exercises for the legs and thighs


  • Form the hip
  • We work with the calves

On that first of all pay attention to the man, appreciating the lady? Of course, on foot. And if they are flawless? Yes, the ideal forms make difficult and sometimes impossible. But do not rely only on nature - it is necessary to work on them, and then the legs, you can not bring a fan! It created a lot of exercise but also for all aimed at different areas. Therefore, it is important to come to training with knowledge of the case.

The most common problems occur with the forms in the hips - with them, and will begin work. Exercises should be performed under good rhythmic music - this is an important moment. Firstly, in itself music will create a pleasant atmosphere. Secondly, under the cycles easier to perform exercises. And, thirdly, the training should be fun, not half asleep. Let's get started ...

Form the hip

To create perfect shapes hips, remember one simple truth: we must work on all the muscles - both internal and external. The only way to achieve good results. So all the exercises must be done necessarily, even if it is difficult and hard.

  • Well-known "scissors". Do these swings should be 15-20 times. Of course, at first it will be almost impossible. So start small - even if the starting point will be the number 5, and every day Grow "momentum", adding at least one blunder;
  • Lie on your side, if you're going to watch TV, and lift the free leg centimeters by 10. In this position, it is necessary to keep the 30 seconds then slowly lower to the starting position and turns. Elegant exercise for the hips - you feel how tense the muscles on the inside;
  • Sit on a chair, on the very edge of it, and between the thighs, hold any object. For example, a small ball, not thick book. Now this subject try to keep some thigh muscles. Let take place at least 30 seconds and relax. After 10 seconds - a new approach.

All the above exercises have a strong and effective impact precisely on the inside of the thighs. You do not just tighten muscles, but also lost the possibility of sagging skin. Now pay attention to the outside of the thighs - there can be not only overweight but cellulite.

  • Lying on the floor, doing "polumostik": the heel pressed to the buttocks and thighs torn off using the trunk floor. Secure separation and hold 30 seconds;
  • The position - lying on his stomach. At the same time, try to maximize the chin strongly pressed to the floor. Your arms should be stretched along the body. Now turn do Mahi leg up. Well, mahi - it's probably a strong word, simply do our best to raise the leg;
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees. Note the correct position of the feet - at exactly 90 degrees must be Desk. And now omit the bent legs. At first the left, then, without changing the position to the right.

If you do such exercises in full the complex, then very soon you will feel the muscles tightened and how carefully shaped steel thighs.

 exercises for thighs and legs

We work with the calves

Exercises for the hips - is, of course, good and useful. But one also has to take care of their calves - there is all of the above is useless. And for calves is good to apply the following:

  • Squats. Moreover, you can do a variety of exercises of this type. At full amplitude or poluprisedaniya, on two legs or "pistol" in one, with support and without, on toes and full foot. Any squats are very useful for the shape of the legs and give great results;
  • Jumping on the rope. Simple and effective! Just pick up a jump rope individually - stand on it and pull the ends - they must be in the armpits. Jumping is also possible to make different and many times;
  • Climbing. Just put a bench or some drawer and start to do the exercises: one - set foot on the substrate, the two - second there, three - to go down one foot, four - back to its original position. We work on the principle of walking the stairs. For the legs, especially the calves, very good and efficient job.

Do not forget the banal race - for the feet is not just training, but another exercise to give the beauty of forms. And running can be any - fast and slow, sprint and cross. Get into the habit of a morning jog in a nearby park or park. At first it will be very difficult to have to get up an hour and a half earlier than usual time, but for your feet it will be a real salvation:

  • Firstly, the muscles are strengthened and shaped beautiful form calves and thighs;
  • Secondly, if you have a thrombosis or varicose veins (in the initial stage), it will facilitate the running condition;
  • For the legs is important constant load, but not sharp movements - running this helps.

You can sign up for dancing - there is a whole load of talking to the legs. You will feel the pain in the muscles, and a pleasant languor after workouts. All exercises should be carried out regularly, constantly and not to interrupt your workout. The fact that the body and muscles are able to quickly respond to any actions. And if you snapped a class, then after quite a short time you will again start all over again.

For the legs is very useful and easy to walk. By the way, in gyms, even in complex workouts include exercises in the form of a walk. Well, walk along the waterfront or to the workplace in good weather - it is also a pleasure. And do not forget about the stairs! And upstairs, and downstairs you walk, do not use the elevator.

And remember - the earlier you start training, the faster will get the result. Create the right mood, prepare to temporary difficulties, hang over the table a beautiful photograph of feet, invite friends to joint exercises - it will be awesome motivation! And then you get the result that expect. Your beauty - only in your hands!

 Exercises for legs and thighs: comprehensive training at home

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 Slimming Leg


  • Diet: Eat right
  • Sports - the guarantee of health: train legs properly
  • Beautiful legs: general guidelines

Elegant slender legs - the main advantage of any girl, especially if she is not shy to show them. But to achieve ideal proportions to calves did not seem too thin and hips - are too broad, without exercise, using diet alone - quite difficult. So if you want to throw a couple of extra kilos in the shortest time possible, combine exercise with a healthy diet, and then a positive result will not take long.

Diet: Eat right

So, first of all the girls who want to lose weight in the legs, will have to abandon harmful products. Coffee, alcohol, fat, sweet, flour food not only will you get rid of excess weight, but also harm your health. Also at the time, it should forget about the sausages and meat, whether pork, beef, lamb or poultry (goose, duck). Allowed a small amount of boiled chicken or baked lean fish. It is best to give preference to food, which will help burn calories faster.

It is best to go on a diet to achieve weight loss in the legs without harm to health, in the late spring, summer or early fall, when you can use a large amount of fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables. Cooked tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and cabbage salads should fill a small amount of olive oil, made from peaches, oranges, kiwi fruit - yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

When baking potatoes, fish, meat in the oven, the oil is added at once, but only after the products covered with browned crust, the ingredients do not have time to soak. Ideal - steam cooking. This food is delicious, useful and looks pretty good on the plate. Heat treatment with steam rather than frying in the fatty oils, preserves all the nutrients and vitamins.

Do not forget to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. The well-known fact - the failure of the food from the body first of all out liquid, so as soon as slimming lady returns to its previous diet, she immediately gaining the lost weight, plus added a couple more in reserve. Eat fresh juices and freshly cooked unsweetened fruit drinks, herbal teas, decoctions of wild rose, mineral (but not fizzy and sweet) water. However, do not forget about the established norm, as if you drink more than they should, instead of slimming legs, get swelling.

 Slimming Leg

Sports - the guarantee of health: train legs properly

  • Morning or evening jog

You can carry thousands of different exercises, but did not achieve weight loss in your legs, and you can get up half an hour early or an hour late to go to make a run, during which all the muscles in your legs will get intense pressure. To find the appropriate tempo at which you do not get tired so much, begin to accelerate slowly until you feel a mild tension. It is best to first ten minutes of jogging, the following five - lifting his knees high, and the last ten - throwing back legs so that the heels were getting to the buttocks.

  • Half an hour on the bike

I do not like to run, because I think it is a boring lesson? Then buy bicycles for all family members every day to ride the merry company. Two-wheeled friend, use slimming legs for those who have serious problems with joints, as in this case, the load is distributed on the lower part of the body evenly. Incidentally, in some European countries it is - the most popular form of transport, on which even the director, businessmen and politicians get to their jobs.

  • Jumping rope

Rope - a unique sports device, which is used by all the great athletes during training. Slimming legs only two or three minutes of jumping at the beginning and the end of the fifteen-minute daily physical exercise. But in order to achieve a positive effect, all you need to do it right: back straight, knees slightly bent, hands - lowered along the body.

  • Squats

Get back to the wall so that the feet, buttocks, shoulder blades and back of the head in contact with it, then take a step forward, without changing body position. At the expense of time to pull out your arms forward, bend your knees and squat, while the back should be completely straight on through the two return to the starting position. Perform this exercise should be three sets of thirty times.

  • Ups

As in the previous case, stand straight, only put his hands on hips, stand up on your toes, stand still for a moment and immediately fall on all foot. This should be done quickly, without respite, in three sets of twenty times. Please note that this exercise is useful not only for slimming legs, it also helps to strengthen the weak joints, pump up eggs.

 Slimming Foot

Beautiful legs: general guidelines

  • Walk

Laziness - it is not the best friend of an ideal figure, it is known to many of the fair sex is not hearsay. Ten minutes to the bus stop, three minutes before the operation - such runs extremely small for a healthy human body, therefore, to devote at least half an hour walking. This footwear should be as comfortable, that you feel comfortable in it, and not have to move every five to ten minutes to sit down on a bench to rest.

If you do not have this opportunity or you are limited in time in order to achieve quick weight loss in the legs, get a special simulator. The cheapest models are relatively long, and you can combine business with pleasure: watching TV and sports. In addition, you will be able to adjust the tempo, intensity, you will be able to control himself, as a special sensor shows how much of today simulator passed kilometers.

  • Nursing

After severe stress legs need to rest. Not necessarily the rest of the day lying on the couch, enough to sit on a chair and put your feet up, for example, on a stool to begin the flow of blood, and make a gentle massage or hover the feet in warm water with herbs.

  • Fashion

Until recently it was fashionable jeans that were worn only in the supine position and fastens not the first time, and sandals with long laces. After these pants and shoes were traces, sometimes even legs began to hurt, and the skin - onemevat. If in the future you do not want to suffer with varicose veins, start now to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not pulls the eggs and buttocks.

Despite the fact that weight loss legs - the procedure is rather complicated, especially for those with the rest of the body proportions are close to ideal, with the right approach to achieve a positive outcome is possible even for a couple of months. It should not only want to be beautiful, but also make some efforts for that.

 Slimming legs or put himself in order

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