exercises for the waist


  • Exercise is designed for quick results
  • Long-term employment
  • Complex exercises

Every woman wants to have a perfect appearance, whether she has a curvaceous figure or a standard. The fact is that being thin does not necessarily imply the presence of a thin waist, namely on the part of the body paying attention to all the men. Here's to the ladies could afford their own hands to create the desired size, and have developed special exercises for the waist. But it should be noted that the exercise should be done comprehensively and build not only the waist and flat tummy.

Exercise is designed for quick results

  • Sit on the floor and stretch your legs in front of him. Wrapped her arms around his ankles and lift her legs while bending the knee are not allowed. We do the same with the other leg. Number of lifts on each leg - 15-20 times.
  • Become - feet together. Make tilts down without bending your knees. Such inclinations have to do 20 times.
  • On his knees, feet together, hands crossed behind his head. We sit on the left thigh, is retained in this position for 5 seconds, then rise, then we do the same movement on the right thigh. This exercise is most effective for the waist and gives a quick effect.

If you're tired, then between exercises can take a little break, just five minutes - dance to, jump, just do not lie and do not sit in peace. By the way, before embarking on such a charge, you must warm up your muscles. Remember that the exercises for the waist to make "hurriedly" is impossible - you can stretch your muscles and even ligament tear. Thus complexes can tighten your muscles for two weeks. Just do not count on too fast results with very lush forms - there will have to work thoroughly.

 waist exercises

Long-term employment

Of course, every woman should choose exercises that will help the waist individually. If in the process you feel discomfort or pain, it is better to try another set. For example, as follows:

  • Starting position - lie on your side, hand to lean on his head. Now you have to pick up straight legs. From the first time just do not get up high enough, but believe me, just a month of training you will be surprised how easy it is to perform this exercise.
  • Standing, lifting up the legs bent at the knees and elbows touch the names of the tribes. It should be done 20-40 times on each leg.
  • Starting position - standing straight, feet together, hands apart. Now, only the muscles straining the waist, you need to reach out a hand to an imaginary object. Alternately in one and then in the other direction. This tilted or take your feet off the floor can not.

One desires to achieve the perfect figure you do not get - at least a month it is necessary to carry out such exercise. Just do not forget to at least a little change your diet - to reduce the consumption of foods that are a priori harmful to the figures. By the way, after such a charge is not worth running to the fridge and have an incredible amount of buns and cakes. This way you will achieve nothing. But to include in the diet of dairy products, fruits and vegetables will be very helpful.

Another - will be just fine, if you start jogging in the morning. During these sessions, not only raises the tone of the whole organism, but also work the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and abdomen - and they are inextricably linked to the waist muscles. It should combine exercise and add a load on the abdominal muscles.

 waist exercises

Complex exercises

What are the biggest lessons can transform your figure? Vocabulary affecting the waist particularly effective - those that are performed with the load. So take advantage of this - buy small dumbbells (a maximum of 1 kg each), and the work begins. For example, all of the exercises, which are specified in the first paragraph, to carry out with dumbbells.

You can simply banal rock press, and can be performed with dumbbells Mahi hands. Thus, will be developed all the muscles of the body, and then your figure will look proportionate. Want to find out what exercises for the waist are the most effective? Just complete! Do not neglect even one of them is not worth one of them to do, because it's hard to distinguish the full range of needed only 30 minutes of your time, and then enjoy the results. So ...

  • Get hands on the sides of the position. Make tilts to the side - for every 40 times. At the same time you will feel which muscles tense up - the waist and press.
  • Sit on the floor and lean on your hands behind your back (elbows). Lift straight legs 20 times. This exercise will not only work your abdominals, and glutes.
  • Sit on the floor and make the slopes to the knees. At the same time, you can keep hold of the feet or ankles, and legs should be straight. Ideally - to touch the forehead of his legs.

Exercises that affect the waist, first to carry out a very difficult - usually these muscles are not developed. Do not try to do the first day of the maximum number of strides and stooping - so you only hurt yourself. In all should be moderation, do everything possible, and not "violence" itself. But after only a month of regular exercise is almost a miracle will happen - you will see in the mirror a marked reduction in waist, taut tummy and firm buttocks: can wear tight clothes and ashamed of its kind. Just work, perseverance and patience will help you transform.

Exercises that can somehow affect the waist, make it thin and at the same time tighten other muscles of the body, should be performed every day. But this is the ideal, and in fact would be enough, and 3 times a week. Classes are best done under pleasant rhythmic music, with the windows open and with the right attitude. Smile more often, imagine what you are waiting for the success to come, believe in the efficacy of the enterprise, and then you are converted!

Remember that awaits you at the end of "torture" - compliments from others, admiring looks and self-confidence. Agree, it is worth the effort and a bit of work on them.

 Exercises for waist. Create perfect figure

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 Slimming Hand

  • Diet and proper nutrition
  • Exercise for weight loss hand
  • Swimming slimming hands

If losing weight is usually little attention is paid to arms. The main problem areas of the female body has always been considered the hips, waist, abdomen, buttocks. However minimal the number of fat cells, and is in our hands, especially in the upper part thereof. Normally, losing weight rapidly, it first goes to the weight of these problem areas - waist, hips, buttocks, abdomen. This is due to the fact that the body, with fat accumulation, transports and secures it in the first place, it is there. But in the area of ​​arms, shoulders and forearms fat comes only when there is already a strong set of large amounts of excess weight. But linger excess fat deposits in the hands of a long time, they are not so easy to throw.

For effective weight loss in the hands alone will not be enough power exercises with dumbbells, but without them, too, can not do. Slimming hands happen only when the reduced percentage of fat throughout the body. That is, for effective weight loss, not only in the hands, but also throughout the body, you must follow three rules: diet and nutrition, cardio and aerobic exercise, weight load on a specific muscle group. With the exclusion of any of the rules, the process of weight loss can significantly slow down in all parts of our body, but at the same time respecting all three rules, you can easily and quickly achieve the result.

Diet and proper nutrition

In order to lose weight in the hand, you need to put on a diet the entire body. No other way! Proper nutrition slimming whole body is no less important than physical exercise. You can choose any diet at its discretion, the benefit is now offered them a lot, and each tube about its uniqueness and exceptional efficiency. Or, if you are the enemy hard and aggressive diet, just try to stick to the principles of good nutrition: Eat a healthy diet, the product was treated by boiling or steaming, drink plenty of fluids a day - not less than one and a half liters.

It is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of sugar and sugar products, sodas and canned fruit juices. Avoid alcohol in any form, if you came to the feast, you can afford a small amount of dry wine. Smoking also harms the body, impairs the metabolism and blood circulation, speeds up leaving toxins. For the relief of symptoms of hands you need to perform strength exercises aimed at the muscles will grow. In order to ensure effective manifestation of muscle relief is to eat foods rich in protein and protein - lean meats, such as veal or chicken, meat, fish and seafood, eggs, low-fat milk and milk products.

Very useful to be used as and vegetables, especially fresh. Cabbage, which is consumed daily by replacing one of its meals, is a very effective fat burner, good cleans the digestive tract. But the fruit is to be careful. The clear leader in the use of the apple, pineapple and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, which also reduces the absorption of fat from food and causes decay already deposited fat. You should not eat sweet fruit: grapes, cherries, bananas. Do not forget about water, which can effectively clean your body, accelerate metabolism, nourish the skin with moisture and leave it supple even after losing weight.

 Slimming Hand

Exercise for weight loss hand

The most effective exercise for weight loss hand - a combination of fat-burning activities and loads of power in his hands. A good set of exercises you will pick up any fitness center, but to engage in physical activity for weight loss in the hands of you and at home. For this it is necessary to purchase two types of dumbbells - one lighter (2 kg), and the second - the heavier (2 kg). It is better if heavy weights will vary in weight, i.e. you can add a lot of additional screwing pancakes.

Fat Burning

That light dumbbells are aimed at burning fat, weight loss in the hands and intense tightening of the muscles and skin. For starters, if your hands are not accustomed to stress, is to take a dumbbell in pound or kilogram. The most effective is to burn fat and reduce the volume of the hands will be aerobics, especially boxing aerobics. Its principle lies in the fact that the simulated movement boxer in the ring that you perform with light dumbbells. At the same time all the exercises are done in a very active accelerated pace rhythmic music. This effectively tighten the muscles and skin.

It should also carry out exercises aimed at burning fat. Their main distinguishing feature is that they must be performed quickly and vigorously. If you feel tired and can not perform the required amount of exercise is better to take the lighter weights, for example, 500-gram, or do the exercises at first without any dumbbells.

  • Take a light dumbbell, put your hands up. Lower arms, bending them at a right angle to shoulder level. It should be done with a short break of three sets of 30 movements, while execute them quickly and vigorously. At the end of the exercise you will feel a burning sensation in the biceps, it will be a signal to the fact that the muscle tightened.
  • Take a light dumbbell, arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Slightly bend your elbows, as if forming a semi-circle, hands direct parallel to the floor. Lower the lift arms down and back up, not above the shoulder, making a motion similar to the flapping wings of a bird. Movements should be performed quickly and vigorously, doing three sets of 30 exercises.

  Build muscle

Building muscle is not as effective for weight loss hands than fat burning and pulling. The fact that muscle, increasing in volume and acquiring force helps to burn fat intensively around it. In the early days after the onset of the exercises you can note an increase in hand, however, it is a normal reaction. Subsequently, the muscle begins to burn fat around them, and the volume of the hands is reduced, redrawn beautiful muscular relief.

  • The most effective exercise of power is a push. Lie on the floor, resting his feet on the toes. If so difficult to perform push-ups, try to get on his knees. Spread your hands wider than shoulder level. Push-ups three sets of 10 times. Later, you can increase the amount of exercise.
  • Good will also triceps exercises - push-ups with a narrow shifted hands. Press the upper part of the arms to the body, put his hands narrowly. These push-ups more sophisticated in its execution than the previous ones, but they effectively help to build muscle triceps, which is the most problematic for women.
  • Take heavier weights - not less than 1 kg in the beginning, later you can increase the weight. Stretch your arms above your head upward. The elbows should be locked in a stationary position, and the hand to bend in the direction of back and down at the elbow. Exercise repeat 10-12 times for three sets. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the triceps, the manifestation of noticeable relief.
  • Exercise is also a good idea considered mahi - forward and to the sides. To do this, take a dumbbell straight arm pull ahead and raise them up to eye level. For swings in the hand is necessary to plant a direct hand in the side of the body as to the level of the eyes or ears. These exercises must be repeated three times on the 10-12 approach. After strides forward and to the side, should do this exercise: starting position - both in mahah in hand, arms raised to eye level. Thereafter, they need to be lifted up or lowered all the way to its original position about 10-12 times three approaches.

 right hand slimming

  Swimming slimming hands

It is an effective tool, especially for weight loss in the hand, is swimming. If time permits a year, you can swim in ponds, especially in the sea. Resistance waves an additional burden that is not in the still water. In cold weather, it is useful to subscribe to the pool.

Many women are good swim breaststroke, breaststroke is to alternate intensive and more peaceful. The length of the standard pools are usually up to 25 meters, in this case, you should swim pool in one direction slow pace, and the other - fast. If you swim in the Olympic pool, it swims breaststroke at a different pace for half the pool.

Very good and crawl like a man. Here, more intense movements of the arms, which will undoubtedly contribute to their tightening. It is also effective to alternate the two types of swimming - freestyle and breaststroke. You can even swim with special blades for hands, in this case, any style swimming produce results in losing weight hands.

 Slimming hand - quickly and efficiently

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