muscles. In addition, cycling elevate mood and distract from everyday problems. The benefits of bicycle written many books and articles, because we live with you at a time when health and sport not only be useful, but also fashionable.

Why bike better TV

Remember how as a child we loved to drive a bike on the court without getting tired to pedal the whole day? Unfortunately, as adults, we rarely find time for two-wheeled friend, and almost do not think that cycling just need us now - during the constant stress and chronic fatigue. Coming home from work or school, we are tired sit down at the computer or TV, safe in the knowledge that this is the best holiday. Here are just a red-rimmed eyes and frequent insomnia little hint that something we do not. Maybe we should look for another option evening entertainment - such as cycling?

Use the bike at our frantic pace of life is undeniable. Hundreds of large companies involved in the production of goods for the sport, provide consumers a variety of bikes. Who is responsible for them in the fitness center, someone in a hurry to get it home, but still no one, even the best simulator will not replace this bike ride in the fresh air. It would seem, what's the difference? But the wind in your hair, yellow leaves on a sidewalk, birds circling high in the sky - just away from it all, you can recharge your positive energy and smile for no reason before the end of the day. Is it possible to get a similar feeling of sitting on a stationary bike in a stuffy room of the sports center?

And then, a woman on a bicycle - it's just very nice! Chest forward, back arched seductively. Pop - back smoothly moves to the beat of the movement of the pedals. What man does not stand for Any and at a passing beauty? It is hardly possible to achieve the same effect by sitting at home watching television and eating the last hamburger. So do not think twice: the bike and help shape and lift the mood, health and save.

 use of bicycle

Use the bike for health

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the bike is that the respiratory system while driving is very active. Making long bike rides, we make our lungs operate at full capacity. As a result, the blood is enriched with oxygen, is supplied to the cells of the brain and other internal organs. Especially great benefits of cycling for those who smokes a lot: during the movement occurs in the lungs aeration, which helps release the accumulated harmful substances contained in tobacco.

If you suffer from varicose veins, you just have to try cycling! Actively pedaling, you make the blood run through his veins at high speed, which helps to reduce congestion in the vessels nodes. Even if your legs completely devoid of unpleasant venous "Veins", prevention of the disease in the form of regular cycling will not hurt you.

Another undoubted benefit bike - improvement of the cardiovascular system of the person. At that time, when you pedal, your heart muscle is rapidly declining - training takes place in your heart for endurance (not for nothing called cardio exercise bikes). The only thing: do not overdo it! If you have not calculated their strength and give the heart an excessive burden, instead use get serious health problems.

Do not lower the benefits of cycling for your nervous system. You agree that cycling - it's not only exercise, but also a distraction from the problems and the opportunity to relax in solitude. Sometimes valuable ideas and innovative solutions come precisely during a leisurely walk on the bike. It is noted that among those who engaged in cycling, more stress-resistant people (and this is a definite plus in our crazy time, right?)

Did you know that a moderate cycling helps a pregnant woman to the unborn child to receive the same benefits in terms of health and development, and that of his mother? Scientists from the University of Michigan, the US found that those women are in a position to regularly perform moderate cycling, much easier to tolerate pregnancy and the chance variations in the intrauterine development of their children - fifty percent lower. Of course, do not get behind the wheel bike for women in the last stages of pregnancy, as well as those who are not friends with the sport, and not very much feels confident on two-wheeled friend. But the seasoned cyclist throwing a two-wheeled transportation during pregnancy is not necessary.

Surprisingly, but riding a bike - a great prevention of myopia! The fact is that during the movement you constantly look in different directions, changing the angle of view, and peer into the distant objects from you. About the best gymnastics for the eye muscles do not have to dream! If you are not tempted by the idea of ​​a short visit to an ophthalmologist to select glasses or contact lenses for the eyes, just think of your two-wheeled friend and go with him to the recreational outing.

And, of course, cycling shows all wishing to lose a few kilograms overweight. When driving at a speed of about nineteen kilometers per hour, you can burn a hundred calories. In addition, cycling helps speed up the metabolic processes in the body, which means that you will lose weight and much faster. For example, with a constant diet, but with daily cycling, the year can throw six to eight kilograms of excess weight. If you want to achieve more impressive results, then in sports is to add the right food. Biking - it's not only the labor and exercise, but also a pleasant diversion. You agree that to lose weight while having fun - nice?

In addition, girls who are fond of cycling, well-developed sense of balance and motor coordination. And the speed of responses they are much higher than those who are not familiar with cycling: non-standard situations on the road, the need to make decisions quickly do their thing! And in addition to all these advantages, you can easily expand your horizons: it not only around the house, you'll ride! The day will come when you decide to go on a bike for the city to enjoy the surrounding area is so far from the boring city. And there is not far to the group bike rides in the company of like-minded people!

The benefits of the bicycle can talk endlessly, because in addition to all the advantages that it brings to our health, the bike is also the most environmentally-friendly transport. You do not pollute the environment, and for the manufacture of your two-wheeled friend spent only about five percent of the energy used to create the car.

 the benefits of the bicycle

Interesting facts about the bike

  • The word "bicycle" in a literal translation from French means "quick feet". It was coined in the sixties of the nineteenth century;
  • Biking in the form as we know it today - a two-wheeled and traditional size - appeared in 1900;
  • For the same energy consumption of the body, moving around on a bicycle, we move three times faster than normal walking;
  • Fifty Danish Fred Rompelberg set a world record for the highest rate of cycling: 268, 831 kilometers per hour!
  • One parking space for the car is placed twenty-bike;
  • China accounts for one car two hundred and fifty bicycles;
  • In 2005, the UK passed a poll on the subject of the most outstanding inventions of mankind, since 1800. The winner was recognized by bicycle, by the number of votes he has bypassed such inventions as the telephone and Internet, taken together;
  • In Latvia, each cyclist must have a driver's license to drive a bike. In Poland and the Czech Republic a cyclist, "sat down behind the wheel" in a state of intoxication, is responsible under the law: from fines, ending with imprisonment up to two years;
  • The newspaper "Vesti Russia" 03.08.1903 g .: "On the main streets of St. Petersburg punished two hundred and four cyclist - they are denied the right to travel around the city. This punishment befell them in connection with the fact that they had violated the binding regulations, ie, for a ride on the panels. Today in St. Petersburg, there are twenty-seven thousand cyclists. "
 Biking - benefits for health and beauty